In the World of Crawling Dead The Record of War of a Certain High School

Chapter 55 - The Key to Breaking the Front Line

“But, how do we cut our way through this number?”

“We can only break the front line.”

“Wai- The front?”

“You’re being annoying, octopus. Shut up.”

“I am sorry.”

“Any weapon?”

“I only have an iron pipe.”

“I got a bat.”

“I have a New Nambu and a hand ax.”

“...As I thought, isn’t it unreasonable?”

“Didn’t I tell you to be quiet, octopus?”

“I-I have a proper name…”

“Shut up, octopus.”

“I am sorry.”

“Let’s go.”

Jin swept the hand ax sideways on the zombie’s neck in front of him like he was mowing grass.

Even though he didn’t cut it off, he still dealt a certain amount of damage, and the zombie fell over while showing a little of the cross-sections of the neck.

Starting with that, Airi delivered a flying kick to the zombie from the back and swung the bat at it, knocking it down.

“Damn it! Why did this happen!”

Riku swung around the iron pipe as well.

“Did you calm down?!


“Uh, I don’t mind.”


“Therefore… Therefore, please eat. You will end up dying.”


After the suicide attempt, Sayo stopped responding.

Miu’s desperate persuasion didn’t have any effect.

It was like she desired the death of emaciation.

No, she probably wanted it.

“...We’re coming in.”

Seiji and Tsubasa entered the school infirmary with a cluttering sound.

“Oh, hello.”

“Is it like usual?”


For some reason, a heavy mood enveloped the school infirmary.

However, among them, Seiji approached Sayo.

“Honda, what are you doing?”


As Tsubasa consoled the slightly offended Miu, Seiji addressed Sayo.

“Hey, answer me.”


“Look, I’m quicktempered.”


“If you don’t eat, you’ll die?”


“If you won’t eat, I’ll take tough measures?”

For only a little, Sayo’s eyes wavered.

However, it wasn’t enough for her to speak.

“Sigh… Then it’s fine?”

The second reminder.

However, Sayo didn’t respond.

Seiji suddenly thrust the food placed in front of Sayo into her mouth.

And then, he firmly gripped both of her cheeks, forcibly opened her mouth and the food entered her mouth.



After Sayo had resisted for a moment, she obediently swallowed.

“Do you get it? If you don’t eat, I’ll do this to make you eat. If you don’t like it, eat by yourself.”


Sayo slowly moved her hands and put food into her mouth.

At the same time, tears spilled over her eyes and fell.

“Seriously don’t cry like a child, how troublesome.”

Saying that, Seiji left the school infirmary.

The remaining two people could only watch as Sayo cried.

“Yeah. These are parts of the wind power generation, you see…”

“...Hey, Rei.”

“Hmm? What, Ryou?”

“...You, you really are a lolicon, right.”

“You’re wrong!”

“Really? Are you not?”




“...Then it’s fine.”

“Seriously, what stupid things are you saying…”

And so they started working again.

Cutting wood, wiring…

“Hey, Brother! What is this?”

“Oh, This is called a dynamo…”

“Rei, you really are a lolicon, huh.”

“You. Are. Wrong!”

The number of zombies was not decreased in the slightest, and their stamina was dropping rapidly.

The groans of the zombies that had grown loud, and the accumulated fatigue.

“S-still more…”

“This is bad.”

“I’m still fine…”

Nonetheless, Airi’s legs were starting to tremble.

As they thought that it would only become worse, somehow a red mass rushed into the zombies in front of them.


That red mass slowly straightened up.

It was like a frog that had peeled of its skin and stood on two legs, as it tore the zombies to pieces with its long claws.

“It’s not a human… tight?”


“In other words, a zombie is attacking other zombies?”

“... That monster is snapping at the zombies, huh.”

“I don’t really get it, but this gap!”

“Yeah, that’s true.”

“Then, let’s flee!”

Airi ran off, and Jin and Riku after her.

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