Ghosts Know What I Experienced

Chapter 59.3: I can still reincarnate?!

Chapter 59 Part 3

Xi Jia watched dumbfoundedly at the side. He never would have thought that Master Buxing, who was always unreliable, would appear to actually be so powerful. The small ghost manipulated the woman’s corpse and rubbed its own stomach. Its gaze was calm. In the next moment, its hand suddenly plunged into its lower body and pulled out the mangled corpse of an infant.

The thick blood adhered to the infant’s body. Xi Jia carefully took a look and shockingly discovered that this baby was actually still a girl.

The little ghost raised its head and directed a smile at Xi Jia, “I succeeded this time. They never noticed that I was a girl. Actually, I really wanted to be born. Sadly……this time, I was able to cheat them but wasn’t able to cheat fate.”

The little ghost laughed at itself and seriously placed its own corpse onto the operating table. It deeply looked at its own body for the last time when suddenly, a black light that was blended into the strong yin energy came flying out from the top of the woman’s head.

At this moment, the second hand of the hospital’s clock slowly moved to the 12 o’clock position.

The Ghost Festival finally ended. Right as it passed midnight, the yin energy of the wandering souls and wild ghosts that were piling outside of the hospital suddenly weakened by half. They were still madly rushing towards the hospital a moment ago, but once midnight struck, some of them recovered their minds. Once they looked up and saw Cengxiu-zhenjun and Ye Jingzhi outside of the hospital, they turned around and ran in fright. As for the rest of the wandering souls, they lacked awareness so they turned away and continued to roam in the human world.

Xi Jia raised his head and watched the little ghost’s soul float up into the sky, disappearing bit by bit.

The moment the ghost’s soul completely dissipated, a muffled thunder rang out in the sky. Master Buxing’s eyes trembled as he raised his head to look at the sky, as if he could see the boundless skies though a house.

However, the thunder only sounded muffled for a moment before it was gone.

The small ghost quietly disappeared in the sky. Master Buxing gathered his palms together and calmly spoke towards the corpses of the woman and baby, “Amitabha, may the two benefactors go well.”

A chaotic Ghost Festival finally concluded.

Once the Ghost Festival had passed and the small ghost had left, there was no need to pay attention to the yin energy in the hospital since it automatically dispersed. All the fainted patients and doctors regained their consciousness. They simply didn’t remember that they had fainted, and the hospital resumed their usual order.

As one of the people in charge of the Xuanxue world’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Cengxiu-zhenjun quickly contacted the government and left it to the relevant department to keep today’s events sealed. But not long after, many Celestial Masters of the Xuanxue world also rushed over and broke up some wandering souls and wild ghosts that were still roaming near the hospital and refusing to leave.

After experiencing so many things in one night, Xi Jia softly released a sigh of relief now that the matter had ended satisfactorily. Shennong Valley’s spirit medicine was temporarily unable to heal his wound so Ye Jingzhi took him to the hospital’s ER and bandaged his wound without much extra effort.

After he finished wrapping up the wound, Ye Jingzhi and Xi Jia stayed in the hospital and explained everything to Cengxiu-zhenjun in detail in order for the government to easily understand the conflict.

By the time they could finally leave, the morning sun rose in the east, and a new day had already arrived.

Xi Jia rubbed the bandages on his arm and recalled the moment the small ghost left. He described that moment to Ye Jingzhi, and Ye Jingzhi said, “Ling Xiao has acknowledged it. With Master Buxing reciting the Reincarnation Incantation for it, Ling Xiao has granted it another chance to return to Hell and wait for reincarnation in the future.”

Daddy Ling Xiao would never make wrong decisions. Since Daddy Ling Xiao allowed the small ghost to reincarnate again, it meant that the little ghost had truly received unjust treatment.

The two proceeded towards the hospital’s exit. After being tormented for two days, they could finally go home and properly rest. When they reached the doorway to the department of gynecology and obstetrics, Xi Jia suddenly heard a loud noise coming from inside, and he turned to look.

“Ridiculous! You killed my daughter-in-law and even killed my grandson! Pay for the damages, what kind of black-hearted hospital is this, full of doctors who hurt people! Pay! Pay!”

The old woman from last night was now rudely and unreasonably sitting on the floor and bawling. She seemed to be crying very mournfully, but with a careful look, you could notice that her face didn’t have a single tear. Beside her, her husband and son were also bellowing and loudly shouting while holding a woman’s black and white portrait of the deceased, pulling a white banner, and blocking the doorway to the gynecology and obstetrics department.

The atmosphere of the entire gynecology and obstetrics department had been darkened by their disturbance. The security wanted to take them away, but the old woman was sitting on the ground, flailing around, and making a scene. She wouldn’t leave and said that they killed her daughter-in-law and now they even wanted to hurt her.

Xi Jia watched these people with abhor and said in ridicule, “It has only been a few hours, how could they run over here so quickly? And even have the portrait and banner prepared?”

It was Ye Jingzhi’s first time seeing such a brazen disturbance at a medical facility. He somewhat didn’t understand what these people were doing. It wasn’t until Xi Jia explained that he understood that these people wanted the hospital to pay money.

Ye Jingzhi questioned, “That woman is indeed dead. Even without the little ghost killing her, she wouldn’t be able to survive. Being pregnant with a baby with such strong yin energy, she herself and her body were weak. She couldn’t sustain it any longer. It has nothing to do with the hospital.

Xi Jia looked at these people with utter disgust, and he patiently explained to Ye Jingzhi, “Master Ye, you don’t understand. People like this, they don’t actually care whether the woman died or not. Anyways, that woman died, they could still get another to marry into their family. They just want money.”

Master Ye noticed that his wife seemed very dissatisfied with these people’s displays. He rubbed Xi Jia’s hand and comforted, “Don’t worry, there will be people to take care of this.”

Xi Jia didn’t really understand, “There will be people to take care of it? People from the hospital?”

Ye Jingzhi shook his head. He was just about to speak when he saw a few people wearing police uniforms come forward and pull the old woman, her husband, and her son away. The old woman still wanted to say something more, but the police directly captured her without a change in expression and took them outside.

Xi Jia watched this scene in surprise, and Ye Jingzhi explained, “This matter involved an infant ghost so the Xuanxue World’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs would join with the government to suppress the entire situation and not let it become a big matter. Following the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ practices, they wouldn’t have a good outcome because Senior Cengxiu and Senior Buxing took charge of this matter together. Senior Cengxiu rarely takes charge, and it should be Senior Buxing taking the lead. Also, Senior Buxing is a senior Buddhist monk and really despises the reincarnations of bad people. In Buddhism, it is the ultimate sin.”

Xi Jia suddenly realized as he distantly watched the police put the old woman’s family into the police cars. The corners of his lips curled up, “How come I feel a bit delighted?”

Master Ye didn’t know why his wife was happy. But if wife’s happy, he’s also happy.

The two proceeded to happily leave the hospital. However, they had just walked out of the gynecology and obstetrics department when they saw a man and a woman come over from the distance. The woman said very impatiently, “How many times have I said it to you? We have to be here early, or else we won’t be able to line up! You useless thing, it’s hard to get registered at the hospital’s gynecology and obstetrics department. You don’t even have a friend at the hospital, and you also don’t want to spend money. Now’s great, we’ve been in line for so long and have only just gotten our number.”

“Aren’t I here with you? Really, you only know how to nag all day long.”

“I’m pregnant with your son, what is your attitude right now, ah?! Do you want your son or not? If you don’t want your son, I’ll abort him right now!”

The man wanted to act up, but he could only hold back his anger and mutter a curse under his breath.

The man and the woman slowly walked up to the entrance to the gynecology and obstetrics department. When the two raised their heads, the man called out in surprise, “Xi Jia?” After a moment, he looked again at Ye Jingzhi to the side and asked strangely, “Eh, why would you be here at the gynecology and obstetrics side?

Xi Jia never would’ve thought to meet this person here, and he indifferently said, “Just passing through.”

The man nodded. With sharp eyes, he suddenly saw the bracelet on Xi Jia’s wrist, and his eyes suddenly lit up.

This bracelet was something Master Ye had taken out of his Qiankun bag a few days ago, and he stubbornly wanted Xi Jia to wear it.

Brother Jia never liked to wear jewelry since he was small. The jade bracelet was a top-notch mutton fat white jade. It was warm to the touch, and the jade’s color was moderate. As a grown man, he didn’t want to wear a bracelet, but Ye Jingzhi said seriously, “Jia Jia, we’ve kept on dual cultivating lately. My magic power has made some progress, but your yin energy has risen quite rapidly due to the fusion with my baleful energy. It might not be good for your body. This bracelet is a magic treasure that Fellow Daoist Measurement had recasted. It can help you stabilize your yin energy.”

Since that was the case, Xi Jia could only put it on.

When Wang Zhen saw the bracelet, his eyes shined as he looked at it excitedly. In the next moment, he looked up at Xi Jia. His face showed a smile currying favor, and his voice also became somewhat softer, “Oh right, Xi Jia. Why didn’t you add me on WeChat last time? Now that I mention it, I still don’t know what you’re doing now, where are you working at?”

Xi Jia furrowed his brows. He calmly hid the bracelet underneath his sleeve and said indifferently, “It’s nothing, I might have forgotten, I’ll add when I get back. I still have things to do. If there’s a chance in the future, I’ll see you in the future.” After he finished speaking, he took Ye Jingzhi’s hand and left.

Wang Zhen said a few more words, and Xi Jia indifferently responded to them all and only wanted to leave.

Unable to make the person stay, Wang Zhen’s complexion darkened with gloom. His girlfriend laughed beside him, “Useless thing, your old classmate has made it big, who would care about you.”

Xi Jia simply didn’t feel like paying any attention to them, and he took Ye Jingzhi and left.

But, right at this time, the man cursed at his girlfriend in anger and exasperation. He deliberately spoke in a whisper right next to his girlfriend’s ear, “Laozi wants to compare with him? Your husband is at least a normal person with nothing wrong with his brain. With that kind of mental illness, so what if he has money? Acting like a snob! He even caused his dad and mom to die. I definitely wouldn’t kill my dad, my dad is still alive and well!”

Xi Jia’s face suddenly became cold. He stopped in his steps and suddenly turned around. His gaze was like a torch, like a sharp blade piercing at the short and thin man.

“Say that again!”

The Author has something to say:
C+: Say that again, I’ll tear you apart, believe it or not!
Mirror: You’re not allowed to talk bad about my wife!!!

Translator’s Notes: None~ They just can’t leave the hospital lol

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