Ghosts Know What I Experienced

Chapter 52.2: Corpse Nurturing Ground

Chapter 52 Part 2

Sleeping in his own bed for the past few days, although it was also sharing a bed, the two of them each had a blanket and couldn’t bump into each other at all. Well now it was great, with only one blanket, Xi Jia overall felt strange in his heart. He couldn’t help but remember a joke that his roommate had made during college.

At that time, there were four people in a dorm room. Xi Jia was only familiar with Chen Tao and merely greeted the other two with a nod. Among the two, one of them got a girlfriend in their second year. Everyday, he would boast how great his girlfriend was and kept on saying that they would do what ought to be done in their third year. In the end, he found out during graduation that the girl had dumped that roommate in their third year. The reason: Too short, truly can’t be satisfied.

At that time, Brother Jia gave quite a bit of face and didn’t laugh in his presence, but he had silently thought for a bit about himself.

Doesn’t seem short, en……

He didn’t know why he thought of this thing. Suddenly, Xi Jia felt bad.

His brain started to echo a phrase: Master Ye……is it short or not?

Xi Jia, “……”

Don’t think of this, don’t think of this, don’t think of this! You actually dare YY Master Ye like this, do you even still want some face?!1

But the more he didn’t want to think about it, the more he started to inexplicably think about it.

Brother Jia immediately closed his eyes and continued to count sheep, forcing himself to hurry up and sleep. Just as he counted to the tenth sheep, his finger was suddenly lightly touched. This soft touch made Xi Jia tremble from head to toe and indescribably became somewhat sensitive.

Ye Jingzhi was still staring at the ceiling as before and didn’t dare to turn his head to take a look at Xi Jia’s expression. He gathered up the courage and slowly grabbed a hold of Xi Jia’s hand. After he tightly held onto this hand, his heart immediately felt much more comfortable. This hand was soft, and his heart was sweet.

Sensing the actions of Master Ye shyly taking a hold of his hand, Xi Jia was suddenly startled awake as if a bucket of ice water was dumped on him. Being awoken from such inharmonious and impure thoughts, he felt exceptionally disgusted at himself.2

Master Ye was this pure and innocent, what kind of evil things was he thinking!

How could Ye Jingzhi know what Xi Jia was thinking about right now. Holding his wife’s hand while sleeping, Master Ye was extremely happy to the max. Ye Jingzhi started to gradually feel at ease as he held hands and prepared to go to sleep. However, after Xi Jia became clear-headed, he thought of something, “Master Ye, I think I heard Yang Ze’s sect somewhere before. Qianshan Sect, didn’t ‘Ghost Know’ mention this sect before?”

After hearing this, Ye Jingzhi patiently explained, “In the past, Qianshan Sect was one of the Xuanxue world’s growing first-class sects, on the level of Fellow Daoist Pei’s Shuangji Sect. Thirty years ago, the sect master of Qianshan Sect at that time had a qi deviation.3 After being taken care of by Master and Senior Cengxiu, Qianshan Sect was unable to recover and never regained its former glory. But, Fellow Daoist Yang Ze was ranked second on the Modou three years ago. Before I had ascended to the top of the Modou, he was ranked first.”

Xi Jia was stunned, “He was ranked second on the Modou?”

Ye Jingzhi nodded, “Yes, Fellow Daoist Yang Ze’s strength is somewhat stronger than Fellow Daoist Nan Yi. Yesterday, I heard Senior Qishan say that the array that Senior Lian Chen had used to seal the ancient tomb is a technique solely used by the Qianshan Sect. Even Senior Qishan and Senior Jiang Liu couldn’t unseal it. Only the people who cultivates in Qianshan Sect’s techniques would be able to unseal it. Fellow Daoist Yang Ze, being able to undo this seal at a young age, is really powerful.”

Xi Jia could also understand this matter.

The so-called poor children would manage the household earlier. Master Ye had lost his master when he was little. He only had Wu Xiang Mountain’s several hundred years of secret collection of books that he had inherited and his special Body of Three Fiends. He alone self-studied magic and actually became the frightening Hell King Ye of today. Yang Ze was estimated to be the same. His sect wasn’t fortunate, and he could only rely on himself. In the end, he was no worse than Nan Yi or Hu Die of the Four Great Sects.

The two of them chatted for a while. Because they might see Yi Lingzi tomorrow, before Xi Jia went to sleep, he hesitated for a long time before asking, “What kind of person is Senior Yi Lingzi?”

Ye Jingzhi’s hand that was holding Xi Jia’s hand slightly moved. After a long time, he said in a low voice, “Master is a good person who doesn’t like to abide by the rules……”

When he spoke of Yi Lingzi, Ye Jingzhi’s voice was tranquil and didn’t fluctuate. But, Xi Jia could hear the infinite reverence and nostalgia contained within. Master Ye rarely talked so much at once. Since he was small, he had no friends and had few interactions with other people. This caused Ye Jingzhi to not know how to talk. After a vicious cycle, he had even less friends. However now, speaking of his master, he talked non-stop.

Just like this, the two of them talked until the moon rose to the middle of the sky.

Xi Jia listened to Ye Jingzhi talk, and he couldn’t restrain his lips from curving. He really liked listening to Ye Jingzhi talk about the past so he didn’t have to imagine how Master Ye was when he was little. Remembering the little Jingzhi in that picture, Xi Jia’s heart went soft, and the hand holding Ye Jingzhi tightened.

Finally, it was time for them to sleep. After Ye Jingzhi finished the last sentence, his voice was slightly hoarse, “Good night, Jia Jia.”

Xi Jia’s heart calmly beat as the moonlight shined through the window. When he heard this, he couldn’t help but turn his head and look at the man beside him. Ye Jingzhi was unexpectedly also looking at him. The moon shined on his face, clear and cold with pure and bright eyes, clean gaze, with two small crescent moons hidden inside.

A sort of feeling that he couldn’t describe that was perhaps called “like” made the smile on Xi Jia’s lips even more pronounced.

He suddenly remembered that night when he felt a gentle kiss, both soft and light, so light that it was barely felt.

Ye Jingzhi didn’t quite understand why his wife kept on looking at him like this. He was a bit shy, but he also really wanted to look at his wife so he could only sneak peeks. At this moment, he suddenly heard Xi Jia lightly laugh. Then, a clear voice sounded in the quiet room, “Ye Jingzhi……Can I kiss?”

His eyes suddenly widened and his pupils trembled. Like a brush across his face, his face became completely red.

Ye Jingzhi intently looked at his wife in front of him. After looking for a long time, he couldn’t even say a single word out. Until Xi Jia said it again, he pursed his lips and gathered up the courage to stammer, “C……C-c-can!”

Xi Jia was only just saying this. When he saw how cute Ye Jingzhi was, his heart palpitated in a flash. His body took over rationality and made him say those words. But now that Ye Jingzhi said that he could, he also started to become a bit shy.

But, Brother Jia was Brother Jia after all. His face was slightly hot, Xi Jia still closed his eyes and slowly leaned forward, and tried to remain as calm as possible.

However, he hadn’t even kissed yet when Xi Jia suddenly felt a warm sensation on his forehead. He quickly opened his eyes to look. Only to see Ye Jingzhi shrinking back into the blanket and looking at him with a pure gaze, “D-done kissing!”

Xi Jia was dumbfounded to the point that he couldn’t stand it anymore, “!”

Master Ye, can you not always make a foul like this?!!!

This time, he really couldn’t stand it anymore.

Brother Jia suddenly thought his family’s Master Ye was so pure and kind. At times, it also wasn’t a good thing. According to this pace, not mentioning doing pre-marital X, perhaps even after marriage, X might not be done. This matter absolutely couldn’t continue on like this. At that time, that girl also knew that sexual satisfaction could also affect happiness. Love without sexual satisfaction couldn’t last long! There must be some change!

Ye Jingzhi had already regained his calmness at this moment. He pretended to be unperturbed and said it again, “Jia Jia, good night.”

However, just as his words fell, Xi Jia suddenly straightened his body.

Ye Jingzhi, “Jia Jia?”

Xi Jia took in a deep breath and suddenly turned his body. On those soft lips, he landed a kiss.

With a hand pressing onto the pillow, the pretty and elegant young man leaned down and kissed the man’s lips. This kiss was like a taster, and it was only lightly touching for a moment, but Ye Jingzhi’s entire body was stunned. The gentle touch was like the spring sun sprinkling down onto the lake’s surface, with the warm spring breeze blowing towards one’s face and carefreely stirring the willow trees. It was so wonderful that it could make someone melt.

After kissing, Xi Jia quickly withdrew back into the blanket and buried his face into it, no longer looking at Ye Jingzhi again.

Underneath the blanket, they were still tightly holding hands, but no one was willing to speak first.

After a long time, Xi Jia, “This……is a kiss.”

Ye Jingzhi quietly uttered an “En” after quite a while.

After waiting for a long time again, Xi Jia quietly said, “Good night, Master Ye.”

“G-good night.”

After ten minutes had gone by, Xi Jia touched his own burning hot cheeks. He still couldn’t fall asleep. He slightly turned his body and noticed that Ye Jingzhi was still tightly holding his hand, making him unable to turn his body. However, Ye Jingzhi’s hand soon loosened.

Xi Jia asked after hesitating for quite a while, “……still not asleep?”

“Jia Jia, in the future……in the future, can I still kiss?”

“……Of course you can.”

“When I want to kiss you, I-I can kiss?”

Xi Jia suddenly felt a bit strange. What kind of question was this? Could it be that people who are dating couldn’t kiss when they want to kiss?

“En, of course you can kiss when you want to kiss.”

The corners of Ye Jingzhi’s lips hooked up. This time, he took the initiative to hold Xi Jia’s hand, “Jia Jia, good night.”

Xi Jia eventually didn’t feel awkward anymore, “Good night.”

After saying good night three consecutive times, he really fell asleep this time.

Translator’s Addition:
Every night…
C+: Good night.
Mirror: Good night.
C+: Good night.
Mirror: Good night.
C+: Good night.
Mirror: Good night.
C+/Mirror: ……

Translator’s Notes:
1 YY abbr for 意淫 (yi yin) as in (sexual) fantasizing.
2 Inharmonious – the harmonious part can also mean “censored”.
3 Qi Deviation – The state in which the cultivation base becomes unstable and can cause internal and psyhological damage.

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