Palace Full of Delicacies

Chapter 52 - Little Brother-in-law

Chapter 52 - Little Brother-in-law

His Majesty dragged Su Yu out of Ci’an Palace and looked at the time. It was time for Su Yu to go to Anguo Tower to pay respects. At his side, An Hongche also had to practice martial arts, so they went together.

“Your Majesty, the Empress Dowager just summoned King Zhao to enter the palace and Wangye sent someone to pass on a message that he can’t go practice martial arts today.” Wang Gonggong came close and reported.

The Emperor frowned and said.

“Then we won’t go either.” His younger brother was not there, so he won’t have anything to play with when he gets bored with his martial art practice.

“The State Teacher is going to take an examination today, don’t you have to go, ba?” Su Yu blinked.

In fact, he was curious whether the State Teacher had really been beaten by the Emperor yesterday or whether the fond-of-face Emperor was bragging.

An Hongche glanced at him, the agarwood incense would make people drowsy, and Su Yu was still sleepy at the moment, yawning from time to time.

“The imperial physician said that you should rest.”

“Then at least let’s go an take a leave of absence, ba.” Su Yu couldn’t help it, he was indeed a little sleepy, but it didn’t matter.

Yesterday, he understood a lot of the <Fish Killing Heart Law> under the guidance of the Emperor, and today he can go confirm one or two things. If correct, he can start to study seriously. As a cook, he also has the ambition of becoming the best chef in the world.

The two didn’t take a palanquin along the way, and hand in hand, they went to Anguo Tower.

When they came out of Ci’an Palace, their hands never separated. The Emperor clutched his hand and Su Yu was also reluctant to let go.

The Emperor’s hands were big and strong, but the palm and fingertips were very soft, warm, and very comfortable to hold. The feeling of skin-to-skin contact made his heart beat faster. He didn’t pay attention to the scenery along the way, all his attention was on their hands.

Su Yu finally understood why those couples would hold hands and go on evening strolls, because holding the hand of the person they like is a kind of enjoyment itself.

Time suddenly passed in a flash, it was clearly a long way off, but they soon arrived. So much when he walked to the gate of Anguo Tower, he had not yet reacted.

“This is it?”

His Majesty glanced at him and said. “Do you resent that it’s too close after almost half an hour of walking?”

“...Is, is that so?” Su Yu was a little embarrassed, he had been walking for half an hour?

“Stupid slave.” An Hongche sneered, then pulled the foolish stupid slave and walked in. He didn’t even ask for permission and went straight upstairs.

The State Teacher was not on the second floor, so the Emperor took Su Yu and went up.

“Your Majesty, Chen can’t go up, right?” Su Yu tilted his head.

Although he was curious about what was on it, he clearly remembered that it was written in the law that people outside the royal family could not step above the second floor of the Anguo Tower.

“ You already reached the second floor, and the third floor is certainly within reach.” His Majesty said carelessly.

“Just need to report, there no need to alarm.”

“How to report?” Su Yu looked around, the servants in Anguo Tower can’t even go up to the second floor, and there’s only royalty on the third floor and above, so who would report to them?

His Majesty didn’t answer, he just looked up at shouted aloud to the upper floor.

“Imperial Uncle, Zhen’s going up with Su Yu!” Then he pulled Su Yu up.

Su Yu’s eyes widened. This kind of report is really… out of tune with the style of Anguo Tower.

The third floor was a library, with bookshelves on all eight walls, and the floor was covered with thick plain cushions. If there’s a sunny afternoon, holding a book here and sitting on the ground, would be very pleasant.

The State Teacher was leaning against a window, leafing through a book at will. He didn’t even look up when he heard the two men coming.

“Where is Hongyi?”

“He was summoned by Muhou.” His Majesty pulled Su Yu and sat down on a soft cushion.

“Something happened in the palace today, so Zhen came to take a leave of absence with Xian Fei.”

Only then did the State Teacher slowly raise a pair of beautiful eyes and looked at Su Yu.

“Have you inhaled tranquilizing incense?”

Su Yu looked at the Emperor in surprise, how did the State Teacher see it?

The Emperor seemed not to be surprised at all.

“His body is too weak to study today, we will leave first.”

“Your Majesty wants to be lazy, don’t drag others” The State Teacher put down his book and looked between the two with a chilly gaze, and finally fixed on the clasped hands.

Su Yu then realized that the two were still holding hands, he felt a little embarrassed and pulled his hand back into his sleeve.

“Hmph, how can Zhen be lazy?” An Hongche said discontentedly.

“Zhen’s worried that Imperial Uncle is getting old and is unable to bear the strain of doing this for days on end.”

The State Teacher stared at the Emperor quietly and His Majesty also looked back quietly.

Su Yu turned his head to look at the two men. They looked at each other in silence, but it made people feel like they were going to fight the next moment. He quickly changed the subject.

“Yesterday, Chen consulted the Emperor about the use of Inner Qi. Chen roughly knows the use of Inner Qi, however, Chen has already missed the age to learn Inner Force. Chen wonders whether he can still learn this heart law.”

“No harm.” The State Teacher waved his hand.

“This State Teacher has his own means to let you use Inner Qi.” Then, without asking anything, he just instructed Su Yu to memorize the book and take the examination tomorrow, then he drove him out, saying that he had something important to discuss with the Emperor.

“Me, memorize…” Su Yu swallowed his saliva. Although the book was not thick, it was still a whole book! Leaving the Anguo Tower step by step turning back every three steps, at that moment, he really believed that the Emperor fought with the State Teacher yesterday. He just didn’t know whether the His Majesty will be injured today.

“Niangniang, let’s go back first.” Wang Gonggong didn’t seem to worry about the safety of the Emperor at all. Smiling, he led Su Yu back to Beiji Palace.

“Gonggong, isn’t it inappropriate for me to live in Beiji Palace?” Su Yu felt a bit embarrassed, he was not at ease living in Yexiao Palace at this time.

Who knew which eunuch will drug him again, but it was even more inappropriate to live in the Emperor’s bedchamber. Tomorrow, the imperial censor should knock against the pillar.

“It’s not even night yet and Yexiao Palace is still in chaos. Niangniang should rest in Beiji Palace first and we’ll talk about it later in the evening.” Wang Gonggong hastened to persuade.

The eunuchs and palace maids of Yexiao Palace were all locked up now, waiting for the Empress Dowager to deal with the offenders. Even if Su Yu returned he won’t be about to stay because there was no one to serve. And as a male Fei, he can’t drop in to temporarily stay with the other concubines.

It actually made sense to live temporarily in the Emperor’s bedchamber. Did he not see that the Empress Dowager also did not oppose it?

His Highness King Zhao was summoned by his Muhou to identify the incense and kept sneezing with a bitter face.

The concubines behind the screen couldn’t what was happening in front of them, and hearing the sneeze after sneeze of King Zhao they felt their hearts jumping.

“Ahchoo, this one is similar to this one, it’s…Ahchoo…” King Zhao pointed at the two boxes and looked pitifully at his Muhou.

The Empress Dowager hastily asked someone to bring clean water to clean King Zhao’s face, and he personally wiped his chubby face with a handkerchief.

“Aijia's son is tired, go and have a rest, ba. Muhou told your elder brother that you're not going practice martial arts today, so go and play, ba.”

King Zhao heard that there was no need to practice martial arts and his wrinkled face immediately smoothed out.

“Thanking Muhou, ahchoo…”

The room was filled with the smell of incense and it was unbearable to stay a little longer. His Highness King Zhao saluted his Muhou and ran away with the wind at his feet.

Lin Gugu couldn’t help laughing when she looked at King Zhao’s back and whispered in the Empress Dowager’s ear.

“His Highness's body is a lot lighter after practicing martial arts with the Emperor. ”

“He’s not a slow runner by nature.” The Empress Dowager also chuckled, then she immediately put her smile away and said coldly.

“Come out.”

The concubines each walked out with their brows lowered, not daring to say much.

“Who is involved in this matter today, Aijia already knows in her heart.” The Empress Dowager swept the crowd with a frosty look.

“If you admit it yourself, you may get lenient treatment, if you refuse to admit it, don’t blame Aijia for being cruel!”

“Empress Dowager please calm one’s anger!” The concubines knelt down one after another and didn’t dare to raise their heads.

His Highness King Zhao left the dreadful incense and ran quickly toward Beiji Palace. Today, he had committed such suffered such a great sin and it was all because of his elder brother. No matter what, he had to ask for some benefits.

So when Su Yu opened the door of the bedchamber of Beiji Palace, he saw a small yellow and white furball hugging a few small fish cakes and eating happily.

At the Emperor’s request, Su Yu made a lot of seafood snacks and sent them to Beiji Palace. There are always small fish pastries, crab sticks, and the like on the small table, you could eat one wherever you go.

“Little Fatty!” Su Yu walked over happily and patted the head of the little furball.

His Highness King Zhao was too late to run away because he was holding a small fish cake and he was touched by Su Yu.

The fur on his body suddenly exploded and he jumped off the small table with the fish cake in his mouth, falling over and breaking the small fish cake.

Su Yu doesn’t know what he did, he thinks he had always been very friendly to cats, so he doesn’t know why the little chubby ball runs when he sees him.

“Don’t be afraid, come here and I’ll give you something delicious.” Su Yu teased him with a crab stick.

The little chubby cat shrank back and stared at Su Yu warily.

When the Emperor returned to Beiji Palace, he saw Su Yu sitting on a cushion, holding the <Fish Killing Heart Law> with one hand and feeding the cat with a crab stick with the other hand.

His stupid younger brother was chewing the crab stick while staring at Su Yu’s hand, afraid that he would suddenly reach out to take advantage of him.

“This little guy still won’t let me touch it.” Su Yu said somewhat aggrieved.

His Majesty’s frown relaxed, and he walked over to sit new to Su Yu in two to three steps. He picked up the little chubby ball and rubbed it vigorously.

“That’s right!”

The author has something to say:

Small Theater:

Little Fish: Your Majesty, this small chubby cat won’t let me touch it

Younger Brother: QAQ Xiaoshu, It’s wrong to be frivolous

Little Fish: Your Majesty, these two big tabby cats also won’t let me touch them

Thirteenth Uncle & Seventeenth Uncle:⊙﹏⊙ Slighting the old uncles is also wrong

Little Fish: Your Majesty, can you let me touch this beautiful white cat?

State Teacher: (silently flashing his claws)

Little Fish: …Forget it, hahaha


Xiaoshu ->brother-in-law

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