Looting Equipment From NPCs

Chapter 55 Liwan Plaza (NPC)

Here’s a list of names, in case someone couldn’t remember them:

Level 10 team
Chen Changdong (leader)
Liu Yue (older sister of the twins)
Liu Xing (younger sister of the twins)
Yuan Jin (man with slightly long hair)
Ma Ming (a short guy)
Dong Xu (a tall guy)

It was 1.00 pm when they arrived, and now it is close to 10.00 pm. The shops in the plaza are already preparing to close.

Qin Tan thought for a while and said to Chen Shuyang, "Shuyang, you stay here. It's not safe outside at night. You stay and take care of the master, it looked safe here."

Chen Shuyang also knew that he could not be of much help. Also, he might drag everyone back, so he nodded, "Okay. Brother Qin, Brother Lou, you guys please pay attention to safety. Master has me guarding here."

Lou Fan smiled, "Didn’t you say you want to learn a few tricks from the master? Here's your chance."

Wen Lang is already gearing up to go out and patted Chen Shuyang's shoulder, "Work hard, I'm optimistic about you."

The rest of the team prepared to go out. At this moment, Lou Fan is walking towards the door, and suddenly, a snow-white ‘dumpling’ rolled out from his pocket. Fortunately, Lou Fan responded quickly so the thing didn't fall to the ground.

Furball landed in Lou Fan’s palm and Lou Fan poked it. But there’s no response?! Only then, Lou Fan realizes that since he came to this world, he didn't seem to see Furball coming out so he forget about Furball for some time.

Furball is breathing lightly. Its little body bobbed up and down, apparently sleeping soundly. Lou Fan doesn’t understand. He remembered that when they are on Mount Gui, Furball was very alert and never slept.

Qin Tan glanced at Furball and said, "Furball probably couldn’t adapt well to this world. There are still differences between the mythical world and the modern world."

Lou Fan nodded, "Let it sleep then. I don't think it's needed in a paranormal setting." After that, he put Furball back into his pocket carefully. This time, he made sure not to let it fall out. In case he encountered an evil spirit and Furball falls out during his escape, then he probably can’t find Furball anymore.

Not sure if because it’s night time now, there are obviously fewer people in the mall. Only a few young people are walking around. There isn’t anyone talking at all which makes people feel chilly. Qin Tan’s team went straight to the shops in the south. They looked vigilant, each holding their own spirit weapon. As for the weapons they exchanged in Lazuli, they are put away. In the spiritual world, the power of normal weapons is negligible and can be ignored.

Sure enough, the 2 rows of shops in the south are all selling crystals. The crystals displayed in front of the glass windows look very beautiful. Not sure if it is an illusion, Lou Fan thinks that this row of shops is glowing with a faint halo.

As usual, they are divided into 2 teams, each team in charge of one side.

As soon as Wen Lang entered the store, he greeted the owner, "Hi, shopkeeper. Are there any crystals of the 5 attributes?"

The shopkeeper is a middle-aged man with drooping eyelids. The smell of smoke in the shop is strong and extremely pungent. Hearing a sound, he raised his head. His eyes are bloodshot, and his face is unshaven.

"Oh, you can look around." The shopkeeper said slowly and feebly.

Jiang Dong frowned and pulled Wen Lang back a few steps.

"Are there any crystals of the 5 attributes?" Wen Lang asked again.

"The 5 attributes?" The middle-aged man thought for a while before saying, "It's all there, just see for yourself." After he finished speaking, he lowered his head again.

Wen Lang: …

No other way, the two could only check the glass counter and look at the crystals, but they didn't gain much after looking for a long time. The crystals are beautiful, but there aren’t any with pure color like Chen Shuyang said. The same goes for Qin Tan’s side. Qin Tan saw the shopkeeper’s appearance and kept Lou Fan behind him. The look in the shopkeeper’s eyes makes people feel unnerved. Lou Fan glanced at the counter and didn't see any crystals with the 5 attributes, so he pulled Qin Tan out.

They went to several shops in a row, and the result is all the same. The crystals on the counter looked good, but there are always impurities in them. When they walked into the 8th shop, Lou Fan suddenly felt that the inside is very bright. If the light bulbs in the previous store were 2-watt energy-saving lamps, then this shop here is using 20-watt LED lamps. Even the shopkeeper sitting at the counter has a noticeable difference in terms of complexion.

With just one glance, Lou Fan saw in the inner counter near the shopkeeper, a golden crystal the size of a quail egg, radiating a golden halo. And in the counter next to it on the other side, there is also a green crystal the size of a pinky’s joint. Lou Fan's eyes lit up and walked quickly to the counter.

Qin Tan didn't see any light as Lou Fan did. He only saw Lou Fan hurried forward, and immediately followed, pulling at his arm.

Lou Fan looked at the crystal inside the counter and asked the shopkeeper, "Boss, can you show me that crystal?" The NPC in this world seemed a bit wrong so Lou Fan didn’t beat about the bush and asked straight away.

The female shopkeeper yawned and covered her red lips with her hand. She stretched out her hand to take out the golden crystal, "This crystal is the most treasured piece in the store, you have to look carefully."

Hearing that, Lou Fan stiffened and raised his head. He asked, word by word, "How much is this?"

The shopkeeper said a number and Lou Fan turned his head stiffly to look at Qin Tan. Qin Tan also spread his hands helplessly - they forgot about the money to buy the crystal. Their current state is penniless. Even though they are in the mission world, Lou Fan still felt his cheeks burning with shame. Qin Tan also had never encountered such an embarrassing moment before. Both men walked out of the shop in despair and met Wen Lang’s team.

Wen Lang looked at Qin Tan and Lou Fan in confusion, "What's wrong with you two? Your expression looks so bad."

Lou Fan sighed, "I found the crystals."

Wen Lang immediately became happy, "Did you get it?"

Jiang Dong: "What's the problem?"

Lou Fan wiped his face, only to feel like his teeth are aching, "No money. I don’t have a single penny on me. Do you guys have any?"

Wen Lang and Jiang Dong looked at each other. Money? What’s that?

At this moment, a bell-like sound suddenly sounded in the plaza, as if an order is given. Qin Tan’s team stood in the middle, and all the shops around them closed their doors with clacking sounds. After a minute, the surroundings became silent except for the breathing of the four.

Qin Tan immediately leaned close to a shop’s display window and looked inside. The faint light from the hallway filtered in, and Qin Tan only saw an empty shop, nobody is inside! His scalp turned numb, and he turned to the other team members. Then Qin Tan said in a deep voice, "Go back first!"

Lou Fan is still thinking about the possibility of breaking the window to get the crystal when Qin Tan pulled him away. Wen Lang and Jiang Dong ran up behind, and the sound of their footsteps became clearer in the quiet shopping mall.

Dong Dong Dong!

A dull sound could be heard from a distance as if something is beating at the ground. Qin Tan’s team didn't dare to stop and ran a few steps faster. When he is about to enter the staff lounge, Qin Tan paused and listened carefully. Seeing Wen Lang stop to mimic him, Qin Tan pushed Wen Lang to the room and they entered through the door together.

"Hey, Brother Qin, what were you listening for?" Wen Lang said while looking back at Qin Tan.

Qin Tan looked at Wen Lang and said, "You're getting more and more courageous eh? Just listening to ghosts hitting the wall. How about you go out and listen again?"

Wen Lang waved his hands with a smile, "No no no, I'm too timid."

Lou Fan ignored them and walked over to Chen Shuyang. Pulling out a stool, he sat down with a contemplative look on his face.

Chen Shuyang was writing something and turned to look at Lou Fan, "Brother Lou, you guys are back. What's wrong? You can’t find the crystals?"

Lou Fan looked up at Chen Shuyang, "I found some but I have no money to buy them."

"En?" Chen Shuyang paused for a long time before asking, "We need money to buy the crystals?"

Lou Fan sighed melancholically, "I haven't used any money for so long and have completely forgotten about this issue. Now that we need to buy the crystals, where can we get the money in such a short period of time? Or we should just steal it."

After knowing that they need money, Chen Shuyang immersed himself in his book, flipping through the pages for a long time. Finally, he stopped, and suddenly laughed, "Brother Lou, do you want RMB or USD? I have them here."

On the pages of Chen Shuyang's book, there are piles of money, including RMB and USD, which are neatly arranged, and it looks like a lot of money.

Lou Fan: !!!

Looking at Lou Fan's expression, Chen Shuyang patted his own head embarrassedly and said with a silly smirk, "Ey, I saw this selection on the exchange machine and it was super cheap so I exchanged a little bit. Ain’t it because I've never seen so much money before."

Lou Fan simply felt that Chen Shuyang is their savior, and looked relieved, "Shuyang, you should keep more of these things in the future. Our wealthy life depends on you."

Qin Tan was sitting down to rest at the side. When he heard this, he praised Chen Shuyang as well, "Fortunately Shuyang thought it thoroughly. Not bad, keep working hard."

Although this compliment is not sincere, Chen Shuyang still blushed embarrassedly in the face of the unanimous compliment from the four. Actually, he just wanted to feel the feeling of being rich.

Only then did Lou Fan realize that Chen Shuyang's book seemed a little different.

"What did you do earlier, Shuyang?" Lou Fan asked, "Why do I feel like your book has changed a bit?"

Chen Shuyang immediately turned his book forward. Then he said excitedly as he turned, "This is what I wanted to say just now. My book has changed. Earlier, the master was reciting scriptures. I wanted to put one of the scriptures in it, but it wouldn't get in. So I thought of copying it down. The result was after I copied the scriptures, my book glowed brighter. It's not the same as the previous bleak halo."

That’s right. The glow on Chen Shuyang's book can be seen visibly now.

"I feel that holding my book, I don’t feel as cold as when we went to the 4th and 5th floors before."

It's not like Chen Shuyang’s book has upgraded, but more like finding the right way to use it. Chen Shuyang immediately received encouragement from everyone.

"Shuyang, copy more if it's useful. If you have nothing to do, just sit here and copy with the master!" Wen Lang said immediately.

Jiang Dong also said, "Since it is useful, copy more."

Chen Changdong is followed by his 5 team members, walking forward in a circle. The circular corridor is surrounded by square-shaped corridors. Chen Changdong did not rush forward to pick a direction but walked along the circular corridor. Then, he walked toward one of the darkest-looking corridors. As a rule of thumb, this kind of corridor usually has something waiting in it. Since their purpose is to deal with evil spirits, the team didn’t delay and headed straight to the point.

The corridor is deep and dark. Looking in from far away, there is no light, not even a dim yellow light, just complete darkness. The team switched formation into 2 rows with their backs against each other to prevent their backs from being attacked.

rustling sound

A rustling noise sounded and Liu Xing immediately became nervous. She held her breath secretly and turned to look at her elder sister. Liu Yue gave her a soothing look and quietly protected Liu Xing from her back.

Chen Changdong's eyes narrowed and his wrists suddenly exerted force. The pole in his hand is tossed forward, and a long thread with a silver hook is thrown forward...

Chen Changdong’s spirit weapon turned out to be a fishing rod. His hand felt a pull as if a fish is hooked, and the fishing line tightened.

"It's hooked, go back!" Chen Changdong suddenly shouted. The fishing rod in his hand tightened, and the team quickly ran out.

Raw word count: 3024


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