I Have a Sickness

Chapter 57.2 - Mighty and Domineering (Part 2)

After Li Bufan went back with Hao Ritian, he still felt uncertain about signing with Qingfeng Entertainment. After all, the best newcomer award was not something you can easily obtain. Following the airing of the idol drama, he obviously felt the soar in his popularity. The increase in the number of followers on his Weibo was also particularly gratifying. Even other artists from the company had been acting unpleasant and rude.

But Li Bufan did not care about those people, he felt that Xia Lou was really amazing. He said that his drama would be popular after it was broadcasted. After all, many idol dramas aired in the past, and not all became popular for various reasons. Looking at the result, Li Bufan couldn't help but look forward to winning the Best Newcomer Award.

The broadcast time of this drama was quite clever. Half a month after the broadcast, this year's National Drama Festival was just about to be held in S City. This drama had also been submitted for review a long time ago, and it depends on the result whether it can win the award.

On the day of the Grand Winter Ceremony, Li Bufan attended together with the drama crew. It was agonizing for him to sit in the guest seat while waiting for the winner to be announced, but the way Li Bufan was carrying himself made it impossible to tell that he was nervous. In fact, his hands were already full of sweat. A sweaty hand in the middle of winter was enough to show how nervous he was.

He probably didn't value it so much in the past. After all, he had already been in the industry for more than six years, his mentality had already been tempered. But now, this award would decide whether he can sign with Qingfeng Entertainment. Xia Lou had given this opportunity to him, and he didn't want to let this slip by.

He had been thinking about it since he sat in the guest seat that he didn't even notice when the host announced the best newcomer award. He only came back to his senses when the director and actors from the same crew called his attention.

He stood up a little dumbfounded as he walked into the stage to receive the award and say his acceptance speech. He felt like he was floating the entire time. It wasn't until he returned to the guest seat with the trophy and heard the congratulations from the crew that he felt that it was real. He looked down at the trophy in his hand ------

He really won the Best Newcomer Award!!!

This was the first significant award he had won in six years since he entered the industry. The best newcomer award was the simplest affirmation for an artist. He couldn't stop his eyes from heating up a bit. He was touched that his efforts have finally been recognized. His heart was burning with passion. He wanted to play more roles and win more awards.

But what he wanted more than anything right now was to share his joy at winning the award with Xia Lou and tell him that he did it!

After the ceremony, Li Bufan was surrounded by numerous reporters asking how he felt about winning the award. He was slightly annoyed but he couldn't show it. It took him a long time to deal with all the reporters before he can finally return to the car.

Hao Ritian was waiting for him inside the car.

Li Bufan was very happy, but he awkwardly handed over the trophy in his hand, "I really won the award. Take a look."

Hao Ritian didn't care about his awkward appearance. He took the trophy over and looked at it, before praising him, "It's very good, I said that you will definitely win the award. Didn't you get it?"

"En." Li Bufan answered in a low voice. He remembered what Xia Lou said before and it seemed that all of them had happened. It was simply a kind of ironclad strength. When he thought about Xia Lou's promise to Mr. Qi to turn him into a superstar within three years of signing the contract, he suddenly sucked in a breath of cold air.

His eyes turned to Hao Ritian. He can't be serious, right?!

Noticing the look in his eyes, Hao Ritian handed him the trophy, "What's wrong?"

Li Bufan suddenly shook his head, "No, it's nothing."

The agent on the side was filled with joy, "Let's go back to the company first."

She naturally accompanied him on such an important occasion. Now that Li Bufan had won an award, she was naturally happy. The better the artist under her, the more money she will make in the future. No one would have a problem with more money.

After returning to the company, the company naturally also had a celebration banquet they had to attend. After everything was done, the company’s upper management finally approached Li Bufan.

Both sides were aware of what they were going to talk about, and the agent naturally followed him. As Li Bufan's assistant, Hao Ritian was not qualified to participate but Li Bufan strongly requested it. The company would not make it difficult for Li Bufan at this point just because of this small matter.

So, Hao Ritian followed Li Bufan to the office of the president.

President Du was a middle-aged man in his forties. When he looked at other people with his eyes slightly narrowed, it revealed a hint of calculation. Hao Ritian's first impression of this CEO was not positive.

When he saw Li Bufan come in, President Du narrowed his eyes, before smiling, "Bufan, let's not talk about nonsense. You should know what I mean by calling you here. Your contract is about to expire. After the discussion with the company's top management, it was decided to upgrade your contract to A-level. What do you think?"

It can be said that it was very sincere to directly upgrade to A-level from a C-level. After all, Li Bufan had just won the best newcomer award, and his future development was still uncertain. The company also paid a small price and risk in order to keep him.

Li Bufan's expression froze. If it was before then, he would have agreed without saying a word, but now, he already made a decision in his heart. He can only disappoint the goodwill given by the company, so he felt a little guilty.

Seeing that he didn't say anything, President Du's small eyes narrowed until only a slit was left, "Do you have any further concerns about this? Or I can also change your agent for you. How about Li Chun?"

Li Chun was definitely among the top agents in the company, with one first-tier star and two second-tier stars under him. The company had been slightly lacking manpower and resources for almost two years now. If it wasn't for that, President Du wouldn't place so much importance on an artist like Li Bufan, who had just won an award.

Hearing the president say that, Li Bufan's agent was a little anxious. It was true that she had a lot of artists under her, but very few have the talent to make a name for themselves. After winning the award, Li Bufan was one of the best under her after he won the award. She didn’t want to leave this cash cow behind.

But President Du stopped her with a meaningful glance, she could only look at Li Bufan with hope, hoping that he could remember the good things she had done for him in the past few years.

Li Bufan was about to decline when he was interrupted by Hao Ritian.

"President Du, I'm sorry. The company had been really sincere to Bufan, but Qingfeng Entertainment had already contacted Bufan previously. They wanted to sign Bufan with an A-level contract as well. They also guarantee that after signing they will give him a chance to audition for the male lead in 'Cheng Xian'. Although I'm a little sorry, this kind of development is more beneficial to Bufan. The company had also cultivated Bufan. I'm sure President Du would also like Bufan to have better development, right? If Bufan had developed even further, there will definitely be opportunities to cooperate with your company in the future. After all, you were his previous employer, Bufan won't forget his roots."

Hao Ritian's remarks can be regarded as giving President Du enough face.

After all, who can speak about what was right or wrong in this situation? Li Bufan didn't quit during the contract period. After the contract expires, he had the right to make his own choice. No artist wouldn’t want to go to a higher place when given the choice.

Originally, it was inappropriate for an assistant to speak without authorization, but the three people present were currently shocked by what he said. How could they care about that?

Li Bufan was included among them, with his mouth wide open. What was Xia Lou talking about? Why didn't he know that he would sign an A-level contract? Also, what was that chance to audition for the male lead in 'Cheng Xian'?

He, as the person involved, was already quite shocked, and the other two were no better.

Since President Du can manage such a large company, his IQ was naturally online. He quickly weighed the pros and cons of what Hao Ritian had mentioned.

At this point, if he remained stubborn, it would only strain the relationship between the two. It will also not change the result that Li Bufan wanted to sign with Qingfeng. Besides, Li Bufan can sign with Qingfeng, and it was also with an A-level contract. There was also the opportunity to audition for 'Chen Xian', it was obvious that he was going to climb up.

Just like what Li Bufan's assistant had said, both sides could still keep a friendly relationship. After Li Bufan becomes popular, there will definitely be opportunities to cooperate with his company in the future. Even if it was just to show face, as long as Li Bufan remembered their past, it may be helpful for the company. No matter how you think about it, there was no need to strain the relationship between them.

He was still a little unhappy in his heart, but President Du already had a surprised smile on his face, "It turned out to be like this, then I really can't hinder Bufan. Although I don't want to admit it, Qingfeng does have much better resources than our company. I should say my congratulations."

After saying that, he continued jokingly, "When Bufan becomes popular in the future, you must not forget your old boss. I hope we still have the opportunity to cooperate in the future."

He already expressed his attitude, and it was obvious that he was not going to make a big deal about renewing his contract. After speaking, his eyes lingered on Hao Ritian for a while. He believed that Li Bufan signing with Qingfeng Entertainment definitely had something to do with this little assistant.

The little assistant who was unnoticeable in the past had such great ability. You really couldn't underestimate anyone.

The agent on the side was already stunned. She regretted that she had not treated Li Bufan better before. If that were the case, she might also be able to touch Li Bufan's light.

Li Bufan naturally couldn't guess what was going on inside the agent's mind. He sighed with relief and stepped forward to shake hands with President Du, "Of course. With the President's kind words, I hope I can become popular soon."

President Du laughed, "No need for later, you're already popular now."

The issue of signing the contract was settled on good terms. After exchanging a few words with President Du, Li Bufan and Hao Ritian left the president's office. He looked at Hao Ritian, who was walking by his side. He was a little thin, and paler than normal because of his asthma. He never expected that he would change so much.

Getting rid of Xia Xin, signing a contract with Qingfeng for him, and appeasing President Du with a simple conversation, he was really as mighty and domineering as he had thought. The baozi of the past seemed to have transformed into his current appearance without his knowledge.

The corners of Li Bufan's lips couldn’t help but twitched. He believed that their future would only get better.

TL Note:

Cheng Xian - Becoming Immortal; the title of the Xianxia drama that Qingfeng was planning to make

Baozi - stuffed bun

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