Ghosts Know What I Experienced

Chapter 56.3: Ye Jingzhi, helping each other, do you hear!?

Chapter 56 Part 3

Ye Jingzhi didn’t know what to say. After thinking about it for a long time, he still felt that it was his own fault. It was him who didn’t explain clearly what dual cultivation was to Xi Jia, causing Xi Jia to misunderstand and this current situation. The more he thought about it, the more Master Ye blamed himself. He simply never thought to blame Xi Jia. He struggled for a moment before he prepared to apologize to Xi Jia. Who would’ve guessed that he hadn’t even opened his mouth to speak when a warm hand slowly touched his body and suddenly touched a certain part, making Ye Jingzhi freeze in a flash.

Ye Jingzhi, “!”

A hoarse yet erotic voice sounded in the small room, “Ye Jingzhi, you liar……”

Ye Jingzhi, “!!!”

Xi Jia closed his eyes and used all his strength to thicken the skin on his face and say, “You’re clearly still hard……”

Ye Jingzhi was so embarrassed that his body trembled, and he gathered up the courage to say, “Jia Jia, I……”

“When I was in college, I heard that a lot of people in the male dorms would help……help each other.” Xi Jia had already resigned to his fate. With his eyes shut, he quickly said, “The soundproofing in our dorm is really bad, really really bad. So, at least three nights a week, I could hear the boys in the dorm room next door. They……they would help each other.”

How could Ye Jingzhi understand what “helping each other” meant? He was currently flushed red with shyness by that hand pressing on him.

After all, in terms of experience, Xi Jia at least saw many adult videos. At this point, he had already touched Little Ye Jingzhi. As such, everything naturally couldn’t go back, and he could only boldly continue. However, he had already given a hint on this aspect, but after waiting for a long time, there was no response from Ye Jingzhi. Xi Jia gave it a second thought and realized that Ye Jingzhi still hadn’t understood his meaning.

Thinking to here, Xi Jia clenched his teeth and took the initiative to grab Ye Jingzhi’s hand and place it on himself.

Ye Jingzhi, “Jia Jia!!!”

Xi Jia said with a commanding voice, “We’re helping each other, you hear, Ye Jingzhi!”

Ye Jingzhi, “O-okay.”

Treating a pure-blooded wizard like Master Ye, Xi Jia had long understood that if he didn’t speak clearly, someone as innocent as him wouldn’t understand what you’re trying to say. They had been dating for this long and even had an engagement. So what of stroking each other? Stroking was just stroking. It’s not a big deal. Do what was said!

The words that were spoken before had already exhausted all of Xi Jia’s 23 years worth of courage.

Next, neither of them said anything while masturbating. Ye Jingzhi didn’t know what he should do, but he did what Xi Jia had done. In the quiet room, only faint gasps were lightly undulating. In the end, it was actually Xi Jia who first unloaded his rations. He sank into the bed weakly, and his eyes listlessly stared at the ceiling, enjoying the lingering aftereffects.

It truly felt good. Doing it yourself and someone else doing it for you were two completely different feelings.

Although Xi Jia had never dated before and was a bit shy and pure, he was a lot better than Master Ye. He certainly had done it himself before. But this time, when Ye Jingzhi touched him, he knew at that instant that the feeling was completely different.

That was the person you like. Even if he didn’t move, you would already be over the moon.

Ye Jingzhi still hadn’t come. Xi Jia rested for a bit before continuing to help him.

Maybe because in the past 25 years, he had neither done this kind of this before nor done it himself, so Ye Jingzhi was especially standing strong. Xi Jia’s hand was already aching when he finally came. Once he came, Xi Jia rapidly pulled his hand out from under the blankets, and his body became stiff, no longer having the boldness and decisiveness from before.

In the room, an alluring scent pervaded the air, and a strong male scent lingered between their noses.

This was Ye Jingzhi’s first time experiencing this kind of bliss. For a long time, he couldn’t return to his senses, still immersed the feeling. But, Xi jia was already clear-headed. He looked at the ceiling with wide eyes and started to wonder how he should face Ye Jingzhi.

After a long time had passed, Ye Jingzhi also returned to his senses. Up until now, Master Ye was so embarrassed that he wouldn’t dare talk, but his lower body was sticky. He thought for a bit and of course knew that Xi Jia’s condition wasn’t that much better. How was that okay? Ye Jingzhi hesitated for quite a while before he quietly said, “Jia Jia, do you want to take a bath? I’ll go turn on the water……”

With that said, Ye Jingzhi got up and went to fill the tub with water for Xi Jia, but Xi Jia stopped him and didn’t let him turn on the lights.

Ye Jingzhi, “Jia Jia?”

Xi Jia pulled him back onto the bed, his voice rough, “Don’t take a bath.”

Ye Jingzhi was stunned in place. Don’t take bath? Why not? If he didn’t take a bath, that’s fine. But, Xi Jia needed to take one or else his body wouldn’t feel that good.

Xi Jia now had complex feelings in his heart, and the complicated feelings were hard to explain in a few words. However, no matter what, he couldn’t let Ye Jingzhi turn on the lights. So long as Ye Jingzhi turned on the lights, he might not be able to hide any further. He would cover his face with the blanket in embarrassment and pretend that the person who had requested to help each other masturbate wasn’t himself.

Ye Jingzhi didn’t understand Xi Jia’s way of thinking, but Xi Jia had said it so he obediently listened. He laid back down on the bed, rested his head on the pillow, and looked at the ceiling. After a moment, Ye Jingzhi turned his head and wanted to look at Xi Jia. But, he had just moved his body when Xi Jia pushed his face away and said strongly, “Don’t look at me!” His voice was slightly shaking.

Feeling wronged, Ye Jingzhi turned his head around again and no longer looked at his wife.

Between the two, no one spoke. Slowly, Ye Jingzhi’s heart calmed down as he looked at the car lights reflecting off of the ceiling. The things he thought were never that complicated. He slightly curved his lips and spoke of the simplest feelings that he had felt deep in his heart, “Jia Jia, I’m very happy……”

Just as Xi Jia was in the middle of self-doubting like “How could I be so shameless, how could I ask to help each other and masturbate on my own accord,” he suddenly heard these words, and his heart also gradually calmed down. After a long time, he lightly grunted and said in a slightly husky voice, “What’re you happy about?”

Ye Jingzhi’s voice was low and couldn’t hide the joy in his words, “Just happy.”

Xi Jia was amused, “Just what are you happy about?”

Ye Jingzhi directly asked, “Jia Jia, did you feel good?”

Xi Jia, “!”

After a long time, Xi Jia uttered a muffled groan which could count as agreeing.

Ye Jingzhi, “I also felt good.”

Xi Jia’s face was burning hot, but at this time, a sort of sweet feeling exceeded the embarrassment in his heart, making him unable to restrain himself from curving his lips. Looking at the lights on the ceiling and listening to the cicadas this summer night, Xi Jia felt that his heart was almost too sweet. He was actually also very happy.

Xi Jia said in a low voice, “Ye Jingzhi……Can we kiss?”

Ye Jingzhi was stunned. After a long time, “En……”

The next moment, the nearly naked young man quickly turned over and kissed those lips hard.

The room wasn’t lit. In the darkness, neither of them could see the other’s face clearly. Only warm breaths sprinkled onto the faces, making the room’s temperature even hotter.

Xi Jia didn’t know how to kiss, but learning from TV shows, he bumped into Ye Jingzhi’s lips in an inexperienced manner and opened them before sticking his tongue inside. Ye Jingzhi was still somewhat startled at first as he blankly lied on the bed. His body was stiff, and he didn’t dare to move. But soon, he got used to this situation and also imitated Xi Jia’s movements, responding to him with great effort and gently biting those soft lips.

The two of them had too little experience with kissing, and their lips were constantly knocking into each others’ teeth accidentally. But like this, they felt happy in their hearts. The feeling of kissing their most beloved person made them far more happier than superior kissing techniques.

No one knew how long they had kissed. Xi Jia turned over, panting heavily. Ye Jingzhi was also gasping for breath heavily.

This kiss was rough and simple that it wasn’t even up to par to many middle school students now, but it already made the two of them blush hard in embarrassment and breath unevenly.

Xi Jia, “Your thing……is there a reaction?”

Ye Jingzhi was extremely embarrassed and answered like a mosquito buzzing, “En……”

Xi Jia, “En, me too……”

Ye Jingzhi didn’t dare to speak, and Xi Jia thickened the skin on his face again, “Ye Jingzhi, helping each other, you hear?!”

As soon as the words fell, the two men couldn’t wait to touch the other’s body and continuing their previous actions. This time, Xi Jia was truly too tired. How could he know that Master Ye, besides being very big, also had a particularly strong point of standing strong. He had come early, but Master Ye still hadn’t. Helping and helping and helping, Xi Jia fell asleep with his hand still holding it, but his head gently slid onto Ye Jingzhi’s shoulder.

Master Ye instantly widened his eyes, and after he noticed that his wife really fell asleep, he carefully picked up his wife’s hand and placed it aside properly. After taking care of himself, Master Ye thought for a moment before deciding to carry Xi Jia to the bathroom and briefly washed him. While washing, Master Ye completely didn’t dare look at Xi Jia’s body. With his eyes averted, he quickly used the shower-head to rinse him clean.

Carrying his wife back into the bedroom, Ye Jingzhi gently put Xi Jia on the bed.

The moon finally climbed into the sky, and the bright moonlight shone through the window, illuminating Xi Jia’s face.

Looking at the fair and neat face, Ye Jingzhi’s eyes trembled. He softly murmured a phrase, “Jia Jia said that kissing is fine anytime.” Once said, he couldn’t help kissing again. The kiss was like a dragonfly touching the water lightly, running away after finishing the kiss. Ye Jingzhi tucked Xi Jia in and also covered himself with the blanket. He fell into a deep sleep while holding Xi Jia’s hand.

Before sleeping, Master Ye was still thinking: In the future, can we still help each other?……

Thus, the next day when they woke up, Ye Jingzhi asked like so, “Jia Jia, in the future, can we still help each other?”

Xi Jia just happened to be pondering over how to pretend that nothing had happened yesterday when he heard these words. His face flushed red as he angrily rebuked, “Ye Jingzhi, what are you thinking in that head of yours, wh-what helping each other?!”

Master Ye was dumbfounded, “Jia Jia……”

Xi Jia patted the blanket, “Get up, dual cultivate! Quickly settle this problem of yours, let’s……let’s quickly dual cultivate, don’t think about those dirty things!”

Ye Jingzhi, “……”

But Jia Jia, you clearly didn’t say that last night!!!

The Author has something to say:
Mirror: Jia Jia ate me and ran QAQ feeling wronged……
C+: Say it clearly, who ate who?! If you have the ability, let me really eat you in the future!

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