Quick Transmigration: Male God, Shine Bright

chapter 57

"Hello, Mr. Su."

Su Jiu stepped out of the box and was startled by the people standing outside. He immediately showed a polite smile: "hello... What's the matter?"

"Hello, I'm the manager of this store."

Su Jiu nodded, and then?

The manager took out several documents: "this store will be Mr. Su's in the future. Is there anything Mr. Su needs to change or order?"

Su Jiu: "??"

He subconsciously looked into the box. Chu Zheng just hung up and came out of the box.

"Didn't you say you liked it?"

Su Jiu: "...."

He said he liked it and she bought it?

And how long has it been?

How did she do it so quickly?

#President Gu threw a lot of money for Su Jiu#

The hot search also rushed out in an instant. Chu Zheng spent money to buy a store for Su jiu, just because Su jiu said he liked it casually.

[the bright moon on the green mountain is never empty: the goddess is really rich. Don't be black. Who can keep our goddess and who can afford to keep our goddess.]

[empty thoughts: I just want to know whose little princess my goddess is. Do you still need pendant.]

[life Black: Su jiu is kept? It's still hyped on the Internet. Do you want a face?]

[Feng Shuangqi: if you don't agree, buy a shop for Su jiu. President Gu is powerful and domineering!]

[not yet: how do you talk upstairs? If someone falls in love, what's wrong with you? It doesn't seem that President Gu burst out. It's also the paparazzi!]

The people who disagreed in the comments quarreled directly. Now they don't think Chu Zheng is kept by others. Now they say that Su Jiu is kept by Chu Zheng.

The main reason is that Chu Zheng is a girl.

As if the world can only let boys spoil girls, girls are always the weak side.

Girls are rich and powerful. They all depend on their families.

Even if they break into a world, they will eventually be said to rely on men.

[Mengxing West Building: if men give women things like this, they will definitely be envied. It's like girls can't give things to people they like if they have money. Who stipulates that only men can give women things? Funny! It's 8102 now! Wake up!]

[mom, he robbed me of sweets: isn't this the legendary Phoenix man? Su Jiu got up with Chu Zheng?]

[Su Jiu's sweetheart: Why are you so vicious? Su Jiu can't fall in love with president Gu?]

[great miracle: did you talk in bed?]

[Biluo knows why: if the goddess treats me like this, I would like to be kept!]

There are more vicious people on the Internet, and Chu Zheng generally ignores them.

Pei Yu handles Su Jiu. Don't worry.

Therefore, this matter, even if there is a quarrel on the Internet, has no impact on both parties.

The first play of Su jiu was also officially broadcast. With the broadcast of this play, The title of "vase" has been gradually extinguished by those who attacked Su wine for not having works and relying on his face to eat.

Su Jiu has countless fans with this play. It used to rely on the CP powder of him and Chu Zheng. Now Su Jiu has his own fans.

And there are many former fans who welcome his return.

The support Committee was reestablished overnight, as if he had never left the circle.

In the past, Su Jiu needed Peiyu to hold the company's resources, but with the broadcast of this play, Su Jiu can receive a good play without the company's resources.


On the other side, Liu Manman hasn't seen Xie Zhou for a week.

No one answered the call. The company went to find someone and said that Xie Zhou would not come back for the time being.

But she clearly saw Xie Zhou's car coming in and out of the company.

Liu Manman doesn't know that Xie Zhou is hiding from her at this time, so she doesn't have to live.

But she couldn't understand why. Xie Zhou said that he wouldn't investigate the matter before, and then gave her resources

How did it suddenly become like this?

Something must have happened

Liu Manman thought of the recent event. She asked Xie Zhou to say that she had been replaced. After that, he never saw him again.

Is it because of this?

However, even if Liu Manman thought of this, she didn't know why. She had to find Xie Zhou every day.

That day, Liu Manman finally heard that Xie Zhou would eat in a restaurant. She rushed to the place immediately.

This is a private club. No one takes her. She can't get in. She can only wait outside.

"Mr. Xie." When Liu Manman saw Xie Zhou coming out, she immediately ran over and had the expression of being wronged all over her face: "Mr. Xie, why don't you answer my phone?"

Xie Zhou was blocked squarely, and did show the slightest hint of embarrassment: "Miss Liu, it's over between us."

"End?" Liu Manman's face paled. Seeing that Xie Zhou was leaving, she quickly stopped him: "President Xie, why? Did I do something wrong?"

"Miss Liu, respect yourself." Xie Zhou frowned.

"Xie Zhou, let's go." A pretty little girl trotted out behind Xie Zhou and hugged Xie Zhou's arm with a sweet voice.

When she finished, she saw Liu Manman: "well, what are you doing?"

Xie Zhou took out his arm and put his arm around the little girl's waist: "it's all right. Let's go."

Liu Manman looked unbelievably. Is there another woman around him?

"Mr. Xie, what did I do wrong? Why did you do this to me? Tell me, Mr. Xie..."

Xie Zhou's bodyguard came out of nowhere and stopped her.

"Mr. Xie please give me a chance to explain." Liu Man Man's heart was burning, but the bodyguard just wouldn't let her pass.

The girl in Xie Zhou's arms looked back at her and said, "Xie Zhou, she seems to have something urgent to find you. Do you really ignore her?"

However, Xie Zhou got in the car without returning, ignoring Liu Manman who shouted behind him.

Until their car left, the bodyguard released Liu Manman. Liu Manman looked at the assistant next to him: "why did President Xie break up with me? Why?"

"Miss Liu, Mr. Xie has never been with you." The assistant stressed.

Liu Manman was suddenly stunned.


Xie Zhou never said she was his girlfriend.

The people around Xie Zhou changed one after another, but I've never heard of a woman claiming to be a girlfriend.

From the beginning, Xie Zhou made it clear that all he needed was a beautiful and obedient woman, not a girlfriend.

But why? What did she do wrong? Why did Xie Zhou replace her? She believes that as long as she can be by his side, she will be his girlfriend.

The assistant came forward, handed her a paper towel, and then put a USB flash disk in her hand: "Mr. Xie said that you had a fight with him, so you can get together and disperse. Don't look for Mr. Xie again, otherwise you will bear the consequences."

The assistant left with the bodyguard, and Liu Manman looked at the USB flash disk in his hand.

She didn't know what it was, but she knew it must have something to do with why Xie Zhou treated herself like this.

Liu Manman hurriedly found a computer nearby and plugged it into a USB flash disk. There are many videos in it.

She nervously holds the mouse, takes a deep breath and points down.

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