Ghosts Know What I Experienced

Chapter 53.1: Brother Jia, please rip this white corpse into pieces!

Chapter 53 Part 1

Xi Jia’s left hand grabbed the white corpse’s arm and threw it behind him while his right hand quickly grabbed its other arm. Kicking towards the back of its knees, he wanted to bend the white corpse’s legs to make it kneel on the ground. Right after capturing it, who would’ve expected that once his foot went down, it was another “kacha” sound: The white corpse’s leg broke, and its calf separated from its thigh.

Yang Ze, “……”

Qishan-daoren, “……”

Ye Jingzhi, “……”

Xi Jia, “……”

Qishan-daoren and Yang Ze knelt down before Brother Jia in a flash, ah!

Was there anyone who hurt jiangshi like you? Forget about breaking their wrist, you even broke their leg!

Was there any sympathy?!

How could Brother Jia know that this white corpse’s body was actually this weak? Wasn’t it said that a jiangshi’s body was very hard, or else why would it be called jiangshi? How come with this white corpse, its wrist would break with a grab and its knee would break with a kick? It was basically like a porcelain, making Brother Jia seem like he was very violent.

Xi Jia coughed a couple times. To the side, Qishan-daoren and Ye Jingzhi also completely opened the black iron gate and rushed over.

The jiangshi was firmly imprisoned by Xi jia. It madly snarled and struggled, and its body emitted white chilling aura and black yin energy. It was currently the seventh month. This kind of chilling aura didn’t make Xi Jia feel that it was cold. Nothing needed to be said about the yin energy, Brother Jia turned a blind eye against it and focused on capturing the white corpse.

Once Qishan-daoren came over, he looked at Xi Jia with a strange gaze. Yang Ze held the black iron umbrella as he walked over. There was a smiling expression on his face, but there was also a strange tint in his gaze. Only Master Ye went to Xi Jia’s side with no change in expression and looked at Xi Jia’s clothes that were frozen by the white corpse with heartache. Then, he took out a yellow talisman and pasted it on the white corpse’s forehead.

“Okay, it won’t run away anymore. Jia Jia, you can let go now.”

Master Ye was still the one who knew how to dote on someone.

Xi Jia let go of his hands holding the white corpse captive, rubbed his neck, and flexed his wrists.

Brother Jia merely wanted to relax his body. When Yang Ze was suddenly dragged into the gate by the white corpse, Brother Jia also had a fright and nearly didn’t grab Yang Ze in time. But his appearance in the eyes of Qishan-daoren and Yang Ze caused their expressions to become stranger.

Qishan-daoren walked to Xi Jia, walked back and forth two times, and sized him up several times, “So ‘Ghosts Know’ didn’t exaggerate…..”

Xi Jia creased his brows, failing to understand, “Senior Qishan?”

Ye Jingzhi was already thinking of how to help soften his wife’s stiffened clothes that had been frozen by the yin energy. Qishan-daoren meaningfully said, “At that time, when ‘Ghosts Know’ said that Young Daoist Xi had used his neck to break the high grade ghost sword that eldest disciple of Tian Gong Pavilion, Measurement, had refined, this old man didn’t believe it and thought Measurement, that young fellow, had refined a trash sword and was just boasting. Now it seems like this old man was mistaken about Young Daoist Measurement……”

Xi Jia, “I didn’t use my neck to break his sword……”

Qishan-daoren had a “I know, you don’t have to say it, saying it would hurt people” expression.

Xi Jia, “……”

In short, Brother Jia’s violent image was completely unchangeable.

Taking this chance, Qishan-daoren secretly took out his phone and walked aside to open WeChat. However, this time, he couldn’t find a signal after trying for a long time and could only give up with regret. He prepared to give the scoop of “Ghost King Xi broke a jiangshi’s hand with his grip and broke its leg with a kick” once he got out of the ancient tomb.

Xi Jia didn’t notice Qishan-daoren’s thoughts. Ye Jingzhi thought for a while before casting a spell on his clothes. Very quickly, the clothes that had been frozen stiff by the jiangshi’s yin energy became soft again.

Xi Jia smiled as he said, “How magical, so awesome.”

Ye Jingzhi’s lips curved up from being praised, “En!”

Yang Ze who had just silently been fed a face-full of dog food, “……”

The black iron gate had already been opened, but the four of them didn’t immediately enter.

Qishan-daoren walked up to the white corpse and looked carefully. Ye Jingzhi had used a charm to seal the white corpse’s body. At this moment, the broken white corpse’s hand had fallen near the iron gate, and its broken leg was 3 meters away. The white corpse that was lacking an arm and a leg stayed in a pose of being grabbed, fallen on its side onto the ground with no movement at all.

Qishan-daoren looked for a long time before reaching out and lifting Ye Jingzhi’s charm. After looking again for a while, Qishan-daoren suddenly exclaimed in shock, “This seems to be that Vietnamese black magic master from that time!”

Ye Jingzhi slightly wrinkled his brows, “The Vietnamese black magic master that had set up the trap 19 years ago?”

Qishan-daoren, “That’s right. At that time, after the five of us had entered the ancient tomb, we hadn’t even reached the main burial chamber when we fell for this person’s ambush in the secondary burial chamber. This person was an outstanding and well-known black magic master from Vietnam and was an expert at flying taming. He had used centipedes and venomous snakes, these two types of highly toxins, and waited in ambush underneath the secondary burial room. Once we entered, we activated his black magic and nearly fell for his evil schemes. Fortunately, Yi Lingzi had used Wu Xiang Qing Li to strike the black magic master’s hand before it went into effect so that he was unable to launch his black magic at us. Then, he fled into the main burial chamber, and we chased after him.”

As he spoke, Qishan-daoren grabbed the white corpse’s palm and pointed, “Look, this should be where Wu Xiang Qing Li had pierced through.”

Wu Xiang Qing Li flew out from Ye Jingzhi’s pocket and approached the palm as if taking a look.

Everyone took a look. Yang Ze helplessly smiled as he said, “Senior Qishan, this hand is completely intact.”

Qishan-daoren was shocked. He looked down and glanced at a few times. Suddenly, he slapped his thigh, ran to the side of the black iron gate, and picked up the white corpse’s broken hand that Brother Jia had broken off, “Wrong wrong, it’s this hand, it’s this hand. Isn’t there a hole here?”

The three men stared again. Sure enough, the palm had a jet-black hole.

Wu Xiang Qing Li quickly passed through this hole. The size was a perfect fit. It had indeed been pierced through by it.

The little bronze die fluttered a few times in the air complacently before flying back into Ye Jingzhi’s pocket in the end.

Now, everyone knew this white corpse’s identity. However, Ye Jingzhi said, “Although this is a high quality Corpse Nurturing Ground with extremely strong yin energy that can certainly allow the bodies buried here to not rot and become white corpses a month later, the black magic master is a Xuanxue person. He isn’t really an ordinary human, how could he become a white corpse? Could it be that this Corpse Nurturing Ground is that mystical that even Xuanxue people can’t escape?”

Xi Jia immediately understood Ye Jingzhi’s meaning.

It was true that this Corpse Nurturing Ground was mystical, but it only applied to ordinary mortals. The bodies of Celestial Masters of the Xuanxue world were different from ordinary people. If this black magic master could become a white corpse, then the four Celestial Masters that had died here, including Yi Lingzi, could it be that they all had become jiangshi?

Qishan-daoren also couldn’t explain this incident. He only felt that his scalp was numb, “Jiangshi are divided into four classes. The most common are white corpses, followed by red corpses. Jiangshi can become flying corpses after 200 years and jumping corpses after 400 years. As for the 5th kind, drought demons can’t be determined by age. Moreover, the strength of a jiangshi is related to the strength of the body while alive. If Fellow Daoist Yi Lingzi became a jiangshi……” Qishan-daoren gulped in fright, “He can probably directly jump straight to the level of a flying corpse?” Maybe he could directly become a jumping corpse!

This time, they were here to retrieve the 4 Celestial Masters’ remains and conveniently see if they could find a way to settle Ye Jingzhi’s Year Fiend. But if there was a strong jiangshi inside, then their party would be in absolute danger. It was best to not enter to ancient tomb.

Qishan-daoren felt that with Yi Lingzi’s, that old chap’s level of evildoing, even if Yi Lingzi’s corpse had ultimately become a drought demon, he wouldn’t even be a bit shocked!

Yang Ze lightly smiled as he said, “This point, Senior Qishan actually doesn’t know. My Qianshan Sect has been stationed in D Province for several hundred years and has contact with Vietnam’s black magic masters several times. There are research in regards to their medicinal taming and flying taming. Qianshan Sect is originally proficient in Gu poison, and it is similar to black magic. Therefore, this junior knows that this black magic master’s body had become a white corpse because he was too weak.”

Qishan-daoren said, “He was too weak? Do you know that even though we weren’t directly killed by his ambush and had caught up to him after, we had also wasted a great amount of effort in order to make him surrender? His strength isn’t any less than your master, Lian Chen-zhenjun.”

Yang Ze smiled, “Senior Qishan need not worry. It is like this. When this black magic master was alive, his strength might actually be very strong and equal to my master. However, once he died, he wouldn’t be much better than ordinary people. You have said before that the strength of jiangshi are related to age and their strength when alive. Then, why is this black magic master only a white corpse and hasn’t evolved into a red corpse after being dead for 19 years?”

No one could answer this question.

Yang Ze continued explaining, “It is because his dead body was too weak. When our Huaxian Gu poison masters cultivate in Gu poison, they would often use themselves as a lure, causing their entire bodies to be filled with poison. With no fear of numerous poisons, their bodies are strong. However, the Vietnamese black magic masters are different. When they cultivate in black magic, they use other bodies as a vessel to carry out experiments and cultivation with poisonous insects, scorpions, and snakes. They are strong in their black magic techniques. After death, they would no longer have any black magic and naturally be very weak.”

With this explanation, everyone completely understood.

It turns out that this black magic master was all appearances without substance. If he didn’t use black magic, his body was no better than ordinary people.

Yang Ze continued to say, “This black magic master seems to already be 80 years old. After he became a jiangshi, his body would become stiff and hard, but it has in fact became even weaker. Instead, it is not as good as an ordinary 80 year old human.”

Xi Jia’s eyes immediately brightened, “No wonder his wrist and leg would break once I lightly touched them!”

Brother Jia originally wanted to explain for himself that he wasn’t being that forceful. It was clearly because the white corpse was too weak. However, Qishan-daoren and Yang Ze only paid attention to this phrase, “Lightly touch?!”

Xi Jia felt that it was a bit strange, but he still nodded, “En.”

Qishan-daoren and Yang Ze, “……”

Both of them took a step back in succession, away from the scary Ghost King Xi.

Xi Jia, “……”

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