Palace Full of Delicacies

Chapter 54 - The Great Calamity (Part 2)

<Fish Killing Heart Law>

In the words of the Emperor, this was an extremely simple Inner Qi cultivation method, so Su Yu could learn it.

As long as he had Inner Force, he could drive the Inner Force to swim through the meridians according to the cultivation method, so as to achieve the realm of killing fish by releasing his Inner Force.

The State Teacher said that there was a way for him to learn Inner Force, so there isn’t a need to worry, and so the <Heart Law Chapter> must also be memorized.[TL_Note: Heart Law = Cultivation Method]

“...The Qi sinks into the Dantian, and the Inner Force swims through the hand Shaoyang meridian, over the five fingers… ”Su Yu repeated the words in the book in a soft voice, he didn’t really understand, so he could only memorize them by rote.

“Over the five fingers…Hmm…”

“Over the five fingers, the Inner Force is transformed into Inner Qi, which coincides with the Yin and Yang of heaven and earth and converges with no form.” The Emperor has heard this sentence over and over again almost five times, so he recited it smoothly.

“Did it bother you?” Su Yu was a little embarrassed.

“Stupid.” The Emperor snatched the book from Su Yu’s hand and threw it on the ground together with the memorials in his hand. “Sleep.”

“But…” Su Yu looked at the abandoned book and memorials.

The Emperor seemed to have only read half of the memorials, is it okay to go to court like this? If the ministers mentioned a question and the Emperor could not answer it, he couldn’t just say, ”Ah, Zhen went to bed early with Xian Fei and forgot to read it.”, moreover, he clearly saw that there was the word “Urgent” on it.

Nowadays the Emperor dotes on him alone and he’s always absent from court, if he missed the key memorial and delayed something important, he will be guilty of a big crime.

Getting out of bed, Su Yu picked up the urgent memorial.

“Your Majesty, at least finish reading this, ba.”

An Hongche impatiently rolled over. “You read.”

Su Yu was helpless, in order to not be a Yao Fei who brought disaster to the country, he had to accept his fate and give up his homework in order to help the Emperor do his own homework. He opened the memorial and slowly recited.

”Recently, sea monsters have been sighted frequently in the East Sea, so the price of fresh fish remains high. This minister has led troops to catch fish, and it will send them to the capital in a few days. This minister fears the catastrophe is approaching, this minister hopes Your Majesty makes preparations early. Signed, Jing Wang”

Again a catastrophe, Su Yu frowned. He didn’t know how accurate the prediction of the State Teacher was, if it was true, could it be the end of the world or something? But the catastrophe was related to the foreign star, what does the end of the world have to do with him, a cook?

This was such an important thing, and the Emperor unexpectdly didn’t even look at it. Su Yu, who thought he had done a meritorious deed, looked at the Emperor seriously, thinking whether he should learn from the loyal ministers and give a frank advice and make some inquiries about the foreign star.

“Jing Wang’s secret missive has arrived a long time ago, this is just a formality.” His Majesty shoot a glance at Su Yu who was begining to be restless.

“...”The impassioned speech was immediately doused with cold water. Su Yu slumped his shoulders and put away the memorial in his hand.

“Your Majesty, who is this Jing Wang? How come Chen haven’t seen him before.”

“You haven’t seen much.” An Hongche yawned.

This generation Qinwang can’t be His Highness King Zhao alone. Most of the imperial family is not in the capital, and Qinwangs need to defend the border, His Royal Highness King Jing ranks third. He was a military general who is good at fighting.

“King Jing is the son of Seventh Imperial Uncle, and he has the right to inherit. Counts as Zhen’s third royal elder brother.”

“Eh?” Su Yu was confused and immediately understood.

Da’an law stipulates that whenever a Qinwang’s son is born, they all must be examined by the State Teacher. If the State Teacher determines that the child had the right to inherit the throne, he will bring the child directly to the palace to be considered as the son of the Emperor and ranked together with the Emperor’s son. This was the case with King Jing.

“Oh, that…” Su Yu was not interested in the complex relationships of the imperial family, he was concerned about the problem of the catastrophe. He took a peek at the Emperor’s expression and tentatively asked.

“Is the catastrophe really related to the foreign star?”

“Why are you so wordy?” His Majesty impatiently pulled Su Yu into the quilt, then raised his hand and pulled the silk ribbon. Not long after, a palace maid came in and extinguished the candles, and the hall was soon plunged into darkness.

Su Yu honestly nestled under the covers and didn’t speak.

After a moment of silence, the Emperor slowly approached, buried his face in Su Yu’s neck socket, and sniffed gently.

“The prediction of the State Teacher has been spread all over the world, and many interpretations are the difference.” The clear and crisp voice became increasingly more distinct and more pleasant to the ear in the dark.

Su Yu scuttled back and drew closer to the Emperor for fear of letting a word slip.

“Some people say that you can gain the capacity to control the world if you get the foreign star.” An Hongche paused and moved back onto the pillow, opposite Su Yu’s nose.

“Others say that offering the foreign star as a sacrifice to the heavens can prevent the great calamity.”

Sacrifice to the Heavens! Su Yu’s pupils suddenly constricted, and countless bloody and brutal scenes of offering sacrifices to the heavens flooded his mind…

“There is another version…” His Majesty slightly curled his lips. His eyes could clearly see the expression on Su Yu’s face in the dark, and he deliberately lowered his voice.

“Wha, what…” Su Yu swallowed his saliva.

“It is said that you can awaken the ancient divine beast with the foreign star and sweep over the world.”

“...” Su Yu’s prepared frightened expression suddenly froze. Awakening the ancient mythical beast…This is too ridiculous…

Finally realizing that the Emperor was playing with him, Su Yu pouted in boredom and turned over and lay flat. His heart needed to calm down.

“You think Zhen is playing with you?” An Hongche sneered and held Su Yu in his arms.

“Now there are all kinds of beliefs, if someone finds the foreign star, you can’t say what they would do with it, so the imperial family must find the foreign star first.”

Su Yu’s heart, which had just dropped down, immediately rose up again. That is to say, not only the royal family is looking for him, but also those superstitious ministers and the common people are looking for him. The problem was, he really can’t summon the ancient divine beast, ah! He looked at the Emperor with fear and trepidation.

“If the imperial family finds the foreign star, what does Your Majesty intend to do?”

His Majesty the Emperor yawned in boredom.

“Aren’t you the foreign star?”

Ka Ka Ka! Su Yu was instantly petrified.

Your Majesty, can you not use the tone of “Aren’t you the one selling skewers on the East Street” to say such frightening words!

The author has something to say:

Small Theater:

<Tricking the Dukes with the Beacon Fire Record>

Seventeenth Uncle: (Standing on the desolate desert) There is smoke on the roof of Beiji Palace

Thirteenth Uncle: (Standing on the plateau covered with yellow sand) His Majesty is beckoning

King Jing: (Standing on an upright and tall stone outcropping in East Sea ) We should hurry to the capital

When the Qinwangs arrived, the roasted fish only had bones left over

King Jing & Thirteenth Uncle & Seventeenth Uncle: (Bitter and hateful) Your Majesty, Chen has brought the chopsticks, and this is what you show us!

Then, the vassals rose in rebellion and the country fell…


Yao Fei -> goblin/ witch/ devil/ bewitching/ enchanting/ monster/ phantom/ demon Concubine

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