Ghosts Know What I Experienced

Chapter 58.2: Fellow Daoist Xi, Fellow Daoist Ye, some restraint ah!

Chapter 58 Part 2

Nan Yi said, “The divination is very clear-cut. The fluctuation of yin energy this time is related to the Body of Extreme Yin and the convergence of Yin and Yang. If it isn’t referring to Fellow Daoist Xi, then could it be that there is a second Body of Extreme Yin in this world?”

Xi Jia shook his head, “I don’t know anyone else besides me who has the Body of Extreme Yin. But if S City really has another Body of Extreme Yin, then the yin energy would certainly be soaring. Jingzhi and I would be able to see their yin energy and immediately find them.”

Muyu thought, “Then, could the other Body of Extreme Yin have a way to cover their yin energy?”

Ye Jingzhi said, “The Mt. Tai Yin-Yang Unity Stone is a magic treasure of the highest quality and can directly hide the yin energy. But, it is not possible for normal people to possess this kind of magic treasure, and they do not know how to use them. They must ask Xuanxue world Celestial Masters. Since that’s the case, it’s impossible for the Xuanxue world to not know of the other’s existence.”

All of a sudden, the matter fell into another deadlock.

The strange activity of S City’s yin energy was related to the Body of Extreme Yin and also had something to do with heiheihei. No matter how you look, it seemed like it was Xi Jia and Ye Jingzhi not knowing moderation, papapa too many times, and letting down the people of S City. But this time, Xi Jia was really innocent. Could it be that there really was a second Body of Extreme Yin?

Xi Jia wasn’t very sure how severe it would be if a city’s yin energy had such strange changes, but Ye Jingzhi knew. Ye Jingzhi furrowed his brows and added another serious matter, “Tomorrow is the Ghost Festival.”

Nan Yi and Muyu were both stunned and looked up at him.

Ye Jingzhi held Xi Jia’s hand tighter and said in a calm tone, “On the night of the Ghost Festival, the yin energy would become more turbulent more often. If there really is a second Body of Extreme Yin, we must find them before the night of the Ghost Festival. Otherwise……there would be endless troubles.”

Since such a problem suddenly appeared, Xi Jia didn’t have the time to cook. Ye Jingzhi looked at the braised pork in the pot that hadn’t finished cooking and looked down in disappointment. Right now, they must hurry and split up to find that Body of Extreme Yin.

Nan Yi contacted Zhufeng-zhenren and asked Zhufeng-zhenren to make a divination to see if he could find the second Body of Extreme Yin. However, Zhufeng-zhenren replied very quickly: 【 In this world, only Young Daoist Xi has a Body of Extreme Yin. 】

Nan Yi asked: 【 Senior Zhufeng, you really didn’t calculate it wrong? 】

【 This kind of trivial thing isn’t a heavenly secret, how could this poor daoist calculate it wrong. 】

Since it couldn’t be divined, then they could only use the stupidest method: finding it themselves. Xi Jia and Ye Jingzhi could both see yin energy so they quickly drove all over S City. Nan Yi and Muyu also activated their Yin-Yang Eyes in order to find that Body of Extreme Yin.

However, within a sea of people, how could they be able to find it?

From noon to evening, the four men couldn’t find a single trace of the other Body of Extreme Yin.

The Celestial Masters of Tianji School also began to incessantly make divinations around the clock. Zhufeng-zhenren consecutively calculated over 50 divinations. Each divination illustrated that only Xi Jia had the Body of Extreme Yin in the entire world.

When midnight of the middle of the seventh month arrived, Xi Jia and Ye Jingzhi stood on S City’s Xiangmen Bridge, looking at the people and vehicles coming and going. Once the second hand of the clock slid past 12, suddenly, a gust of cold wind came from under Xi Jia’s feet, blowing his hair apart.

Xi Jia looked down at his feet. In his eyes, a thread of faint yin energy rushed forth from the earth before slowly drifting through the air. Then, he raised his head to look in the distance. His eyes contracted, and his expression became serious.

On the entire main road, strands of hair-like yin energy crawled up from the ground and lightly scattered in the air. Before the middle of the seventh month, the yin energy of S City was somewhat weakened, and wandering and wild ghosts were rarely seen. However, once this day arrived, the yin energy that had been accumulating for 10 days completely burst out.

Xi Jia looked at the bustling street with a calm gaze and only saw three lonely souls float up from the river before they floated towards the street with dull expressions. In the dark night of the middle of the seventh month, this kind of ghost would appear one by one. The amount would exceed the number in the previous days.

Ye Jingzhi held Xi Jia’s hand and said quietly, “Jia Jia, don’t worry. The number of ghosts appearing early in the morning is a bit more, but it isn’t very serious. Tonight’s Zishi (11pm-1am) is the moment where yin energy is the strongest in the mortal world. In the last hour tonight, Fengdu’s Hell Gate would truly open.”

Xi Jia raised his head and asked, “Then, since the yin energy of S City has these changes, would there be any effects?”

Every middle of the seventh month in the past, Xi Jia would always calmly eat, drink, and play at home. He took a big nap and slept through it without caring about what happened outside. But for this year’s middle of the seventh month, S City’s yin energy had strange activities, and he didn’t know what would happen.

However, Ye Jingzhi also couldn’t answer this problem. He could only fix his eyes and say seriously, “We must find that Body of Extreme Yin.”

On the streets in the wee hours of the day were all ghosts, and the yin energy was also very strong. It was impossible to find the Body of Extreme Yin. Thus, Xi Jia and Ye Jingzhi first returned home to rest. At first light the next morning, the two headed out to continue the search.

“The Body of Extreme Yin itself has very strong yin energy. Today’s also the middle of the seventh month, it’s impossible to hide it,” Ye Jingzhi said in a low voice.

Xi Jia looked down at his hand and saw a strand of faint black-colored yin energy flow from his fingers before dispersing in the air and gradually disappearing.

Ye Jingzhi said, “Jia Jia, Master Buku’s relic from when he had passed away can obstruct your yin energy, after all, it is a relic from a senior monk. It isn’t the best magic treasure, so during the Ghost Festival, its effects of hiding the yin energy might be a bit lacking and not as great as the Mt. Tai stone.”

Xi Jia nodded, and he became even more puzzled, “Even I can’t completely hide my yin energy, how is that Body of Extreme Yin hiding their yin energy?”

Ye Jingzhi was unable to reply.

At noon, Nan Yi and Muyu came from the west, and the four met.

Xi Jia expressed his confusion. But, a problem that Master Ye couldn’t answer, Nan Yi and Muyu were even more clueless. Nan Yi said, “I have already notified my master. Master said that he would bring a few seniors to S City tonight and see. Even if that Body of Extreme Yin created a problem, he would stabilize the situation.”

Since Cengxiu-zhenjun was coming, Xi Jia felt a bit relieved.

The four men continued to search S City, but finding someone in one day in a large city like S City was as hard as ascending heaven. At nightfall, Xi Jia saw that the streets became denser with yin energy and felt the temperature slowly become ice-cold. His mood became heavier. On the road, many passersby pulled their clothes closer and quickly headed home as if they subconsciously sensed that something wasn’t right.

After searching for an entire day, Xi Jia and Ye Jingzhi returned to Xiangmen Bridge. The setting sun’s countless rays of light sprinkled on the surface of the river. Its gleaming reflection appeared on the surface.

Watching the sun slowly fall below the earth, Xi Jia also saw the black yin energy on the street solidify even more. His expression slightly sank. After a while, he asked quietly, “Jingzhi, if that Body of Extreme Yin really did something……what would happen?”

Ye Jingzhi deeply thought for a moment, “Tonight, the Hell Gate would open, the yin energy is strong, and malicious ghosts would go rampant. The malicious ghosts would look for strong yin energy and take the initiative to look for it. But, it shouldn’t be too serious. Jia Jia, you’re also a Body of Extreme Yin. Would something happen if you encounter a lot of malicious ghosts?”

Master Ye already knew that he had a wife who could tear ghosts apart with their bare hands. If a malicious ghost encountered Brother Jia, then it would simply be seeking death. Brother Jia wouldn’t be in trouble, and they themselves would be in trouble.

However, listening to Ye Jingzhi’s words, Xi Jia didn’t utter a word.

After a long time, he softly said, “Maybe something big would happen.”

Ye Jingzhi faintly sensed something wrong. He looked at Xi Jia and pursed his lips, but didn’t speak.

Xi Jia gazed into the darkened sky. No trace of a smile was found on his serious face.

The two stood at the end of the bridge, and neither spoke. Suddenly, an ambulance sped past them from behind. Hearing the ear-piercing siren, Xi Jia’s eyes widened as he pulled Ye Jingzhi to a stop, “Could that Body of Extreme Yin already have died?!”

Ye Jingzhi was stunned, “Dead?”

Xi Jia nodded and said in analysis, “The masters of Tianji School has made calculations for an entire day, and the divinations indicate that I’m the only one who has the Body of Extreme Yin in this world. But the divinations also say that the anomaly in S City’s yin energy is related to the Body of Extreme Yin. Then, is it because this person is already dead, they wouldn’t count as being in the mortal world? But, they did something and caused an anomaly in the world’s yin energy?”

Ye Jingzhi shook his head, “I have never seen another Body of Extreme Yin. But Jia Jia, according to your strong yin energy, if you were to get eaten by a ghost, once you become a ghost, you would certainly be a ghost king. Finding a ghost king is easier than finding a Body of Extreme Yin. It is unable to be hidden.”

They didn’t find the other party, so they definitely hadn’t died. This idea was wrong again.

Xi Jia lowered his head and continued to contemplate, “They don’t exist in this world, but they’re a Body of Extreme Yin. They’re not dead, but there’s no way we can’t find him. Then, they……”

His voice came to an abrupt stop. Xi Jia quickly raised his head and looked at Ye Jingzhi. Ye Jingzhi also looked at him in shock as if he also thought of a possibility.

The two spoke in unison, “They haven’t been born yet?!”

Within four hours, Xi Jia and Ye Jingzhi scoured through S City’s hospitals, both large and small. They sent a text to Nan Yi and Muyu about this possibility. The four men kept searching until 10 o’clock and came to a conclusion, “In the maternity wards of S City’s hospitals, no one is pregnant with a Body of Extreme Yin.”

Nan Yi said, “I just contacted the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and they have already found out all the information on the pregnancies registered in S City’s hospitals in the last 6 months. There are tens of thousands of people scattered across S City. If we search for it one by one, we definitely won’t be able to find it today.”

Muyu turned to look at the clock on the hospital’s wall, “Amitabha, there is still 3 minutes left until Zishi (11pm-1am). We do not know how a Body of Extreme Yin takes form, but tomorrow is a yang day. As long as tonight passes, that Body of Extreme Yin would have avoided the Ghost Festival. Even if they are born on a yin year, yin month, yin day, and yin hour in the future, they won’t run into countless malicious ghosts and cause a disaster.” Pausing for a moment, Muyu turned to look at Xi Jia before asking, “Fellow Daoist Xi, do you know what it was like when you were born?”

Up until now, the entire Xuanxue world also didn’t know the specifics of how a Body of Extreme Yin was formed.

Even Xi Jia couldn’t say anything definitive about it. He could only say that it was a coincidence, that Ling Xiao bestowed fortune. However, an article on “Ghosts Know” once wrote that Xi Jia was born during a yin year, yin month, yin day, and yin hour. It indicated that that was one of the conditions for the formation of a Body of Extreme Yin.

Xi Jia replied, “When I was born, my mother died during childbirth. I heard my father say that something wasn’t right on the night I was born, but my father kept on holding me while he wept over my mother’s corpse. Those cold, dirty things didn’t do much to us, and I also grew up smoothly.”

Nan Yi said, “Fellow Daoist Xi really isn’t born on the Ghost Festival.”

Xi Jia nodded, “Yes, my birthday is in November.”

Nan Yi, “I hope that the Body of Extreme Yin also isn’t born today.”

The four men spoke a few more words before heading out of the hospital. Nan Yi sent the information he had received to Xi Jia and Ye Jingzhi and said, “It’s already Zishi (11pm-1am) now, and Fengdu’s Hell Gate has opened. Once we’re done guarding Fengdu’s Hell Gate tonight, Fellow Daoist Hu Die, Fellow Daoist Pei Yu, and the others will take the time to help find this Body of Extreme Yin. We just need to endure past tonight. Tomorrow, we can slowly make plans.”

At this time, Muyu made a joke, “Speaking of which, all of the Bodies of Extreme Yin appeared in S City. Can it be possible that there’s something peculiar in S City?”

Nan Yi was very serious, “Those words are reasonable, I will report this to Master.”

Xi Jia slowed down his pace and walked behind Ye Jingzhi. He scrolled through the data on pregnancies on his phone and asked in a low voice, “Can that Body of Extreme Yin……really be born without a hitch?”

Ye Jingzhi paused in his steps and turned his head to look at Xi Jia, “Jia Jia?”

Xi Jia looked up at him without a smile on his face, “I read an article on ‘Ghosts Know.” In ancient records, extreme types of physiques such as the Bodies of Extreme Yin and Bodies of Three Fiends shouldn’t be born. In the womb, they would harm the mother. The mother wouldn’t be able to endure until childbirth, and mother and child would die together. I was born, but I caused my mother to die. Jingzhi, that person……could they really be born without a problem?”

A perplexing expression flashed across the youth’s eyes, lonely yet quiet. Ye Jingzhi immediately grabbed a hold of Xi Jia’s hand, causing Xi Jia to look at him. He earnestly said, “Jia Jia, this isn’t your fault. It’s inevitable that the Body of Extreme Yin would bring this result. Your mother……Your mother’s passing isn’t what you wanted, don’t blame yourself.”

Xi Jia looked at Ye Jingzhi’s worried look. His heart somewhat went soft, but his body was very cold. Ye Jingzhi’s hand was very hot, tightly holding his hand. However, there were some things where the mouth knew what to say, but the thoughts in the heart were beyond control.

Xi Jia slowly parted his lips, “Ye Jingzhi, you don’t want me to blame myself?”

Ye Jingzhi nodded hard.

“Then how about, when you don’t blame yourself, I won’t blame myself?”

Ye Jingzhi was instantly dumbfounded.

Xi Jia smiled, “I think this is very fair.”

Ye Jingzhi said that Xi Jia always blamed himself, but was he himself not?

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C+: I’m innocent! We haven’t done any heiheihei or papapa!!!

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