Ghosts Know What I Experienced

Chapter 59.2: I can still reincarnate?!

Chapter 59 Part 2

Xi Jia released a sigh of relief and let go of the woman’s hands that he was holding. He looked down and saw that the woman’s pure white eyes were still wide open, her mouth was still baring in a bite, and her bones creaked with the friction.

Xi Jia looked up and asked, “Did the infant that passed away possess her body?”

Ye Jingzhi carefully examined for a moment and nodded, “The yin energy has accumulated in her abdomen. After the baby died, it immediately became a malicious ghost and possessed the mother’s body. From the moment she grabbed your arm, the infant ghost was actually already controlling her body. Jia Jia, I was careless and didn’t take note that she was being possessed. How’s your wound?”

Medicine had been applied to Xi Jia’s arm. However this time, the wound didn’t recover as fast as before. Right now, it still had not completely healed.

When the woman gouged out a piece of his flesh, her nails were filled with violent yin energy. The yin energy wrapped around the wound and prevented the spirit medicine from healing. Although the yin energy was completely blocked outside of the body by Xi Jia and couldn’t invade past his skin, if he wanted to completely recover to how it was before, it would definitely need some time.

Xi Jia didn’t want Ye Jingzhi to worry so he changed the topic, “It’s nothing, it doesn’t hurt. Jingzhi, what’s going on with the woman and the infant ghost? The baby hadn’t been born yet, how could it know how to possess a body and hurt people when it had just died?”

The two lowered their heads and looked at the woman fixed to the floor.

Ye Jingzhi, “I have never seen a Body of Extreme Yin die before. This infant ghost’s yin energy is very strong, and it also has very strong resentment. It is at least equal to a malicious ghost with 500 years of cultivation.”

Xi Jia asked, “Is it because it wasn’t able to be born since it died in the womb that its resentment is this strong?

Just as Ye Jingzhi was about to shake his head, the woman’s ear-piercing voice sounded, “I died in the womb?”

Xi Jia immediately looked down and stared at the woman with vigilance. He didn’t really understand why a baby who hadn’t been born yet would have such strong resentment. Moreover, it could speak as if its IQ wasn’t low.

As if he heard the confusion in Xi Jia’s mind, Ye Jingzhi explained, “It still has memories from its previous life. All infants would lose everything from the past the moment they leave the mother’s body, and the cycle of reincarnation would begin. Currently, it hasn’t been born and died in the womb; therefore, it is equivalent to a ghost who hasn’t entered reincarnation and still remembers its previous life.”

Xi Jia asked in surprise, “It’s not by drinking Meng Po Soup and crossing the Bridge of Helplessness in order to forget the previous life?”1

Ye Jingzhi shook his head, “There is no Meng Po Soup in this world. Everything is run under Ling Xian’s regulations.”

Xi Jia said, “Since it hasn’t reincarnated, then why does it want to possess a body and harm people instead of quickly reincarnating again?”

Ye Jingzhi was also very confused. However, there was no need for him to reply this time. The woman’s entire body rigidly laid on the floor. Strands of yin energy dispersed out from her lower body. With each strand, the woman’s body shook each time. On her face, there was a sad and desperate expression.

“Am I still able to reincarnate?……”

Xi Jia and Ye Jingzhi looked down at it.

Ye Jingzhi said indifferently, “You can naturally reincarnate again.”

The woman suddenly raised her head. Using that pair of pure white eyes to stare at Ye Jingzhi, she opened her bloody mouth wide, “I will never be able to reincarnate again!”

Outside of the operating room, Nan Yi and Muyu used all their efforts to finally lay down an enchantment, blocking hundreds of wandering souls and wild ghosts outside of the hospital. But within the hospital, the black yin energy entangled around every person. Whether it was a doctor or a patient, they had all lost consciousness and fainted on the floors at this moment.

Nan Yi quickly said, “This is not a solution. A lot of patients have just been admitted to the hospital and need saving. If this continues on, there will definitely be someone who would die because they didn’t get treated. Fellow Daoist Muyu, do you have a way to wake these doctors up?”

Muyu was sweating with anxiety, “I also don’t have any other way. There’s too much yin energy. Right now is the Zishi (11pm-1am) of the Ghost Festival when the yin energy in the world is greatly flourishing. Even if I disperse the yin energy, more yin energy would quickly rise back up. Ordinary people’s bodies aren’t able to bear this much yin energy and would faint……Oh right! The Cundī Mantra might be able to disperse this much yin energy and prevent the yin energy from entering the hospital. But my magic power is inadequate, and I am unable to recite the Cundī Mantra. Also, I need to stabilize the barrier with you.”

Nan Yi thought a moment and said through gritted teeth, “Fellow Daoist Muyu, try chanting the spell, and I’ll stabilize the barrier.”

Muyu was stunned, “Fellow Daoist Nan Yi, how is that okay? With so many wandering souls and wild ghosts, you can’t hold it.”

Nan Yi urgently said, “Fellow Daoist Muyu, hurry!”

Under these kinds of circumstances with no other option, Muyu immediately turned to leave. He flipped his hand to take out a transparent Buddhist relic and slapped it into the air.

Outside of the hospital, more and more wandering souls and wild ghosts rushed over in this direction. Muyu sat down in a lotus position and started to shuffle his prayer beads while reciting the Cundī Mantra. The relic was suspended in front of him. With each phrase that he recited, the relic would emit temperate rays of light, defeating the yin energy inside the hospital.

However, no matter how he chanted, the yin energy increased much faster than it could disperse.

Nan Yi supported the barrier alone. Suddenly, ten avid malicious ghosts passed through countless ghosts and slammed against his barrier. Nan Yi stifled a groan as blood trickled down from the corners of his lips. Behind him, Young Monk Muyu also quietly groaned, and his rosy complexion slowly paled.

The ten malicious ghosts madly slammed against the barrier, wanting to eat the infant ghost hidden inside. Just as they were about to break the barrier, a purple sword light flashed past from behind them and completely hacked them to pieces with a loud bang.

Nan Yi looked up and called out in pleasant surprise, “Master!”

Young Monk Muyu was being overpowered by the yin energy and retreated backwards. But, he didn’t fall down since an old Buddhist monk with a warm smile caught him. Muyu looked up. With this glance, he became so emotional that tears nearly fell, “Martial Uncle Buxing!”

Cengxiu-Zhenjun wielded a lightning sword in his hand. He calmly stood in front of his disciple and helped him block the countless ghosts outside of the hospital. Master Buxing supported his young monk to the side. He reached out to get the relic, rubbed Muyu’s bald head with beaming smiles, and said, “You’re too young, and your magic power is not enough. Even if you use the relic your master had left behind, you can’t recite the Cundī Mantra. Muyu, watch your martial uncle and rest properly to the side, alright?”

With Cengxiu-zhenjun and Master Buxing’s arrival, they strongly stabilized the situation outside of the operating room. However, in the operating room, Xi Jia heard the infant ghost calmly speak about the fact that it could no longer be reborn.

While telling the truth, the little ghost that can never be reborn again was very calm. Only, the resentment and anger in its eyes exposed the despair deep within its heart.

“Two years ago, I finally waited for the opportunity for reincarnation, jumped down from within the Six Realms of Samsara, and was casted into this woman’s stomach.”

Ye Jingzhi wrinkled his brows, “This woman has only been pregnant for ten months.”

The infant ghost coldly smiled, “Two years ago, she became pregnant with her first child. At that time, I stayed in her stomach.”

Xi Jia suddenly recalled the words he heard outside of the operating room: This woman had aborted four children……

“I was staying in her stomach at that time and looked forward to my own reincarnation. However, i had only stayed in this world for three months before she was taken to the hospital to get me aborted.”

Xi Jia and Ye Jingzhi quietly listened, already understanding this little ghost’s meaning: It became this woman’s child before. But, even if it was once this woman’s child, it was aborted. Then, what did it have to do with it being currently unable to reincarnate anymore?

The little ghost’s voice was so cold like it had come from Hell, “I was able to leave her body at that time and find the next mother. I wasn’t resigned then. If I went back to Hell, I might have to wait for more than ten years before I get another chance of reincarnation. So I stayed in this woman’s stomach. As long as she’s pregnant again, I can be born.”

Xi Jia suddenly understood, “But she……”

“Right, she became pregnant again very quickly. But when I was four months along, she aborted me again.”

Xi Jia no longer spoke. He had never thought that two amongst four children that this pregnant woman had aborted were of this little ghost.

However, things were not as simple as he had thought.

“I wanted to leave, and I didn’t dare to gamble whether they would abort me again next time. But, I didn’t have the time to leave when this woman became pregnant again. Her family couldn’t wait for her to have a son. I didn’t have the time to leave and was locked in her stomach again, waiting for the next birth.”

The little ghost didn’t need to say the rest of the words. Xi Jia also understood.

The woman had aborted four children. No matter what, the little ghost was still aborted.

“After being aborted for the third time, I wanted to run away, but I realized I could no longer run away. This woman’s blood line and my soul has been tangled together. If I leave, she might never be able to get pregnant again. In my previous life, I was also a woman. Because of a car accident, I could no longer have kids. When I was old, I was very lonely. I know that this woman wants a child, so……I never left. I waited for her, and she got pregnant with the fourth child.”

Xi Jia was startled, “But, isn’t her fourth child also a……”

“Right!” Mournful and loathing laughter echoed in the operating room, “It’s a girl! It was still a girl! During the ultrasound, I used all my efforts to hide my sex, but their family still found out. I was already six months, six months! She still went to the hospital to abort me! This time, I really wanted to leave, but my soul was tightly entangled with her. I already can’t leave her. I hate her ah, she aborted four times so her body became weak. It’s almost impossible for her to have another baby in the future. The next time she aborts, I would completely disappear from this world and never to reincarnate.”

Xi Jia thought, “These things have nothing to do with this woman. It’s her family that wanted a boy. She probably won’t hurt her own body.” So why would you possess her body?

Xi Jia never said the latter words out loud, but the little ghost looked up and stared at her fiercely.

“Nothing to do with her?” The voice was filled with hatred.

Xi Jia was stunned.

The little ghost said with a bitter smile, “For the fourth abortion, after she knew I was a girl again, it wasn’t her mother-in-law or husband that forced her to abort me. Those people still didn’t know that I was a girl. It’s her, she went to the hospital herself to abort me! Because she knew that her husband didn’t want a girl, and she was afraid her husband wouldn’t want her anymore. She was afraid that after I was born, her husband would divorce her! So she impatiently killed me!”

Xi Jia was left speechless.

The little ghost was still smiling, “This kind of disgusting woman, I even actually felt sorry for her, worried that she would be suffering without any children like me, and stayed in her body. Now, I can never leave her. I know that I definitely won’t be able to be born with this fifth fetus. Her body already can’t give birth again, but they still want her to, and she also wanted to. So, let her then. When I am born, it will be the time I kill their entire family! They caused my soul to break and made me lose any chance of reincarnation! I want their family broken and dead, pay it back in blood!!!”

At this time, Xi Jia and Ye Jingzhi understood why this little ghost would have such strong yin energy.

Four consecutive abortions was equivalent to saying that it had died four times in a row. In addition to its original death, it had died five times. Its resentment was soaring so it would naturally have strong yin energy.

Xi Jia looked at Ye Jingzhi and mouthed: Got a plan?

Ye Jingzhi’s complexion was heavy as he gently shook his head.

Xi Jia deeply sighed.

This little ghost perhaps had never thought that because of its moment of soft-heartedness, it would cause its soul to scatter.

Xi Jia looked at the woman’s body on the floor. Seeing that the blood under the woman had coagulated, he already knew that the woman had died. When the little ghost had grabbed his arm, the reason why he was able to dodge the attack and only had a little bit of flesh scraped off was because he suddenly noticed that this woman’s hand was too cold.

It was both cold and stiff like a corpse.

The moment the little ghost possessed her body, she had died already. Xi Jia didn’t know whether she died due to a complicated birth or she got killed by the little ghost. But either way, she died, and the little ghost could no longer reincarnate.

In the operating room, the little ghost possessing the woman’s corpse was smiling like a madman. Ye Jingzhi calmly looked on. He stepped forward and planned on retrieving Wu Xiang Qing Li that was holding the little ghost.

Xi Jia still couldn’t help but ask again, “Is there really no way, Master Ye?”

Ye Jingzhi thought, “I don’t have any other ways. All living things must abide by the regulations that Ling Xiao has set. Its soul has been bound to this woman’s body, and this woman has already died. It naturally won’t be able to reincarnate again. Unless……”

Xi Jia, “Unless what?”

Ye Jingzhi said, “Unless we find a master who could recite incantations for the little ghost to transcend and find peace before its soul scatters. Then, it would have a glimmer of hope. But the master must have high magic power and profound attainments in Buddhist scriptures……”

“Amitabha, seems like someone is mentioning this poor monk behind this poor monk’s back? Young Daoist Ye, what are you looking for this poor monk for? Hey! There’s actually a small ghost here! Watch this poor monk beat it until its soul scatters!”

Xi Jia and Ye Jingzhi simultaneously turned around and saw Master Buxing standing next to the door to the operating room.

“Eh, Young Daoist Ye, Young Daoist Xi, why are you using that kind of look to look at this poor monk? Is there something on this poor monk’s face?”

A senior monk who had achieved the Dao?

Oh, would the Abbot of the Great Wanshou Temple count?

Master Buxing never would’ve thought that he would be pulled to do bitter work when he only came in to check on the situation.

After hearing the little ghost’s bitter experiences, Master Buxing also felt that it was pitiful, but he also asked, “Did you kill?”

The little ghost’s expression didn’t change, “Yes! After I died, this woman was bleeding heavily and was about to die. But, I hate her. When the doctor was about to save her, I possessed her body. She wasn’t able to handle my yin energy and immediately died. Hahahaha, even if my soul scatters, I have to drag her down with me and die together! I also want to kill her entire family!”

Master Buxing stroked his chin, “What a malicious ghost with such strong resentment ah.”

The little ghost had already seen through the facade and coldly said, “I don’t want you to save me, I want my soul to scatter, I want to kill their entire family!”

The corners of Master Buxing’s lips twitched, “The things that this poor monk wants to do, do those require you, a little ghost, to agree? This poor monk is only reciting the Rebirth Incantation for you. Whether or not you can be reborn is up to Ling Xiao. Don’t bother this poor monk, this poor monk will do whatever this poor monk wants. Today, this poor monk must recite mantras for you.”

The little ghost had long since given up all hope. It struggled, not wanting Master Buxing to save it. It only wanted to become a malicious ghost to kill this woman’s entire family. But, Master Buxing just had to recite for it and even do it well.

When Master Buxing was chanting, Ye Jingzhi left the operating room to help Cengxiu-zhenjun and the others outside of the operating room by setting up a barrier at the hospital and dealing with the situation. Xi Jia watched Master Buxing recite scriptures off to the side. When Master Buxing recited to the halfway point, the little ghost no longer talked much. The yin energy and vicious energy on it slowly dissipated.

After Master Buxing finished reciting the Rebirth Incantation, he raised his hand and pressed between the woman’s brows, saying in a fabricated voice, “Awaken, every phenomenon dissipates, Amitabha.”

When his voice fell, the little ghost unexpectedly stood up. It didn’t attack. Instead, it bowed towards Master Buxing, and the hatred and pain on its face completely disappeared. It said quietly, “Thank you, master. I know I was wrong.”

Master Buxing calmly nodded with an air like a great master.

Translator’s Addition:
Master Buxing: I only came here to take a look so why am I doing the hard work? QAQ *shows off later*

Translator’s Notes:
1 Meng Po Soup and the Bridge of Helplessness : Meng Po Soup aka Granny Po’s Soup or the Soup/Tea of Forgetting. In Chinese myths and folklore, it erases memories of your past life as your soul passes through the cycle of reincarnation. It is said that she serves the soup at the Bridge of Helplessness (Naihe Bridge).

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