In the World of Crawling Dead The Record of War of a Certain High School

Chapter 58 - The Purpose of Musical Instruments

A man carrying a sword climbed the stairs higher and higher.

It was a man who had made his name well known in this world and whose forte was killing.

Just like they did in the Edo period when they killed passersby to test their new swords, he artistically cut open his opponent.

Including zombies, the number he had killed until now would probably not fall under 100.

Therefore, he wanted to score as many kills as he could this time.

Being able to cut up people for the first time in a while, he remembered the excitement he felt when first killing one.

And then, the man continued climbing the stairs to follow the path to the music room.

Immediately as he reached the landing of the stairs by the music room, he caught a glimpse of a drum with something like a wheel attached to it.

“What is that…”

No one would have been able to imagine that that would be his last words.

“Senior Miu, is it fine doing this?”

“Yes, I don’t there will be any problems. There is no concert band any longer, and it’ll become something fatal nowadays.”

“Okay then, I’ll take it. Heave-ho…”

Daiki went out to the hallway with a timpani.

Timpani was a percussion instrument and was often used in orchestras.

Miu dropped it by the stairs and was thinking of killing the approaching enemy with it.

As she put it next to the stairs, she heard footsteps from below.

The back of a man’s head appeared.

“What is that…”

It seemed like the man had noticed the timpani.

Daiki lifted up the timpani and mercilessly threw it at the man heading for them.

The biggest timpani crushed the man relentlessly and his head was smashed in.

If the body was hit, there would probably still be a hope of being saved, but you couldn’t if it was a direct hit to the head.

“...We’ll have to clean again, huh.”

“That’s true.”

However, they had been so accustomed to death that the gruesome corpse in front of them only made them think of cleaning.

In the direction of the hallway on the first floor on the west side, a violent offense and defense was going on.

Though rather than calling it offense and defense, it was one-sided with Yuuki and Tooru barely defending while the other party approached them with guns.

“This is bad, huh…”

Yuuki shot an arrow, but, as one would expect, she wasn’t able to concentrate amidst the flying about, and the accuracy dropped.

To begin with, adopting the method of shooting arrows, even without making an air hole in the bodies, it would definitely make a crater1.

“If only I had an idea.”

Tooru looked around the surroundings and saw a red fire hydrant.

“If it’s this!”

Tooru moved back behind Yuuki, took out the hose, and started spraying water.

The water sprouted vigorously, and the previously grinning yakuza was blown away by the water pressure.

As the spraying of water stopped, several people were twitching like fishes.

Tooru checked a gun that had fallen to the ground.

The gun shouldn’t have gotten water sprayed inside.

He might be able to use it later if he drained the water, so as he was collecting it, he heard an unpleasant voice behind him.

Turning around, he saw Yuuki with a blank look on her face and a yakuza who had an arrow piercing his eye.

Though, even if he said the arrow was piercing the eye, it had been lodged pretty deep into it.

It would probably easily reach the brain.

The pierced yakuza’s body trembled and then stopped moving.

He thought it looked like a fish that had been hunted with a harpoon.

Tooru watched as Yuuki finished off the yakuza.

When he had been a young child, he had only gotten into fights.

He hadn’t been very smart.

He had sanpaku eyes and was tall.

If a guy looking like that was wandering around, he would naturally draw eyes on him.

By always accepting the fights, he became the most feared in the town.

He didn’t particularly dislike it.

Because the noisy people disappeared.

Except for one person.

Come to think of it, Tsubasa had tried to put him in everyone’s circle of friends from the beginning.

He would ask him to cooperate with something or play games with others.

He might have disliked the sympathy he had for a rebel.

Seiji thought as he enjoyed the taste of iron in his mouth.

“Is it over? Even though you have the height!”

A man with enough muscles and thick hair to be mistaken for a gorilla stood in front of Seiji, showing a vulgar grin.

“Shut up, gorilla. Obediently return to the zoo.”

“Humph, so you still have enough energy to act like a sore loser. I’m impressed, brat.”

“...I’m still full of excitement!”

Seiji stepped forward and aimed a straight at the man’s face.

The man easily caught his fist and grinned.

He had taken this much into consideration.

The secret to fighting was to not choose a method.

Without hesitating, Seiji kneed the man’s groin.

Or he should have.

He had easily defended against the raising leg, and Seiji felt a pain run through his face.

He was so strong it was no joke, Seiji thought as he was blown off against the wall.

  1. I apologize for the translation of these two paragraphs, I don’t fully understand them, so I translated the words directly instead,

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