Ghosts Know What I Experienced

Chapter 54.2: Master also kneeled down before Brother Jia.

Chapter 54 Part 2

Yi Lingzi had lived for more than 60 years. After death, he had stayed in the ancient tomb for 19 years. How could he admit that he had poor vision due to old age and mistook a boy for a girl back then?

Actually, Yi Lingzi’s heart was also bitter over this matter.

Mistaking Brother Jia as a girl, did it seem very familiar? Didn’t it seem like there was someone who had also made a mistake?

That’s right. Half a year ago, Zhuzhao-zhenren had thought Brother Jia was a girl and submitted it to “Ghosts Know.” Because he had repeatedly said that Brother Jia was a girl, “Ghosts Know” used this information against him and wasn’t willing to compensate 100,000 points no matter what. They settled to give 20,000 points in the end and casually sent it to Zhuzhao-zhenren.

The root cause of this was that this group of great masters of the Xuanxue world would only recognize yin energy and not the person!

Zhuzhao-zhenren was still suffering from he had sown. At that time, he had took a hurried glance at Xi Jia and didn’t dare to take a longer look. Xi Jia was 180 cm tall. Although his looks were delicate and pretty and could be taken as a girl at a glance, he absolutely couldn’t be mistaken with a proper look. As for Yi Lingzi, that was truly injustice.

Brother Jia was very pretty when he was little.

Small face with round eyes, tall nose, and small mouth. The pair of big eyes seemed like freshly washed grapes, soft and tender like water. No one would suspect if they said he was a girl. Furthermore, the 4 year old Brother Jia had never played with kids his age because his yin energy was too strong. When seeing Yi Lingzi, Brother Jia was shy and hid behind his father’s leg. He only dared to shyly expose his beautiful little cheek and sneak glances at Yi Lingzi.

Who would believe that the pretty and shy little girl was a boy?

Adding on such strong yin energy, YI Lingzi of course thought Brother Jia was a little girl and happily set a marriage for his disciple.

The situation at that time was like this.

Father Xi accepted the Mt. Tai stone, “Great master, your kindness cannot be reciprocated. You have saved Jia Jia’s life. May I ask what you would like? Even if I have to go through water or fire, I will not hesitate!”

Yi Lingzi stroked his beard, “Your child is 4 this year? This poor daoist has a disciple, 6 years old this year, and the age is fair. How about an arranged betrothal? Hahaha.”

Father Xi was stunned, “Great master’s disciple is a girl?”

Yi Lingzi waved his hand, “Boy. He’s charming, intelligent, and also obedient. He is very thoughtful at home. The housework is all done by him, and his cooking is really delicious. Also, his potential is very great. In the future, he will absolutely be the number one person in the Xuanxue world. How about it, this deal isn’t lacking, right? This poor daoist will bring disciple next month and pay a visit!”

Father Xi quickly said, “Boy? Then how could these two children be betrothed?”

Yi Lingzi thoughts went askew, “Actually, your worry is not without reason. It’ll be the 21st Century in two years. It’s already wrong for parents mandating their children’s life based on the matchmaker’s words. Now, it is all about freedom to love. This poor daoist also understands. Therefore, you do not need to worry. Didn’t this poor daoist say, next month, this poor daoist will bring disciple to take a look. If the two children are very interested then, wouldn’t that be very good?”

Father Xi remained perplexed after much thought. He wanted to speak again, but Yi Lingzi had received Lian Chen-zhenjun’s modou message and laughed heartily as he turned around and departed.

Father Xi was unable to make any sense on this matter. The great master’s disciple was a boy. His family’s Jia Jia was so cute, but he was also definitely a boy. Why would the great master want two boys to be engaged? The great master was so powerful, how could he mistake the gender?

After waiting at home for a month, Father Xi wasn’t able to meet Yi Lingzi. After waiting for two years, Father Xi suddenly saw the light, “Turns out that the great master didn’t want any remuneration and lied to me in order to take the opportunity to leave! The great master is truly a great master, a man of noble character and integrity, selfless and dedicated!”

Thus, Brother Jia listened to his father praise this Xuanxue world Celestial Master’s “noble character and integrity” for over ten years.

The past events didn’t need to be mentioned again. Yi Lingzi thickened his face and shamelessly changed to the topic, “This poor daoist has stayed in this ancient tomb for 19 years and finally learned some secrets. Qishan, do you know why there would be a millennium drought demon in a D Province Tusi tomb that is only clearly 400 years old?”

This matter had troubled Qishan-daoren for 19 years. How would he know, “Just what is going on?”

Yi Lingzi sighed heavily, “This is a double tomb!”

Everyone was suddenly startled.

Xi Jia didn’t know what was special about a double tomb, but he knew that Huaxia always had a saying, “The dead are placed with importance, buried, and laid to rest.” Regardless of how much sin one had committed while alive, the 18 Layers of Hell were naturally waiting for them after death. Living people didn’t need to be criticized severely. This phrase might not necessarily be correct, but being buried and laid to rest, the living still needed to respect the dead’s body and must not belittle them.

Since this was a double tomb, there had to be an order of arrival. If the one who arrived later didn’t know, then it was still okay. If they knew that there was a tomb here already and then built another tomb above it, then that would be outrageous.

Ye Jingzhi’s expression was heavy, “A Corpse Nurturing Ground is very hard to detect by Fengshui masters, but a Dragon Crux is very easy to find. The Fengshui master that selected this Dragon Crux Treasured Land for the grave definitely couldn’t have not known that there is a tomb below. The two tombs coinciding is a huge taboo of Fengshui. A common Fengshui master couldn’t possibly not know. Unless……”

Yi Lingzi looked at his disciple in satisfaction, “It’s on purpose.”

Ye Jingzhi, “Why?”

Yi Lingzi turned his head to look at the bronze coffin being pressed down by his own corpse, “Because, in order to suppress the demon.”1

Once this was said, everyone knew that the demon that Yi Lingzi mentioned was that millennium drought demon. However, only Yi Lingzi himself knew the specific details.

Yi Lingzi said, “This poor daoist has stayed in this ancient tomb for 19 years and have looked at every corner including this coffin and the passageway hidden underneath it. Qishan, the five of us had chased after that black magic master to this main burial chamber and fought. The other was a top black magic master of Vietnam, and had already arranged traps inside the tomb, even the main burial chamber had traps everywhere. Therefore, we had used a lot of effort in order to capture him, but in the meantime, we didn’t notice that we had already destroyed a mysterious formation hidden in this main burial chamber, opening the sealed passageway underneath the bronze coffin.”

Qishan-daoren nodded, “Yes, at that time, who had the time to check to see if there was anything strange with this ancient tomb? We were all thinking about quickly catching that black magic master.”

Yi Lingzi said, “So when that millennium drought demon suddenly rushed out from the coffin, we were caught off guard. It had killed the black magic master in one bite. Then, it was Fellow Daoist Liushan……If this poor daoist had a bit more time, we definitely wouldn’t have ended up with such a disastrous conclusion. This poor daoist should’ve at least been able to allow three people to escape. Unfortunately, the millennium drought demon had appeared too suddenly, how could it give us time.”

Qishan-daoren smiled as he said, “You old chap, if so, then this old man wouldn’t feel so ashamed. At that time, it was only this old man who had escaped.”

Yi Lingzi was no longer sentimental. He sneered and said, “You old coward, born with no other ability besides running faster than anyone else.”

“You are over-praising, over-praising.”

Yi Lingzi continued to say, “These 19 years, this poor daoist didn’t only notice that this is double tomb. This poor daoist also noticed that there was a faint aura of a dragon on the millennium drought demon.”

Xi Jia was promptly dumbfounded.

Faint aura of a dragon. Brother Jia had once heard these words before. At that time, Ziying had escaped from the Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor, and the Celestial Masters of the Xuanxue world had described him like so: faint aura of a dragon. Could it be that the drought demon suppressed underneath the tomb and formation was actually once an emperor?

As if hearing Xi Jia’s suspicions in his heart, Yi Lingzi explained, “The aura of a dragon is too weak and nearly couldn’t be inspected, but it should be a prince. A thousand years ago, D Province was still a part of the Kingdom of Nanzhao. It should be a prince, but it is unknown if it is a prince of the Tang Dynasty or a prince of the Kingdom of Nanzhao, who was buried in this Corpse Nurturing Ground and Dragon Crux Treasured Land. The prince had some resentment before his death. After his death, with twice the “nutrients” from the Corpse Nurturing Ground and Dragon Crux Treasured Land, it slowly turned into a drought demon. 400 years ago, it probably went out of the tomb and harmed people. Therefore, 400 years ago, the Tusi of D Province found a master who chose their own burial ground here to suppress the drought demon.”

Xi Jia’s knowledge of history wasn’t that great. It sounds a bit confusing, but he understood Yi Lingzi’s overall meaning.

After realizing the truth about the situation, the important point was how to settle this matter. Yi Lingzi looked at the bronze coffin and said, “The millennium drought demon is still alive.”

After hearing this, everyone was startled and looked around with vigilance.

As early as when Yi Lingzi had warned Ye Jingzhi that he shouldn’t move his corpse, everyone guessed that the millennium drought demon hadn’t really perished. However, guessing was one matter, and the truth was another matter. Yi Lingzi slowly floated to the coffin and stood before his own corpse. He indifferently said, “The drought demon has been sealed inside this coffin by this poor daoist. He has already scratched at this coffin for 19 years. Lately, he might be tired from scratching and is currently sleeping. In a moment, you guys should exterminate it.”

Xi Jia, “……”

Ye Jingzhi, “……”

Qishan-daoren, “……”

Yang Ze, “……”

Are you kidding me?

Even you, Master Yi Lingzi, couldn’t take care of this millennium drought demon, how could the four of them be capable of exterminating it?!!!

Among the four of them, Qishan-daoren didn’t even have the heart to curse his mother. Though, Qishan-daoren was older than Yi Lingzi, he had to admit that he was a scum compared to Yi Lingzi. Right now in the entire Xuanxue world, perhaps only Cengxiu-zhenjun could go against Yi Lingzi.

Yang Ze maintained his smile. It was just that this smile appeared to be a bit awkward.

Brother Jia then thought: Was the drought demon’s yin energy stronger or was his yin energy stronger? Could he break the drought demon with a stomp?

Ye Jingzhi had always respected his master, but he also knew, “Master, this disciple is unable to exterminate the millennium drought demon.”

Yi Lingzi flicked his sleeve, “Nonsense, even your Master cannot exterminate this millennium drought demon, you, child, have only lived for so many years and wants to surpass your Master?”

Qishan-daoren, “Then, just what is it that you want to say?!”

Yi Lingzi, “Back then, this poor daoist was unable to wipe it out. That was because it was a millennium drought demon at the peak of its strength. How about now? It has been sealed inside the coffin for 19 years by this poor daoist. At that time, its strength has fallen by half. Now, this coffin is the formation crux that is sealing it. It has always stayed inside this coffin. Forget about the strength of 1,000 years, now it barely counts as a 300 year drought demon. If it wasn’t essentially a drought demon, would this poor daoist still need to wait for you guys to come? Even if this poor daoist has become a ghost, this poor daoist can wipe out a 300 year flying corpse with a wave of a hand, alright?”

Qishan-daoren, “……you are just so powerful.”

Yi Lingzi arrogantly said, “This poor daoist is this powerful. If you’re not satisfied, how about a match?”

Qishan-daoren, “……” Satisfied, satisfied.

Since it was only a jiangshi with 300 years of cultivation, even if it was a drought demon, the four people present were all able to take care of it.

Ye Jingzhi carefully moved Yi Lingzi’s corpse from the bronze coffin. Yi Lingzi said to Xi Jia, “You have a Body of Extreme Yin. Once the drought demon comes out, it will definitely want to eat you to gain strength and heal. Bodies of Extreme Yin have always been frail. You being able to live this long isn’t easy. For the time being, you should hide behind this poor daoist. This poor daoist will protect you. Leave it to Jingzhi to put an end to it.”

Qishan-daoren and Yang Ze had an “Are you stupid?” expression again while looking at Yi Lingzi.

Yi Lingzi raised an eyebrow, “This poor daoist is only protecting his disciple’s wife. You guys hurry up and exterminate that drought demon, don’t think that this poor daoist will protect you guys.”

Brother Jia thought for a moment before obediently nodding his head and openly hiding behind Yi Lingzi, “Many thanks, master.”

Yi Lingzi was even more smug: That’s the way it should be.

Ye Jingzhi gently moved Yi Lingzi’s body and cautiously placed the body to the side. When the body had completely moved away from the coffin, everyone stared at the coffin with vigilance and didn’t dare to relax. However, after half a minute, there was no movement from inside the coffin.

After a long time, Ye Jingzhi turned his head and met Yi Lingzi’s gaze. Yi Lingzi nodded.

Ye Jingzhi calmly walked to the bronze coffin, and Wu Xiang Qing Li kept fluttering beside him and ready at all times. He looked down on the coffin with countless runes carved on it before suddenly pushing the coffin open with a palm. In the next moment, Ye Jingzhi quickly retreated three steps back, and everyone picked up their magic weapons, cautiously staring at the bronze coffin.

Another half a minute passed, but there was still no response.

Everyone, “……”

Yi Lingzi was currently in the state of a ghost and was very likely to become the drought demon’s primary target of attack. Therefore, Ye Jingzhi, who was the strongest person present, stepped forward again. His hand tightly grasped Wu Xiang Qing Li. Xi Jia also tightened his fist and prepared to face an attack at any time.

Ye Jingzhi walked up to the bronze coffin step by step and slowly lowered his head, peering inside.

Three minutes later, Ye Jingzhi turned his head and said, “Seems to be asleep.”

Xi Jia, “……”

Yi Lingzi, “……”

Qishan-daoren, “……”

Yang Ze, “……”

It was said earlier that the drought demon was asleep, why should they be this afraid, ah!!!

Translator’s Addition:
Yi Lingzi: You wanna fight? Come on, let’s fight! Fight!
Qishan-daoren: ……

Translator’s Notes:
1 邪佞 – This term is very similiar to the basic evil spirit 邪祟 and some other terms that also mean evil spirit. This term also translates to evil spirit but it is much worse and more powerful. Settled with demon.

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