Looting Equipment From NPCs

Chapter 52 Lazuli (NPC)

Lou Fan asked without any confidence, "How expensive is it?"

Tong Fei sighed, "Generally speaking, the price will start at 50,000 points and ordinary ones will cost 100,000 points. If you want to buy more advanced ones, the seller may not necessarily sell them."

Indeed, good things will be kept for themselves. Who would be foolish enough to sell them for points?

As if she knew what Lou Fan was thinking, Tong Fei waved her fingers, "Do you think points are useless? You've probably already seen weapons with 1 star rating. I can tell you, when you get a weapon with 3 star rating, you won't be able to say this anymore."

Tong Fei sighed again, "The tasks are difficult, so equipment and points are equally important. They are both indispensable tools. The more advanced weapons and equipment, you can do more with less and complete the task more safely."

Lou Fan nodded while Qin Tan showed a thoughtful expression.

Seeing both men contemplating, Tong Fei smiled and once again threw out a big surprise, "Do you know that spirit weapons can be upgraded?"

"Spirit weapon can be upgraded?!" Lou Fan exclaimed. He didn't know anything about it. Qin Tan is also shocked.

Tong Fei nodded, "I only discovered that the spirit weapon can be upgraded during this mission. I don't know why the senior team chose not to share the news. If I hadn't seen it with my own eyes this time, I don't know when I would find out about it."

Lou Fan puzzledly asked, "Why?"

"It's because too few people can upgrade their spirit weapons." Tong Fei said too much that she felt dry in her throat.

"Spirit weapons follow their owner’s progress, so only the owner can upgrade the spirit weapon. That is to say, the owner’s improvement is the foundation. Without this foundation, the spirit weapon cannot be upgraded. But looking at the people in Lazuli, how many can improve themselves to become stronger?" Tong Fei herself is already at Level 9 and is about to enter her 10th mission. But up until now, she only saw 1 person with a Level 2 spirit weapon.

A thought stirred in Lou Fan’s heart and he turned to look at Qin Tan. In other words, their group of 5 can be considered to have improved their physique, and they are all likely to upgrade their spirit weapon?

Lou Fan asked again, "How many levels can spirit weapons level up? And what is the maximum number of stars for weapons that can be redeemed?"

Tong Fei rolled her eyes, "You think I'm such a local tyrant, that I can see everything in the back pages (have that many points to unlock the view of higher-level weapons)? But I did ask about the spirit weapon’s level. It is said that what we bring with us is called the beginner level, and the upper level is the intermediate and advanced level. It is estimated that no one has seen any spirit weapon more advanced than that."

Lou Fan interrupted Tong Fei, "Wait, Sister Tong Fei. How did you know that the spirit weapon has been upgraded?"

"The glow of our spirit weapon is just a pale light, while the higher-level ones glowed in orange light. That's the difference. The more advanced ones are said to be red."

Lou Fan asked about the tips for the upgrade of the spirit weapon. Tong Fei replied saying if she knew, it would not be a secret.

After coming out of Tong Fei's place, Lou Fan frowned and thought about it all the way. He almost hit the wall and was pulled by Qin Tan.

"Walk properly. Wait until we go back and think again."

Lou Fan grabbed Qin Tan's hand, "Qin Tan, say, can we upgrade our spirit weapon?"

Qin Tan smiled, "Definitely."

Lou Fan nodded, "I think so too, and you must be the first."


"Intuition." After speaking, Lou Fan rubbed his hair, "Forget it, it depends on luck. Let’s go back first and tell them the news."

Speaking of luck, Lou Fan had a whim and said to Qin Tan, "Qin Tan, let's play a game. We play the fist guessing game and whoever wins will move forward."

Qin Tan: "Then I'm afraid I won't be able to go back."

Lou Fan: "I don't believe it."


10 games later, Lou Fan walked forward a long distance while Qin Tan still stood in the same spot.

Lou Fan: …

Black hand (unlucky hand) is really no joke.

"Stop playing, let’s go home."

The other members are all waiting at home. When Lou Fan went back, he relayed the information he got from Tong Fei. The rest suddenly felt that the road ahead is really long and far.

After eating a meal in silence, no one wanted to move so Lou Fan again proposed to do the dishes with a fist guessing game. Without a doubt, Qin Tan lose again. Lou Fan finally understood what’s going on with unlucky hands, and silently decided to treat Old Qin better in the future.

Until the last day, there is still no news about the information they requested, and on Tong Fei’s side, she couldn’t get in touch with anyone willing to sell equipment to them. The members of Qin Tan’s team felt a little despair.

Not sure where Wen Lang went to, Lou Fan grabbed the rest of the team and make them guess what would be the intermediate team’s mission so that they had a good idea of what will happen.

Chen Shuyang thought for a while before taking out a pen and paper to write, "My guess, it is most likely that their mission is related to evil spirits, that 8 evil spirits."

Lou Fan nodded in agreement, "I think so too. The most likely thing is to deal with evil spirits. We will try to stay away from it when that time comes. Of course, if it is beneficial to us, we can consider supporting them."

Qin Tan looked at Jiang Dong, "Are you ready with the medicines?"

Jiang Dong nodded, "I've researched all the medicines available. There are medicines for wounds caused by ghosts in the exchange machine. That's a must."

"There’s that kind of medicine?" Lou Fan said, "I've never seen it before, I thought just an ordinary wound medicine will do."

Jiang Dong opened the page in the exchange machine and pointed to a medicine. But his expression is a little worried as he said, "This medicine is the most basic for dealing with ghost wounds. There are better ones but more expensive."

Lou Fan walked over to take a look and is immediately stunned. The most basic medicine that Jiang Dong said is Hungry Ghost medicine which would cost 1,000 points. Preparing a wound medicine for each member is a must. Lou Fan is considering whether to exchange away another Longjing grass so that he will have more points, he will keep just one for spare. But Jiang Dong said that for now, he doesn't know what the effect will be, so the basic preparation should be able to handle it.

"Brother Lou, Brother Qin!" Wen Lang rushed in from outside. He took a deep breath and picked up the teacup to fill it with water. After drinking, he wiped his mouth and put down the teacup. With a face full of excitement, Wen Lang said, "I tell you, I heard good news."

Qin Tan: "Don't talk nonsense, talk."

Wen Lang immediately said, "I was hanging around at the bazaar news registry last night, and two registrars were drinking. I heard them say that in the supernatural world, there must be something or someone who can restrain the evil spirits of that world. We just need to find it and we will be able to restrain the evil spirits, which is better than the items we bring in."

This news can be regarded as good news for them who have nothing useful in their hands.

Lou Fan clapped his hands, "Okay, then we will try to find it in the mission world. I think the Nanhua monk must be very important. Also, we should collect as much as we can when we find the items that could restrain ghosts. We have too few items that could restrain evil spirits in our hands. Also, pay attention to your spirit weapon, it's best if you can upgrade it."

Furball came out of his arms at this moment and Lou Fan worriedly asked, "What about Furball? Take it with us? It won't be eaten by ghosts, right?"

Qin Tan raised his eyebrows, "It's fine if it doesn't eat ghosts instead. Take it with you, you won't lose it in your pocket."

After the meeting, Wen Lang and Jiang Dong have to go back to continue their training. Qin Tan suddenly said, "Why don't you both move in? Lou Fan and I can stay downstairs, and you 3 can stay above. Chen Shuyang's house can be used as a practice ground."

Wen Lang and Jiang Dong both expressed no objections. That way they don't have to run around and it’s easier to discuss anything. It is also convenient for Qin Tan to guide their training. So at night, Wen Lang and Jiang Dong moved their luggage over, staying in Qin Tan's house with Chen Shuyang.

After a full lunch, Qin Tan’s team set off, each carrying their own bags.

At 12.00 pm, the team of 5 arrived at the station and waited for the arrival of the train. Almost at the same time, a team of 6 people also walked to the platform. The leader of the group saw Qin Tan, his eyes glanced over their team before he nodded slightly to Qin Tan.

Both sides checked each other out for a while. Then, the leader of the other team came over and stretched out his hand towards Qin Tan, "Level 10 team, Chen Changdong, Liwan Plaza mission."

The man is wearing a black jacket and his arms are bulging. He looked very strong, but his appearance looked ordinary, though not weak.

Qin Tan reached out and shook it, "Level 5, Qin Tan, the same mission."

Both sides are looking at each other, assessing each other's strengths. The other side looked all very powerful. There is a pair of twin sisters, both with long ponytails, one in black and the other in red clothing. The other 3 men on the team also looked strong, stable, and reliable.

This is a very strong team.

In Lou Fan’s mind, he is thinking that the other team should be looking at whether his team would drag them down or not.

Chen Changdong seemed to be very satisfied with this junior team after looking at them so he spoke first, "Team leader Qin, let's discuss this mission first."

Qin Tan nodded, "Okay, that's exactly what I intend to."

A group of people sat down on the spot, divided into 2 sides. The twin sisters on the opposite side are called Liu Xing and Liu Yue. The man with slightly longer hair is called Yuan Jin. The shorter man is called Ma Ming, while the taller one is called Dong Xu.

The mission of the intermediate team this time is to seal the 8 evil spirits into the coffin. This task is not a good thing when one hears it, not to mention the dangers. Chen Changdong also looked like he had a headache when he talked about the task, but Lou Fan felt that he is not really worried. There is no emotion in his eyes, it seems that he is a good actor.

"According to the content of both our tasks, this eminent monk is the key point and he should also be able to help us seal the evil ghosts. Also, the 8th person who might die may be the key."

Chen Changdong's analysis is quite reliable. He looked at the listed information and said, "In this way, upon arriving at the place, let's get acquainted with the environment first, and everyone should pay more attention to unusual places. The duration of our task is 12 days, which is not too short. This is good news."

Seeing that the time is almost up, Chen Changdong said again, "Get ready, everyone must be vigilant when we arrived at the place. Other than that, you must inform of anything that seemed wrong as soon as possible if you saw it." There is a vague sense of leadership in his words.

Just as Chen Changdong is talking, Furball emerged from Lou Fan's chest pocket. Seeing so many people here, it looked around curiously. The twin sisters saw it and their eyes lit up, exclaiming 'So cute!'. Chen Changdong gave Lou Fan one more look. Looking at Furball, he seemed to want to say something but the train’s whistle sounded at this moment.

A group of 11 people set foot on the train. The whistle sounded again, and it sets off to the mission world.

The moment Chen Changdong got out of the train, he immediately let the shorter guy, Ma Ming, brief the newcomers, without making any fuss or letting the newcomer make those familiar shouts. 5 minutes later, 11 people plus 5 newcomers stood under the entrance of Liwan Plaza.

The 4 words stated on it are Liwan Corpse Hall (荔湾尸场).

The weather is gloomy. With cold winds blowing all around, the weather matched the background of a supernatural world quite well.

Raw word count: 3011


[Banana: Not sure I mentioned this before, but the author seems to forgot about a minor setting he/she set, which is, dangerous mission world can be judged by the absence of newcomers. This mission world is deemed dangerous because no one survived previously, according to rumors and yet, there are newcomers in the mission world this time :v]

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