In the World of Crawling Dead The Record of War of a Certain High School

Chapter 59 - Boxing Death Match

The man made a tapping sound with his foot.

“Is it over now?”

As the man was wiping his sweat with his arm, a fist from above shot out.

The man’s arm was pretty big, enough to seem like a serpent.

“You see, I was previously aiming to be a boxer. People were too weak so I stopped walking on the respectable path. Say, can’t you entertain me more?”

Seiji slowly stood up.

“...Entertain you? How stupid. The one being entertained is me.”

“That’s the spirit…”

The man curved his lips into a grin and took a step forward.

The man reached out his hand.

He aimed it downwards.

Seiji punched him in the stomach… but it was weak.

There was intense pain in his back.

While taking a breath, he punched the man’s solar plexus.

The man took a short breath and punched his side.

He desperately aimed his knee at his groin, but that was weak as well.

Immediately following, the man’s kick hit his stomach, and Seiji cowered.

He hit the right side of his face like that, and Seiji was blown off to the side.


“Hey, hey? Is it all talk?”

“Son of a bitch!”

They entered the point-blank range of a fist fight again.

He kicked his shin first.

The man scowled.

One shot to the stomach, and the heel of palm as he staggered.

Turning back and doing a roundhouse kick.

This time, the man flew off the side.

“Hmm~? Hey, what happened to the power until now?”

“Bastard… Isn’t it getting interesting now?”

The man put his hands in gloves.

The leather gloves had thorns attached to them.

He wouldn’t be able to put up much of a fight after getting hit by that.

“...Hey hey, are you serious? That’s foul play.”

“Don’t you know? In boxing…”

The man started running.

“You put on gloves, you knooow!”


Flustered, he jumped to the side, and the man stuck his fist into the ground.

“Don’t dodge.”

“I’m sorry to say, but in the boxing I know, you don’t wear those kinds of gloves.”

“Who cares. This is my way.”

“Oh, I see!”

Seiji kicked the ground and started running in the opposite direction of the man.

“Bastard, are you running away?”

“Like I’ll fight like that!”

The man desperately tried to keep up with Seiji.

What Seiji arrived at in the end was the gymnasium.

The gymnasium was pretty cold in the winter season.

However, thanks to him running here, Seiji’s body was pretty warmed up.

“This is bad, if I don’t do something…”

Casually looking toward the storehouse, his hands stopped at a certain something.

“I see, the baseball club is still active in winter.”

There, a lightbulb was lit in Seiji’s head.

“...I will win my way.”

Seiji started preparations.

When the man entered the gymnasium, Seiji was sitting down.

“Ha, a dead end?”

“You’re too slow, idiot.”

Seiji muttered as he stood up.

A firm will dwelt in his eyes.

“It seems like your resolution changed. The one who’ll win is…”

“Yeah, the one who’ll win is…”


The two of them simultaneously broke into a run.

A right straight.

The man dodged as he jabbed.

Barely avoiding it, he swept with his foot.

The man dodged as he jabbed, did a dropkick like that, and Seiji tumbled backward.

His body was knocked into the wall in front of the stage.


“You can’t stand anymore? This was too fast. I don’t like anything other than ramen.”

The man closed in and fixed his hands in his gloves.

“The finishing blow. Oh, how boring.”

“...I never thought I would win against you from the start.”


“I couldn’t win against a guy who uses such cheat gloves from the beginning.”

“What do you want to say?”

“I thought. Why couldn’t I win close range no matter what?”


“Therefore, I only have long distance, right? However, I can’t shoot an arrow, and it’s not like I’m carrying a gun.”

“Hurry up and get to the conclusion already!”

“Hey, hey, I’m getting to the good part. Oh well. If I’ll get to the conclusion, it’s ‘my victory’. Look, can’t you hear the sound?”


At that moment, a white mass directly hit the man’s temporal regions of his head.

The man wobbled to the side, and Seiji punched him in the side.

The man collapsed and stopped moving.

“It went well to stall for time.”

In front of Seiji was a baseball pitching machine.

It had been left in the storehouse for the winter season.

He had only had one chance.

Taking advantage of that chance, a white ball had hit the man’s neck at 150km/h.

It was the height and timing.

It had been executed so well that it wasn’t an exaggeration to call it a miracle.

Seiji moved the heavy body, snatched the gloves, and stabbed the man’s throat several times.

A lot of blood spurted out and it trickled out like a stream.

“To become a boxer, he might have collapsed in a ring covered in light…”

Seiji turned around and left without looking back.

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