Ghosts Know What I Experienced

Chapter 58.3: Fellow Daoist Xi, Fellow Daoist Ye, some restraint ah!

Chapter 58 Part 3

The Body of Extreme Yin would cause the death of the mother due to the strong yin energy, but with appropriate contact, it shouldn’t have too much of an affect on other people. However, the Body of Three Fiends was different. The Body of Three Fiends was comprised of the Qi of the Five Elements, and it’s type of evil energy. As long as one was pregnant with this child, Ye Jingzhi’s mother would definitely be killed by him. Not only that, but he would even kill all of his kin and friends.

Therefore, in these 20-some years, Ye Jingzhi never went to look for his relatives that abandoned him. He didn’t blame them for abandoning him. Rather, he also thought that abandoning him was expected because he shouldn’t be allowed in this world. Just like how the younger generation of the Xuanxue world gave him the nickname of “Hell King Ye,” he was never angry.

Because, he should be like this.

Ye Jingzhi would never say these matters, and other people would never go and think about them.

Only Xi Jia. He knew, he understood, and he said, “If you don’t blame yourself, then I won’t blame myself.”

Ye Jingzhi’s pupils were trembling as he held Xi Jia’s hand. Clearly, his own hand was warm, and Xi Jia’s was cold, but he felt that his body was being warmed up by his lover’s.

After a long time, Ye Jingzhi couldn’t help but raise the corners of his lips and let out an emphasized “En.”

Nan Yi and Muyu, who were walking in front, were busy looking at the information and didn’t notice the bowl of dog food behind them. Xi Jia and Ye Jingzhi held hands and headed towards the hospital entrance side by side regardless of onlookers’ gazes. Just as they nearly reached the hospital entrance, a middle-aged man suddenly rushed inside, carrying a pregnant woman on his back.

Xi Jia and Ye Jingzhi quickly moved out of the way, nearly bumped into by this man.

The man loudly shouted, “My wife’s about to give birth, my wife’s about to give birth! Where’s the doctor, the doctor?!”

A few nurses quickly ran over and brought a stretcher from a corner. The woman’s complexion was pale due to the pain as she weakly leaned on her husband’s back, her abdomen was both round and large. Not long after, two elderlies also rushed in and pulled the woman onto the stretcher.

A nurse helped lift the pregnant woman onto the stretcher. She had just put the pregnant woman on when she was pushed by the old woman next to her, “What are you doing?! Such rough movements. Young lady, do you even know how to do things, will you pay if you hurt my grandson? Will you pay?!”

The young nurse never thought someone would actually push her when she was helping lift the pregnant woman. She was nearly pushed to the floor and looked at the old woman with a dumbfounded look. The old woman glared at her fiercely and pulled a nurse over before saying, “Quickly push my grandson in, my grandson is about to be born!”

The nurse’s body trembled in anger, but the pregnant woman was howling in pain. She could only push the stretcher into the operating room without delay.

Xi Jia coldly watched this scene unfold. He watched a moment longer before turning around to leave. Ye Jingzhi rarely went to the hospital, and he also had never seen such a swift, fierce, and unreasonable old woman. He also looked on a little longer before leaving with Xi Jia.

However, right when the two men turned around and were about to walk out of the hospital, a drop of blood flowed down from the pregnant woman and fell hard against the floor. When the drop of blood hit the floor with a plink, Xi Jia’s scalp went numb, and goosebumps formed all over. He rapidly turned around with wide eyes and looked at the blood on the ground in disbelief.

Ye Jingzhi also immediately turned and looked at the blood on the ground.

In their eyes, a thread of dense, black yin energy burst from the blood with a loud rumble. The violent yin energy scattered out from the hospital. Countless wandering souls and wild ghosts that were roaming in the world due to the Ghost Festival all simultaneously turned their heads in the direction of the hospital.

Xi Jia and Ye Jingzhi gave a quick glance at each other before heading towards the operating room. When they walked up to the blood, Ye Jingzhi calmly stepped on the blood. When he raised his foot, the blood disappeared without a trace.

Three minutes later, Nan Yi and Muyu received the message and also rushed back to the hospital.

In front of the operating room, the pregnant woman’s family was sitting on the chairs, talking constantly. The husband seemed to be a bit worried, and his way of talking was relatively rushed. However, the old man and woman by his side had carefree expressions. The old woman spoke as she wished, “This time, it’s finally a boy. Little Hui’s stomach is too disappointing. This is already the fourth one and finally conceived my grandson.”

They seemed to be carefree. On the other side of the hallway, Xi Jia’s party of four actually appeared to be more anxious.

The four people didn’t sit down but rather leaned against the wall instead. There weren’t much of an expression on their faces, but the four people’s attentions were all now concentrated in the operating room.

Muyu incessantly shuffled his prayer beads and quietly recited Buddhist scriptures. Nan Yi sent Cengxiu-zhenjun and the others a message, asking them to rush over. Xi Jia looked at the entrance to the operating room with a calm expression without uttering a word, just silently looking on.

Ye Jingzhi could hear the sounds in the operating room. However, as he listened to the voices inside, his brows became more and more furrowed.

He leaned over and spoke next to Xi Jia’s ear, “A difficult birth.”

Xi Jia raised his head and looked at him.

Ye Jingzhi continued to listen to the voices inside and repeated the doctor’s words, “It seems there has been several miscarriages, and the uterine wall is very thin. It’s dangerous.” After pausing, Ye Jingzhi spoke again, “This child’s yin energy is very strong but is still a lot weaker than yours. I have already laid down a barrier so the roaming wandering souls and wild ghosts outside won’t be able to sense his yin energy. But……it’s very hard for him to be born.”

Xi Jia asked, “Because he’s a Body of Extreme Yin?”

Ye Jingzhi nodded, and yet also shook his head, “He doesn’t really seem to be a lot like a Body of Extreme Yin. If you’re the standard Body of Extreme Yin, then his yin energy is probably about half of yours, over 10 times more than ordinary people. Jia Jia, is he really a Body of Extreme Yin?”

How would Xi Jia know about this kind of thing?

The red light for the operating room was still lit. The pregnant woman had only gone in for half an hour, and there was also only half an hour left until midnight. As long as midnight past, it would no longer be the Ghost Festival. The next day also wouldn’t be a yin day. It’s very possible that this child wasn’t a Body of Extreme Yin.

The family across from them didn’t seem worried at all. As time passed, the husband also became more relaxed and started to calculate with the old woman as to who would be invited to the child’s one-month birthday celebration and what the lower limit for the celebratory money should be.

They weren’t the least bit anxious, but the expressions of the three Celestial Masters standing across from them suddenly changed.

Ye Jingzhi grasped Xi Jia’s hand tighter and said in a lowered voice, “The doctor is about to come out.”

Xi Jia wrinkled his brows.

The doctor was just going to come out? The child was born so soon, why wasn’t the yin energy nearby not really reacting? Suddenly, Xi Jia thought of a possibility and turned to look at Ye Jingzhi in shock.

In the next moment, the doctor in surgical garments stepped out in large strides and said precisely, “The mother had four miscarriages in the past, the uterine wall is too thin, and the child is too heavy. There was heavy bleeding just now, and for safety reasons, we feel that protecting the mother is more appropriate. Please sign your name.”

Once the voice fell, the nurse to the side took out a contract and handed it over.

The old woman suddenly took a large step forward and knocked the contract to the floor.

Enraged, the nurse said, “What are you doing?!”

The old woman cursed, “What protecting the mother, I want my grandson! If you dare to not safely deliver my grandson today, I want you to pay with your life!”

The doctor had also seen many faces in the field and started to analyze the risk in choosing between the mother or the child. In fact, in a genuine hospital, they basically wouldn’t keep the child. Majority of doctors would recommend protecting the mother. The hospital couldn’t assume responsibility for death, and protecting the adult was the optimal first choice. Moreover, choosing the child didn’t mean that the child would be safe.

The old woman didn’t even listen, she cussed as she said, “Pick the child, we want to pick the child, do you hear?!”

The middle-aged man was still hesitating, but the old man to the side also started to make a racket, clamoring about wanting to hold his grandson.

The doctor coldly said, “Then make a decision, do you want to save the mother or the child?”

The old woman didn’t even think, “My grandson!”

“The mother!”

Suddenly hearing the voices, the old woman turned to look. With this look, she blanked for a moment before cursing, “Who are you guys? What does my grandson have to do with you? Protect the child for me, I want my grandson!”

Xi Jia and Ye Jingzhi uttered the phrase at the same time coincidentally. That old woman thought they were crazy and didn’t pay them any attention.

At this point, Muyu also returned to his senses. He took a step forward and greeted ceremoniously, “Amitabha, this benefactor, what they have said is not wrong. Indeed, protecting the mother is the sensible act.” Because your grandson already cannot handle such strong yin energy and is about to die.

The old woman saw that a monk had also come to interfere and angrily said, “What bullshit is this, scram, scram, scram. You doctors, quickly bring out my grandson, I want my grandson!”

With hate in the doctor’s eyes, he asked the nurse to switch contracts and let the middle-aged man sign. The middle-aged man trembled, not really daring to sign. The old woman was unceasingly urging and cursing in rage. He closed his eyes and signed in a hurry.

The doctor took the contract and turned around, intending to leave. The old woman was still harping on about her grandson without stopping.

However, the doctor hadn’t been able to enter the operating room. He had just reached the entrance when the doors suddenly opened. A nurse looked at the doctor anxiously and said, “Doctor Liu, the child is already dead in the womb. The mother is now in cardiac arrest, quickly take a look!”

Outside of the operating room, the old woman’s family were all dumbfounded.

Xi Jia clenched his fingers. Watching the doctor enter the operating room, his heart was filled with complex feelings, but he was unable to say anything.


The second after the doctor had stepped into the operating room, the old woman’s family sat on the floor, rolling around and causing a ruckus. A burst of soaring yin energy exploded with a loud bang, suddenly dispersed out, and unexpectedly broke the barrier that Ye Jingzhi had laid down in a flash.

Xi Jia and Ye Jingzhi rushed towards the operating room in large strides. Nan Yi and Muyu’s speed of reaction towards yin energy was a bit slower, but very quickly, they also anxiously rushed in.

In the sky above S City, powerful yin energy erupted. Ye Jingzhi had said that this child’s yin energy was definitely very weak and was not even up to half of Xi Jia’s. But now, this yin energy had completely erupted forth. With the hospital as the center, the frightening and powerful yin energy rushed towards all of S City, crushing down like a roller.

Cengxiu-zhenjun and the others, who were currently rushing to the hospital, saw the yin energy from afar. Every one of their faces sank as they quickened their paces.

In every corner of S City, countless lonely souls and wild ghosts, that were flourishing in the dark corners, all turned their heads simultaneously and looked in the direction of the hospital. Many ugly and terrifying malicious ghosts also stopped whatever they were currently doing and looked towards the hospital, showing an expression of obsession and thirst. They madly floated towards the hospital, sparing no effort as if they would never again be able to grab some delicacy if they were late.

Translator’s Addition:
Nan Yi and Muyu: 【in their minds】We see nothing! We see nothing! Therefore we didn’t eat any dog food! *focuses on the information*

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