I Just Want to Freeload on Your Luck

Chapter 56 (Part 1)

It was still snowing outside.

Mingxi leaned the umbrella against the wall and pushed open the door of the VIP ward.

Fu Yangxi who was on the hospital bed was half leaning against the head of the bed. He was looking eagerly, waiting enthusiastically for her to come.

But as soon as the door was pushed open and she walked in, his face turned red instantly and his whole body stiffened. He quickly moved his eyes away.

Mingxi took off her coat, hung it by the door and walked over. Fu Yangxi's expression became more and more bashful and indignant. In the end, he arrogantly pulled the quilt up and buried his head in it. “Don't come here, Zhao Mingxi, you entered the wrong ward!”

Mingxi: “...”

"Young Master Fu, I'll take my leave first." Xiao Li who was next to him swept his eyes over the two of them and was able to figure something out.

He smiled and nodded to Mingxi. “You guys can have a chat first. Call me if there’s anything.”

Mingxi said, “Alright.”

As soon as Xiao Li went out, the ward became quieter.

The windows were closed, the tidy ward was empty, Fu Yangxi’s coat was left on the sofa and some untidy bandages were scattered around the bed. The air was filled with an embarrassing atmosphere that could make a person’s face flush red.

Mingxi leaned over to pick up the bandage, threw it into the trash can and then glanced at his hanging left ankle. Before she came in, she spoke to the doctor. The doctor said there was no major problem except for a minor fracture. At this age, a boy's recovery ability was very strong, so he should be able to remove the plaster in less than 40 days. It's just that— maybe he was too careless.

Mingxi's eyes fell on the arched quilt again, knowing that she should not laugh at this time, otherwise it would be remembered by Fu Yangxi for a lifetime.

She tried to retain her expression as she sat down on the chair beside the bed and asked, “Where did you fall? Does it hurt? Are there any other places that are injured other than your broken left ankle?”

Fu Yangxi buried himself in the quilt and did not speak. Only one long leg covered with a plaster and a little tip of his ears were exposed.

The tips of his exposed ears were getting redder, like it was about to bleed.

He wouldn't come out even if he was suffocated by the quilt.

How embarrassing!

He has never been so embarrassed in his eight lifetimes!

Why did this happen?!

This was completely different to the cool tyrannical confession scene he imagined!

And she was laughing at him! He broke his leg and yet she was laughing at him!

She had just said she liked him, yet now she was laughing at him! Would she dislike him just because he did such a shameful thing?!

Fu Yangxi's face, which was buried in the quilt, had become a tomato. He suppressed the uneasy feeling in his heart, his whole person feeling a little unlovable.

Mingxi asked, “Hmm? Why don't you speak? Have they performed the x-rays?”

"They have." Fu Yangxi tried to save his pride, trying to make his voice a little magnetically low. It sounded like the voice of a very mature handsome man. “It's not my fault. The slippers were too slippery. I don't know who mopped the ground last night. Why couldn’t they do it in the morning of the winter!”

Mingxi said clearly, “It must be so.”

Fu Yangxi let out a sigh of relief.

Mingxi smiled and stretched her tone. “It must be because the ground was too slippery, not because you were too excited to hear me say ‘I like you’.”

Fu Yangxi: “...”

Mingxi asked, “Were you that happy when you heard me say that I like you?”

Fu Yangxi: “...”

Mingxi sighed. “Fortunately, I didn't say too much, otherwise I'm really worried that you will fall harder.”

Fu Yangxi: “...”

Fu Yangxi clenched the quilt tightly. His shame turned into anger and he shouted in the quilt, “Which eye of yours saw that I was very happy? I'm not happy! Why should I be happy? Isn't it just a confession? What’s the big deal! Did you think that I have never received a confession since I was a child? I’ve had a lot of experience, okay?”

"Really?" Mingxi smiled. "Did you hurt your face? Open up and show yourself to me."

Fu Yangxi flushed and grasped the quilt with both hands. Only the outline of his head could be seen from the quilt.

Mingxi reached out her hands to pull the quilt away.

Fu Yangxi was unrelenting.

Of course, Mingxi's strength could not be compared to his. She couldn't pry the quilt out of his hands even after pulling it for a long time.

She couldn’t see his face from any angle. She could only see his bright red ears.

"Then I'm leaving," Mingxi said deliberately. She stood up as she spoke.

The chair was gently pushed up by her knees and there was a slight scratching sound on the floor.

As soon as Mingxi turned around, a slender boy's hand reached out from under the quilt. He hurriedly grabbed her wrist in a panic.

Five fingers clenched tightly on her wrist.

As if he was afraid that she’d leave.

The corners of Mingxi's mouth couldn’t help but move upwards. She looked back.

Fu Yangxi opened up the quilt with the other hand, revealing messy hair and a handsome face with red eyes lying on the pillow.

He was furious and frustrated. “Zhao Mingxi, how can you be like this? Just after you’ve confessed, you decide to leave? Isn't this the trick of seduction then abandonment?”

He was about to suspect that Zhao Mingxi's confession was fake! Whatever the whole ‘like him the most in the world, want to eat, date, watch a movie with him, and want to hold him by the hand’ thing was, why didn’t it happen after she saw him? What about her promise to hold his hands and give him hugs?!

Before they could have a proper conversation, she wanted to leave!

"I won't leave, and I won't seduce then abandon you." Mingxi sat down again and said, "I just want to see your face. No one asked you to be under the quilt all the time."

Fu Yangxi blushed.

—She just wanted to see his face.

What kind of inappropriate words were that?

Why is the post-confession Little Mask so, so…

"Did you not sleep last night?" Mingxi looked at Fu Yangxi's face carefully.

There were no bruises on his face, neck or hands. She breathed a sigh of relief.

He was wearing a black wide-shoulder casual sweater which made his face paler. His lips were colorless and the delicate mole on the end of his right eye looked a bit tired.

Of course, it may be because of the pain when the splint was applied.

But there was also some darkness under his eyes, and it didn't look like he was getting enough sleep.

Mingxi asked, “Xi ge, I’ve wanted to ask this question since a long time ago. Do you often find it hard to fall asleep?”

Fu Yangxi's attention still stayed on the hand holding Mingxi's wrist.

After he grabbed it, he didn't let go. Zhao Mingxi didn't seem to pull her hand away either.

Fu Yangxi felt the coldness and softness of her wrist in his palm.

It’s a girl’s hand.

He lowered his gaze, his heart feeling like it was overflowing with sweetness. He quietly thought with shame whether he could hold her hands now— She was the one who said that she wanted to hold hands with him.

“Why would I often find it hard to fall asleep?" Fu Yangxi raised his hand and lightly flicked Mingxi's forehead. “Why did you suddenly ask about this?”

Mingxi arranged her bangs that he had messed up and asked, “You picked up as soon as I called. Don't you turn on airplane mode when you sleep?”

At 6am, no matter how you look at it, it is still the time to dream for a young master like Fu Yangxi.

Fu Yangxi used to turn off his phone, but recently many things have happened one after another. The Zhao family found Zhang Yufen. Zhang Yufen was in detention awaiting trial. Fu Yangxi was always worried about what would happen to Zhao Mingxi before the dust settled, so he gradually decided to not turn off his phone.

Fu Yangxi evasively said, “No, I sleep well.”

“What about you? Didn’t you sleep last night?” Fu Yangxi looked at Zhao Mingxi.

If Zhao Mingxi didn’t sleep well, it would be obvious as her dark hair would be more frizzy than usual.

And although she worked hard, she wouldn’t wake up the moment the rooster crowed.

Every time she left the dormitory, it was almost 7am. So today when she called him at 6am, his first reaction was that something happened to her.

Mingxi nodded. “Yes, I didn't fall asleep for the whole night last night.”

Fu Yangxi was a little helpless. “I told you to rest for a few days. There will be a while before the finals. What's the rush?”

Fu Yangxi raised his hand to ruffle Mingxi's hair. “Did you dream of doing Mathematical Olympiad problems again?”

Mingxi shook her head. “No.”

Fu Yangxi’s hand came to a stop. “?”

Mingxi looked at Fu Yangxi and said calmly, “I dreamt of you.”

Fu Yangxi: “...”

Fu Yangxi was caught off guard. The tips of his ears suddenly turned red.

He tried his best to pretend to be nonchalant and tell himself that it was a trivial matter, but the corners of his mouth still couldn't restrain itself from moving up.

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