Looting Equipment From NPCs

Chapter 54 Liwan Plaza (NPC)

Here’s a list of names, in case someone couldn’t remember them:

Level 10 team
Chen Changdong (leader)
Liu Yue (older sister of the twins)
Liu Xing (younger sister of the twins)
Yuan Jin (man with slightly long hair)
Ma Ming (a short guy)
Dong Xu (a tall guy)

Wen Lang turned around and walked into the crowd. He is good-looking and has a sweet mouth, and soon began to communicate happily with the NPC. In fact, these NPCs are also ordinary people, to put it bluntly. It's just that they all subconsciously disregard them as real people. Once they see the NPC as real people, they will inevitably feel mentally uncomfortable.

Approaching an aunt who was wearing heavy makeup, Wen Lang acted obedient and scared, "Sister, do you know what's going on? I was standing at the side and then this person fell down with a BANG. It really startled me."

When the aunt heard how Wen Lang addressed her, she turned her head to look at his sunny and youthful face. A good feeling rose and the aunt pulled Wen Lang closer. She clapped his hands and said, "Aiya, you must be not from here. I tell you, this mall is very evil. 8 people will die here every month. I heard that it’s because 8 coffins were dug up before. The evil spirit inside came out to find a substitute. Young man, let this sister reminds you. Leave before night. It's spooky here, not sure what kind of accident happen later."

Lou Fan looked at Wen Lang with shock.

Holy crap, are you for real, Wen Lang? That person is old enough to be your grandmother and you called her Sister? Where is your face (dignity)?! This aunt is also another one. She addressed herself as this sister, she is also amazing!

Wen Lang pulled his hands, but he couldn’t pull them out. The expression on his face became stiff as he continued to ask, "Then... who is the eminent monk you just said?"

"Oh, that eminent monk. It is said that he was invited by the big boss of the shopping mall, but there has been no movement from the monk in the past few days. It's a problem for this mall to have people jumping off the building every day, although things have been going on like this since it was built. The shops in the south also got instructed to sell only crystals. From what I heard from the boss, it is to suppress demons and ghosts but I don’t see any effect either."

On the other side, seeing Wen Lang enter the crowd, naturally the people in the Level 10 team also sent people to get information from the NPC. But probably Yuan Jin is not as handsome and well-behaved as Wen Lang, he went to an old man to chat. After saying a few words with a straight face, the old man never spoke again.

Wen Lang glanced at the aunt's wrinkly dry hand which is currently caressing his hand and swiftly decided to end the conversation as soon as possible. So he asked again, "Where is the eminent monk? Why hasn't he been seen doing anything since someone has died?"

The aunt’s expression suddenly became mysterious. She looked left and right and hooked her fingers at Wen Lang. Wen Lang paused and glanced to his back, showing a martyred expression before approaching the aunt.

The aunt smiled and whispered to Wen Lang, "I heard that the eminent monk said to wait until the 7th person dies before setting an altar for exorcism."

Since all the information is almost collected, Wen Lang withdrew his hand forcefully. He thanked the aunt again and turned back to the team. As soon as he returned, he shivered all over and rubbed his hands vigorously, feeling a chill running down his body.

Lou Fan and Chen Shuyang laughed unkindly and laughed so much that they couldn't straighten their waists. Jiang Dong only smiled sympathetically at Wen Lang. The corners of Qin Tan’s mouth also curved up. He comforted Wen Lang without sincerity, "For the sake of the team, this sacrifice is worth it."

Lou Fan: "Hahahaha..."

Wen Lang: … He is not comforted at all.

At this moment, a strangely dressed person suddenly appeared in the crowd, calling out 'Amitabha Buddha' at the deceased a few times. Then he took out a few tools from the cloth bag he was carrying, walked to the corpse, and squatted down. The person cut a few nails (from hand and feet), and cut a small section of hair. After carefully putting these things into a transparent ziplock bag, the person stood up, followed by another chanting.

Lou Fan's eyes lit up. This is the eminent monk, the person they should protect for their mission. Looking left and right, Lou Fan decided to go to the monk. One step forward, he walked in front of the eminent monk and greeted him.

"Amitabha, Master, we are sent by the big boss to protect you. My name is Lou Fan." Lou Fan stepped forward and said. The lie came casually and he said it without even blinking.

Lou Fan deliberately puffed out his chest and made a reliable appearance. Unfortunately, he looks too good-looking. Even if his hair is a little long and blocking his eyes, it will not damage his quiet and calm temperament.

The eminent monk touched his chin as he checked out Lou Fan from head to toe. He is about to speak when Lou Fan grabbed Qin Tan, pointed at him, and said, "Master, this is the leader of our team. All the work is assigned by him. Don't worry, he is quite fierce."

The master looked at Qin Tan, his eyes suddenly showed an unspeakable expression. Randomly waving his hands impatiently, he shoo-ed, "Go go go, who wants your protection? When the evil spirits came, can you protect me from them? Aren’t you just adding to the trouble? I'm busy, no time to bother with you."

Indeed, the master is specialized in dealing with demons and ghosts. He won't need their protection.

Lou Fan stepped aside to stop the monk and said with a smile, "Master, you see, we have received money from the big boss. If we don't do anything, we will lose our job soon. We are just trying to earn a living. How about this? You see how strong we are, we can be your assistant. You have no one to help you, doing everything alone is both time and power-consuming. There are 5 of us, more people means more help. If you have anything that you looking for, just say it and we can do it."

The eminent monk stopped and thought for 2 seconds. He felt that what Lou Fan said made sense and agreed, "Well okay, I won't make it hard for you. Anyway, I need one or two helpers, you guys are barely acceptable. However, you have to obey my instructions and don't run around. If you met the evil ghost and got into trouble, I can't save you. "

"Okay, we promise to be obedient. If you say east, we will never go west." Lou Fan immediately gave his promise, as if he didn't hear the disdain in the monk’s words at all.

Chen Changdong came over and said something to Qin Tan. The eminent monk who had already stepped out 2 steps turned around and said, "Come on, what are you doing still standing there?"

This eminent monk looked a little bad-tempered, and he is not as kind-hearted as those eminent monks stated in the legends at all. He just looked like an impatient person. Qin Tan’s team did not delay any longer, they greeted Chen Changdong and followed behind the eminent monk.

Chen Changdong watched as Qin Tan’s team walked out of the crowd and turn around a corner until no one is in sight. He did not delay, and immediately called his other team members, getting ready to find the evil ghosts. The lower-level team has started their mission so they can't be slow. There are still 8 evil spirits waiting for them.

Liu Yue, the most thoughtful person on the team, stood up. She looked at Chen Changdong and said, "Leader, we are going to seal the evil spirit into the coffin. Do we need to get a yellow talisman or something from that eminent monk? After all, the junior team just mentioned that there is a yellow talisman in the shops on the 5th floor. It should be done by this eminent monk."

Chen Changdong pondered for a while, and said, "We’ll go upstairs to have a look first. If we need talismans, then we go to the junior team."

Liu Xing interjected, "Should ask the old monk where the evil ghosts are instead."

Chen Changdong didn't speak, turned around, and walked toward the elevator. The other 3 men snickered and followed.

Liu Yue poked Liu Xing in the head, "Will the NPC tells us this kind of key information directly? Can you be more thoughtful?"

Looking at her pouting little sister, Liu Yue sighed, "What if I'm gone one day and you're still so naive?"

Liu Xing immediately took her sister's arm and said coquettishly, "Pei, pei, pei (spit) you are not allowed to say such ominous things. We will definitely go back together and our parents are still waiting for us." Liu Xing said with red eyes, trying hard to endure it so she didn't cry.

Liu Yue touched Liu Xing’s head and patted the back of her hand, "Follow up, be careful yourself."

Quickly keeping up with the 4 people in front, Liu Yue asked her sister to walk in the front while she walked the last. She tensed, watching her surroundings vigilantly.

The already gloomy sky is now gloomier as if the torrent rain is about to come. The light inside the mall is generally supposed to be very bright, but it looked very dim at the moment, like a building in disrepair. As soon as they went up to the 4th floor, all members took out their spirit weapons. The cold wind blew from all directions, making people unconsciously feel cold.

"Be alert." Chen Changdong reminded in a deep voice.

Liu Yue pulled out 2 large thick fans from behind, with sharp blades on the edges; Liu Xing held a ribbon wand in her hand. The tip is an iron cone that stood up sharply.

The spirit weapons of the others are also different. When Chen Changdong's spirit weapon is taken out, the other members are full of confidence.

Lou Fan followed the eminent monk, walking around in the crowd. Finally, they stopped near an exit, then the monk went to a hallway. He stopped outside a small door. Looking at the sign at the door, it reads Staff Lounge.

Pushing the door and going in, the eminent monk said as he walked, "Come in quickly and close the door."

After entering the door, Lou Fan immediately felt the difference in the air. This staff lounge is not big, and some objects are hanging around, most of which he doesn't recognize, but he feels warm all over, and the chill from the mall disappears.

The eminent monk walked to the corner and took out a jar. Next, he took out the bag where the nails and hair of the deceased had been placed and took out a yellow talisman. He poured out the contents into the talisman and wrapped it. After putting the talisman into the jar, he sealed the opening.

Jiang Dong whispered from behind, "These should be the things to be used in the exorcism later. This master should be really an expert."

Chen Shuyang's eyes suddenly lit up, "How about I go to ask the eminent monk for some teachings?"

"You want to convert to Buddhism?" Lou Fan asked back.

"Uh..." Chen Shuyang stayed silent for a moment before saying, "No, my mother is still waiting for me to marry a wife and have children. But if I can learn something from him, I won't be afraid of ghosts in the future."

It makes sense. Lou Fan felt that he should support the decision. "Okay, when the master is free, ask him to teach you a thing or two."

After the monks over there finished doing this, he began to fiddle with his belongings.

At the back, Wen Lang said, "Brother Qin, you should go and ask him what are we going to do. We can't just do nothing and watch him like this?"

Qin Tan walked up to the eminent monk with a respectful attitude, "Master, if there is anything we need to do, you can tell me."

Silence. Even after a long while, the monk didn't even raise his eyes.

Qin Tan turned his head and spread his hands helplessly at his team.

That’s not right! Lou Fan felt that the script should not be like this! He walked up to the monk and said with a smile, "Master, if you have anything to do, just ask away. Like, what else do you need that we can help you to get?"

After Lou Fan finished speaking, the master raised his head and thought for 2 seconds.

Qin Tan: Is this because his hands are black (unlucky)? NPCs are so realistic!

The monk glanced at Lou Fan and started to calculate something with his fingers. After 2 minutes, he shook his head.

"If you are not afraid, go and get a few crystals from the shops in the south. They must have the attributes of gold, wood, water, fire, and earth."

Gold, wood, water, fire, and earth attributes? Lou Fan looked blank and is about to ask for an explanation when Chen Shuyang pulled him back.

"Brother Lou, it’s the color of the crystals which gold is golden, wood is green, water is blue, fire is red, and earth is yellow."

Lou Fan muttered an ‘oh’. As expected from a know-it-all, Chen Shuyang even knows this. On the other hand, he has no knowledge of metaphysics at all, a typical materialist. But now, if he can go back to his original world, he can probably boast a bit about this.

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