Looting Equipment From NPCs

Chapter 51 Lazuli (NPC)

Lou Fan exchanged a better dagger that carries a cold glint, and a barrel of cross arrows. The cross arrow is more penetrating, and there are barbs on the arrow. Being shot by it, one will pull out a big hole with skin and flesh when trying to remove it. It hurts just from thinking about it.

Qin Tan's dagger is also changed to the same style. As for a personal self-defense weapon, Lou Fan also exchanged for Qin Tan a sleeve arrow that can be shot repeatedly, a concealed weapon.

Wen Lang's chain whip was seriously worn out from dealing with the Chang snakes. Low-level weapons are like this, they get broken after several usages. Lou Fan replaced that with a more advanced whip for Wen Lang.

Chen Shuyang requested to use a long spear because of the change in his physique now. He felt useless back at the time when dealing with the Chang snake before. His weapon was too short and it affected his performance. Only with a longer weapon can he feel more secure.

Jiang Dong still used a long sword, but with better quality.

And with this, there isn’t much left from the 100,000 points. The weapon nearly cost 10,000 points each, so Lou Fan felt pain (for his wallet) from the exchange. On the other hand, they found something special when exchanging their weapons. Before this, there were only pictures and brief introductions of weapons on the weapon page. But this time, there is an additional star rating on the screen. The team had a guess that the weapons on the further pages that they haven’t unlocked will have more stars on them. It is just that they were so busy choosing a weapon that they forgot to check.

Thinking like this, Lou Fan put the other 2 Longjing grass on the tray, and 200,000 points are displayed. He went to the weapon category and flipped the pages to the back. Sure enough, as they thought, the weapons at the back have a 2 and 3 stars rating, but mostly 3 stars. The rest are greyed out. This means that the weapons at the back are more expensive, and even needed hundreds of thousands of points to exchange. But at the same time, it also means that the weapons are more powerful.

"I'm going to try out my whip." Wen Lang ran out and snapped his whip at a stone the size of a water tank in the yard. The stone shattered and is split into several pieces.

Wen Lang remembered that he practiced whipping at this stone before, but he never broke the stone. This weapon with 1 star rating is so powerful. He wondered what kind of power will the 3 or 4 stars have? If going back to the fish monster before, this whip should have the power to fight along.

Everyone tried their weapons and they are all satisfied. Even Qin Tan couldn't put down his sleeve arrow.

"Okay, the points have been spent. Everyone should train hard and prepare. If the remaining points are enough to buy some daily necessities, medicines..." Lou Fan is really not good at medicines. He only knows the common wound medicine and what he uses the most is safflower oil.

Jiang Dong took the initiative to take this task, "I'll wait until the next mission is released since I don't know what the world would be like."

Lou Fan nodded, "Okay, just do as you said."

All that can be prepared is almost done, everyone will wait for the task to be released before preparing other things.

January 21.

Early this morning, as usual, the team members gathered in Lou Fan's house, waiting for the task to be released. Wen Lang is wearing a cartoon apron and is washing fruits in the kitchen. Jiang Dong took the washed fruits and peeled them.

As a qualified caretaker, Chen Shuyang took over the job of raising Furball and is happily feeding it some nuts.

At 10.00 am, 5 beeps sounded at the same time. Everyone took a deep breath and waited for Chen Shuyang to read it out.

Mission: Find the eminent monk of Nanhua Temple in Liwan Plaza to protect him and prevent the 8th person from dying. Please get on the train on time at 1.00 pm on January 24th.

Task duration: 12 days.

Team information: Lou Fan Level 4, Chen Shuyang Level 4, Jiang Dong Level 4, Qin Tan Level 5, Wen Lang Level 5.

[Banana: This is the scariest arc in the whole novel :v If anyone remembers, Banana is scared of ghost stories lol _(;3/ Even the author is a bit scared when writing this because it is based on real event.
For reference purpose, you can google Liwan Plaza/Liwan Square to read up the source yourself. Or you can also check these link - HERE and HERE]

As Chen Shuyang read it out loud, his heart sank deeper. There were countless legends about Liwan Plaza in his mind, which is enough to make him feel that the task this time is difficult.

"Liwan Plaza." Jiang Dong sighed.

Wen Lang also said solemnly, "I've heard of Liwan Plaza too."

Only Lou Fan is clueless, and Qin Tan watched in silence as he waited for a detailed explanation.

Chen Shuyang coughed lightly, "Let me tell you guys about it then, I've read some reports on this in detail."

Liwan Plaza is a well-known place in China, not to mention locally, almost everyone knows it. Its predecessor was a dense residential area of 100 homes and a small area of mass graves. The 1st developer was not a responsible one. They embezzled public funds, and set fire to most of the houses, causing countless casualties. Then, the demolition work stopped.

Immediately afterward, the area began to be haunted. Many people passing by in the middle of the night could hear human voices. Later, a wandering monk passed by and told everyone that he would help to disperse evil for the residents, but he died amid broken tiles the next day. Residents are even more convinced that there are a lot of grievances from ghosts there, and they are scrambling to move out of the place. In just 3 months, there are fewer than 20 households left. Soon, it began to become a paradise for all kinds of criminals, and people continued to die there.

Until the 2nd developer came, there were only 2 families left. And this developer is not good either, they actually dared to misappropriate pensions and delayed workers' wages. The workers who came back during a Chinese New Year holiday to ask for wages found that the boss and his mistress had died on the construction site and were dismembered. The wounds were not man-made but were torn apart by sharp teeth.

It wasn't until the 3rd developer arrived that the demolition of the area was finally completed. However, the construction of the new building has not started for 2 consecutive terms. Until 1994, a developer from Hong Kong came to undertake the construction. He was a great believer in Feng Shui, so he asked an old abbot to look at Feng Shui. The old abbot said that this area is the entrance of the ghost realm’s gate, and no earth shall be broken. If a park or temple is built to suppress it, it will be of great merit and the grievances can be suppressed. Otherwise, it will bring disaster to the whole family. The lighter effect would be the whole family died unexpectedly. In the worst case, 3 generations of the entire clan will be affected.

However, the Hong Kong developer insisted on his own opinion, and the old abbot did not agree. So the developer hired a priest to suppress it. On the first day of the official start of construction, it was found that the piles (for construction’s foundation) could not be driven in and they dug out something called Tai Sui (something deemed ominous for some). On the second day, 8 empty coffins were dug out from the ground. In less than a month, the wife of the Hong Kong developer on the mainland, his mistress, and the 2 sons born by the mistress, together with the invited priest, all died unexpectedly. The boss was very regretful, so he hurried to find someone to solve the matter. A wandering eminent monk suggested burying the coffins, but the coffins disappeared and couldn’t be found. The developer died at his home in the end.

In the end, another developer came and finally built Liwan Plaza. But every time the night falls, the four words Liwan Plaza (荔湾广场) will turn into Liwan Corpse Hall (荔湾尸场). Moreover, there are at least 8 falling incidents every year. Because 8 coffins were dug up, 8 evil spirits are looking for substitutes. What's more, before the old abbot passed away, he specially requested that the shops in the South Tower must only sell crystals to suppress the evil spirits, so that the square would not be filled with resentful qi.

But since then, the fact that there will be 8 deaths each year is inescapable.

Wen Lang and Jiang Dong have heard about this version, but compared to Chen Shuyang's detailed version, it is still simpler. At most, they only heard that every year, someone falls from the building for no reason. They have never heard of so many entanglements before.

After Chen Shuyang finished speaking, Lou Fan felt goosebumps all over himself. Although he is not afraid of ghosts, it sounds really creepy. How bizarre the deaths are. Just talking about the resentment, it’s probably so thick that it becomes tangible, not to mention that there are 8 evil ghosts.

Lou Fan is hugging Furball, it makes him feel less terrified when he smoothed the fur in his hand. He said, "This time, the intermediate team will probably have a tough battle. Our task is not easy as well. We have to avoid ghosts, find our target, and also stop the 8th person from dying."

Qin Tan stayed silent for a while before saying, "It's a bit tricky. It's best to go to the previous team to inquire about this kind of mission world. Also, Wen Lang and Jiang Dong, you two go to the bazaar to publish the request. Try to collect as much information as possible. Shuyang will study the case again and pick out the information that you think is more critical and we’ll discuss it before going to the mission world.”

Everyone nodded and went to work. Lou Fan calculated with his fingers to count the things in his possession that could deal with ghosts. After doing all the calculations, only the ghost whip and the immobilizing amulet could be used. At that moment, he felt as poor as hell. Of course, their respective spirit weapons are also powerful weapons against ghosts, but he had a feeling that something is missing, and felt uneasy.

"Qin Tan, let's go to He Yong and Tong Fei to ask for information." Lou Fan called out.

Qin Tan is not anywhere in the living room, only some sounds could be heard from the kitchen. Lou Fan is about to take a look when Qin Tan came out with a bowl.

"Let's have a dessert first." Qin Tan put down the bowl, and Lou Fan immediately smiled when he saw that it is mango pomelo sago made from fresh mangoes.

Qin Tan watched as Lou Fan eat with a satisfied expression. Furball squatted on the table and ate on a small plate with a satisfied expression as well. "The matter regarding the mission, we’ll cross the bridge when we get to it. If the other teams can survive, we will definitely be able to."

Lou Fan nodded and ate, this bowl of dessert is the only thing that mattered in his mind.

Lou Fan leaned against the door frame with the dessert and watched Qin Tan clean the pots and pans. Then, he silently walked over to feed Qin Tan a spoonful.

"Sweet?" Lou Fan asked.

Qin Tan glanced at Lou Fan, then pulled him over by the waist and kissed him, "Sweet."

When the fingers cold from rinsing with water touched his skin, Lou Fan shuddered and his low gro.a.n is drowned between their lips.

Qin Tan pressed the person on the countertop and their bodies are tightly pressed together. Other than the intense friction sound, there’s only the sound of their gasps...

Taking Furball with them, Qin Tan and Lou Fan went to He Yong's residence, and they sent a message in advance but did not get a response. At this moment, there is no one in He Yong's residence. Lou Fan had a bad feeling in his heart and turned to look at Qin Tan.

Qin Tan gave Lou Fan a reassuring look, "Let's find Tong Fei."

Tong Fei had just returned from her mission for 2 days and is resting at home leisurely at this moment. She has enough people to handle stuff here and is taking good care of her life, which makes Lou Fan envious.

"Sister Tong Fei." Lou Fan called out from outside the guardrail.

Hearing that, Tong Fei took off the mask on her face. When she saw it is Qin Tan and Lou Fan, she waved her hand immediately, "It’s you guys, come in quickly."

The two walked in and received very high treatment. As soon as they entered the door, a beautiful young lady brought hot tea and fruit, which made Lou Fan a little embarrassed.

"Don't start to get busy, we only came here just to ask you something. We went to Team leader He’s place before this, but he is not at home."

Tong Fei didn't bat an eye and asked, "What are you looking for? Tell me."

Lou Fan immediately explained his intention, "It’s about this, our mission this time is Liwan Plaza, and you probably know that place. It felt more dangerous so, this time, I want to ask if you have any good things here that can be exchanged with us. Any items or points are fine, as long as you see it fit."

"Liwan Plaza?" Tong Fei straightened her back immediately, "You are unlucky to receive this task, so be careful."

"Looks like you know about this mission?" Qin Tan asked.

Tong Fei said, "Of course I know, but it's gossip passed down from other people. There used to be an intermediate team and a high-level team doing the task together, but in the end, none of them came back alive." Even Tong Fei sighed in sadness.

Lou Fan suddenly felt bad in his heart.

Seeing that Lou Fan’s expression changed, Tong Fei comforted again, "I believe you can definitely do it. I really don't have anything useful here, but I can help you to ask other people. If there is a senior team willing to give you the extra stuff, it would be better."

"However." Tong Fei paused before continuing, "Things that deal with ghosts are very expensive."

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