Looting Equipment From NPCs

Chapter 56 Liwan Plaza (NPC)

Here’s a list of names, in case someone couldn’t remember them:

Level 10 team
Chen Changdong (leader)
Liu Yue (older sister of the twins)
Liu Xing (younger sister of the twins)
Yuan Jin (man with slightly long hair)
Ma Ming (a short guy)
Dong Xu (a tall guy)

The transparent fishing line tensed into a straight line in the air. Chen Changdong held the fishing rod tightly, leaning back, unable to move even half an inch. They only managed to run a few steps. The huge resistance behind them made it difficult for Chen Changdong to move forward. Hence, the other 3 men on the team could only help him hold the fishing rod. Their arms are bulging with blue veins as they pulled with a grim faces.

Liu Yue and Liu Xing can only look at them nervously at the side. The black aura in front of them is becoming thicker and thicker. They don’t dare to go forward.

At this moment, Chen Changdong’s situation is like riding a tiger, unable to stop halfway. He couldn't let go of his spirit weapon but he couldn’t pull the evil spirit out so he is in a stalemate. Just when he is thinking about what to do, he suddenly felt the fishing rod in his hand loosen. The rebound force caused them four to be thrown to the ground.

The fishing line broke?!

Chen Changdong suddenly widened his eyes and his expression changed dramatically.

Liu Yue reacted right away and shouted: "Liu Xing, run! Team leader, you guys quickly get up!" After speaking, she stepped in front of Chen Changdong and pulled him up.

The fishing line is broken, which is equivalent to Qin Tan's Tang sword being broken in two. One can imagine the ferocity of the evil spirit from this.

A dense black mass approached quickly so the team turned around and ran. The one running the last is Ma Ming. Because he got up to his feet too fast, the soles of his feet slipped and he fell back again. It is at this moment that the black mass wrapped him in.

"AHH... urgh urgh." After the scream, there is a scalp numbing sound.

Liu Xing couldn't help but glance back. Ma Ming is not far away but only his head can be seen. He has a horrified expression on his face, and bright red blood tears flowed from his eyes. Not daring to look again, Liu Xing turned her head with a pale face. She could feel a chill running all over her body.

Returning to the circular corridor, the dim yellow lights above gave them a sense of warmth. The remaining members of the Level 10 team gasped in silence.

Chen Changdong's expression is ugly. It’s just the 1st night, he didn't expect that Ma Ming would die. Originally, it was said that Level 10’s mission world is a hurdle but Chen Changdong relied on his spirit weapon and felt that there is nothing to be afraid of. Now, it seems that he has underestimated the viciousness of the Level 10 mission world.

Liu Xing held her sister's hand tightly. Ma Ming's dying appearance is still echoing in her mind just now. She is very afraid that she would become like that too.

Yuan Jin and Dong Xu are covered in sweat. Ma Ming was behind them just now. When he got dragged away, they even felt that Ma Ming wanted to grab their hand. Dong Xu did try to pull him, but their hands slipped away.

At this moment, Liu Yue is very calm. She said: "Team leader, we forgot about one thing. The coffin that is used to seal the evil spirits has not been found. Also, to deal with the evil spirits, it seems that we must turn to that eminent monk for help."

Chen Changdong also recalled it at this moment, they have indeed ignored the other points in the mission. In the mission world, there are always things to restrain the opponent. This is something that anyone with experience in doing several missions can understand. Even if they don’t, they can always hear it from the seniors’ mouths. But they made mistakes from the beginning. One is ignoring the eminent monk, and the other is not finding the key coffin. Even if they caught the evil spirit just now, there is no way to seal it.

The most urgent task is to find the coffin first.

"Let’s return to the 1st floor and we’ll make plans. Tomorrow, we will go to see Qin Tan and his team." Chen Changdong gritted his teeth and checked his fishing rod. He found that the fishing line is indeed broken, and the hook at the front is missing. Fortunately, spirit weapon can be repaired automatically so the hook will be back to normal in the morning.

Everyone on the team has a solemn expression, and Dong Xu led the way while gripping his spirit weapon. 20 minutes later, they found that they are still in the circular corridor on the 4th floor. They couldn’t find the way to the elevator.

They are trapped.

Dong Xu is covered in a cold sweat. He turned his head and asked, "What should we do, team leader? If we can't find an exit, will the evil ghost come out to attack us?"

Liu Yue squeezed her sister's hand fiercely, trying to make her less afraid.

Chen Changdong couldn't help but scold with a swear word. Then he said, "We’ll fight it when it comes out. You have passed 9 mission worlds already, and you still want me to teach you? What are you afraid of? You haven't seen a ghost before or what?"

Of course, Dong Xu is not a newbie. But it is the first time he saw a ghost who could destroy his team leader's spirit weapon. That’s why he panicked for a while.

Chen Changdong took something out of his bag and stuffed it into Dong Xu's hand, "Take it. Use this if you can't beat it."

Dong Xu looked down and saw that it is something his team leader bought from a Level 12 team at a high price. It was originally intended to be used to save his own life (CCD), so Dong Xu didn't expect it to be given to him now. He held it in his hand and looked at Chen Changdong again. There is only determination and no fear in his eyes.

Chen Changdong looked around for a while before pointing in a direction. He said, "Let’s go there and stay there first. Since there is no exit, don't waste your energy. We will wait until dawn."

And so, Chen Changdong’s team is trapped on the 4th floor, while Lou Fan’s team is safe and sound in the staff lounge with the master. Although they could feel the vibration of the ground floor under their feet, what did this have to do with them? The subject of their task is staying put in the room and sleeping soundly. The five of them are very happy. After they determined the duties for the night vigil, they took turns to rest.

Before going to bed, Lou Fan took a glance at Furball. It is still curled up into a ball and slept soundly. Lou Fan poked it before putting it back into his pocket again.

Lou Fan slept without a dream until the next day. Suddenly, a loud BANG sounded and Lou Fan had to open his eyes. A shadow (QT) flashed in front of him and Lou Fan immediately followed without hesitation. In front of Qin Tan is the figure of the eminent monk, running fast. Lou Fan followed behind Qin Tan, and behind him are Jiang Dong and Wen Lang. Chen Shuyang is catching up at the end.

When their group ran to the circular atrium, they saw a man lying on the ground with his limbs twisted. The corpse is surrounded by a few NPC passers-by, chatting and pointing at him.

Jiang Dong stepped forward and took a look. Although the deceased is beyond recognition, he still recognized it. He turned his head and said solemnly, "This is a member of the Level 10 team. He should be called Ma Ming."

The Level 10 team?

Lou Fan paused and wondered, "Last night was the 1st night, and the Level 10 team already lost a member? What did they encounter?" He turned his head and looked around, but he couldn’t see anyone from the Level 10 team.

Wen Lang turned his head to look and happened to see Chen Changdong and his team members getting off the elevator. He said, "Brother Qin, Brother Lou, at the lift is over there."

Qin Tan looked over, and the Level 10 team seemed to be alright. But there are dark circles under their eyes, it seems that they didn't sleep at all that night. He looked at the corpse and then walked towards Chen Changdong.

"Team leader Chen, what happened to you last night? Your team member fell from the building just now." After Qin Tan said that, he saw the five people looking shocked. It is obvious that they don’t know that the deceased was their team member.

The eminent monk is squatting on the ground to cut the corpse’s nails and hair, still carefully tucking them away.

Before Chen Changdong could talk to Qin Tan, he went to stop the eminent monk first. Hence, Liu Yue briefly explained their experience to Qin Tan, and Lou Fan listened at the side. It is probably that Ma Ming died last night, and he should have been pushed down by the evil ghost this morning.

The deceased is a member of their team, and Liu Xing thought of Ma Ming's eyes again. No one knows where but she managed to find a piece of cloth to cover up Ma Ming's body.

Chen Changdong stopped the eminent monk, and the high monk looked at him expressionlessly. "Master, we have to deal with evil spirits so please give us a little help. Or, please tell us where the coffin is. We can exchange it for something, or buy it."

The master remained expressionless as if he hadn't heard the words.

Chen Changdong stared at the eminent monk. Could it be the master want some kind of key items? But the eminent monk didn't mention anything, who knows what the key items are? He turned to look at Qin Tan. The junior team followed the eminent monk yesterday. He wondered if they knew anything.

"Team leader Chen, are you looking for a coffin?" Lou Fan leaned over as he walked out from behind Qin Tan.

Chen Changdong nodded, wondering if he knew something.

Lou Fan pretended to think for a moment before saying, "I seem to know a little about this and our team has analyzed it in advance. Also, the master revealed something to us last night. If you really want to know, I can tell you."

Chen Changdong immediately said, "Where?"

Lou Fan laughed, "Team leader Chen wants to exchange information with us? We will accept everything. Points will be fine but of course, equipment is better."

Wen Lang gaped widely. Then, he leaned to Jiang Dong's ear and said, "Damn, Brother Lou is getting more and more cunning!"

Jiang Dong refrained from laughing, "We can't help being cunning. Don’t you realize that the mid-level teams we work with are not exactly reliable? If we are not cunning, then we are the ones who suffer."

Wen Lang agrees very much, "Indeed, only Brother Lou can pretend ‘to be a pig to eat a tiger’ without changing his expression. If it’s Brother Qin, emmm..." After that, he turned his head to Jiang Dong again. With a tone of disgust, he added, "You can't do it either. You looked crafty with just a glance at you."

Jiang Dong chuckled, "You're just a little bastard."

Standing behind the chatting duo, Chen Shuyang deeply felt the strangeness of his team members. Pushing his glasses, he silently lowered his head to continue copying scriptures.

On the other side, Chen Changdong choked after hearing Lou Fan’s words. Are all Level 4 teams this witty now?

"5,000 points in exchange." Chen Changdong said.

Hey, what the hell with that look like you've made a big deal for us? Lou Fan couldn't help rolling his eyes inwardly.

"Team leader Chen, you really think such important information is only worth 5,000 points?" Lou Fan is still smiling and no one could see that under that gentle appearance, he is a witty person who has leveled his cunningness to the max. "But sure, if you only pay 5,000 points, I can only provide you with information worth 5,000 points."

Chen Changdong gritted his teeth, he had to buy it no matter how reluctant he is. The initiative is not in their own hands but this news is too important to them. If it is something with a clearly marked price, Chen Changdong felt that he could even pay 100,000 points. But when the position is changed and he is being manipulated by someone with lower levels than him, Chen Changdong suddenly felt a toothache coming.

"50,000 points." Chen Changdong seemed to grind this sentence out of his teeth. Then he said to Qin Tan, "Team leader Qin, your team member is good."

Qin Tan agrees, "Yeah, I think he is pretty good too."

Pff! Wen Lang almost burst out laughing.

Lou Fan raised an eyebrow smugly.

Fine! You guys are sure ruthless! Chen Changdong felt that he would vomit blood if he continued the conversation.

"Since team leader Chen is so sincere, it’s a deal." Anyway, they are in the same mission world so it's not good to force people into a corner. They still have to cooperate well.

Originally, Lou Fan thought to get paid after they returned to Lazuli. Unexpectedly, Chen Changdong tapped a few times on his watch, and then Qin Tan's watch beeped twice, indicating that he had received points.

Lou Fan: !!! What is going on? It can work like this? How come no one told him?

Chen Changdong can tell with a glance that Qin Tan’s team didn't know about this. He humphed, "After completing the Level 9 task, you can apply for the access in the exchange hall in the South Plaza. Right now, you can only accept points but not give it out."

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