Palace Full of Delicacies

Chapter 51 - Thorough Investigation

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Chapter 51 - Thorough Investigation

Only then did Su Yu find that the room's smell was very different from usual. As a cook, he could still distinguish the scent of incense, and he knew it was not the ordinary kind of agarwood incense.

Su Yu was still sleepy, yawning, he squinted his eyes and wanted to fall asleep again.

“Don’t sleep!” An Hongche saw Su Yu’s strange state and walked to the bed in two to three steps. Holding the half-sitting Su Yu in his arms, he grabbed his wrist to check.

Su Yu buried his face in the Emperor’s waist and yawned again. The rich scent of sunshine dispelled the pellicular odor in his nose, making him feel much more comfortable, he couldn’t help rubbing against him more.

The Emperor’s clothes were incredibly soft, unlike silk or soft cloth, they seemed to be woven from very fine fur, and it was very comfortable to rub against.

“What are you doing?” An Hongche felt ticklish by the rubbing and reached out his hand to push Su Yu’s head.

“Hmm…” Su Yu felt a little hot. In fact, the Emperor’s body was still carrying the temperature of the sunshine, but it made him feel strangely cool when rubbing against him.

He couldn’t help but feel a little reluctant to leave, he stared greedily at the Emperor’s broad chest and swallowed his saliva.

“Wretched thing!” His Majesty lowered his head and looked into Su Yu’s eyes.

Those warm eyes glistened because of the yawning and were looking at him with a kind of unspeakable desire. Cupping Su Yu’s chin with one hand, he looked closer at his face and frowned.

“Why are you looking at Zhen like this?”

The voice that was as clear as a cold spring echoed in his ear, speaking in measured tones, which was very pleasant to the ear. Su Yu’s breath suddenly sharpened a bit, and his body also responded accordingly. He secretly thought that it was bad and immediately blushed.

“Why are you blushing?” An Hongche looked and him with a raised eyebrow, and couldn’t help but feel a little proud. This stupid slave really admired him too much.

“Hmm, it’s somewhat hot.” Su Yu opened his eyes and didn’t dare to look at it again. The Emperor’s appearance is really too attractive, it’s better to not be disrespectful so as to avoid losing face.

Hearing Su Yu’s words, His Majesty also felt a little hot, presuming that it was because of running all the way here, he rolled up his sleeves, revealing the golden lining inside.

Su Yu tried to divert his attention and changed his sight to the Emperor’s arms.

“Your Majesty, your clothes…” These clothes were really striking, the inside was yellow and the outside was white, he somewhat felt that he was wearing them backward.

“What?” Just now, Su Yu interrupted his investigation, so His Majesty grabbed Su Yu’s wrist again. The soft sleeves couldn’t be rolled up, so they slipped down by themselves.

Su Yu reached out and touched it, and it felt especially nice.

“This material is really good.”

“This is the only one in the whole country.” An Hongche answered casually.

He then immediately wrinkled his eyebrows, touching Su Yu’s arm back and forth, and then reached out to touch his neck.

“Why are you so hot?”

“Wu…” Su Yu gave out a muffled grunt and shrank back. His breath once again became short because of the Emperor’s sudden touch.

“Hmm?” The hidden desire in that voice moved the Emperor’s heart.

Looking at Su Yu’s awkward posture, he immediately understood and knelt on one knee beside the bed. He propped his hands on the head of the bed and put Su Yu between his arms.

“Stupid slave, aren’t you in heat for Zhen, ba?”

“How, how could it be…” Su Yu almost choked on his saliva. The Emperor’s words were too crude!

“Hmph.” His Majesty the Emperor snorted and raised his hand to lift Su Yu’s quilt.

Su Yu cried out in alarm, grabbed the corner of the quilt, and pressed down with all his strength. An Hongche flexibly turned his wrist and put his hand under the quilt.

Su Yu hurriedly curled up his legs, grabbed the blanket desperately, and pulled it back. His Majesty wouldn’t let him succeed, so he grabbed the lining inside the quilt and flipped it over, and the wide blanket was lifted off instantly, leaving only the corner in Su Yu’s hand as a pitiful decoration.

“...“ Su Yu froze, clutching the corner of the quilt in a daze.

An Hongche aimed his gaze between his legs and smiled smugly.

“Zhen knew you liked Zhen so much, and you still don’t admit it.”

When Su Yu reacted his whole person flushed red. Looking at the Emperor who suddenly became a rouge with his head smoking, suddenly evil rose up from his guts and he reached out to touch the Emperor.

“Still talking about me, is not Your Majesty the same!”

The Emperor stiffened for a moment, then with one hand he grabbed Su Yu’s fumbling hand and pushed him strongly, pressing his hands above his head, he climbed up after him and pinned the man between his legs.

“Wretched thing, you are so lawless now, Zhen really should teach you the family laws.”

“Boom!” At this time, the door of the bed-chambers was suddenly pushed open and several imperial guards rushed in, shouting without looking.

“How bold, how dare you fornicate in the harem…”

Halfway through the lines, the lead guard suddenly choked up. He seemed to have seen a ghost and the hand pointing forward began to shiver uncontrollably.

Still, in their sight, the curtains on the wide bed were in disarray, the quilt was thrown to the ground and the Emperor, who was wearing a thin shirt, was holding Xian Fei under his body, while Xian Fei was struggling with blushing cheeks.

Yang Gonggong and the eunuch of Yexiao Palace, who came half a step slower, ran in and became stiff as well.

The scene was a little awkward for a moment.

“Disgraceful things, what are you looking at!” An Hongche, with sharp eyes and agile hands, quickly pulled the quilt and covered Su Yu from head to toe.

Su Yu was so embarrassed at the moment that he just followed the Emperor’s wishes and simply buried his whole person under the quilt and pretended to be an ostrich.

“Your Majesty please forgive me!” Several people reacted and kneeled on the ground with a plop, the head guard repeatedly banged his head on the ground and asked for forgiveness. They could not wait to bury their heads in the cracks of the floor tiles.

His Majesty laughed grimly, how could he still not see what was going on. Glancing at Su Yu, who was tightly wrapped, he walked slowly to the crowd.

“This is the first time Zhen heard that favoring an imperial concubine is also considered adultery in the harem. ”

The cold voice was full of murderous intent without a trace of warmth.

“Reporting to the Emperor, these people said that there was an assassin in the palace, so they demanded to break in no matter what.” Yang Gonggong was scared out of his wits and hurried to pick himself up.

At the moment, there was no time to think about why the Emperor suddenly appeared in Yexiao Palace, it was clear that he had been guarding outside the door, but he didn’t see half a figure.

“Isn’t the hall door bolted?” Su Yu drilled half his head out and glanced at the wide-open hall door. Before going to bed, he specifically instructed Ye Yuan to close the door tightly so that he could sleep soundly.

An Hongche narrowed his eyes and put his hands behind him.

“Summon the Imperial Army to seal off Yexiao Palace. Not a single bird is allowed to go out!”

Soon, the Imperial Army encased in armor surrounded Yexiao Palace and the atmosphere in the palace suddenly became tense. The imperial physician was urgently called to take the pulse of the Xian Fei and all the eunuch and palace maids were gathered in the front hall.

Only the physician and the Emperor were allowed to enter the bed-chambers, no one else was allowed to enter.

“Niangniang, something big has happened!” Yulan stumbled in.

“The Imperial Army surrounded Yexiao Palace!”

“Oh?” Lu Guifei sat up with a start, her eyes full showed she was pleasantly surprised.

“Unexpectedly, it alarmed the Imperial Army!” She originally thought that it was enough to make the imperial guards make a disturbance and alarm the Emperor, but surprisingly even the Imperial Army was dispatched. It seems that His Majesty was very angry.

“Of course, His Majesty is furious!” Yuluan had become pale with fear.

“Those imperial guards were killed on the spot!”

“What are you talking about!” Lu Guifei rose abruptly. Why kill the imperial guards, they had performed a meritorious service, why is this not as she expected?

The Imperial Army sealed off Yexiao Palace and naturally blocked the news. Lu Guifei’s people couldn’t find out more. An hour later, the whole cause and effect has been investigated.

His Majesty thunderously disposed of those guards that dared to look at Xian Fei, and then let someone carry Ye Yuan and the agarwood incense to be sent to Ci’an Palace.

“Reporting to Empress Dowager, this agarwood can cause people to fall asleep, but it also can move a man’s passion.” The imperial physician trembled and told the truth.

“Hmph, what a poisonous scheme!” The Empress Dowager looked at the red sandalwood box with an ice-cold expression.

“To do such a thing under Aijia’s eyes, they are truly bold!”

“Yexiao Palace is not peaceful now, Zhen is going to let Xian Fei live in Beiji Palace.” The Emperor glanced at the angry Empress Dowager and said slowly.

“How can a concubine live in the Emperor’s bedchamber?” The Empress Dowager frowned and looked at the Emperor helplessly.

“Aijia will make a thorough investigation of today and will not put Xian Fei in danger.”

“In the affairs of the harem, Muhou makes the decision, Zhen only needs Xian Fei.” An Hongche got up and left Ci’an Palace, pulling the bewildered Su Yu.

The eunuchs and palace maids in Ci’an Palace bowed their heads and didn’t dare to say a word. The mother and son of the Heavenly family quarreled because of a demoness concubine.

The Empress Dowager rubbed her forehead.

“One after another, all aren’t worry-free.”

“Empress Dowager, please calm down. You are not unfamiliar with the Emperor’s temper.” Lin Gugu was quick to mollify her.

“The top priority is to find out the matter about the agarwood.”

The Empress Dowager nodded her head and issued imperial decrees in succession.

Some people intended to frame Xian Fei and colluded with the internal guards to commit treason and other conspiracies. Except for the victim Su Yu, all the others concubines were summoned to Ci’an Palace.

Lu Guifei was very upset, and a few of the concubines involved were also in a state of fear.

The cause of everything lay on that box of agarwood. When Cen Cairen saw the red sandalwood box, she was immediately stunned.

“Empress Dowager, the agarwood sent from this concubine’s home is definitely not poisonous!”

“So, this matter is also related to the Marquis Changchun’s Residence?” De Fei hit someone while he was down.

“You’re talking nonsense!” Cen Cairen shrieked.

The sequence of events was very simple, and the trail was broken at the moment when Cen Cairen handed over the agarwood to the eunuch. The eunuch jumped into a well and killed himself and dead men tell no tales.

“Agarwood is only available at Marquis Changchun’s Residence, and there are not a few people who have agarwood incense in the palace.” At this critical moment, Cen Xiaojie who was not very bright suddenly turned smart.

The concubines suddenly became nervous again. This kind of thing is not rare, so it’s not easy to find the source. Lu Guifei comforted herself in her heart that ordinary people can’t recognize the difference between agarwood incense.

“Reporting to the Empress Dowager, King Zhao asks for an audience.” At this time, His Highness King Zhao, who was summoned, arrived.

The concubines retreated behind the screen, and the Empress Dowager greeted His Highness King Zhao with a smile.

“Wangye is a master of differencing incense, the matter about the agarwood incense, Aijia will find out the truth today!”

When did I become a master of differencing incense?

His Highness King Zhao, who didn’t know why, finally understood why did his Muhou summon him when he saw the incense box put out by the palace maids, and his chubby face suddenly crumbled into a ball.

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Small Theater:

<Mama is Also Unreliable Report>

Younger Brother: Mama, why did you ask for me here?

Empress Dowager: It’s nothing, it’s just that it’s cold and Aijia needs a hand warmer (reaches out and hugs)

Younger Brother: QAQ

Younger Brother: Mama, what did you summon me for?

Empress Dowager: The highest imperial concubine gave me a small box of incense, come and sniff if there’s musk incense.(TL_Note: Musk incense is bad for cats)

Younger Brother: Ahchoo, there’s musk incense.

Empress Dowager: Hmph, daring to scheme against Aijia.

Younger Brother: Muhou, Father Emperor is gone, why are you worried about being sterilized?

Empress Dowager: That’s right, come, come and warm Muhou hands again.

Younger Brother: QAQ


Muhou -> mother/ the queen address by princes/princesses

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