Ghosts Know What I Experienced

Chapter 54.1: Master also kneeled down before Brother Jia.

Chapter 54 Part 1

When Yi Lingzi said those words, among the four people present, three of them felt somewhat awkward.

Xi Jia had already guessed that Yi Lingzi had mistook him for a girl. That’s why he would make such an unreasonable engagement for Ye Jingzhi. Qishan-daoren and Yang Ze were unable to make heads or tails of it: You yourself gave your disciple a wife, but now you don’t recognize? What, you still want to eat everything clean and leave (absolutely not)?

Among the four, only Master Ye’s thoughts were pure, and he didn’t think too much. Ye Jingzhi stepped forward and said honestly and obediently, “Master, he is my……my future wife.” Saying this, his face became slightly red.

Ye Jingzhi always regarded Xi Jia as his wife, and Xi Jia didn’t correct him on this point. He knew that there was no need to correct him. Master Ye had never regarded him as a woman, and Master Ye knew he was a man.

Ye Jingzhi would never think of such a complicated and odd issue. He simply thought he had a future wife for the past 19 years. So now that Xi Jia had appeared, then Xi Jia was his future wife. He wouldn’t think of those trivial matters. His engagement partner was Xi Jia, and this was a fact.

Yet, when Yi Lingzi heard his disciple’s words, he didn’t even think and started laughing loudly, “Oh Qishan, isn’t my disciple awesome? More impressive than me back then. In those days, I only had 100-some close female friends, that’s all. My disciple has surpassed his master, actually likes men, and even found a man as his future wife. My disciple is this awesome, aren’t you envious?”

Qishan-daoren had a “Are you an idiot?” expression.

Yi Lingzi still thought Qishan-daoren was jealous and envious, and he laughed, pleased with himself. Then, he turned his head to look at Xi Jia.

With this glance, it seemed undisturbed and calm like a senior looking at their beloved junior. However, for some reason, Xi Jia suddenly felt Yi Lingzi was examining him. In his heart, there was some astonishment as he looked at the white-haired old man before him. He only saw that Yi Lingzi was still all smiles, appearing unrestrained and unruly.

……Did he overthink?

Yi Lingzi waved his hand, “Jingzhi, what is your wife’s name?”

Ye Jingzhi said, “His name is Xi Jia. Xi Jia, this is Master.”

Xi Jia walked up, “Master.”

Yi Lingzi stroked his beard, “Master has been dead for so many years, and there isn’t anything good to give you. Xi Jia ah, how did you meet my disciple?”

Once Xi Jia heard this, he knew that Yi Lingzi had misunderstood. He hesitated for a moment, but still decided to explain the truth, “Master, Master Ye and I have an engagement.”

Yi Lingzi raised his eyebrow, “Who set your engagement?” Saying this, he turned to look at Qishan-daoren, “Qishan, you stinky old man, you even set an engagement for my disciple? Wishful thinking, what qualifications do you have to set an engagement for my disciple, ah?!”

Qishan-daoren became angry once he heard this, “You, Yi Lingzi, perhaps there’s something wrong with your brain! When did this old man ever set an engagement for your disciple? You yourself found a wife for Young Daoist Ye, and you even blamed it on this old man. You also want this old man to be jealous of you? Why would this old man be jealous of you? Is having 100 close female friends that great? Right now, this old man has 4 grandchildren and 6 great-grandchildren. Do you have any? Do you, do you, do you?!”

Yi Lingzi had a lot of close female friends in his lifetime, but none of them went to the very end. Hearing grandchildren, his eyes immediately became red, “Qishan, you bastard, if this poor daoist doesn’t beat you to death today, this poor daoist will change to your last name!”

Qishan-daoren, “You come ah, come! Don’t think that this old man can’t tell that you’re a ghost right now!”

“Letting you slander this poor daoist, when did this poor daoist find a man as a wife for Jingzhi? Do you take this poor daoist as blind? So what if this poor daoist is a ghost right now, do you dare to fight with this poor daoist? Wu Xiang Qing Li!” Once his voice fell, Yi Lingzi flipped his hand to summon Wu Xiang Qing Li.

Wu Xiang Qing Li was currently lying obediently in Ye Jingzhi’s pocket when it was suddenly called. At first, it blanked for a moment before thinking that this voice seemed pretty familiar, and so it flew over and floated above Yi Lingzi’s palm.

Once Qishan-daoren saw Wu Xiang Qing Li, he immediately jumped three steps back continuously. He raised his peach wood sword and trembled as he said, “This old man……this old man doesn’t believe it! You have already become a ghost so how can you be able to hit people!”

Yi Lingzi was beaming, “You old coward, come and try.”

Qishan-daoren, “You come here!”

“You come here!”

“You come here!”

Yi Lingzi, “You first slandered this old man, naturally it should be you that comes here first.”

Qishan-daoren certainly wouldn’t concede on this kind of matter, “You’re the one spewing nonsense! You ask your disciple yourself if Young Daoist Xi is the one you set his engagement with, if he is your disciple’s future wife that you acknowledged? This old man thinks you have become old, your eyes have been blurred with age, you’re blind!”

Yi Lingzi coldly laughed, “You still dare mention my obedient disciple? That’s also fine, this poor daoist will let you die contently. Come, Jingzi, tell this rotten old man if this future wife of yours has anything to do with your master, did Master set it?”

Ye Jingzhi respectfully answered, “Yes.”

Yi Lingzi laughed out loud, “Ignorant old man, did you hear that? My disciple said, ‘Yes.’ You should obediently……” His voice came to an abrupt end. Yi Lingzi turned his head to look at Ye Jingzhi and stared dumbfoundedly for a while before quickly turning his head over to look at Xi Jia. His gaze settled on Xi Jia’s face for a moment as if he suddenly remembered something. Then, his line of sight silently slid down to Xi Jia’s chest.

Brother Jia quickly covered his chest, “……” You have a problem! As a grown man, what are you looking at the chest for?!

The smile on Yi Lingzi’s face froze. After a moment, he withdrew Wu Xiang Qing Li, his expression became calm with an appearance of a sage, “Jingzhi, Master does not know when you learned how to lie. When you were little, what did Master teach you, you should not lie, especially to your Master. Could it be that you have forgotten?”

Hearing this, Master Ye felt very wronged. Master Ye seriously replied, “Master, I did not lie.”

Yi Lingzi’s eyes glowered, “Still arguing!”

Ye Jingzhi took out his white-jade like Mt. Tai stone. Seeing this, Xi Jia realized his intention and also took out his blood-red Mt. Tai stone that he always had with him. They each held one Mt. Tai stone and lightly fitted them together. Ye Jingzhi raised his head and looked at the flabbergasted Yi Lingzi, saying, “Master, Xi Jia is truly my future wife, he just is.”

Seeing this situation, how could Yi Lingzi not think of when he had set a marriage for his disciple before perishing at that time.

This matter was very complicated to speak of. Yi Lingzi had stayed in this ancient tomb for 19 years. Everyday, he was bored and could only count rocks or think of what he had done in this life. Thinking of this, he remembered that he had once arranged a very important marriage for his disciple. Thinking further, he remembered that he actually didn’t say clearly what the marriage was.

And thus, Yi Lingzi spoke as if it was expected, “How could it possibly be? Master absolutely did not speak of this marriage clearly. At that time, Master told that girl’s father that one month later, Master would bring disciple for a visit and personally explain this marriage to him. However, Master died with that millennium drought demon later and couldn’t go find that person. Since the other person naturally couldn’t find you and Master also didn’t speak of this matter in detail to anyone else, Jingzhi, how could you be able to find that girl?” Pausing for a moment, a thought flashed through Yi Lingzi’s mind, and he coldly looked at Xi Jia, “Young fellow, does this Mt. Tai stone truly belong to you?”

Xi Jia naturally knew what Yi Lingzi was saying. Yi Lingzi simply held suspicions towards him. After all, any senior suddenly seeing his foolish yet pure and easy to deceive disciple bring a man to see him after a gap of 19 years and even repeatedly said that he was his future wife definitely wouldn’t be so easily convinced.

Xi Jia wasn’t angry. He was about to explain, but Ye Jingzhi stepped in front of him. He raised his head and said, “Master, Jia Jia is my future wife.”

Yi Lingzi widened his eyes, “It’s true if you say it’s true? What if he isn’t?”

As if he were a child being robbed of his beloved treasure, Ye Jingzhi emphasized each word affirmatively, “I just want Jia Jia.”

Yi Lingzi suddenly felt depressed, “……” Disciple has grown up, no longer following Master anymore!

To the side, this situation made Qishan-daoren and Yang Ze stupefied as they watched. Only Xi Jia among everyone present understood the reason. Seeing that Ye Jingzhi was blocking in front of him as if he was refuting Yi Lingzi, Xi Jia couldn’t help but raise the corners of his lips as he said, “Master, you don’t need to worry about the specific things. I think it was like this……”

Next, Xi Jia said that he had a Body of Extreme Yin and told the story of when he had received the Mt. Tai stone when he was 4 years old. Then, he also spoke of how he and Ye Jingzhi had met, as well as how they had gotten together.

After listening to these words, Yi Lingzi, “……”

Yang Ze had already given a lot of face and didn’t say much. He only quietly smiled. Qishan-daoren started to laugh heartily, “Yi Lingzi! You old chap, you still dare say that you’re not blind? Look at you, you have blurred vision to this degree, and you still think that the child you originally saw at that time was a girl? Hahaha, this old man is going to die laughing. This old man is going to make a submission to ‘Ghosts Know’ upon leaving. It would definitely be worth 50,000 points, hahaha.”

Once Xi Jia heard this, he quickly memorized it: Right, this matter can also be submitted!

It was truly suffering for the sake of keeping up with appearances. Even until now, Yi Lingzi still quibbling, “You have a Body of Extreme Yin? 19 years ago, the Body of Extreme Yin this poor daoist saw had already clashed with the……yin……energy……”

Yi Lingzi, “……”

Xi Jia put on the relic he had taken off, “Master, now do you understand?”

Yi Lingzi turned to head to look at Ye Jingzhi and said, “Good disciple, Master will tell you about this millennium drought demon. The reality is……”

Xi Jia & Qishan-daoren & Yang Ze, “……”

Do you dare not to so brazenly change the topic?!!!

Translator’s Addition:
Love Saint Yi Lingzi: Who said I’m blind? You’re the one who’s blind!
Qishan-daoren: You’re clearly blind!
Yi Lingzi: You’re blind!
Qishan-daoren: You’re blind!
Continues into the next life……

Translator’s Notes: Yippeee, none~

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