Ghosts Know What I Experienced

Chapter 56.1: Ye Jingzhi, helping each other, do you hear!?

Chapter 56 Part 1

Although Brother Jia’s language and literature wasn’t good and he didn’t like to read heavy literature masterpieces, there was a time when he especially liked to read web novels.

At their age, it just so happened to be the period of the rise of web novels, such as World of Douluo, Battle Through the Skies, and Zhu Shen1……Brother Jia had read them all. Brother Jia couldn’t be more familiar with the two words, “dual cultivation.” The countless male protagonists of Dianjiawen would often shamelessly use this reasoning to openly “drive” with the female lead.2

Regarding this, Brother Jia snorted disdainfully. He deeply felt that a real man wouldn’t need this kind of excuse. It was best when the conditions were right so success would follow naturally. However, he never would’ve thought that there would be a day that he would become a member of dual cultivation “driving” army.

Ye Jingzhi held the thin book. After he had finished reading the first page, he continued to read the rest. To the side, Xi Jia watched him with a blushing face. He opened his mouth and wanted to speak, but once he thought of “dual cultivation,” he completely became deflated and simply couldn’t say anything.

The book, Unity of Yang and Sha, was only a few dozen pages. It didn’t look like a decent book of secret techniques. The fact that he even wanted to dual cultivate with Brother Jia made it seem even less like a decent secret book.

Ye Jingzhi finished reading the entire book in a few minutes and closed the book. He raised his head to look at Xi Jia and was stunned all of sudden, “Jia Jia, why is your face so red?”

Xi Jia’s heart tightened, “I……I’m too hot, too hot from finding the book.”

Ye Jingzhi knitted his brows in confusion, “Is the temperature of the air conditioner set too high?” Then, he picked up the remote control and lowered the temperature very caringly for his wife, “Okay, now it won’t be hot.”

Xi Jia, “……”

Since they found the secret book, the two no longer needed to stay in the library pavilion any longer.

The two returned to the apartment together. Ye Jingzhi sat on a chair, carefully reading the secret book. Xi Jia was at the side drinking water in big gulps. One cup after another of cooled boiled water was being furiously poured down towards the stomach by Brother Jia. However, even if he drank more water, the temperature on his face didn’t go down. Instead, the fingers holding the cup started to tremble.

Xi Jia kept on secretly observing.

Ye Jingzhi turned a page, and Xi Jia became nervous. With another turn of a page, he nervously drank another cup of water.

Seeing that the entire kettle was nearly finished, Ye Jingzhi suddenly raised his head, “Jia Jia, are you very thirsty?”

Xi Jia’s hand shook. His hand didn’t hold it steady, and the cup tipped over. Ye Jingzhi’s gaze was tranquil as he calmly reached out. The cup was steadily held in his palm, and not a drop of water was spilled.

Xi Jia currently wasn’t in the mood to applaud full marks for Master Ye’s coolness while catching the cup. He purposely feigned a calm appearance, took the cup that Ye Jingzhi handed over, and calmly said, “En, the weather’s really too hot right now, and it hasn’t rained in several days. It’s a bit torrid.”

Ye Jingzhi thought for a bit and asked, “Jia Jia, you want it to rain?”

Xi Jia didn’t think too much and nodded automatically, “The weather is really too hot.”

Ye Jingzhi set the Unity of Yin and Sha down, went to the window, and took out a paper talisman with a flip of his hand. Seeing him take out a yellow talisman, Xi Jia could already vaguely guess something. Sure enough, Ye Jingzhi looked up towards the sky and quietly recited with the talisman between two fingers, “The Five Emperors and Five Dragons, descending light and moving wind. Dampness spreads wide, to assist Leigong. The Five Lakes and Four Seas, water all flows to reservoirs. The seals of gods mandate thou, the common rivers heed. Those who dare to violate the law, the Thunderaxe will not allow. Urgently, by order of law!”3

Once his voice fell, he raised his finger and pointed towards the sky.

The yellow paper talisman instantly turned into a stream of light charging towards the sky. In the next moment, a dark cloud condensed in the sky that was clear just a moment ago. In a blink of an eye, lightning flashed and thunder rolled. A thick lightning bolt struck from the sky, and the rain poured down like a flood.

Xi Jia, “……”

Ye Jingzhi turned around like a child who had done something good and was waiting for praises, “Jia Jia, it’s raining, and it’s not hot anymore.”

Xi Jia quickly got up, “Get the clothes! The clothes are still drying on the balcony!

Ye Jingzhi, “……”

The two frantically got the clothes. By the time they returned to the living room, ten minutes had already passed.

After such a disturbance, Xi Jia gradually calmed down.

Until now, Brother Jia couldn’t believe that Master Ye would so straightforwardly say “dual cultivation” with his level of pureness.

Master Ye was clearly a pure little virgin who hesitated in every possible way when giving a tiny kiss, someone who only dared to secretly kiss Brother Jia as he slept. He had even asked beforehand, and only after asking did he kiss his forehead. Someone like this, could he ask to “drive a car” in such a simple and crude manner?

Simply impossible.

Xi Jia was still wondering just where it went wrong. Ye Jingzhi carefully finished reading the secret book and said, “So, that’s the case. Jia Jia, I understand Master’s meaning and also the content of this technique. Yin energy and sha energy are not the same. Yin and Yang energies are changes in the world. But, sha energy is the world’s vicious energy. It’s strong, ferocious, ominous, and fierce. Excessively strong sha energy can erode human bodies. Therefore, your strong yin energy wouldn’t pose a problem, but if my sha energy is strong, there would be problems.”

Xi Jia had heard Cengxiu-zhenjun mention these things when Ye Jingzhi’s Year Fiend had first erupted. Now, he’s even more concerned, “Just how does the Unity of Yin and Sha help settle your baleful energy?”

Ye Jingzhi explained, “The Three Fiends are the Plundering Fiend, Calamity Fiend, and Year Fiend. 19 years ago, Master used Wu Xiang Mountain’s technique to seal my Year Fiend so only two Fiends remain. Although the two Fiends are also very powerful, humans can still tolerate that level. But, it’s treating the symptoms but not the root cause, and instead, it buried a hidden danger. Within the Five Elements, Yin and Sha energies both belong to the dark category. The Unity of Yin and Sha states that both sides should blend into one. Using yin energy to guide the sha energy, changing it to a more steady and gentle energy so the body can accept it.”

Xi Jia vaguely understood as he listened. In short, using this technique could truly deal with the Year Fiend.

Ye Jingzhi said, “I haven’t read enough books. Back then, Master had gone through all of Wu Xiang Mountain’s library pavilion and should have already known of this method of dealing with the Year Fiend. Only, Master couldn’t find a yin energy physique comparable with the Body of Three Fiends. Then……” After a pause, Ye Jingzhi raised his head, his gaze was limpid, “Jia Jia, then Master found you.”

Xi Jia’s face burned as he silently turned his head around, “Is there really nothing wrong with this technique?”

Ye Jingzhi, “There are no problems. Just now, I seriously studied its operation fundamentals. It’s quite normal, but it’s a very different approach.”

Xi Jia lowered his head, “……Do we really have to dual cultivate?”

His voice was too small, and Ye Jingzhi didn’t hear it clearly, “Jia Jia, what did you just say?”

How could Xi Jia have the face to say it again? This was basically asking, “Do you really want to sleep ♂ with me?” The skin on Brother Jia’s face wasn’t thick to that level yet. If it’s a joke among ordinary friends, then it could be brushed off. Now that he and Master Ye were dating and also future husbands, this kind of question……was practically asking for his life.

Ye Jingzhi waited for a long time, but he didn’t hear Xi Jia answer so he asked again.

Xi Jia took a deep breath and closed his eyes, his heart calming down. Regardless of the consequences, he loudly asked, “You really want to dual cultivate?”

Ye Jingzhi quickly answered, “Of course, or else how could the energies of Yin and Sha merge?”

Xi Jia became deflated again, “……Is there really no other way?”

Ye Jingzhi wasn’t clear so he blankly looked at Xi Jia. Suddenly, his eyes widened as if he thought of a possibility. After a long time had passed, he asked in a low voice, “Jia Jia……you don’t want to dual cultivate with me?”

Xi Jia, “……”

In the end, the matter of dual cultivation dragged on like so.

If Xi Jia wasn’t willing to dual cultivate, Ye Jingzhi absolutely wouldn’t force him to do it.

Ye Jingzhi said, “If you don’t want to, I will think of another way. After reading Unity of Yin and Sha, I got a train of thought. I have been discussing with Senior Cengxiu, Senior Qishan, and the others the past few days, maybe a way without dual cultivation can be found.”

Xi Jia couldn’t help but ask, “Master Ye……Cough, Jingzhi, do you really think there’s nothing wrong with dual cultivation?” Are you Xuanxue world people that open-minded?

Ye Jingzhi gently nodded, “Dual cultivation is also for cultivation. This is something beneficial for both sides.”

Xi Jia lost the battle.

Translator’s Addition:
C+: Phew, it is hot in here.
Mirror: Makes it rain.
C+: ……

Translator’s Notes:
1 World of Douluo = Douluo Dalu. Battle Through the Skies = Battle Through the Heavens. Zhu Shen = Zhu Xian.
2 Dianjiawen 点家文: unofficial/internet name for jjwxc, the online publisher for this novel.
Driving/Driving a car 开车: Internet lingo, originally driving a car slang had a different meaning which is used more often, but it also has another meaning. Context should be very obvious :3
3 五帝五龙,降光行风。广布润泽,辅佐雷公。五湖四海,水最朝宗。神符命汝,常川听从。敢有违者,雷斧不容。急急如律令: Mostly literally translated. Direct quote from the Rain Calling Incantation 致雨咒. Leigong is the Lord/God of Thunder. Thunderaxe is the legendary weapon that can send thunderbolts, used by the god of thunder.

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