I Have a Sickness

Chapter 57.1 Mighty and Domineering (Part 1)

Hao Ritian did not say anything. He was not interested in satisfying other people's curiosity about his personal matters, but Mu Shaohua was more straightforward. Frowning, he said coldly, "Nosy."

When Qi Jin saw that Mu Shaohua was really annoyed, his eyebrows twitched, and he snickered, "If you don't want to talk about it, then don't say it. Why are you getting angry? Come, come, it's already noon. You must be hungry. I'll let the waiter serve the food."

After speaking, he directly pulled the bell inside the private room. The waiter, who previously showed Hao Ritian and Li Bufan the way, knocked on the door and came in. This club offered specialized services for guests inside the private rooms. Before the guests leave, someone will guard the door at all times to meet the demands of the customers immediately.

At their request, the food was quickly served inside the private room. As soon as the food was served, the topic earlier was dismissed.

Hao Ritian looked at the table filled with exotic delicacies when his expression suddenly change. He placed a few dishes on Mu Shaohua's plate and carefully looked at his expression. Mu Shaohua was stunned at first. He didn't expect that Ritian would take the initiative to give him food. But he quickly ate all the dishes naturally and seemed to quite like them.

Mu Shaohua did not just eat but he also took the initiative to give food to Hao Ritian. Because he knew that Hao Ritian had asthma, he picked some dishes with a relatively light taste. Their interaction gave off a special feeling of familiarity.

Qi Jin curled his lips. If they did not have an affair, he will take off his head and kick it as a ball. Mr. Xia even knew what Shaohua liked to eat without speaking, but the key point was that Shaohua unexpectedly ate the dishes given to him by another person. Although he had no mysophobia, he was known for his love for cleanliness. No one, who had interacted with him before, had dared to take the initiative to give him food at the dining table for fear of being rejected.

These two obviously did not say anything, but the atmosphere just made him really unhappy. Can they not show off their affection in front of a single person like him?

Mu Shaohao was obviously still a single dog like him before this.

He looked at Li Bufan, who was also watching the stinky dog couple show their affection. Qi Jin raised his eyebrows and took the initiative to give Li Bufan some food before saying calmly, "Mr. Li, don't be polite. This is my first time acting as a host, so Mr. Li must eat well. It may not be long before Mr. Li will join our Qingfeng."

Li Bufan was speechless.

Li Bufan, "...."

Although he also wanted to give Qi Jin some face, everything that this guy gave him was something he didn't like to eat. Was he at odds with him?!

He was still thinking about either just silently eating it to give Qi Jin some face or just directly setting these dishes aside. In any case, Qi Jin wouldn't actually mind whether he ate them or not. But as soon as he looked up, he saw Qi Jin's eyes shining at him. He was completely lacking the nonchalance he had expected.

He can only slightly poke at his food and eat slowly. When Qi Jin saw him eating like that, he frowned, "Can you be full while eating like that?"

Li Bufan, "..."

Why was he so nosy?!

Hao Ritian was still sighing at how little Mu Shaohua's tastes had changed. This also reinforced his ideas and was in a good mood as he naturally became slightly closer to Mu Shaohua. Noticing this change, Mu Shaohua was also in a good mood. But Qi Jin kept on babbling beside him, Mu Shaohua was thinking of plugging his mouth with a sock.

When Hao Ritian looked at the side and saw how hard it was for Li Bufan to eat, he smiled before saying to Qi Jin, "It certainly won't be enough. But Mr. Qi doesn't know much about Li Bufan's taste, he just doesn't like the things you gave him."

That was a pretty straightforward statement, and in a way, was also a bit impolite, but Hao Ritian can see that Qi Jin was not someone who would quibble over small things. Moreover, Qi Jin and Mu Shaohua had a good relationship. He subconsciously considered him as someone familiar, but the important thing was still Li Bufan. It was not unreasonable to say that he was fussy, as he was really picky when it came to food, clothing, housing, and transportation, but more particularly on what he eats. If it did not suit his taste, it was basically impossible for him to eat. He would rather starve than eat.

So there was no need to let Li Bufan go hungry for such a small problem.

It turned out that Qi Jin was really not narrow-minded. When he heard Hao Ritian's explanation, he was not embarrassed and just smiled at Li Bufan and said, "If you didn't like to eat it, just say so. How would I know if you wouldn't tell me?"

After speaking, he actually placed the dishes he had just given to Li Bufan onto his own plate, and ate them!

When serving other people, most will subconsciously pick what they liked, and Qi Jin was no exception. He had no psychological burden in eating the dishes he had previously placed on Li Bufan's plate.

Li Bufan silently glanced at him and said nothing.

Hao Ritian can see that Qi Jin was also a shameless person. If he really got together with Li Bufan in the future, it will certainly be interesting. Don't look at Li Bufan who seemed to be stern and also picky, but his personality was actually kind of soft. He hoped that he won't be bullied too badly.

A meal for four people can be considered an enjoyable meal for both the guests and hosts.

"I'm going to the bathroom." Hao Ritian pushed away his chair and stood up. He informed them before going out of the private room.

Mu Shaohua went out almost immediately, "I'll go too."

Li Bufan was stunned. He also wanted to follow them but was quickly stopped by Qi Jin. After taking him out of the box, he stood in the corridor and said with a smile, "Let's just wait for them here. What TV dramas have you done before?"

Li Bufan wanted to throw off the arm that was on his shoulder. He was really not used to being so close to other people. He endured his uneasiness and put on a straight face, "I don't think that the dramas I have done are of much interest to Mr. Qi."

Qi Jin stared at his red ears as if he had discovered a new world, as he blinked without moving, "No. You still haven't mentioned it, how would you know that I wouldn't like to see it?"

Li Bufan really did not expect the president of Qingfeng to have this kind of personality in private. He was very bad at dealing with these kinds of people and silently prayed for Hao Ritian to come back sooner.

At this moment, Hao Ritian was washing his hand after solving his physiological needs. He had just turned on the faucet and placed some liquid hand soap in his hands when a warm body leaned on his back.  Hao Ritian naturally discovered him through the mirror when he appeared but did not avoid him.

As if Mu Shaohua caught some sort of fragrance, he stretched out his arms and half-embrace him in his arms. He caged both of Hao Ritian's soapy hands and helped him wash his hands. Due to their position, his warm breath touched Hao Ritian's ears, which tickled his heart.

He lightly hit Mu Shaohua with his right elbow and squeezed his hands that were covered by Mu Shaohua. There was a faint smile at the corner of his mouth, as he pretended to be unhappy, "What? Are you trying to take advantage of me?"

Mu Shaohua's hands kept moving, but his eyes stared at the smile on the corner of Ritian's mouth in the mirror. After washing Hao Ritian's hands and rinsing him off, he turned him around and leaned over to kiss him directly.

This kiss was a bit unexpected for Hao Ritian. Because on their first meeting in this world, he felt that this man was unexpectedly calm. It was difficult to imagine that he would directly kiss him on their third meeting.


Hao Ritian welcome him without showing weakness. Without closing his eyes, he stared directly into Mu Shaohua's eyes. Their tongues tangled together as they deftly jumped around in a highly provocative manner. Mu Shaohua's heart was burning when he was teased. He placed one of his hands on Hao Ritian's waist, and the other one was on the back of his head. He increased the intensity of their kiss even more as if he wanted to suck his soul through their entangled tongues.

The sound of water that echoed in his ears made his body heat up uncontrollably. The kiss lasted for almost three minutes before they parted. Mu Shaohua rubbed the corners of his red lips with his thumb, before saying in a hoarse voice, "This is what taking advantage is."

Hao Ritian laughed and flicked his fingers. The water droplets from his hands fell on Mu Shaohua's face. Without saying a word, he walked to the dryer to dry his hands, then turned around and raised his eyebrows at Mu Shaohua, "Aren't you going?"

Mu Shaohua wiped his face with a tissue, and followed Hao Ritian with an upright face, "Let's go."

The two walked out of the bathroom side by side. The moment they walked out, another person came out of the bathroom. He possessed the distinct charm of a mature guy, with a tall, straight frame and an attractive and stylish countenance. He simply rinsed his hands and walked out of the bathroom.

It had been less than a minute since Hao Ritian and Mu Shaohua had left, so the man quickly saw the two of them after walking out, as well as.....

"Mo Cheng?" Qi Jin, who was still deliberately talking to Li Bufan, stood up straight after seeing the man and greeted him with a smile, "Such a coincidence. Did you also come here for dinner?"

The man was Qingfeng Entertainment's top-tier actor, Mo Cheng, who naturally replied, "It's quite a coincidence. I came here to have dinner with my friends. I didn't expect to meet President Qi and Director Mu. I was thinking that that back was familiar, but I thought I was mistaken. It was really Director Mu!"

Li Bufan stared at the approaching Mo Cheng and his body was filled with a strong fighting spirit. Mo Cheng was his goal. He really admired his acting skills and hoped to act against him. It must be very cool to play with such a superb actor. It will definitely be a great help to him!

Hao Ritian looked at Mo Cheng, then turned to Li Bufan and saw the fighting spirit in his eyes. He smiled without a trace. As expected, it was right to let Li Bufan sign with Qingfeng Entertainment. He naturally felt that there was someone behind him just a moment ago, but he didn't care. He just didn't expect that it would be Mo Cheng. Now, it seems that it was good to meet here since he at least rouse Li Bufan's fighting spirit.

Qi Jin's attitude towards the company's cash cow was still quite good. After chatting for a while, Qi Jin stopped, "Okay, I won't delay your time. We'll go first, and you should go back too."

Mo Cheng nodded, "Okay. Take care, President Qi and Director Mu."

After the four of them left, the door of a private room behind Mo Cheng suddenly opened. Someone leaned out from inside the room and was surprised when he saw him, "Emperor Mo, what are you doing standing here alone? Come in quickly, everyone had been waiting for you."

Mo Cheng smiled and shook his head, "It's nothing, I'm coming."

He was very curious. If he saw it correctly, the young man just now was also an actor. He had a slight impression. He was definitely not from their company, but now, he was with President Qi. Did he want to sign with their company?

If it was true, then that would be interesting.

However, these have little to do with him. No matter how he fights for it, it was still his, and his status was still there. He currently wanted to get the role in the Xianxia drama that the company was planning for. If his sources were correct, wasn't Director Mu the biggest investor in that drama?

If that artist can have a relationship with President Qi and Director Mu, wouldn't he also want to get a piece of the pie in the Xianxia drama? Also, who was that person who had a special relationship with Director Mu?

As the door of the private room closed, Mo Cheng threw all those speculations out of his mind. Sooner or later, he would know and it was useless to think so much.


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