I Just Want to Freeload on Your Luck

Chapter 56 (Part 2)

“R-Really? What-What did you dream of?”

"It's just some messy thoughts," Mingxi said. “I almost wanted to confess last night."

But last night she was a little short of courage. It wasn't until she saw something in the book this morning that her head got hot. As it turns out, it seems that some things were not as scary as it seems upon being revealed.

Mingxi looked down at Fu Yangxi's hand that was holding her wrist and moving towards her fingers. She couldn't help but laugh.

As soon as she noticed his actions, he dared not move his fingers anymore.

He tried to calm himself, but the physical redness on his face was completely uncontrollable.

He raised his ears and waited for Little Mask to say something nice.

In the end, Zhao Mingxi felt too embarrassed, so she hurriedly changed the subject. “Xi ge, do you feel stuffy? The indoor heating is quite adequate. Should I open the window for ventilation?”

Fu Yangxi: “...”

Mingxi stood up and planned to release her hand to open the window, but the moment she took a step towards the window, she found that she couldn’t move. Fu Yangxi held her wrist and didn't let it go.

Mingxi took a glance at her own hand.

“What is it? Let me open up the windows.”

Fu Yangxi lowered his head. He felt reluctant. He finally held her hand. If she goes to open the windows and comes back again, what excuse does he have to hold her hand?

Fu Yangxi said, “It's not stuffy. Don't open them.”

"Then I will peel an apple for you. Have you had breakfast?" Mingxi said. When she saw the fruit that Xiao Li bought and put there on the coffee table, she wanted to walk to the coffee table by the sofa. “I ate before I came. Perhaps if you’re hungry, you can ask your driver to buy some?”

But she still couldn't walk, her wrist was still tightly clenched.

Fu Yangxi's fingertips were warm and stubborn.

It wasn’t a strong grip, but she couldn’t wrench herself free.

Mingxi was a little dazed. She turned her head and looked over.

Fu Yangxi lowered his head, not looking at her. He looked a little stiff all over, as if he had finally gotten the most precious thing and didn't want it to leave his sight for a second. He held his breath. In the end, he couldn't help blurting out, “Little Mask, can you not go anywhere?”

Fu Yangxi raised his head. “Can you just sit down?”

Mingxi: “...”

Mingxi's face suddenly became hot.

She scratched her head and sat back on the chair again with her hands on the side of the bed.

Fu Yangxi released his fingers which were grabbing her wrist.

Just when Mingxi froze for a while, the young man's hand quickly returned, his movements were light and intricate.

They finally held hands, their fingers wrapped around each other.

In winter, their skin was dry. The palms and fingertips of the two were touching and they could feel each other's temperature, breath and blood.

Fu Yangxi held her hand, his ears flushed.

Mingxi glanced at him and saw that he was smiling with his lips lowered, his handsome eyebrows relaxed.

The corners of Mingxi's mouth also turned up slightly.

Very oddly and tacitly, the ward fell silent for a while.

The two of them didn’t say anything.

The air was filled with ambiguity and scorching heat.

Fu Yangxi still found it hard to believe that this was real.

On such a snowy morning covered in silver, when the sky was still bright and the whole world was asleep, he received a call from Zhao Mingxi without a clear mind.

Electricity buzzed in his ears along with her voice.

Even at this moment, it was still whirling in Fu Yangxi's mind.

When she asked the first question, he thought she was going to say something that would toss him into hell.

But he never expected that she would say that she also liked him.

It's like being away from a hand for too long, until his confidence dropped to the bottom. When he was held once again, he couldn't believe that his longing all this while came suddenly and pleasantly.

Little Mask said—

She likes him.

She likes him the most in this world.

She finally likes him.

The scorching flames that had disappeared for a long time seemed to be back again.

And it was more enthusiastic and real than before.

The things he feared were washed away just like this.

Fu Yangxi was suddenly thankful that he had been waiting, and after waiting long enough, what he had hoped for finally fell into his arms.

Now that Zhao Mingxi likes him, he is not afraid of anything anymore.

"So now—" Fu Yangxi said hoarsely.

He still had a lot of uncertainty in his heart. He wanted to ask, so now she and him are in love? Will she not regret it in the future? Will she say things like she is only treating him as a boss again? She won’t leave him, right?

"Now I don't remember what Shen Liyao looks like anymore." When Mingxi heard him speak, she knew what he was going to say. She quickly raised the hand he didn't hold and swore with an aching heart, “Now I only have you in my heart. Puppy love, I will only go through puppy love with you!”

Wait, it shouldn't be considered puppy love anymore since we are both at the age of 18.

Fu Yangxi seemed to be comforted, and the corners of his mouth rose involuntarily in pride.

But he stared at Zhao Mingxi and what he said was sour with a bit of resentment, “You don't remember what the guy with the surname Shen looks like, but you still clearly remember his name and the movies you watched with him…”

"I forgot! Shen what? Shen Dongmei? What Dong? What Mei?" Mingxi said. “Oh no, I have amnesia. Why have I forgotten all the movies too! I'll watch them with you next time!”

The tips of Fu Yangxi's ears were all red. “Then you disliked the fact that I was fat—”

Mingxi swore that she had never said that Fu Yangxi was fat!

She felt more wronged than Dou E*!

*ray's note: Mingxi is referring to Dou E from the story ‘The Injustice to Dou E’. The story talks about a child bride turned widow, Dou E, who was wrongly convicted of crimes by a corrupt court official for actions perpetrated by a rejected suitor, Zhang the mule.

"Fu Yangxi, you can't blame me for your own imagination!" Mingxi shouted. "Look at you, you’re just right. You’re 1.88 meters tall, you look thin when you dress, and you have flesh when you take off your clothes. You completely match my orientation for aesthetics! No more, no less!"

The tail of the bird in Fu Yangxi's heart was already up.

He said, “Are you sure that I completely fit your orientation for aesthetics? What about Shen Liyao? He didn’t fit your aesthetics, yet you still pursued him? You still went to the broadcasting room to guard him every week, you still have so many pictures with him, you also—”

As Fu Yangxi talked, he was filled with righteous indignation. “You also know what flavor he likes, was photographed enrolling new students with him, giving him milk tea, and you guys also went to a western restaurant to eat..."

"..." Mingxi was stunned. She suspected that she would not be able to get through the matter of 'Shen Liyao' in this life!

Mingxi really wanted to go back in time to kill the version of herself who used to chase after Shen Liyao!

She did not know how precious a first love was when she was young, and now one false step brings everlasting grief!

"Wait, how do you know these things?" Mingxi thought and looked at Fu Yangxi. Suddenly, she couldn't help but smile. “Did you purposely look into this? Have you liked me since a long time ago?”

Of course, Fu Yangxi would deny this till his dying breath. “Zhao Mingxi, we’re talking about you now. Don't try to change the subject.”

Seeing his flushed face, the more Mingxi thought about it, the more she realized it might be the truth. She couldn't help asking, “When did it start? When did you start to like me?”

"Could it be— the day you took me back to Tongcheng—?”

"No." Mingxi guessed with joy. "Maybe it started before then, otherwise why would you be so nice to me?"

At that time, Mingxi only thought that Fu Yangxi treated all his followers so well. She had seen him treat the girls who confessed by flattening their thousand paper cranes directly. She had never thought about that possibility.

"Was it the day you gave me the phone case?"

"Wait." Mingxi suddenly realized. "What gang phone case, you wanted to get a matching couple phone case back then, but you were too shy to say it, right?!"

Fu Yangxi: “...”

Fu Yangxi's face became redder and he turned his head away.

Mingxi was about to laugh to death. She couldn't help kneeling on the bed with one knee and poking her finger at his handsome face which was as red as a tomato. “What are you hiding for?”

"What else? ‘My driver bought a lot. I can't finish it. You can help me finish the rest.’” Mingxi vividly imitated Fu Yangxi's tone.

Now that she thought about it, these things were still very clear in her mind.

She smiled in shock. “So you purposely bought me breakfast that day, right?!”

"Enough! Little Mask." Fu Yangxi was forced by her to have nowhere to escape. He leaned back and stuck himself on the wall beside the bed, his face flushed red.

Seeing that Zhao Mingxi was still laughing, Fu Yangxi wanted to lift the quilt to cover his head again.

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