I Just Want to Freeload on Your Luck

Chapter 54 (Part 2)

The corridor was quiet. Everyone was watching the two of them.

This sentence was the beginning. After saying this, Pu Shuang's whole body seemed to be relieved and her shaking was not so severe. Nonetheless, her face was still pale. She dared not look at Zhao Mingxi again and said in one breath, “I'm sorry for the many things I did before.”

Pu Shuang actually realized and acknowledged that she had done something wrong.

After Zhao Yuan’s exposure as the fake daughter, she put herself in Zhao Mingxi’s shoes and gave it some thought. If she was Zhao Mingxi and was targeted by so many people around Zhao Yuan, she would have wanted to tear Pu Shuang up by hand.

It was precisely because of this substitution that Pu Shuang realized how bad she was.

She was extremely confused. On the one hand, she felt that she had gone over Zhao Mingxi’s bottom line, but on the other hand, she felt too ashamed to apologize.

Moreover, she was afraid that she would really have to drop out of school because of this incident.

Everyone watched. She wanted to ask Zhao Mingxi to forgive her so that she would not have to leave A High.

"Zhao Mingxi, I was wrong. I was wrong for making those remarks that slandered you before. I don't want to drop out of school. My dad will kill me." As Pu Shuang spoke, she burst into tears. She raised her hand to wipe them in embarrassment.

Pu Shuang cried as she said, “I—”

“Then don’t drop out.”


Pu Shuang heard Zhao Mingxi continue, “Then don't drop out. Spend the last six months with an honest heart, study hard and stop making trouble.”

Pu Shuang raised her head in disbelief, “Are you forgiving me?”

Zhao Mingxi didn't answer. She merely turned around and entered the classroom.

The classmates around who watched the excitement looked slightly disappointed. They thought that they could see a wonderful drama or a fight between the two of them. Zhao Mingxi might really make Pu Shuang drop out of school.

In the end, that’s it—?

Amidst the noise, the students left in disappointment.

Pu Shuang stood there, tears falling down and her face still hot.

Zhao Mingxi made herself very clear. She didn't mean to forgive her, but she didn't bother to force Pu Shuang to drop out of school for such things. As far as Zhao Mingxi was concerned, life was not about the small world of 17 or 18 year old girls who were ridiculing each other and vying for strength. She was moving forward.

Pu Shuang was even more embarrassed after she realized this.

She didn’t need to drop out, but in the future, she will remember the lessons brought by this incident.

Fu Yangxi looked out the window and sat down after seeing that there was no conflict.


After this incident, Pu Shuang suddenly became much quieter in school.

After Mingxi entered the finals, Dong Hui's family and He Yang's family sent their congratulations and invited Mingxi to eat at their homes.

Mingxi wanted to thank Professor Gao the most. She consulted with Mr Lu and asked Mr Lu to ask Mr Jiang about what kind of alcohol Professor Gao usually likes to drink. She planned to buy some gifts to thank him on the weekend.

Meanwhile, Fu Yangxi was facing a severe crisis.

After he saw Mingxi's name on the list of finalists, every day when he came to the classroom, the love letters he took out of her desk drawer increased exponentially. He felt his heart itch by these, but on the surface he had to pretend to be unaffected by them. After a glance, he retracted his gaze.

So for three consecutive days, he got up at 5am, climbed through the window, searched for the love letters on Zhao Mingxi's table and climbed out the window again.

When it was 8am and everyone was almost there, he then came in with a cold face.

Mingxi didn't know that for the past few days Fu Yangxi would come to the classroom first and then pretend to be late, coming back again with a look of ‘who else is cooler than me’. She didn’t know that many love letters had been destroyed by Fu Yangxi before she saw them.

She only felt that Fu Yangxi's mood was a bit low during these two or three days.

—Is he jealous again?

But for the past few days, she and Shen Liyao didn’t even pass each other in the corridor.

Mingxi was confident that it was definitely not because of her. It might be that he simply didn't sleep well.

Fu Yangxi couldn't figure out why those boys were so shameless!

Do they know what modesty is?

How can they write a love letter to Zhao Mingxi at every turn!

After tossing out those colorful love letters with Ke Chengwen in the milk tea shop school for three days in a row, he was full of anger! He angrily cursed, “A group of uneducated brains filled with nothing but romance!”

Ke Chengwen felt like he was scolding himself, but there was no evidence.

There was no Shen Liyao, but the world was still perilous.

There are many others who want to pursue her!

And now the most critical problem is that Zhao Mingxi doesn’t like him yet, so the chances of her being pried away are even greater!

On the forum, there were now fewer people talking about Zhao Mingxi and Shen Liyao as a couple, but there were not many people talking about him and Zhao Mingxi as a couple at all! Everyone said that he and Zhao Mingxi are totally incompatible!

Fu Yangxi's self-confidence had fallen to the extreme. After hesitating for a long time, he asked a question in the group: "Am I not charismatic?"

Jiang Xiuqiu: “Pfft.”

Fu Yangxi: “...”

Ke Chengwen was afraid that Fu Yangxi would get angry, so he quickly helped him restore his dignity: "No, it's not that you’re not charismatic. The main thing is that Xi ge, Zhao Mingxi and us are all brothers. I think you are still very important to her, otherwise, she wouldn’t have chosen to save you first. Also, she was more worried for you that day at the basketball court.”

"Now you have to make her understand that you are— well, how should I put it, the male protagonist of a drama. You have to make her understand that you can be the male protagonist, so that her mentality can change."

Fu Yangxi roared: "What do you mean by 'you can be a male protagonist’? Please explain. Why am I not a male protagonist already?!”

Jiang Xiuqiu: “He means that you can create some famous scenes. Try to learn from the male protagonists in other TV dramas.”

Although Fu Yangxi was very dissatisfied, he coldly scoffed: "For example?"

Jiang Xiuqiu began to teach via audio messages.

"Find a venue. Then, do you know the kind of lights and ornaments on Taobao? The kind that looks like stars when you hang them on a tree. Take her to this sort of romantic place, and then turn on the switch and say to her, 'Hey, why is it that the moment you arrived, the stars started to shine'?”

Ke Chengwen: "...Is this a bit too corny?"

Jiang Xiuqiu said sincerely: “I don't know. Anyway, I use this trick all the time and each time it worked. If it doesn’t work for Fu Yangxi, it’s not my problem.”

Fu Yangxi who had quietly pricked his ears to listen to these secret tips and finally heard this: "..."

That’s it?

Ke Chengwen said, “Or you can ask a few followers to dress up as robbers and pretend to rob them, and then Xi ge, you can go and save the beauty. Do you know this is called the suspension effect? It’s easy for a girl to fall in love with someone who saves her when she is facing danger.”

“What kind of terrible tricks are you both suggesting??” Fu Yangxi became angry with embarrassment: “None of them can be used!”

Having said that, Fu Yangxi secretly placed an order on Taobao the next day.

Robbery would scare Little Mask, Ke Chengwen was too brainless. Jiang Xiuqiu has a lot of love experience, maybe it's worth a try.

Mingxi was also about to ask Fu Yangxi to go to Professor Gao's house with her.

So there was an excuse for them to be together this weekend.

Fu Yangxi had a stinky face, as if saying "you can’t do anything without me, women are really troublesome", but he agreed immediately. On Saturday, under the cold wind, he pretended to be just passing by and went downstairs to the dormitory to pick up Zhao Mingxi.

He brought Zhao Mingxi a pair of gloves made of white wool and velvet. He wore the black version of it. The two of them carried the gifts Mingxi bought in advance and asked Xiao Li to drive to the alley of Professor Gao's house.

Because she told Professor Gao in advance that she would bring a boy over to help her cook, Professor Gao was not surprised.

Although Professor Gao had never taught Fu Yangxi, he had also heard of Fu Yangxi's name— It was a great name, and the prince once made the entire school's teachers talk about him.

Professor Gao was mentally prepared for a rich boy like Fu Yangxi who would not understand anything and disturb the scene.

But he never expected that he was completely different from what he had imagined.

The boy was tall and handsome, and his appearance was charming. As soon as he came in, he made the not-so-wide yard more cramped, but he didn't say anything and did not show any signs of a spoiled rich brat. Instead, he found a chair, wiped it clean and sat down.

He also played flying chess with his grandson.

In fact, he actually found him quite pleasant?

Mingxi took off her coat, went into the kitchen and placed the purchased items into the refrigerator. Professor Gao came in to talk to her.

After getting acquainted with him, Professor Gao's temper was not as cold as it was at the beginning. Of course, there were times when he acted weird, and occasionally he would make a few sarcastic remarks, but most of the time he would stand as an elder to give Mingxi tips.

"It's only 35th in the whole province. What’s there to be so happy about? You even visited me to show off." Although Professor Gao said so, there was still a smile on his wrinkled face.

Mingxi couldn't help laughing. “I’m not that smart. I’m already very happy to be in the finals.”

Professor Gao said, “Don't relax, keep working hard while you’re still young.”

Mingxi nodded her head. "Yeah!"

After Professor Gao finished speaking with her, Fu Yangxi lowered his head and came in to help wash the vegetables.

The kitchen was already small to begin with. He was so tall that Mingxi couldn’t even move her feet when he entered. The two huddled together and the air was full of the warm smell of each other in winter.

Fu Yangxi slowly helped Mingxi tie her apron.

He blushed while Mingxi's face felt hot.

In the small space, amongst the scent of steaming food, breathing, gazes and subtle movements seem to be slowed down, condensing into a slow and uncontrollable moving movie scene.

“Is it fastened already?”

As she didn’t hear Fu Yangxi's voice, Mingxi turned her head, turned around and fell into his arms directly.

Fu Yangxi's chest was hit by Mingxi's forehead. He rubbed his chest, his heart beating wildly. He immediately stammered, preemptively saying, “You, why did you turn around? I haven't fastened it yet.”

Mingxi was a little uncomfortable. She pushed him away and said, “I can wash them. It’s just a few vegetables. Can you go out?”

Before Fu Yangxi could say anything, Mingxi pushed him out and closed the kitchen screen door.


Fu Yangxi could only sit down on the sofa.

Professor Gao's grandson silently poured him a cup of tea. He ruffled his grandson's hair while holding the tea.

Fu Yangxi suddenly thought of a question. He suddenly turned his head and looked at Professor Gao who was next to him. "Professor, has Zhao Mingxi ever—"

Shen Liyao's grades are so good. He wouldn’t have been here with Little Mask, have he?

Professor Gao knew what this kid was thinking at a glance. He snorted coldly and said, “I know what you’re asking. She has never brought anyone here before, you are the first.”

Fu Yangxi tried his best to contain himself, but because of such a small matter, the little bird in his heart trembled triumphantly.

Shen Liyao and Little Mask met the Dong family in the western restaurant, but I’m the first to see Professor Gao with Little Mask, so I didn't lose!

Thinking about this, Fu Yangxi smiled, took a sip of tea and looked towards the kitchen.

Professor Gao’s house was small and the kitchen was an open kitchen.

Zhao Mingxi tied up her hair, revealing her white neck.

In the faint dusk, the setting sun slanted in through the small window and fell on Zhao Mingxi's side profile.

It's really strange, why does Little Mask look good doing everything?


"Good view?" Professor Gao asked abruptly.

Fu Yangxi was embarrassed. Without even thinking about it, he said somewhat proudly, “Of course she looks good.”

Professor Gao said with a strange tone, “So good that you poured all the tea on my floor?”

Fu Yangxi was shocked. He suddenly realized that his hand felt hot.

He felt a burning sensation. He jumped up quickly, hurriedly pulling the tissues on the coffee table to wipe Professor Gao's floor.

Mingxi who was in the kitchen: “...”

She bit her lower lip, her face flushed red.

The second requirement, I think he…

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