I Have a Sickness

Chapter 55 - Chance to Pursue

Chapter 55: Chance to Pursue

The old lady seemed even more affectionate to him than to her own grandson as she held his right hand. Hao Ritian was really confused. Why was this old lady being so kind to him?

Although the old lady was a huge help, it was still a bit strange!

He glanced at Mu Shaohua, signaling with his eyes to ask for help. The truth was, he wasn’t good at dealing with the elderly, but Mu Shaohua just acted like he didn’t see anything. His lips were curled in a slight smile as he watched him.  

Hao Ritian, "...."

Fine! He'll remember this!

"Loulou, how come you didn't even think of coming to visit Grandma? Even if you don't want to see Grandma, you could also come to look for Shaohua. You young people probably have a lot of common topics to talk about, right?" The old lady had a kind face as she pulled Hao Ritian to sit down on the sofa in the living room.

When she turned to Mu Shaohua, her face quickly changed into a composed and imposing face, and commanded, "Go take out my collection of Da Hong Pao tea to make some for Luoluo to try. The flavor of that Da Hong Pao was good."

"Wait." Just after giving the command, she stopped again and turned to Hao Ritian to ask, “I forgot to ask, Loulou, do you like to drink tea? Or do young people like to drink juice?"

Hao Ritian covered his mouth and coughed to suppress the pressure in his chest before saying with a smile, "I appreciate Grandma's kindness, but there's no need, I can't drink tea. A cup of water is fine."

Although he had been taking medicine for quite a while, his physical ailments couldn’t be controlled that quickly. It needed time, and Xia Lou's condition was already terrible, so there were a lot of prohibited things in his diet, which he also paid special attention to. However, he still couldn’t help but want to cough from time to time.

The old lady stared at his face, which was slightly red from coughing, "Right, Grandma forgot to ask. The last time I saw you, you were in the hospital. Is there anything wrong with your body?"

She noticed that Hao Ritian said that he can't drink, not that he doesn't like to drink. The oddity of his phrasing made her concerned. Even Mu Shaohua, who was standing at the side, looked at Hao Ritian, obviously waiting for his answer.

Hao Ritian had no intention to hide such an obvious problem, but he also did not consider it as something life-threatening and light-heartedly said, "It's not a major ailment, it's just asthma. I have had it since I was a child. I just have to be careful and it won't be a problem."

Xia Lou's sudden death from asthma was caused by many factors. He wouldn’t let himself fall to that level, so there was really no need to be worried.

But as soon as he finished speaking, the old lady's expression turned stern in front of him for the first time, "Nonsense, the burden of asthma in the body is very big. How can you be so unconcerned?"

Putting aside her selfish desire for this child to become her grandson's partner, his attitude made her worried. Even without the issue with her grandson, she was also concerned about the child from the perspective of an elder.

Although this was only their second meeting, she can see a lot from his appearance. From their meetings, she saw this person's qualities through his expression, eyes, looks, and way of speaking. She really liked this child.

The old lady's surname was Zhang. A long time ago, when ideas of Taoism and Daoism were flourishing, the Zhang family lineage was highly renowned and sought after by numerous dignitaries. It was said that her Zhang family lineage was likely to be a descendant of Zhang Tianshi. Whether it was a direct or indirect lineage, a connection with Zhang Tianshi was very important in the Taoism and Daoism circles.

But in the present world, the power of science and technology is absolute. Such things have long been forgotten. However, the old lady had learned physiognomy from her grandfather. Unlike the tricks of scammers outside, she had the true ability to see one's fortune based on their appearance.

Thus, the old lady was very confident in her ability, so she was convinced that Hao Ritian was the only partner for her grandson. If he cannot pursue Hao Ritian, her grandson will be single all his life- something she absolutely would not allow.

With her grandson in mind, the old lady naturally cared for Hao Ritian as well. Seeing him treat his own body carelessly made her upset, but she couldn't hide her worries underneath her anger.

At this time, Mu Shaohua had already poured a cup of boiled water as Hao Ritian wanted and placed it in front of him. After hearing Hao Ritian's thanks, the old lady directly said to her eldest grandson, "Shaohua, find some time to take Luoluo to the hospital for a detailed examination of his body. Find an expert, and make sure Luoluo is treated."

"No need." Hao Ritian did not want to make a big deal about this matter. It was not that he did not care about his body, but he knew that this was the case with asthma, and it was useless to look for anyone. As long as he paid attention and took medicine all the time, there won't be a big problem. Not to mention, even if the doctor he visited may not be an expert, he was still a doctor from a large hospital and his ability was definitely not bad.

"I have already visited a doctor last week, and I have not stopped taking medicine. It will get better over time. The doctor also said that asthma cannot be treated for the time being but if it was properly controlled, there's a low chance of a recurrence."  

He really appreciated the old lady's kindness.

Regardless of why the old lady valued him so much, her concern for him did not seem to be fake and that was enough.  

But after he spoke, Mu Shaohua responded to the old lady, "I know. I'll find time to bring him to the hospital to take a look."

The old lady was satisfied and said, "That's good."

In her heart, she was a little shocked that her grandson was so agreeable. But after her shock, she was pleasantly surprised. Wouldn't this mean that her grandson wasn't completely unfeeling towards Loulou?

Her grandson gave Loulou his private business card after their first meeting. The more she thought about it, the more it made sense. Her eyes brightened up.

Hao Ritian, "....."

No one listens to him, huh?!

But then the old lady pulled him and began to nag him that in the future he must pay attention to his body, must not be exhausted, treat himself better, and so on. She did not stop talking for a long time. At this moment, Hao Ritian would rather have the old lady not worry about him.

When the old lady felt that it was about time to finally stop, Hao Ritian could not help but breathe a sigh of relief. If he continued to be nagged like this, his ears will fall off. But the old lady was genuinely concerned about him, which was why he could not ignore her care too much. It was better if the old lady took the initiative to stop.

From the beginning, Mu Shaohua had been silent at the side as if he was part of the background, but he was in full view of Hao Ritian's changing expressions. Seeing Hao Ritian's relief, the corners of his mouth rose up. After all, no one was more familiar with the old lady's nagging power than him.

It was not easy for this topic to end, but the old lady started another topic.

She first turned to Mu Shaohua with hardly concealed disdain in her eyes and said to Hao Ritian with bitterness, "Look at Shaohua, he's already 32 years old and still hasn't found a partner to bring back. Those with the same age as him...."

Just as she wanted to talk about how many children they had, she thought about the other youngsters who were about the same age as their eldest grandson and were still single, she was at a loss for words. More importantly, although it was true that they already had several children, she was worried that saying so would make Loulou think that she also wanted to have grandchildren. What would she do if he didn't want to stay together with her grandson?

With that in mind, she changed her words, "All of his peers already had a partner. But he has no love life, and he also does not want to find a partner soon. This old grandma is already worried about whether I still can see that day".

Mu Shaohua listened calmly as if he was a wooden stake. He was so used to it that he couldn't get even more used to it since he was the one who allowed the old lady to come here frequently.

In contrast, Hao Ritian was quite satisfied with what he heard, but he was confused why she was saying this in front of him. Was it possible that she wanted him to introduce someone to Mu Shaohao?

That was definitely impossible!

He just finished thinking about it, when the old lady looked at him lovingly, "Loulou, what about you? Are you in a relationship?"

Hao Ritian felt a little nervous when the old lady asked him this question. Gripping his hands a little stronger, his eyes narrowed slightly, "No."

Sure enough, the old lady brightened up. She sorted out her emotions and tentatively asked, "What kind of girl do you like? If there is someone suitable, maybe grandma can introduce someone to you?"

Hao Ritian felt that the old lady seemed to be more nervous. As his eyes inadvertently glanced at Mu Shaohua, he found that his face was stiff. He was expressionless, and no emotions could be made out on his face. Hao Ritian's mind turned and his face suddenly showed a torn and struggling expression.

The old lady patted his hand, "What's wrong? If you have something to say, just talk to grandma!"

After Hao Ritian's expression changed a few times, he smiled bitterly, "No need, Grandma. I don't like girls."

After he finished speaking, he dropped his eyes as if he was afraid of being disdained.

"Great." The lady cheered. When Hao Ritian looked up at her in doubt, she tried to control her expression to avoid appearing too happy. She showed a wise expression, and said with a loving face, "Loulou, not liking girls is not a big deal. Times are developing, and even if you are a homosexual, it is also being accepted by more and more people. You do not have to be embarrassed, Grandma understands."

Hao Ritian was a little moved, "Grandma..."

He suddenly had a strong urge to look back at the past in his heart. When they first met, the old lady introduced her grandson to him like she wanted to sell him. This time she was repeatedly concerned about his relationship problems. He was afraid that she was testing him by talking about girls and that bit of scheming was quite cute. He can clearly see that the old lady really wanted to introduce her grandson to him.

But, why?

Even if her grandson was gay, there was also no need to be so anxious about finding a partner, right?

With Mu Shaohao's appearance and character, coupled with his status, was she still afraid that there was no one willing to marry him?

Despite his intelligence, Hao Ritian was confused this time.

But it was undeniable that this situation was in his favor, and the assistance of the old lady was fantastic.

She looked at her grandson and then turned to Hao Ritian. After several times, she spoke again, "Loulou, what do you feel...."

"Grandma." Mu Shaohua called calmly.

What's wrong with my grandson?

This sentence ended abruptly. When the old lady was called by her grandson, she also felt that she was a little impatient. If that was the case, she was afraid that Loulou might be scared away. As soon as she thought about it, she immediately stopped, embarrassed, "It's nothing."

Hao Ritian, "...."

It was obvious that the old lady really wanted to recommend her grandson to him. Amazing.

After being interrupted by her grandson, the old lady could not continue on this topic and did not nag Hao Ritian for too long. After chatting for a while, she got up and said to the two, "You young people should have more common topics. I'm a little tired and will rest first. You guys talk. Loulou, if you need anything, just say so and make yourself at home."

After the old lady went to her room, only Hao Ritian and Mu Shaohua remained in the living room. The atmosphere suddenly turned stiff without the old lady to brighten it up. Being alone with someone you don't know well was never comfortable.

Holding a cup of hot water, Hao Ritian took a sip. In fact, in his heart, he was not embarrassed at all, but he cannot appear to be too enthusiastic since that would be too out of character, so he remained silent.

It was Mu Shaohua who spoke first and said, "My grandma is like that, I hope you don't mind."

"No, grandma was very kind. Mu-dage is too serious." After speaking, Hao Ritian repeated the name Mu-dage again in his heart, en, delicious.

He did not continue to be silent this time and put down his cup. He hesitated for a moment before pulling out the business card Mu Shaohua gave him and placed it on the table. In a slightly lowered voice, he asked, "The other day, Mu-dage said that I can come to you if I need help. Does it still count?"

Mu Shaohua's eyes swept over the business card as his eyes narrowed abruptly. So, this is his purpose for today. He had long thought that this person wouldn't directly agree to visit just because grandma wanted him to come. It seems like he came for him.

"Of course, it still counts." His tone lowered a few degrees.

Hao Ritian seemed to not notice. Now that he has spoken, the next thing he was going to talk about will be much smoother. He clasped his hands on his knees. Looking up at Mu Shaohua, he opened his mouth and said, "I am Li Bufan's assistant. You may not know him, but he's a star. You can find him if you search for him."

Unexpectedly, Mu Shaohua actually took out his phone to search. These past two days were the time when Li Bufan's popularity was high. A search will bring up a lot of entries, which cannot be more eye-catching.

Mu Shaohua opened a picture of Li Bufan in Baidu. He looked at the young and handsome person in the picture, focusing on his reserved and proud face for a moment. His eyes darkened a bit, "And then?"

"His contract with the company is about to expire. I want him to change his contract to Qingfeng Entertainment and I will be his agent. But I don't know anyone from Qingfeng Entertainment, so I want Mu-dage to help introduce me." Hao Ritian didn't beat around the bush and directly stated his purpose.

Mu Shaohua looked at him steadily, "That's it?"

"That's it." Hao Ritian nodded seriously.

Mu Shaohua did not promise, but he also did not deny that he had the ability. He pondered for a while before saying, "Qingfeng Entertainment is a giant in the entertainment industry. There are many first- and second-tier stars in the company. They even have superstars beyond the first tier. Are you confident that they will take a fancy to Li Bufan and sign him? "

His eyes stayed fixed on Hao Ritian's eyes as he spoke.

Hao Ritian did not hesitate to say back, "Of course. An idol drama starring Bufan will be broadcasted soon and I am sure that after it airs, Bufan will have a big boost in popularity. I will let the people of Qingfeng Entertainment see Bufan's potential and strength. It will definitely not be a loss to sign him."

His certainty and trust in Li Bufan made Mu Shaohua a little uncomfortable. Thinking about it, he suddenly asked, "You don't like Li Bufan, do you?"

In fact, it was already a bit offensive to ask this, not to mention that he promised to help him. Hao Ritian's request was not difficult for him at all, it was just a matter of words. But looking at Hao Ritian planning wholeheartedly for Li Bufan, he couldn't help but ask this question.

After asking this question, not only did he not feel regret, his heart also felt heavy.

Hao Ritian looked stunned and said, "How come?"

"Bufan is my boss. I also see him as a younger brother, how can I like him?" After speaking, he said with a displeased face, "If you are not willing, then forget it.".

He was about to leave when Mu Shaohua held him down in time. He rubbed his eyebrows, "I'm sorry, it's my fault. Don't be angry."

After listening to his apology, Hao Ritian also did not have a strong attitude and didn't insist on leaving. Mu Shaohua was relieved, not only because Hao Ritian chose to stay, but also because of his answer. It was good that he did not like Li Bufan.

But this brief 'confrontation' made him see some issues clearly. He sighed, "Since you believe so much in Li Bufan's ability, I can certainly introduce you to the executives of Qingfeng Entertainment."

Seeing that Hao Ritian looked better because of his relaxed expression, Mu Shaohua's eyes also couldn't help but soften, and he directly asked, "Is what you just said to Grandma true? That you don't like women? I didn't mean to offend you. I just want to confirm it myself."

Hao Ritian was already laughing in his heart, but he said with a heavy face, "Of course, it's true. I'm not going to joke about this matter. "

Mu Shaohua's frown loosened up. He placed his hands on Hao Titian's shoulders to make him look at him, and seriously said, "I, Mu Shaohua, thirty-two years old, have no bad habits. My body is clean, and I have a house and a car. My conditions are acceptable. I think I really like you. Can you consider dating me?"

After saying this, he felt relieved in an instant. His eyes were a little apprehensive while staring at Hao Ritian's eyes, as he waited for his answer. The hands on top of Hao Ritian's shoulders couldn't help but pressed a little harder.

Hao Ritian looked at him in shock, as if he didn't expect him to say such words. For a moment, he simply couldn't react.

Seeing that he didn't answer, Mu Shaohua couldn't help but say, "Didn't you want Li Bufan to sign with Qingfeng Entertainment? Qingfeng Entertainment is currently preparing to make a Xianxia drama with large investments. Many artists within the company want to have a chance to audition. If you are willing to go out with me, I can make the decision to give Li Bufan a chance to audition for the lead role."

He was always calm and composed in wiping out his opponents in all of his business negotiations, not to mention his sharp eye for investments. However, at this moment, he was as uneasy as an inexperienced youth. Even the tactic of "luring by the promise of gain" had been used.

At this moment, Hao Ritian finally reacted and pushed his hands away. He looked down a bit and said, "Although I like the same sex, I have never been in a relationship with anyone. In addition, feelings are not for trading. Mu-dage, although you have very good conditions, we have only met twice so far. I do not want to make a decision so casually."

When his hands were pushed aside, Mu Shaohua first thought that the other party rejected him. Although he knew that rejection did not necessarily mean he had no chance, he still could not help but feel some disappointment. But after listening to Hao Ritian, his eyes brightened slightly, "Sorry, this doesn't mean that. I'm not trying to use feelings to trade with you."

Although he did not understand why he felt so deeply for a person he had only met twice, his feelings cannot be faked. Maybe it was really like what Grandma said and the two of them were destined for each other!

After thinking about it, he asked tentatively, "Since you don't hate me, can you give me a chance to pursue you? It's up to you whether you want to accept me based on my performance, is that okay?"

Hao Ritian finally looked up at him and saw the sincerity in his eyes. His eyes flashed. He pursed his lips and answered in a low voice, "......hmm."

Is this a yes to his proposal?

The corners of Mau Shaohua's mouth couldn't help but rise. He never thought he would be in such a happy mood just because the other party gave his approval.

The two just sat together in silence. Although no one said anything, the stiff and awkward atmosphere at the start has long since disappeared, and there was a faint pink bubble between them that made people feel helpless but want to smile.

After sitting for a while, it was Mu Shaohua who finally spoke first, "When do you want to bring Li Bufan to meet with Qingfeng's people? In about a month, auditions for the Xianxia drama will begin, and filming will start immediately after the roles are decided. If you can, you should try to finalize the contract with Qingfeng's people sooner than later."

Since he wanted to chase someone, he naturally had to satisfy the requirements of the other party. Mu Shaohua learned how to be a kiss-ass all by himself. No, it should probably be a loyal dog instead. Er, but they're both dogs, so neither seems to be better.

When it comes to business, Hao Ritian naturally has his own plans, "You can arrange this. We can meet when you have the time."

Asking for his help was just to get an opportunity. However,  he did not intend to borrow all of Mu Shaohua's power. This is Li Bufan's career after all. Relying on his own ability to climb up would build up his self-esteem and confidence. He never had doubts about Li Bufan's ability.

If it was possible, he actually wanted to wait for Li Bufan's idol drama to win the award before talking to Qingfeng Entertainment's people, but it may be a little late. After all, the Xianxia drama audition is not far away. May as well settle it early so that Li Bufan can get the script early to figure out the role, otherwise, he will be left behind already at the starting point.

Since they had to rely on their ability, naturally it also had to be fair, or at least a little fair to Li Bufan. It was only fair if the starting point was the same.

Mu Shaohua saw from Hao Ritian's reaction just now that his self-esteem was very strong and would definitely not appreciate being told what to do by other people. Since he wanted to pursue him, Mu Shaohua will naturally respect him and will not judge his chosen career.

Hearing him say that, Mu Shaohua did not hesitate to say, "My side is always available. You can check your schedule and just call me when you decide."

Hao Ritian was satisfied with this, "Thank you, Mu-dage.”

It must be said that Mu Shaohua's help is vital to both him and Li Bufan. Otherwise, he would need more time and energy to plan and if he was not careful, he might miss this good opportunity, so he was sincerely thankful.

"I hope that you wouldn't be so polite with me." Mu Shaohua stared at Hao Ritian's eyes with a burning gaze, as if there was a fire inside them.

Hao Ritian paused, and with a smile on his face, "I'll try."

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