I Just Want to Freeload on Your Luck

Chapter 58 (Part 2)

At the same time, Zhao Zhanhuai also got someone to find out who made the post.

It wasn’t difficult to find out this matter, but since everyone in the Zhao family was shocked by Zhang Yufen's affairs a while ago, they had no time to take care of it. Now that the mess has been cleaned up a bit, Zhao Zhanhuai finally had the energy to deal with it.

After some investigation, it turned out to be E Xiaoxia of the E family!

Both Mr Zhao and Zhao Zhanhuai's faces were pale.

In reality, the E family and the Zhao family could be considered family friends. They had a very close relationship. Otherwise, Zhao Yuan and E Xiaoxia would not have known each other since they were young, and when E Xiaoxia was a child, she could call Mr Zhao ‘Uncle’.

The fact that this incident actually came from the hands of E Xiaoxia left the Zhao family shocked. But after thinking about it, they figured that it ought to have been something within their expectations.

E Xiaoxia had played the role of Zhao Yuan’s attendant for a long time. Rather than saying that she hated Mingxi the most, it was better to say that she had a certain jealousy towards Zhao Yuan from the beginning. It was the same with how she triggered Zhao Yuan's allergies at the time. Also, this less obvious jealousy was directly transformed into hatred after Zhao Yuan had publicly disgraced her at school.

Sometimes, the subtle hostility between girls was really terrifying.

Upon learning this, Zhao Yuning sucked in a mouthful of cold air.

However, the problem now was that Zhang Yufen was really Zhao Yuan’s biological mother. E Xiaoxia’s action of spreading this matter didn’t even constitute a rumor—

What could the Zhao family do to a high school girl?

Besides, the E family and the Zhao family still had business dealings, so they can’t possibly bring them to court?! Besides, should they not blame Zhao Yuan herself for making friends with such a poisonous snake?

After going through so many things, the Zhao family felt very tired. They still had to focus more on the loss of business.

So although they found out that E Xiaoxia did it, the Zhao family didn't pursue it any further, only taking it as if they had been accidentally bitten.

Only when they met the E family at various banquet occasions, Mr Zhao and Zhao Zhanhuai's gazes were mildly different, feeling like they wanted to stay away as much as possible.


On Wednesday evening, the weather got colder, but the snow finally stopped after a few days.

Fu Yangxi was finally about to be discharged from the hospital.

Mingxi wanted to pick him up, but Fu Yangxi's family would definitely go for things like being discharged from the hospital. If she bumps into his family, wouldn't they be caught for being in a premature relationship?

Is this appropriate?

Mingxi subconsciously wanted to ask Fu Yangxi, but she felt that with Fu Yangxi's free personality, he would directly stop his family from going in order to let her pick him up and leave the hospital.

Then— before they could see each other, she’d have already left a bad impression on Fu Yangxi's family.

Mingxi felt a little conflicted.

So before class was over, she quietly buried her head under the table, and without asking Fu Yangxi, she sent a message to Xiao Li: “Fu Yangxi is discharged from the hospital today, will his family be going? If his family is going, I will not go so as not to bump into them.”

In the past two days, when she went to the hospital, Fu Yangxi asked Xiao Li to pick her up, so she decided to exchange phone numbers with Xiao Li.

Fu Yangxi even grunted about this and once again emphasized to her that Xiao Li was married.

After a while, Xiao Li replied: "The old man came to visit the young master yesterday. The old man has something to do in a foreign country today, so he probably won't come over."

Having known Fu Yangxi for so long, Mingxi had only heard of his grandfather from him.

Mingxi asked: "Where are his other family members? Are they not coming?"

"Yes." Xiao Li replied: "Are you going to pick up the young master? Then I will go to your school to pick you up first."

Mingxi frowned slightly when she looked at Xiao Li's message.

After being discharged from the hospital, not even a single one of his family members decided to come?

How can this be?

For the past two years she was in the Zhao family, even if the Zhao family was biased, if she had a fracture, someone from the Zhao family will definitely come when she is admitted and discharged.

After all, a fracture was also a serious injury. One could only imagine how painful it could be the moment the bone broke.

Mingxi asked again: "Then who will do the discharge procedures?"

Xiao Li said: "Young Master Fu has done it himself."

“He did it himself?”

Xiao Li said: "Yes, the doctor said he can walk on crutches now, so he signed it himself."

Mingxi could see from Xiao Li's message that Xiao Li didn't seem to find it strange— that is, it was always the case.

…If she didn’t go.

Fu Yangxi would have been all alone when he was hospitalized and discharged?

For some reason, Mingxi felt anxious.

Mingxi didn't know about Fu Yangxi's family, and Fu Yangxi rarely took the initiative to mention them.

Whenever Mingxi wanted to ask, he would change the subject.

The only thing that Mingxi knew was the Fu Enterprise which she learned from Baidu, but that was only about the industries it was involved in. However, it could be inferred from the rich financial resources of the Fu family, how this kind of extraordinary family would not write their trivial genealogical history on Baidu.

In short, it was very mysterious.

There was hardly any news related to the Fu family, let alone Fu Yangxi.

Mingxi glanced at the time and said to Xiao Li: "Then you can pick me up at around 5:30. Let's go to Fu Yangxi's apartment first and get him some clothes."

There was a huge temperature difference between day and night. There was heating everywhere in the hospital, so it was okay to wear less clothes. However, when the cold wind blows on him once he leaves, he will inevitably catch a cold.

Xiao Li couldn't help exclaiming that girls were just careful and hurriedly replied to her with a: "OK."

Mingxi packed her school bag after school and Xiao Li drove her to Fu Yangxi's apartment.

Even Xiao Li didn’t know the password, only she knew it.

Seeing her enter the password with ease and the door opened directly, Xiao Li gave her a surprised look.

"Aren't you coming in?" Mingxi asked.

Xiao Li said, “You can go ahead and pack. Young Master Fu doesn't like others entering his place."

Mingxi had to go in alone. She walked into Fu Yangxi's room, opened the closet and picked out a black down jacket.

At this moment, she caught a glimpse of a few medicine bottles in the corner of the closet. They were exactly the vitamins that Fu Yangxi often ate in the classroom.

There were French and German, but there was no English, so she couldn’t understand them at all.

Mingxi thought for a while. Then, she took a picture of the logo on the bottle one by one.

She took five photos in total.

She opened WeChat, sent the pictures to the doctor who helped her with her face before and asked what kind of medicine they were.

Xiao Li opened the car door, waited for her to get in the car and drove her to the hospital.

The car stopped at the entrance of the hospital. Mingxi saw that there was a roasted sweet potato seller just a short distance away, steaming with heat. She remembered that Fu Yangxi didn't seem to have eaten this kind of street food, so she told Xiao Li that she was going to buy one first.

Xiao Li took the jacket and entered the hospital.

12 yuan for one sweet potato. Once it is separated in half, it is fragrant, sweet and soft inside, making people want to drool.

Mingxi let out a breath of cold air and waited patiently for the stall owner to roast it.

When scanning the QR code to pay, her phone vibrated.

Someone sent her a WeChat message.

It was sent by the doctor she knew.

"Have you had insomnia lately? But that shouldn’t be happening. The injury on your face is all healed up, right? You shouldn’t be undergoing psychological pressure because of the injury on your face. Don't take this medicine too much or you will find yourself dependent on it.”

Mingxi's eyelids twitched. She quickly opened WeChat to reply: "What do you mean? So all these bottles are used to treat insomnia? Isn't there even one bottle of vitamins?"

The doctor replied: “Aren’t they your medicine? They are almost all drugs related to sedation and insomnia. They may be prescribed by foreign doctors. They are rarely used in China, unless it’s for a patient with severe insomnia. Unless they are very dependent on drugs, it’s still recommended to deal with psychological factors first, as drugs alone do not have much effect."


Mingxi’s heart squeezed in pain.

Last time when Dong Shen told her that the bottle of French medicine was for insomnia, she thought it was something like ordinary melatonin to aid sleep.

But she didn't expect there to be a lot more bottles of them.

So Fu Yangxi— how long hasn't he had a good night's sleep?

Mingxi suddenly recalled the few times when she noticed the wounds on his neck and wrist which were cut by glass.

What is happening?

Could it be... related to his family?

Mingxi saw that every time he stayed in his own apartment, he was fine. But once he went back to his old home, something would definitely happen.

Of course, this was all speculation.

Mingxi was full of suspicion. Her heart felt pinched and there was a lot of worry and discomfort.

Mingxi felt that she had to figure it out.

The savory roasted sweet potatoes were handed to her, but her interest in eating had dissipated greatly. She absently scanned the QR code to pay and walked toward the car.

Fu Yangxi's discharge procedures have been completed. When she walked over, Fu Yangxi happened to get into the car as well.

Fu Yangxi was waiting for her eagerly.

When Fu Yangxi saw her coming, he opened the car door, poked his head out of the car and urged her, "Little Mask, what’s taking so long?"

“It didn't take long at all. Can’t you see that I’m coming?” Mingxi got him to retract his head. Then, she closed the door and opened the door from the other side to get into the car.

As soon as she got into the car, the heating washed away the frost on her eyelashes.

Fu Yangxi had a plaster cast on his left foot which made movement very inconvenient, so he could only sit on the right side of the car. He dismantled the front passenger seat so that he could put his long legs on it.

He took off his down jacket and held it in his arms, wearing only a black loose sweater.

His gaze followed Zhao Mingxi all the time. He muttered a little triumphantly, “It will just be cold for a while between me getting out of the hospital and getting into the car. But you even specifically asked Xiao Li to get my coat. Seriously—”

Mingxi should have glared at him and scolded him for being narcissistic, but at this moment Mingxi was totally in no mood to follow his words and tease him.

Mingxi looked at him, her mind full of thoughts.

He was discharged from the hospital alone.

He couldn’t sleep for many nights.

He was often injured.

The car started.

Mingxi didn't say a word as she passed the steaming sweet potato to Fu Yangxi.

Fu Yangxi noticed that her mood was a little off, so he immediately became nervous. Suddenly, Fu Yangxi thought of something, causing his expression to change and he said angrily, “What? Is it because I haven’t been in school that your school bag has been—”

"No," Mingxi said dejectedly.

Mingxi said to him, “Raise up your hands.”

Fu Yangxi: ?

Fu Yangxi was puzzled, but while staring at Zhao Mingxi, hands still holding the sweet potato, he raised both his hands.

In the next second, Mingxi moved a little towards him, leaned in gently and hugged him.


When Mingxi hugged Fu Yangxi, he couldn’t react in time.

After a brief moment of brain lag, he lowered his gaze and realized that the top of the girl's hair was scented, and the person in his arms was soft and warm.

Mingxi hugged him tightly. She buried her head on his chest and tightly circled both arms around his back——

It was an unusually persistent approach.

"Wh-What's the matter?" Fu Yangxi was surprised, his heart beating fast.

Mingxi closed her eyes and said slowly, “It's nothing. I just suddenly wanted to hug you. I didn't see you for a day and missed you.”

Fu Yangxi's ears became red with ‘swish’.

He slowly put down his hand, placed it on Mingxi's back and patted it twice.

He forgot to eat the sweet potato which was still in his hand.

He saw Xiao Li’s envious gaze from the rearview mirror.

Fu Yangxi raised his eyebrows, appearing full of vigor. With a triumphant expression, he gestured with his eyes, "What are you looking at? There’s nothing I can do when my girlfriend is so clingy".

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