Looting Equipment From NPCs

Chapter 58 Liwan Plaza (NPC)

Here’s a list of names, in case someone couldn’t remember them:

Level 10 team
Chen Changdong (leader)
Liu Yue (older sister of the twins)
Liu Xing (younger sister of the twins)
Yuan Jin (man with slightly long hair)
Ma Ming (a short guy) -dead
Dong Xu (a tall guy)

Qin Tan stepped forward to meet the team. Chen Changdong pursed his lips before saying, "We want to ask for your help."

Help? Lou Fan is puzzled. Chen Changdong got tricked by him in the morning and looked angry at that time. Now, he wants to ask them for help? This sounds a bit suspicious.

Chen Changdong saw Lou Fan's expression and his eyelids twitched involuntarily. Then he continued to say to Qin Tan, "We went to the parking lot but it was so dark that we couldn't see anything. The person who died on the first day is also inside. Afraid of being overwhelmed, we didn't go deep inside and thought to ask the master for help. So, I would like to ask you to help us communicate with the master."

Chen Changdong glanced at Lou Fan again, his lips pursed into a line, "How much do you want?"

Lou Fan: … Why does Chen Changdong look at him like he is a greedy person?!

That's right! That is correct!

But at moments like these, in the presence of big bosses, Lou Fan felt that he should be tactful.

"No problem, Team leader Chen, we'll help with this." Lou Fan stepped forward and said with a smile, "However, wouldn’t it be too distancing if we talk about points? Asking for rewards for small matters like this, we're not that kind of people."

Wen Lang: "…" Holy crap, why is Brother Lou becoming more and more shameless!

Jiang Dong gave a thumbs up to Lou Fan's flexibility in his heart!

Chen Changdong: "..." Can this person change face (expression/attitude) even faster than now?

Although Lou Fan sounded like he is being flattering, he is not annoying at all. His appearance is like a well-behaved and charming person. When he smiles, his beautiful peach blossom eyes narrow, so it won’t make people angry at all.

Chen Changdong: "Then, I’ll thank you first. If there is anything we can help with, we will do our best."

He was waiting for this sentence. Lou Fan happily led Chen Changdong’s team to the staff lounge. Fortunately, the staff lounge is the standard size of a rest area but there is no vacant seat after everyone enters so they just stand together.

The eminent monk is reciting Buddhism while turning the Buddha beads. When he saw so many people coming in, he did not bat an eye and remained motionless like a bell, which reflected the quality of a monk.

Everyone is waiting and Chen Changdong looked at Qin Tan. Qin Tan gave him a helpless look and Lou Fan walked up to the eminent monk after winking at Chen Shuyang. Chen Shuyang immediately understood and is ready to cooperate. Lou Fan approached the monk, sat on the round cushion, and said to the monk, "Master, our other team got sent by the boss to settle the coffins on the B2 floor."

Upon saying this, Lou Fan saw the monk's eyelids move. Seems like it is working! So, Lou Fan continued.

"You should also know about the coffins on the B2 floor. For this, we lost a team member. That’s why we want to ask for your help. You won't want to see innocent people die tragically, right?" After all, the purpose of eminent monks is to subdue demons and exorcise evil.

The eminent monk opened his eyes. Rolling the beads one by one in his hand, he scolded, "You people who cause trouble, you already know that evil spirits hurt people, and yet, you still go forward to be killed. Isn't this adding trouble? The more people die, the heavier the yin aura, and the greater the power of the evil spirits."

When the monk finally spoke, Chen Changdong is overjoyed and immediately said, "Master, on the B2 floor, it is so dark that we can't even see our fingers. Also, we encountered the first dead person there. Other than that, there are evil ghosts on the 4th floor. They are hiding in the dark fog, and possessed strong power."

The eminent monk looked at Chen Changdong, his eyes seemed to see through everything. Then, he said slowly, "B2 floor is the root of the 8 evil spirits here. Since the coffins are there, the yin aura will be thick. Of course you can't see anything."

"Then how can we drive away the yin aura?"

The eminent monk sighed and said, "Fine, since you are going to settle the matter, it can be considered that you are helping me. The yin aura on the B2 floor is too thick so there is no light in the dark. As long as you gather yang aura, you can turn on the lights and see things. I will draw a Yang Gathering Amulet for you. Next, look for the white crystals, the bigger the better. After that, put the crystal to soak in the sunlight, the longer it stays there, the more yang aura will be. After that, you can bring the crystal to the B2 floor and see with the light."

After receiving the instructions from the eminent monk, the Level 10 team breathed a sigh of relief.

Chen Shuyang leaned over to see the master's amulets. With a look of admiration on his face, he asked, "Master, can you teach me how to draw amulets?"

The master kept moving his hands, and a yellow amulet painted in cinnabar is completed in one go. After finishing the amulet, he turned his head to look at Chen Shuyang, "I can teach you. You can learn if you have the ability."

Chen Shuyang agreed with a wide-eyed smile.

After drawing the Yang Gathering Amulet, the master took out another amulet. This amulet looked more complicated. He handed it to Chen Changdong and said, "This is a seal amulet. If you catch the evil spirit, put him in a coffin, and then stick this on it."

Chen Changdong said yes and carefully put away the 2 yellow amulets. Immediately, he turned around to go out, wanting to find white crystals but got stopped by Lou Fan.

"Team leader Chen, why don't we help you find crystals together so it can be done faster?"

Lou Fan is a bit overwhelming when he is being attentive but Qin Tan only crossed his hands and let him play freely.

Chen Changdong opened his mouth but did not speak. It's good to have someone help, but he always feels that the smiling person in front of him has bad intentions and is holding back some bad ideas.

Lou Fan added, "We have helped the master to find crystals before so we are familiar with the process. This crystal is not easy to find. Many people mean great power/help."

Chen Changdong had no reason to refuse those who rushed forward to help, so he said, "Okay, then I’ll thank you in advance."

Lou Fan waved his hand, "It's okay, we should help each other. But when Team leader Chen is free, we will have to bother Team leader Chen to tell us about the upgrade of the spirit weapon."

Chen Changdong understood that their intention in on that matter, but spirit weapon’s upgrade is not something that can’t be said anyway. It is mainly dependent on the strength of the owner of the spirit weapon. Since people helped him, he can’t not say anything. Compared to exchanging equipment for help, Chen Changdong felt that he had gotten better of the deal.

"No problem, I'll tell you about it when I have time, it's nothing."

Lou Fan curved his eyebrows in smiles and said, "Team leader Chen is sure straightforward. Then, let's go find the crystal and meet here later."

Chen Changdong nodded and left with his team members. As for Qin Tan and the others, they ate something to replenish their stamina before continuing their search. Originally, they were also looking for crystals, so helping Chen Changdong to find the white ones is just a matter of the way. By helping out, they managed to get Chen Changdong to promise to tell them about the upgrade of the spirit weapon. Such a good bargain, Lou Fan had no reason not to pick it up.

Wen Lang walked over to Lou Fan and bumped Lou Fan with his elbow. He gave a thumbs up and said, "Brother Lou, I found that you have changed. You are no longer the simple brother Lou when you first came to Lazuli."

Lou Fan narrowed his eyes at Wen Lang dangerously, "En? Are you trying to say I'm black-bellied?"

"No, I'm not. Don't think badly about it!" Wen Lang said immediately, "You are the beacon of our team, we are where you point."

Lou Fan looked at Wen Lang with a highly suspicious look. Wen Lang hehe-ed silly-ly, not embarrassed at all! He is telling the truth, what’s there to be embarrassing of?

Jiang Dong covered his face. He couldn't look at that flattering expression, Wen the but*-kisser!

Chen Shuyang is left behind as usual while the other four went to find crystals. Lou Fan’s goal is to find crystals with 5 attributes as much as he could.

After the people left, Chen Shuyang walked up to the master and watched him draw a few more Yang Gathering Amulets, feeling full of praise.

"Master, teach me to draw too, I'm very smart." Chen Shuyang is afraid that the master would think he is stupid and dislike him. But he felt that he himself is quite smart, really.

The master touched his chin and looked at Chen Shuyang, nodded, "Okay, I'll teach you first. It's up to you if you can learn it or not."

The master casually took a piece of yellow paper and dipped the brush in cinnabar. The tip of the pen landed on the yellow paper, and the master finished drawing after a few strokes. Chen Shuyang stared intently at the trajectory of the tip of the brush, and his fingers followed the drawing unconsciously. After the master draw the amulets 3 times, he stopped drawing and let Chen Shuyang stare at the yellow amulet by himself.

After a while, Chen Shuyang picked up a pen. He searched around but found no paper. So, he simply opened his book and drew on it. A feature of Chen Shuyang's book is that he can put things in it, but can’t write on it with a pen. Hence, when he first copied the Buddhist scriptures in his book and the writing appeared, he was surprised. Now, he tried drawing the amulet on it, but none of the patterns stayed on the page. Even so, he kept drawing unconsciously, mainly to find the feeling of drawing the pattern.

After drawing the pattern a dozen times, Chen Shuyang suddenly took a look at the master's amulet again. Next, he took a deep breath and swiftly draw the amulet in one go. The pattern of the ‘scribbles’ which is exactly the same as the master’s amulet appeared on the page. At the moment when Chen Shuyang finished drawing, there seemed to be a flash of light. This time, the amulet did not disappear and remained on the page.

Chen Shuyang is surprised for a moment. He flipped through it for a long time, but couldn't figure out how to use the amulet drawn on it. At least for scriptures, he could read them out. The amulets he has seen are generally used to stick on something. On the other hand, the immobilization amulet exchanged by Lou Fan before, the usage is by tearing it.

So how does he use this one?

Thinking that the spirit weapon would be repaired by itself, Chen Shuyang tried to tear off the page with the spell on it. Holding it in his hand, he could see that the amulet is intact, that it didn’t fade or anything. He held it up and handed it to the master.

"Master, look, can this amulet be used?" Chen Shuyang asked cautiously, for fear that the master would scold him when he turned around. He didn’t use either the yellow paper or cinnabar. Plus, the amulet is drawn with neutral brushstrokes. Although Chen Shuyang felt that the amulet he had drawn seemed a little different, but in front of the master, he is not very confident.

The master held the torn page of paper and turned it over and over. It is a seemingly ordinary piece of paper, but the qi of the spell drawn on it made him feel that this is an amulet with the effect of the Yang Gathering Amulet.

The master stroked his non-existent beard, nodded, and said, "Not bad, not bad, the future generations are terrifying. Come, I will teach you a few more spells."

Chen Shuyang is startled by the praise. He is very surprised, but his face is expressionless. His spirit weapon is too weak, and he doesn't even have the ability to protect himself. Going out can only be a hindrance to the team. Now that he can learn a protection skill, whoever doesn't cherish the chance is a fool.

Liu Yue stared from one end of the window to the other. They are filled with beautiful crystals, but which one is the white crystal?

Liu Xing sighed on the other side, "Sister, what kind of white crystal is it? There are other colors, but there is no white." After searching for a long time, her eyes are spinning with dizziness. There is no white crystal at all.

"That monk wouldn’t be playing tricks on us, won’t he?"

Liu Yue glared at her sister and couldn't help scolding, "Since when have you seen an NPC playing tricks on the teams? Can you have some common sense?"

Liu Xing stuck out her tongue reluctantly and looked at Chen Changdong in the opposite shop. She sighed when she saw that he is also frowning at the display cabinet. Glancing at the time, Liu Xing saw that it is already late afternoon. The sun outside would be going down soon, can they find the white crystal before sunset?

Raw word count: 3090


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