Ghosts Know What I Experienced

Chapter 53.2: Brother Jia, please rip this white corpse into pieces!

Chapter 53 Part 2

Since they knew that the four Celestial Masters inside shouldn’t be able to become jiangshi, everyone felt relieved and decided to continue into the tomb. Before entering the ancient tomb, Qishan-daoren went up to the white corpse black magic master and coldly said, “Because you evil creature, you had used black magic to attract the villagers into the tomb and killed them in order to lure us here, we ended up running into that millennium drought demon. You little child, it’s not enough even if you die ten thousand times!”

As he finished speaking, Qishan-daoren raised his head to look at Xi Jia, “Fellow Daoist Xi, can you please rip him to pieces!”

Xi Jia, “……”

After a moment, “Wait, why me?”

Qishan-daoren said with astonishment, “This old man thinks that Young Daoist Xi can easily rip this white corpse to pieces. In any case, this old man tried to stomp on the white corpse’s hand just now, but the yin energy went straight to this old man’s feet and can’t break it. This old man will have to trouble Young Daoist Xi.”

Xi Jia, “……” What does yin energy being strong have to do with me?

Then, Ye Jingzhi and Yang Ze also tried it. For real, no one could break this white corpse’s body without any special methods. Instead, its yin energy would attack. As the sole Body of Extreme Yin in the entirety of Huaxia, Brother Jia could only shoulder this heavy responsibility as he stepped on this white corpse’s body without expression and ruthlessly……en, stepped on it to pieces.

Brother Jia didn’t know exactly how the white corpse felt while it was stomped to pieces. After all, it was being sealed in place by Master Ye’s charm. Even if it was so angry that it wanted to curse his mother or cry for forgiveness, it couldn’t speak out. However in Brother Jia’s mind, there was a motherf*cking phrase that he really wanted to say.

It was clearly Qishan-daoren who had asked him to stomp the white corpse to pieces. Why was “Holy crap, so scary, this old man needs to go further away from him a bit” written over Qishan-daoren’s face after he saw him really stomping the white corpse to pieces?! Doesn’t your conscience hurt?!

Anyway, Brother Jia had already resigned to his fate. Once this trip to the ancient tomb is over, regardless of whether Master Ye’s Year Fiend problem could be resolved or not, Ghost King Xi’s bad reputation of stomping the white corpse would definitely spread to the north and south of the Yangtze River. Henceforth, his reputation would also make the younger generation tremble with an effect no less than Hell King Ye’s. Because this unreliable Qishan-daoren would absolutely submit this matter to “Ghosts Know”, in order to seize the points in advance, Brother Jia decided to submit it himself.

In any case, his reputation was all gone. How much could be earned was how much.

After Xi Jia stepped on the white corpse to pieces, Qishan-daoren was still very angry so he made a fire, burning the white corpse on the ground thoroughly with strong, utmost yang flames so it couldn’t reincarnate forever.

Once everything was done, the four of them entered the ancient tomb together.

The moment he entered the ancient tomb, Xi Jia suddenly felt a tremble, and a piercing chill climbed up from his soles. The dense yin energy winded around his legs. This yin energy was stronger than any other place Xi Jia had seen in the past. He didn’t hesitate to use his blood colored yin energy to envelop his legs, only then did the black yin energy disperse.

Among the four of them, Xi Jia and Ye Jingzhi were in fact the most relaxed. Brother Jia’s strong yin energy was rarely seen in the world, and he had never encountered a worthy match in his life. Master Ye recently had his Year Fiend erupt, and the baleful energy on him was extremely strong. The yin energy had just coiled around him before rushing to the side.

Qishan-daoren and Yang Ze’s situation was actually not that simple. They had drawn more than a dozen charms on themselves in order to contain the yin energy that was madly rushing over towards them.

“Right now, we are really walking on the Corpse Nurturing Ground.”

Qishan-daoren held a white jade like pearl in his hand. Along the way, the four of them relied on this pearl for lighting. Outside of the ancient tomb, this pearl was like a spotlight, shining wherever they went as if it was daytime. However, once inside the ancient tomb, the yin energy was too strong, and the pearl’s light was obstructed by the yin energy so that they could only see a circumference of three meters.

Once they entered the ancient tomb, there was a towering stone tablet by the entrance.

When Xi Jia was in college, he had read a few tomb-robbing novels in which the contents were virtually the same. For example, each time someone enters a tomb, they would see a stone tablet. The words written on them were different, but they all mean one thing: Graverobbers will die.

The protagonists saw this sentence and then proceeded to rob the tomb.

Xi Jia also couldn’t read the words on the stone tablet. He naturally thought that the stone tablet said “graverobbers will die.” Ye Jingzhi said in a low voice beside him, “It says the life of this Tusi person in D Province 400 years ago. After this Tusi was appointed to the imperial court, he worked hard for the common people and won the support of the 8 villages and 3 tribes. A person of great virtue and prestige.”

“Master Ye, you know a lot.”

Being praised by wife again, the tips of Ye Jingzhi’s ears turned red as he feigned calmness, “Master……Master left a lot of books, I read half of it.”

Xi Jia nodded in understanding: Turns out his family’s Master Ye still has great learning ability, really awesome.

Qishan-daoren came to this ancient tomb 19 years ago. It was reasonable to say that he should’ve already forgotten about it since 19 years had past. But, when he carefully looked at the tomb’s entrance, he unexpectedly decisively took everyone inside. Each time they ran into a fork in the road, Qishan-daoren didn’t hesitate and found the correct path. The four of them went deep into the ancient tomb without stopping.

Although some things had past for a long time, they were still vivid in their minds to this day. Even if 100 years had past, some things would never be forgotten in this lifetime.

“When we entered the ancient tomb 19 years ago, most of the traps had already been taken care of. The people of D Province are good at Gu poisons. Just now, we walked through those nine winding paths to the tomb. There was originally a 5 poisons Gu Mother arranged there. That Gu Mother had been cut down by this old man with one sword blow 19 years ago. It naturally no longer exists now.”1

Xi Jia originally thought that it would be very thrilling and would encounter all sorts of danger this time. However, he didn’t expect that since this tomb had been opened before 19 years ago, the most dangerous thing inside, the millennium drought demon, had already been taken care of by Yi Lingzi, and all the other small traps was nothing to worry about.

During this whole journey, the four men weren’t that tense, but it also wasn’t that relaxed. After all, it was pitch-black all around. Under this kind of quiet and dark environment, it was better to be a bit alert.

As expected, when they reached the secondary burial chamber, it suddenly went black before Xi Jia’s eyes. He subconsciously grabbed a hold of Ye Jingzhi’s hand, and Ye Jingzhi also tightly held his hand.

Qishan-daoren said loudly, “It’s miasma!”

The miasma mixed in with the strong yin energy and Gu poison was far more dangerous than the miasma in an ordinary forest. This wasn’t pure magic and yin energy. This was the secret technique created by the builders of the ancient tomb by using the land of D Province. Only this burial chamber would have it because this burial chamber’s Fengshui Eight Trigrams and topography was just right to arrange this sort of trap.

Ye Jingzhi wasn’t good with Gu poisons or miasma and didn’t know how he should settle this problem. He himself wasn’t afraid, but Xi Jia couldn’t resist this sort of miasma. Left with no choice, Ye Jingzhi tightly hugged Xi Jia, embracing him inside his arms. Even if there was danger, he could use his body to block in front of Xi Jia.

“Jia Jia, hold your breath.”

Xi Jia held his breath for two minute before he truly couldn’t hold it anymore, “Master Ye, I can’t breathe……”

Ye Jingzhi’s expression tensed, and he immediately reached out his hand and held it under Xi Jia’s nose, “Jia Jia, now you can breathe.”

The golden light shined from his fingertips. When Xi Jia breathed again, the air passed through Ye Jingzhi’s fingers, getting rid of the miasma. His warm breath slowly spread over his sensitive fingertips. At first, Ye Jingzhi was still cautiously on guard against the surroundings, but slowly, the warm breath spilling over his fingertips made them hot. The temperature travelled along his fingers to his heart, burning to the point Master Ye’s face turned a deep red.

Not long after, Yang Ze, who was proficient in Gu poison, settled the miasma. The pearl’s light shined once again.

Qishan-daoren, “19 years ago, when this old man entered this secondary burial chamber, there wasn’t anything to cause such miasma. Seems like that black magic master had done something in advance while making an ambush here and didn’t let the miasma appear. Eh, Young Daoist Ye, Young Daoist Xi, what are you doing?”

Ye Jingzhi tightly held his wife. His heart rate quickened, and his face became a bit red. Suddenly being called out by Qishan-daoren, he quickly let go as if he was electrocuted. Xi Jia also heaved a sigh of relief and moved away from Ye Jingzhi’s arms.

Xi Jia, “Nothing. I couldn’t breathe just now, and Master Ye helped me.”

Qishan-daoren didn’t think too much and only muttered a “shouldn’t have let you two husbands come together” before turning around to continue leading the way. Also, Yang Ze had already become used to being fed dog food. He glanced at Xi Jia and Ye Jingzhi with a smile before also continuing forward.

Qishan-daoren lead the way at the front with Yang Ze following behind him. Xi Jia and Ye Jingzhi were at the back.

Recalling the situation just now, Xi Jia couldn’t help but say, “Fortunately you’re here, otherwise I wouldn’t even know what to do.”

Ye Jingzhi had even more lingering fear, “Jia Jia, I will protect you well.”

Xi Jia nodded.

In his mind, he was remembering the scene just now. Suddenly, Xi Jia stopped in his footsteps, and a strange expression appeared on his face. He looked up at Ye Jingzhi who was walking in front of him. Seeing that he’s not walking, Ye Jingzhi turned around to look at him and asked in confusion, “Jia Jia, what’s the matter?”

Xi Jia, “N-nothing, let’s continue walking.”

Ye Jingzhi didn’t think too much.

Xi Jia lowered his head with countless thoughts on his mind.

Translator’s Addition:
Mirror: I-I’m protecting my wife! N-not stealing his tofu or anything!

Translator’s Notes:
1 Some Gu poison practices consists of a parent Gu and a child Gu. Not Gu Mother as in the surname Gu.

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