Helping with Adventurer Party Management

Chapter 52: Deciding Shoe Specifications


Since the matter of the adventurer guild had settled a little,

I again consider the schedule of shoe manufacturing for adventurers.


First of all, it is necessary to strengthen the specifications of shoes for adventurers.


The design is simple. I have the shoes I was wearing in the modern world.

Let’s decompose it by parts.


When it was a rainy day, I was wearing short boots under Chino pants because it was casual Friday.


Now, the shoes I will make in this world are made by imitating the other world’s shoes.


However, it will not become a mass production because the comfort is good enough even though it is a dish, and small corrections will be repeated.


Under the specifications of the original world, I have to take into account the characteristics and price of the leather of the monster material that Sara bought in accordance with the technology of the shoes that I made in this world in consideration of the type for each part.


Since I had a hard time in making my own shoes, I know the difficulties in the manufacturing process.


I need to make the arch and heel separately for the left and right foot type on the bottom plate of the shoe.


I need to find substitute material for the rubber of the shoe sole.


Use a powerful glue to stick together the bottom plate of the shoe and the shoe sole.


Also making an insole, and looking for the material.


Make a soft velor (don’t know the name) for hitting the instep of the foot.


Put iron plate on the toes or use strong leather.


Also introduce the custom of putting on socks.


It’s a parade of new technologies.

The history of shoes is in advance for the next 300 years.



However, although it seems that there are many technically difficult points to solve,

Actually it is not much different from the difficulty of making leather armor.


Well, it is said that there is the same amount of time is needed for shoes as for leather armor,

It’s out of common sense for this world.


In order to provide it at a low price, we ordered simple parts for separate parts from the workshop,

It is said that the final assembly is done only by craftsmen who enclosed themselves

The manufacturing method is the secret of their business.

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