Ghosts Know What I Experienced

Chapter 54.3: Master also kneeled down before Brother Jia.

Chapter 54 Part 3

Qishan-daoren and Yang Ze quickly rushed forward. Once they noticed that the drought demon has its eyes closed, unknown if it is asleep or in meditation. In any case, after there wasn’t any movement, Qishan-daoren shouted, “What are you staring for? Start hitting!”

Bang bang bang!

Ye Jingzhi lifted Wu Xiang Qing Li and directly smashed onto the body of the drought demon. Qishan-daoren raised his peach wood sword and endlessly stabbed into the drought demon. Yang Ze released countless Gu insects that bit the drought demon, leaving no area unscathed.

Yi Lingzi and Xi Jia also immediately charged in. Yi Lingzi landed a slap on the drought demon’s face and cursed, “You caused this poor daoist to die, you caused this poor daoist to dawdle here for 19 years. If I had known earlier that you, this thing, was asleep, would this poor daoist still be simply waiting?”

Actually, Xi Jia didn’t really want to rush over to hit the drought demon, but he wanted to join in on the action. He also wanted to see how the drought demon looked like. Therefore, Brother Jia went up to the coffin and looked down, only to see that this drought demon looked quite similar to a human. It looked like a middle-aged man over 40 years old with a full beard except that its face had black veins, its body was covered in black lines, and its skin was blood-red. It appeared very savage and frightening.

Being beaten by everyone like this, the drought demon still hadn’t awakened as if it wasn’t in a normal sleep and had truly fallen into a deep sleep instead.

As Xi Jia lowered his head and looked, he suddenly noticed that there seemed to be a sapphire pendant around the drought demon’s neck. He curiously glanced at it a few times. As if he was bewitched, he subconsciously reached out and wanted to touch the pendant. Just as Xi Jia’s hand was about to reach the drought demon’s neck, the drought demon’s eyes suddenly opened in an instant. The pair of blood-red eyes were fixed firmly onto Xi Jia as it grabbed Xi Jia’s hand.

Everyone was suddenly alarmed. They hadn’t had the time to react when Brother Jia clutched the drought demon’s neck in fright.


Brother Jia had never been this startled by a ghost before. The blood-red yin energy was completely out of control as it flew around his fingers madly. With this light grab, the drought demon’s eyes suddenly widened as it looked at Xi Jia in disbelief. Its mouth was slightly parted, exposing a black, bloody mouth mixed with flesh. The lips moved, and it spat out half a finger of a person.

Brother Jia was given another fright, and he reflexively punched.

It was another “Kacha——“ sound.

Qishan-daoren and Yang Ze who were already used to it, “……”

Yi Lingzi who had received a shock, “!!!”

Only the most caring Master Ye had quickly pulled his wife’s hand from the drought demon and carefully looked at the spot that had turned red from being grabbed by the drought demon. He raised his head and asked, “Master, will the hand be okay after being grabbed by the drought demon? Does Shennong Valley have any spirit medicine to treat this wound? I have a lot of medicine. Tell me and I will definitely be able to find it.”

Yi Lingzi, “……”

Should the problem be your wife’s hand turning red from being grabbed?

Take a look at this drought demon, it’s neck broke, ah! It’s mouth has been hit until its crooked, ah!

Is it appropriate for you to only be concerned about your wife right now? The drought demon would cry for you to see, ah!!!

The drought demon was worthy to be a drought demon. Its neck was broken and half its face had been beaten to a mess, yet it still hadn’t died. In the end, Yi Lingzi, Qishan-daoren, and Yang Ze joined together and executed a very powerful spell, Nine Firmament Lightning, crushing the drought demon into pieces. At long last, it was truly exterminated.

The drought demon had been wiped out, but the gaze in Yi Lingzi’s eyes as he looked at Xi Jia was filled with more horror than when looking at the drought demon.

“Wife, ah……”

Just as Ye Jingzhi was touching Xi Jia’s hand and looking in distress, he suddenly heard this word and immediately corrected, “Master, Jia Jia is my wife.”1

Yi Lingzi straightened his expression, “Master meant exactly that! Master……Master just now didn’t manage to react. Disciple’s wife ah, just now……just now, did Master see wrong? As a Body of Extreme Yin, shouldn’t you be like a delicious cake in the eyes of every demon and ghost so they could completely recover? Why……did it seem like the drought demon’s neck broke when you had just lightly grabbed it just now?”

What could Brother Jia say? In any case, Master’s image of Brother Jia’s gentleness and obedience was also ruined.

Xi Jia tried his utmost to redeem his image, “Master, actually when I had grabbed the drought demon’s neck, I had used quite a lot of strength. It suddenly scared me. I really didn’t react and was given a fright, so I used a lot of strength, only then did its neck break.”

Yi Lingzi faintly said, “But even this Master can’t break the drought demon’s neck despite going all-out……”

Brother Jia thickened his face, “Perhaps, Master, you have aged, and your strength is lacking.”

Yi Lingzi, “……” Do you take this Master for a fool?!

At this point, Yi Lingzi also knew his disciple-in-law didn’t appear to be that simple.2

He was clearly an ordinary human without any magic power, tall and skinny without that much weight, and yet he could actually break the drought demon’s neck with a grab……En, fierce, really fierce, and befitting to his, Yi Lingzi’s, liking.

This disciple-in-law is very pleasing!

Once Yi Lingzi was satisfied, Yi Lingzi took another look at Xi Jia. The more he looked, the more satisfied he was.

He had pretty looks and was powerful. His temperament also seemed to be not bad since he was respectful to him as a Master from the beginning. The only drawback was that he was a man. But, so what if he was a man? Since Jingzhi liked him, then it’s not a big deal. It seemed that it was still him, Yi Lingzi, who was awesome for being able to find a wife for disciple that his disciple was so satisfied with. He simply was a clairvoyant!!

Yi Lingzi finally noticed that his disciple had truly found his future partner. This was also pretty good. He didn’t need to become like him, someone unmarried and alone. But, there was something he must address properly.

Yi Lingzi pulled Ye Jingzi to the side and quickly asked, “Jingzhi ah, you should break off relationships with those female confidants later.3 Your wife, Master is very satisfied, and he is very fitting to our Wu Xiang Mountain’s style. In the future, you have to be good to your wife, don’t think about doing anything sly, and don’t mess around outside.”

When Ye Jingzhi heard this, he wrinkled his brows, “Master, I don’t have any female confidants.”

Yi Lingzi laughed mischievously, “Still pretending in front of Master? Relax, your wife won’t be able to hear us talk. You are 25 this year, right? How many female confidants to you have? Master remembers that Longhu Mountain and Shennong Valley have quite a few young ladies that aren’t bad. Since you like men, that Hu Die from Longhu Mountain, he looks very pretty when he was young, what about you and him?”

Ye Jingzhi, “Master, do not talk nonsense, I only have Jia Jia alone.”

Yi Lingzi still thought his disciple was joking, “Alright alright, Master knows you couldn’t possibly be together with that Hu Die. Since he’s very effeminate since he was little, you definitely wouldn’t like. Later, you have to draw a line with those female confidants, you know? Don’t make your wife sad.”

Master Ye felt very wronged as he reiterated, “I really don’t have any!”

Yi Lingzi, “Okay okay okay, if you don’t, then you don’t.”

Master Ye said again, “None! Only Jia Jia, I only want Jia Jia.”

Yi Lingzi, “Okay, only want your wife. Very good, seems like you have completely learned what Master has taught you.”

“Only Jia Jia.”

“En, only your wife.”

“I don’t have close female friends.”

“Okay, you don’t.”


Ye Jingzhi kept repeating for another 3 minutes. After hearing his disciple say it for the 20th time, Yi Lingzi finally noticed that something wasn’t right, “……Wait, you really don’t have a single close female friend?”

Ye Jingzhi nodded hard, “I don’t.”

Yi Lingzi, “……” After a moment, “The first person you like is your wife?”

Ye Jingzhi, “En.”

“Have you ever kissed any other girls on the lips before?”

Ye Jingzhi blushed, “N-no.”

“Hold hands with other girls?”

Ye Jingzhi, “No!”

Yi Lingzi’s body trembled, “Please don’t say that you’ve never talked to another girl before?!!!”

Ye Jingzhi carefully thought, “Over the past 19 years, this disciple has not talked to a fellow female daoist privately.”

“This Master does not have a disciple like you!!!”

Yi Lingzi’s body shook in anger, wishing to slap this unworthy disciple until he was stuck in the corner. Ye Jingzhi naturally didn’t understand why his master was angry. He thought for a bit and seriously said, “Master, I will treat Jia Jia well. He is my wife, and I like being together with him. Please be at ease, I know that wife eats meat, and I drink soup. If wife asks me to go north, I will absolutely not go south. This disciple remembers everything that you have said.”

Yi Lingzi, “!!!” Your master didn’t say words like those!!!

Ye Jingzhi raised his head and looked at Xi Jia not far away. Noticing that he was looking at him, Xi Jia slightly smiled and lightly waved his hand.

The corners of his lips couldn’t help but raise. Ye Jingzhi also happily waved back before looking at his master again, “Thank you, Master, for setting the engagement between Jia Jia and I back then. I only want Jia Jia. Jia Jia is really great.”

Yi Lingzi slowly fixed his expression and seriously looked at his disciple.

Yi Lingzi calmly looked. Ye Jingzhi couldn’t hide the happiness in his eyes and the smile at the edge of his lips. Even if he was talking with his master, he was unable to restrain his emotions and felt happy because of the young man who had just waved and smiled at him.

Yi Lingzi had never seen Ye Jingzhi like this before. In his memories, his disciple was well behaved and sensible, had never mentioned any requests, and would only get things done quietly. He was so obedient that he didn’t seem like a 5 or 6 year old child.

Perhaps it was because he had been rejected by his family and also thrown into an orphanage since he was very small. His disciple was so thoughtful that it made people feel distressed. For the past 19 years, he was always worried in the ancient tomb. How was his disciple when he was not there?

In fact, Yi Lingzi didn’t regret not clarifying the details of the engagement. He was worried that if he had made it clear, the father and daughter duo would take the initiative to find Ye Jingzhi, notice that Ye Jingzhi had a special Body of Three Fiends, saw his future potential and the entire wealth of Wu Xiang Mountain, and shamelessly follow after Ye Jingzhi.

His disciple was only 6 years old. As long as he knew that it was his master that had set the engagement, then he would definitely follow it and single-mindedly treat the father and daughter well. If the father and daughter had different hearts, how was that good? Even if Ye Jingzhi really needed that girl and needed her help in settling the crises of his Body of Three Fiends, he also wasn’t willing to let his disciple be cheated.

Fortunately, although it wasn’t a girl but a boy, this child seemed to treat Jingzhi very well.

It was enough like this.

Yi Lingzi closed his eyes and softly sighed, showing a helpless yet gratifying smile.

After disposing of the drought demon, everyone took the things that they needed to take. Before, Xi Jia had been bewitched by the sapphire around the drought demon’s neck and couldn’t help but reach out to take it. Yi Lingzi said, “That gem is actually a treasure. Disciple, quickly give it to your wife and don’t let Qishan that old guy take it. If this thing is sent to Tian Gong Pavilion to be sold, it would still be considered a premium magic treasure.”

Ye Jingzhi nodded and quickly snatched the gem before stuffing it into Xi Jia’s hand.

Under Yi Lingzi’s guidance, everyone headed down to the second ancient tomb and plundered. According to Yi Lingzi’s statement, “This damned drought demon, this poor daoist’s life was so precious, and Fellow Daoist Lian Chen and the others’ lives were so precious. It had killed us, how could we let it have an easy time? Take away all of its treasures, only then would the hate in this poor daoist’s heart vanish!”

As for the treasures in the Tusi tomb, no one touched anything. On one hand, this Tusi had a good heart to wish to suppress the drought demon, and it was admirable. On the other hand……this Tusi was very uncorrupted. The best funerary objects were only a few pottery bowls and pots. If they were placed in the Poyang Ghost Market, no one would even want it even if it was for half a point.

After looting everything, Xi Jia’s party of four finally planned on leaving. Ye Jingzhi went to the side of the bronze coffin, bent over, and said, “Master, this disciple will carry you out.” Saying this, Ye Jingzhi was about to pick up Yi Lingzi’s body and take it out of the ancient tomb. Xi Jia was helping him by his side.

Since Yi Lingzi’s ghost was still there, of course they couldn’t casually put Master’s body inside a Qiankun bag. So they need to carry it properly.

However, in the next moment, just as Xi Jia and Ye Jingzhi had picked up Yi Lingzi’s body and planned on carrying it out, Xi Jia’s hand became cold, and the body turned into countless dust. Sliding from his hands, it sprinkled onto the ground and piling into a mound of ashes.

Xi Jia’s heart contracted.

Ye Jingzhi knew even more the seriousness within this. He quickly turned his head, “Master!”

Yi Lingzi sat on the bronze coffin, beaming as he watched his disciple and disciple-in-law.

Seeing Ye Jingzhi’s scared and uneasy gaze and Xi Jia’s started and lost expression, Yi Lingzi laughed and freely waved his hand in a laid-back manner, “The first thing that your Master has said to you, did you guys forget? That is Master’s body, and Master has been dead for 19 years. How could this Master be able to go out with you. Since the drought demon has perished, Master also no longer needs to stay in the mortal world. Ling Xiao’s heart tribulations every seven years, Master had endured it twice already. That feeling is truly worse than death. It’s easy if Master stays in the ancient tomb. With your Master’s strength, Ling Xiao would immediately send punishment and the heart tribulation upon leaving the ancient tomb without waiting the 7 years. Jingzhi, could it be that you wish to see your Master go though Ling Xiao’s heart tribulations?”

The Author has something to say:
Yi Lingzi: This poor daoist found a wife for Jingzhi. What do you say, is this poor daoist blind? Do you like or do not like this wife? Are you satisfied with this engagement?!
Mirror: Satisfied 【blushes】
C+: Satisfied……but you clearly saw wrong!
Yi Lingzi: Humph, anyhow, you are satisfied; therefore, this poor daoist wasn’t wrong!

Translator’s Notes:
1 媳妇 Wife – the term here is wife, but it can also be used by parents as daughter-in-law. The term that’s been used when referring to Xi Jia as “wife.”  
2 Each time Yi Lingzi says Master, he’s referring to himself in 3rd person (as Ye Jingzhi’s master).
徒儿媳妇 disciple-in-law – Is there such a thing in English? Mashup of disciple in front and daughter-in-law at the end.
3 红颜知己 female confidant/close female friend – has been repeated in the past, especially when talking about Yi Lingzi when he was alive. While it means close female friends/female best friend, it sometimes has a connotation of something more like girlfriend or lover.

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