Ghosts Know What I Experienced

Chapter 59.1: I can still reincarnate?!

Chapter 59 Part 1

S City First Hospital, 11:42 in the middle of the night.

As the largest hospital in S City, there were still many patients coming into the emergency department even in the middle of the night. Injured patients were lying on a stretcher and moaning in pain. Their family members took the medical bill to pay. At this time, it was very common for accidents to occur in the operating room, and nobody minded. However, a chill from the soles of their feet made everyone in the hospital shiver simultaneously.

“It’s only just September, why is it suddenly so cold?”

After Ye Jingzhi’s barrier had been broken, strands of yin energy seeped through from the floor. The yin energy was like long hair, tangling around everyone’s legs. Whenever the yin energy climbed up a portion, the complexions of the people in the hospital became paler by a portion. They also felt chills.

However now, Xi Jia’s party of four didn’t have time to bother with what’s happening outside of the operating room.

Once Xi Jia rushed into the operating room, he saw that the black yin energy hid the skies and covered the earth. The yin energy flooded the entire operating room, and not a single ray of light could be seen. He couldn’t prevent himself from seeing yin energy so Ye Jingzhi very quickly drew a charm on his eyes to seal the Yin Yang Eyes. Only then could Xi Jia clearly see inside.

The nurse and doctor who had just entered were now both collapsed on the operating room’s floor, their life and death unknown. In the room, there were two other doctors and a nurse laying down beside the operating table. The floor was covered with blood. Thick blood flowed down from the operating table like dense juice.

In the middle of the room, a woman with her legs parted wide was lying down on the operating table without a sound. Unsure of when the shadowless light shattered into pieces, her lower body was enshrouded in the darkness, and specific details couldn’t be seen clearly. However, when Xi Jia looked at the woman’s body, a piercing chill climbed up his back, making it numb.

Nan Yi and Muyu rushed in. Once they saw the situation, they were shocked in their places.

Nan Yi was planning on rushing in and taking a look at the situation when there was an alarmed scream from outside the operating room. Ye Jingzhi furrowed his brows and turned to take a look outside before saying in a quiet voice, “My enchantment had just been broken. The yin energy here is too strong, and it’ll be very hard to use ordinary enchantments to hold it. At this moment, the yin energy inside the hospital is greatly flourishing, and the nearby wandering souls and wild ghosts would be drawn to here. Fellow Daoist Nan Yi, Fellow Daoist Muyu, could you go out of the hospital immediately and keep guard? Leave here to me.”

Nan Yi and Muyu added up together couldn’t compare to a single Hell King Ye. Right now, the operating room was a blanket of silence. No one knew what the situation was, and leaving it to Hell King Ye was naturally the best.

There was no time to lose. The two immediately turned around and left the operating room to stabilize the situation inside the hospital.

Xi Jia gazed at the circumstances of the women’s lower body at a distance.  In his gaze, there wasn’t a trace of indecency. His brows tightly creased, and his hands were already formed into fists. He was vigilant for any sudden changes in situation. After looking for a while, there was nothing abnormal in this room, only the sounds of machines that were still running, breaking the frightening silence.

After observing for a while again, Xi Jie walked up. He saw that the woman’s calves were covered with blood, and both feet were already soaked in blood. At this moment, she laid on the bed with a pale-stricken face. Her lips were void of color, and her eyes were closed.

Ye Jingzhi stepped forward, “I’ll take a look at what the situation is of that Body of Extreme Yin.”

The woman’s abdomen was still large. It was very clear that the unborn child had died within and hadn’t been taken out. Ye Jingzhi was about to lift the green cloth that was on the women’s legs without any misgivings when Xi Jia stopped him, “I’ll do it.”

At this time, who would still care about privacy between men and women. Xi Jia’s hand pressed on the woman’s thigh and pinched a corner of the green cloth. Just as he was about to lift the green cloth, a hand suddenly pressed against his wrist. Xi Jia’s body went rigid, and he quickly looked down. The woman’s face was pale and a sorry figure. She firmly held his hand and said weakly in a voice that carried a dialect, “S-save my child, save him……save him……”

Xi Jia didn’t expect the woman to actually wake up. But obviously, she didn’t know that her child was already dead. Xi Jia couldn’t bear to say something like, “Your child is dead,” to a mother. He nodded and continued to lift the green cloth covering the woman’s lower body.

However, the woman was still firmly holding his hand, and she asked again, “My child……is my child still okay?”

Xi Jia, “Very good.”

“Is……Is he still alive?”

“En, still alive.”

The woman spoke again inarticulately, and the hand holding Xi Jia also gradually lost strength. Xi Jia pulled the green cloth open and looked down. Underneath the green cloth was like a scene of gore, and he couldn’t make out the original appearance.

The woman even said quietly, “Save him……save him……”

Xi Jia’s face slightly sank. After thinking deeply for a while, he still decided to carefully take a look at the situation.

However, just as he approached a bit closer and planned on looking more clearly, the woman also let go of his wrist completely. In that split second, Xi Jia’s eyes widened as if he thought of something, but it was too late. The woman’s hand had just let go of his wrist when it suddenly bent into a claw and gouged towards his arm.

Xi Jia couldn’t evade in time, and a small piece of flesh was scratched off. Ye Jingzhi immediately pulled him over and sent a palm towards the woman.

The woman climbed off of the operating table with her back bent in a weird posture. Her four limbs twisted as she crawled on the floor, her belly was still round like a ball, and her lower body was covered in jet-black blood. Lips slightly curving, a horrifying smile appeared on the deathly pale face. She stared intently at Xi Jia and Ye Jingzhi. Her eyeballs creaked as they rotated and forcibly flipped back, exposing the pure whites of the eyes.

Xi Jia covered the wound on his arm as he looked at the woman in shock.

Ye Jingzhi asked anxiously, “Jia Jia, are you alright? She has been possessed.” After he finished speaking, Ye Jingzhi took out a spirit medicine and applied it on Xi Jia’s arm.

The pain of having a piece of flesh cut off was naturally indescribable, but at this moment, the top priority was to deal with the pregnant woman before their eyes. When Ye Jingzhi was applying the medicine for Xi Jia, the woman’s lips emitted an unpleasant howl as she crawled towards them using four limbs. Just as Ye Jingzhi finished applying medicine for Xi Jia, he trampled on the woman’s face with his foot. Who would’ve guessed that when he stomped down, Ye Jingzhi would actually get knocked away.

“Such strong yin energy!”

Ye Jingzhi reached out and drew a charm on Xi Jia’s right eye. When his eyes focused again, Xi Jia’s left eye remained unable to see yin energy, but in his right eye, strong and terrifying yin energy appeared on the woman’s body. The yin energy was no weaker than what Xi Jia had shown before. The woman giggled before opening her bloody mouth wide open and pouncing towards them.

Ye Jingzhi moved Xi Jia behind him in order to protect him before flipping his hand and calling, “Wu Xiang Qing Li!”

The bronze die rapidly flew out from his pocket. Without needing its master to speak, it rammed into the woman’s body without hesitation. However, the woman was human and not a ghost. Wu Xiang Qing Li only knocked her back a few steps and didn’t truly injure the ghost in her.

In response, Xi Jia and Ye Jingzhi glanced at each other before suddenly splitting into two directions.

Ye Jingzhi raised his hand to recall Wu Xiang Qing Li before tapping on one of the surfaces of the 18-sided die. Suddenly, a myriad of golden light erupted forth. He quickly read an incantation, and three golden swords appeared out of the blue and inserted around the woman, forming an enchantment. The woman slammed head-first into the enchantment. The barrier violently trembled, and she was flung back.

The woman raised her pale face. Presently, her face had protruding blood-colored veins, creating cross-crossing gorges.

“AHHH! I’ll kill you, I’ll kill you all!!!”

The woman seemed like a spider, madly crawling on the floor. She knocked against the barrier again and again. The enchantment shook each time. When she rammed against it for the 5th time, the barrier broke with a loud bang, and the woman quickly crawled out of the barrier.

Right at this time, Xi Jia ran behind the woman and stepped on her leg.

The woman spread open her bloody mouth and turned around to bite Xi Jia. Ye Jingzhi hit Wu Xiang Qing Li with his palm, and Wu Xiang Qing Li, turning into a black light, ruthlessly slammed into the woman’s right palm and fixed it onto the floor.

The bronze die quickly spun on the back of the woman’s hand. The strong yin energy scuttled out of the woman’s body and fought with Wu Xiang Qing Li. Taking this chance, Xi Jia kneed the woman and pressed on her legs with one leg. At the same time, he used one hand to capture the woman’s left arm and the other to grab a hold of the woman’s neck from behind.

The woman madly turned her head. Once her bloody mouth opened, yin energy filled everywhere in the air and formed into a small black-colored infant ghost that charged at Xi Jia with its bared fangs and brandished claws.


Xi Jia shouted in anger. When the infant ghost was about to bite his neck, a trace of blood-colored yin energy flew out of his body like a small needle and pierced through in between the infant ghost’s eyebrows. The black-colored yin energy collapsed instantly, and the woman shouted and rolled about on the floor. Ye Jingzhi caught Wu Xiang Qing Li and pressed Wu Xiang Qing Li in between her eyebrows before the woman could struggle free.

“Emissary of Lightning and Fire, millions of azure dragons. Thunderbolts attacking the heavens, quickly enter the seal. Urgently, by order of law!”1

The voice fell, and a small rumble of thunder flew out from one of Wu Xiang Qing Li’s surfaces and transformed into a small lightning dragon that dug into the woman’s glabella.

Finally, the woman calmed down.

Translator’s Addition:
Five Boxes of Green Pears: This baby made an appearance! Miss me, miss me, miss me?

Translator’s Notes:
1 Entire excerpt from the Dragon Summoning Incantation 召龙咒.

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