Looting Equipment From NPCs

Chapter 57 Liwan Plaza (NPC)

Here’s a list of names, in case someone couldn’t remember them:

Level 10 team
Chen Changdong (leader)
Liu Yue (older sister of the twins)
Liu Xing (younger sister of the twins)
Yuan Jin (man with slightly long hair)
Ma Ming (a short guy) -dead
Dong Xu (a tall guy)

Chen Changdong said that to despise them junior team for having lesser points, right?! Of course, they don’t have many points indeed.

It seems that Chen Changdong didn't want to continue talking anymore as he said, "Alright, you can say it now."

Lou Fan didn't delay. After receiving the payment, he told everything he knew. "Before the mall was built, 8 coffins were dug up from the ground. When we went back to rest last night, we noticed that there are movements in the underground parking lot. Therefore, the 8 coffins should be there, but the exact location is unclear."

Combining the context, the 8 coffins should be in the underground parking lot. Listening to the meaning of the second sentence, there is quite a lot of movement there at night. Hearing that, Chen Changdong's expression became even more unsightly. He pondered for a while and discussed with his 4 team members. Then, they decided to take a look at it during the day and think about countermeasures after.

Lou Fan kindly reminded, "Team leader Chen, our temporary shelter is in the staff lounge at the safety exit. If you need anything, you can come to us again."

Chen Changdong glared at Lou Fan and took out his spirit weapon to check its condition. The hook has returned, and it is a good fishing rod again.

However, when Lou Fan and Qin Tan saw that spirit weapon, their eyes widened. At the same time, Lou Fan became more depressed, and his heart is a little broken.

Damn it, he messed up! My God! It's actually an intermediate spirit weapon! Lou Fan just tricked a bunch of points from the owner of the intermediate spirit weapon! If the man took it out earlier, he can even provide the news for free! Lou Fan is roaring inwardly but his expression is calm.

Qin Tan asked aloud, "Team leader Chen, your spirit weapon is an intermediate spirit weapon?"

Dong Xu snorted aside, "You know your goods."

On the contrary, Chen Changdong has an indescribably complicated expression on his face. Finally, he sighed, "So what if it’s an intermediate spirit weapon? The evil ghost still escaped last night, and we even lost Ma Ming." He said and looked deeply at the junior team. Then he reminded them, "This time, the task is not easy to do, you all be careful."

Lou Fan felt a little embarrassed to be reminded so kindly after he scammed others of their points.

However, Chen Changdong didn't seem to care at all. He called his teammates, and they walked to the safety exit to the underground parking lot to check the situation.

After the higher-level team left, Qin Tan frowned and said, "Just now he said that he was using an intermediate spirit weapon but the evil spirit still ran away."

Lou Fan nodded, also with a solemn expression, "We have to be more careful and try our best not to conflict with the evil ghost, and just complete our mission."

Their team squatted in the master's room the whole night last night. Today, their main task is to find crystals. If they have nothing to do at night, they should continue staying in the room and don't run around. They believe that they can still avoid direct contact with evil spirits to the greatest extent possible. Lou Fan thought it is a good arrangement.

The monk had collected the things he wanted and is about to go back. Qin Tan asked Chen Shuyang to follow him; there would be no danger in the daytime. The rest of them took the money from Chen Shuyang and went straight to the place where they saw the crystals with attributes.

Chen Shuyang's money is only effective for 10 minutes. They need to make a quick decision and can't take more money, just take enough money to pay the bill. Hence, they need to wait until the next time they see something suitable, then they go back and get the money.

Going to the store yesterday, Lou Fan bought both the golden crystal and the green crystal the size of a pinky finger. 10 minutes later, the balance of money left in his hand disappeared. However, the lady shopkeeper did not say that there is something wrong with the money. It should be a setting in this world.

Qin Tan’s team still split into 2 to look for the crystals. As long as Wen Lang’s side saw a suspected crystal of the 5 attributes, they will call Lou Fan over to look at it. After running around for a long time, they finally gathered enough of the crystals with 5 attributes. However, except for the golden one, the rest are very small. They are only about the size of a pinky finger.

The four of them hurriedly took the crystals and hurried back to give them to the eminent monk. The eminent monk accepted the crystal and nodded at Lou Fan with a smile, "Not bad, young man. It’s what I wanted. Although they are a little small, it's enough."

Lou Fan asked, "Master, how does this work? The bigger the better?"

The eminent monk had an unfathomable expression on his face, "The so-called yin and yang of heaven and earth are all within the 5 attributes. Using the power of the attributes, they can remove all dark spirits and ghosts. But the power of the 5 attributes must be brought together to be effective. As for usage, just place the crystals in different specific positions and then, recite the incantation."

Lou Fan touched his chin in contemplation, it doesn’t sound too difficult. Also, he thought that since this eminent monk can eliminate the evil spirits in this world, he must have real ability. His method may be useful for dealing with all kinds of supernatural beings.

Lou Fan asked with a smile: "Master, do you have other orders for us?"

The eminent monk paused and waved his hand, "Today is done. I’ll call you people to run errands tomorrow."

Lou Fan waved at his team members with a mysterious look on his face. Seeing him like this, Qin Tan knew that Lou Fan must be planning something again.

Sure enough, the smile on Lou Fan's face almost overflowed as he said, "Hurry up, let's continue to find more crystals. This thing will definitely be useful in other worlds, we need to find more!" Next, he turned around and asked Chen Shuyang, "Shuyang, do you still have RMB in your book?"

Chen Shuyang nodded and flipped through a few pages. There is another stack on it, "There’s more here, I think it should be enough!"

Lou Fan gestured at Chen Shuyang cunningly, "Not bad, Shuyang, you little clever thing."

Chen Shuyang suddenly couldn't help laughing and crying, "Then, you guys go ahead to find more, and I will continue to study with the master. He is quite optimistic about me, and said he wants to teach me to draw amulets."

Qin Tan: "You will stay to protect the master. Call out if something happens. We are just around and will be back before 10.00 pm."

Wen Lang patted Chen Shuyang and said, "Study hard, Shuyang. It's good to absorb more of this knowledge. Help me read my fortune when we return to Lazuli."

Jiang Dong scolded Wen Lang, "He is studying Buddhism skills, and it has nothing to do with fortune-telling."

The daily quarrel started again so Chen Shuyang rolled his eyes and ignored these two directly.

Hearing that, Wen Lang is not happy, "Hey, why do you always have to seek attention for yourself?"

Jiang Dong: "Then, why do you keep spouting nonsense from your head?"

Wen Lang: "You!"

Lou Fan: "Stop flirting and go!"

"Who is flirting?!" The two said in unison, then glared at each other.

Chen Changdong took his team members down the stairs to the basement floor. At moments like this, he didn't know what they would encounter in the elevator, so taking the stairs should be more secure. The B1 floor looked normal but the lights are a little dim. There are a few cars parked sparsely around and they can't see anything wrong. They didn't make a sound and stayed cautious.

Yuan Jin pulled at Chen Changdong's sleeve and pointed to a sign, which a downward arrow is drawn, the B2 floor. Chen Changdong nodded and pointed down at his team members before turning towards the stairs.

As soon as they entered the vicinity B2 floor, gusts of chilly wind rushed in from all directions. The team shrank their necks and trembled all over, their limbs cold. Needless to say, the possibility of the 8 coffins on this floor is very high so they became more and more vigilant. Chen Changdong only intends to find out whether the coffins are here. Then, he’ll just grab the evil ghost and drags it over directly.

However, the idea is good but realizing it is not easy. When they walked out of the corridor, they found that the surroundings are completely dark, and they could not see their fingers. The team quickly took out the bright headlights they brought with them. Under the illumination of the strong light, the visible range is only about 1 meter, and they can't see what is in front of them.

Liu Xing is very scared so she reached out to grab her sister's hand, only to find that Liu Yue's hand is cold as well. But as she is walking, she suddenly realized that something is wrong. Their team leader is walking in front and she and her sister are following behind him. Then, behind them are Yuan Jin and Dong Xu. She remembered that her sister was on her left before, so who is the person holding her right hand?

Liu Xing turned her head tremblingly, and the bright headlight moved along with her. On the person’s pale face, a pair of blood-red, unfocused eyes stared at her. When she looked over, the person revealed a strange smile.

At that moment, Liu Xing felt that her hand got licked by fire, and she threw it away instantly. The next moment, she screamed. At the same time, Liu Yue reacted right away and grabbed Liu Xing, pulling her backward. After that, she opened her folding fan and swiped at the dead man. The dead man fell to the ground. Yuan Jin and Dong Xu rushed over and immediately threw out a special whip at the body, swiftly tying it up.

Liu Yue comforted Liu Xing, but Liu Xing only got frightened at that moment earlier. Now, she has come back to her senses.

Chen Changdong took out his flashlight to check, and asked casually, "Is Liu Xing all right?"

"She’s alright, just got a sudden scare." Liu Yue shook her head. Holding Liu Xing’s hand, they stepped forward and saw the person on the ground. She said, "This is the person who fell from the building on the 1st day."

Chen Changdong nodded and looked around again, but found no shadow of the coffin.

"Where did this man come from?"

Liu Xing said with an aggrieved tone, "I don't know either. I just wanted to hold my sister’s hand, but..." Now that she thinks about it, Liu Xing felt like her hand is going to rot, and she can't wait to rub it with soap at least 10 times.

Liu Yue: "Could it be that he just came out of the coffin?"

After Liu Yue said this, everyone thought it is not impossible. On the 1st day, the NPCs said that the 8 people who died every month are the evil spirit’s replacements.

Liu Yue added, "Team leader, it's too dark here. Even if we found the coffin now, we won't be able to drag the evil spirit here to find it again. We must brighten the place up first. Also, I don't think this matter about the coffin is simple. We have to ask again about the placement of the coffin. I still remember a previous mission, because of the placement of key items, another intermediate team almost died.”

Of course, Chen Changdong still remembered that they were just a junior team at that time. Thinking of this, he immediately agreed with Liu Yue's point of view.

"Go up first. We’ll confirm the details before coming down again." Although Chen Changdong is a little unwilling to leave empty-handed, he couldn't force the way through or his team will suffer in the end.

This time, their return went very smoothly. Liu Yue thought about something and finally said hesitantly, "Team leader, I think we should find the junior team to communicate with the eminent monk. I have a feeling that the eminent monk will not answer our words."

Although Chen Changdong is reluctant to believe it, he had also thought about what Liu Yue said. But he couldn't figure out what made the key NPC only communicate with the junior team and ignore the senior team. It stands to reason that the NPC will talk as long as there are key items, but now they don't even know what the key items are.

When Chen Changdong and his team are going to look for the junior team, they happened to see Lou Fan holding some shiny things in his hand, chatting and laughing with Wen Lang beside him. Qin Tan is walking beside Lou Fan, and he looked a bit like a bodyguard.

Lou Fan is very happy because they had a good harvest this time. They found 2 crystals with water attributes. Then, he looked up and saw Chen Changdong coming over with a long face. Lou Fan stopped walking and thought to himself, ‘Why do I feel like they are here to find fault with that expression? Could it be there are no coffins in the underground parking lot?’

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