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Chapter 53: Troubles of Materials

Now that I have compiled my shoe specifications, the next step is a detailed design and material selection.

For a detailed design, I’d like to wait for a leather worker to be introduced by the Kenkiba’s corps.


An amateur like me, design parts that take into account the ease of shrinkage and processing of leather

I do not think it will be possible.


Today, I join the workers of the leather street students who Sarah has pioneered

and right now our priority is given to determining the material for each part.


◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇


For the rest of month, Sara and I went through the leather district.


And, the insole material does not mow the hair of the rabbit-type demon, and it makes the friction in the shoes large by making it go to the foot, to not let it slip inside,


It was understood that it was possible to achieve it while suppressing the cost to a certain extent, even if being trodden and attacking by using the hard skin of the demon of the lizard skin on the tiptoe of the sock.


What became the biggest problem was a substitute for the rubber material of the shoe sole.


Even if you leave the anti-skid part to iron studs, what will you give the repulsive force?

Despite its hardness, it was difficult to select materials with soft repulsion.


“After all it is difficult, is it not…?”


I was talking to a craft worker at a workshop in the leather district while trying to avoid a sigh, which has happened a few times.


“mm… … the material you brought in, it’s quite strange.

In this way, it is hard, but there is a repulsive force, and it’s a material that can be processed beautifully … “


“Well, it’s a special material, and I will never get it again.”


“Indeed, what is it called a something magical item ….”


I did not say a lie. Industrial rubber will not exist in this world.


“I know that it’s a mixture of sulfur and some kind of tar and glue.”


“What? Is it Sulfur?”


“Yes. When you add a stone that is caught in a yellow volcanic zone called sulfur, a certain tar becomes sturdy,

Later it becomes soft.

And, the nature which becomes brittle is mixed with glue, as it heats, elasticity is made.”


“Hey …. Sulfur? ….”


“Well, this time it might be better to attach a number of laminated durable leathers with powerful glue.”


“Is it not said that you are insufficient with elasticity?”


“That’s right, hey …”


It seemed difficult to reproduce rubber in this world. To give rubber a certain hardness

extremely delicate temperature control is required.

To do that, we need to wait for the development of the chemical industry.


Do you make it from an industrial thermometer? But what about keeping the furnace at a constant temperature?

How do you procure uniform materials in the first place?


There is no super dwarf artisan who reproduces it even if you advise a little concept.

Well, it may be somewhere in this world, but it must be expensive.


An ordinary human like me, meeting with an ordinary osan,

It is necessary to accumulate efforts on a regular basis, gradually reducing specifications.


Suddenly, I raised my eyes, children in front of the workshop, I saw them playing with a small ball as it rolled.


What is that?


“Will not you show us it for a moment?”


I ran to the point of necessity, I guess I was like a suspicious individual.

The children stiffened and gave a face like they were about to cry.


Sara, who had caught up in haste, spoke to the children while squatting.


“I’m sorry, my old man got excited. Can you tell your sister what you were playing right now?”


Who is the scary uncle. I thought, but decided to leave it to Sara silently.


The children looked at the face, “this is the nucleus of slime.” They showed what was in their hands.


This can go on. I was convinced while I was getting up.

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