Ghosts Know What I Experienced

Chapter 60.1: Ye Jingzhi, tonight……want to sleep together?

Chapter 60 Part 1

At the doorway to the hospital’s gynecology and obstetrics department, Wang Zhen and his girlfriend were suddenly stunned, looking at Xi Jia stupefied.

Xi Jia and Ye Jingzhi stood ten meters away from them, and they had only whispered using a very quiet voice. Not to mention someone hearing them ten meters away, even the people next to them wouldn’t be able to hear clearly. But now, Xi Jia suddenly angrily rebuked, and Wang Zhen suddenly felt he was found out, but he also felt that it was impossible.

At such a far distance, how could it be possible to hear what they had just said?

Xi Jia didn’t lower his voice at all when he rebuked, and many patients who were waiting at the door of the gynecology and obstetrics department looked over. Xi Jia strode forward in large steps expressionlessly and walked up to this unfamiliar high school classmate. His gaze was indifferent as he glanced at this person and coldly said, “What you just said, say it to me again.”

The corner of Wang Zhen’s mouth twitched in awkwardness. His girlfriend lightly tugged at his hand, and he thickened his face and said with a smile, “Xi Jia, what are you saying? Did I say something just now?”

Like a thief crying thief, the girlfriend said, “That’s right, did you hear wrong? We didn’t say anything just now. Really, we didn’t even do anything and you suddenly rushed up like this, do you have any class……uh……”

The cold, knife-like gaze fiercely swept over the loose-mouthed woman’s body. Xi Jia withdrew his line of sight and looked at the old classmate before him. He was looking so coldly, and somehow, Wang Zhen suddenly felt his scalp go numb. A piercing chill crawled up his back like something frightening was staring at him, ghastly and eerie.

Xi Jia looked on for a long time before raising the corners of his lips in a grim smile, “My mother died during childbirth, my father passed away in an accident. You said that I had stayed at the Third Hospital before, do you have evidence? During high school, I had never made any contact with you. Now, it is you who dropped in, do I need to pay attention to you?” He paused for a moment before his smile became somewhat colder, “Just now, you asked where I am working. I haven’t even asked a question. Mr. Wang, where did you get a better job at?”

Wang Zhen’s complexion constantly changed. His lips moved, but he didn’t speak.

Xi Jia narrowed his eyes and said apathetically, “Being idle all day and talking about people behind their backs, some people only have this much class. Though, there are some things you didn’t say wrong. I was indeed a thug before and often got into fights. A person like me had a record with the police. You can say a few more sentences, I don’t mind letting you know how I beat people up in the past.”

The girlfriend tightly pulled Wang Zhen’s arm while somewhat withdrawing behind his back in fear. The surrounding people all watched and pointed at them. Wang Zhen’s and his girlfriend’s faces both became unsightly. He really wanted to refute Xi Jia, but each time he looked up and saw Xi Jia, his entire body trembled in fright as if it was being pierced by an ice-cold chill. He felt like he was seeing something very scary.

Xi Jia watched this kind of scum of society and coldly laughed once before using the girlfriend’s words to conclude, “Useless thing.”

After returning this sentence to the other person, Xi Jia took Ye Jingzhi to leave, feeling disinclined to chat up a relationship with this kind of slag. However, this sentence of his had provoked Wang Zhen. He didn’t know how he managed to gather the courage, but he looked up in anger and loudly howled, “I didn’t say anything wrong! You did kill your parents, who in our high school doesn’t know that your dad died in order to save you!”

Xi Jia quickly turned his head and said in anger, “Shut your mouth!”

Wang Zhen threw caution into the wind and loudly cursed, “Don’t think that I’m afraid of you small thugs. If you got the guts, then hit me. With so many people here, hit me. Everything I said is the truth. You caused your dad to die, you are crazy! In high school, you beat up several people from the neighboring class and had to be expelled by the school. Don’t think that we don’t know about it, everyone was spreading it!”

Xi Jia stepped forward, “Do you want to get……” beaten up……

He didn’t get to speak the last two words when an arm blocked Xi Jia in front. Xi Jia looked up in surprise at the man blocking him. From his angle, he could only see Ye Jingzhi’s side profile. His handsome face at this moment was cold like frost. Ye Jingzhi pursed his lips and stared at Wang Zhen in front.

“You’re not allowed to talk about Jia Jia like that.”

Xi Jia was inwardly stunned. He felt warm, and yet he also felt helpless. Ye Jingzhi always wanted to protect him like this, but Ye Jingzhi’s temperament was so good and would never get angry at others. Now facing this kind of scum of society, Master Ye could only softly say, “You can’t bully him.” Should this count as cute or……

The anger in his heart had somewhat subsided because of Ye Jingzhi. Xi Jia was about to step forward and fight for himself. At worst, he would give Wang Zhen a beating. Anyway, Wang Zhen didn’t seem to be useful and didn’t seem like a man. He was both skinny and short.

Xi Jia pulled Ye Jingzhi’s hand and was about to directly beat someone up. Who would’ve expected Ye Jingzhi to coldly say, “You said Jia Jia isn’t good, you are also not filial to your parents. Yesterday, you even hit your father.”

When the onlookers heard this, there was an uproar, and they started to point fingers and comment.

Just as Wang Zhen was worried about Xi Jia beating him, he was completely dumbfounded when he suddenly heard this, “Y-y-you……how did you know?!”

Xi Jia looked at Ye Jingzhi in surprise.

Ye Jingzhi calmly continued to speak, “Your girlfriend suddenly became pregnant. You want to marry her, but your parents disapprove. Therefore, you hit your father yesterday and even cursed at your mother.”

Wang Zhen’s eyes widened in fright, “This is impossible……Impossible! How would you know?!”

Ye Jingzhi thought a bit and then looked at the woman, “But the child in her belly isn’t yours.”

Wang Zhen lost his mind and planned on dragging his girlfriend to leave in order to avoid this frightening man from saying even more words that caused him to lose face. When Ye Jingzhi finished speaking this sentence, Wang Zhen stopped in his steps and turned his head to look at his own girlfriend in disbelief. The woman was also frightened until her face was white, and her voice trembled as she repeated, “N-no, don’t listen to his nonsense, the child in my belly is yours, absolutely yours!”

At this time, Ye Jingzhi spoke in a quiet voice, “The father of the child in her belly should be surnamed Liu.”

Wang Zhen widened his eyes in an instant, “You are actually fucking still in touch with that stinking man! Stinking bitch, are you still longing for each other despite being apart? Go! We’ll go find that guy surnamed Liu, I have to see if that fucker gave laozi a green hat to wear!”

The woman was wailing as she was dragged away by Wang Zhen. “I really don’t have anything to do with him,” kept repeating on her lips, but Wang Zhen seemed to have already somewhat guessed. He dragged his girlfriend and ruthlessly slapped her before heading out of the gynecology and obstetrics department to leave. The ruckus they had caused was very large, and everyone in the gynecology and obstetrics department heard.

However, even at this point, the matter wasn’t over yet. The woman suddenly said, “Aren’t you also still ambiguous with Xiao Qin?!”

Wang Zhen’s face became stiff as he stammered, “Nonsense! Who has anything to do with some other woman? You stinking bitch, stop slandering laozi. You still dare say it after giving laozi a green hat to wear!”

Ye Jingzhi timely inserted another line, “Last night, he had indeed went to see a woman, and it should’ve been 11 o’clock at night.”

The woman immediately widened her eyes and stared intently at Wang Zhen. In the next moment, she lifted her fingers and madly grabbed at Wang Zhen’s face, “You still have a relationship with that stinking mistress?! Speak, did you go see her last night, did you?!”

The two started to fight. Wang Zhen’s girlfriend was a girl after all, her strength wasn’t greater than Wang Zhen’s, and she was knocked to the floor. She suddenly covered her stomach, her face paling due to pain. Wang Zhen was also looking at his girlfriend in shock. He looked down, only to see blood flow down between the woman’s thighs.

The onlookers could also no longer watch the excitement. They quickly helped the woman up and shouted for the doctor.

Everything happened too suddenly. Xi Jia hadn’t figured out what had happened yet when Wang Zhen and his girlfriend started to fight. He had just become a bit clear about the situation, and Wang Zhen had already beaten his girlfriend until her lower body started bleeding.

Seeing that the situation was getting bigger and bigger, Xi Jia quickly turned to look at Ye Jingzhi. Master Ye was still carrying that innocent and harmless face, staring blankly at Wang Zhen and his girlfriend, as if he didn’t know that the situation just now was escalated by his words.

Before anyone noticed, Xi Jia grabbed Ye Jingzhi and ran. The two quickly ran out of the hospital.

Ye Jingzhi somewhat didn’t understand why he needed to run, “Jia Jia, he bullied you and said bad stuff about you.”

Xi Jia stopped by the trees outside of the hospital along the sidewalk and heavily gasped for breath. After mulling it over for a while, he looked up and asked, “Jingzhi, how did you know about Wang Zhen and his girlfriend’s private matters? The guy surnamed Liu? And Xiao Qin? How did you know about these things?” Could it be that Master Ye had the spare time to be a private investigator?

Ye Jingzhi still had a pure face on, “I noticed that the bloodline of the child in the woman’s stomach is different from your classmate’s. The child isn’t that man’s child.”

Xi Jia was stunned. He completely never expected that Celestial Masters would also have this kind of method.

He thought again and asked, “Weird, how did you know that the child’s father should be surnamed Liu? And even know that Wang Zhen went to see a woman in the middle of last night? Right, also Wang Zhen hitting his father yesterday, how did you know?”

Ye Jingzhi said it like it was a matter of course, “Calculated it.”

Xi Jia, “Ah?”

Ye Jingzhi said, “Because the child’s aura isn’t the same as his, I calculated a bit to figure out who his father should be. The surname is something very important to every person. The child has fate with ‘Liu,’ so I guessed that amongst his parents, one of them should be surnamed Liu. As for what the man did yesterday, I directly divined it.”

Xi Jia, “……”

Kneeling down to the Celestial Masters of the Xuanxue world.

Master Ye was able to consecutively calculate such trivial matters. Then in the future, did that mean that he wouldn’t be able to sneakily hide a secret stash of money or do some small bad things? Otherwise, everything that Xi Jia could have thought, Master Ye would fiddle with his fingers to calculate when that time comes and look at him while feeling wronged, “Jia Jia, you lied to me.”

In any case, Xi Jia was still very happy about this matter today. That Wang Zhen was truly shameless. Although he could directly beat people, beating someone up was wrong after all. It would be better for them to fight internally. Just now, Xi Jia could see that the girlfriend had scratched several wounds on Wang Zhen’s face and ripped off quite a few hairs. Wang Zhen even nearly lost his eye.

The only thing regretful was, “What a pity, Wang Zhen seemed to have hit his girlfriend until she miscarried just now.” If the child was still here, their conflicting views between them would’ve been larger by a little. Now that there was no longer a child, maybe Wang Zhen would even be able to forgive his girlfriend. After all, he himself wasn’t clean either.

These words reached Ye Jingzhi’s ears. He felt Xi Jia was very kindhearted, and he nodded, “Buddhism values every reincarnation. That child is innocent. Jia Jia, you don’t need to worry. Right now, I’m protecting that child, he will be fine.”

Xi Jia didn’t react for a moment, “Ah?”

Ye Jingzhi raised his finger and drew a golden rune in the air. His eyes trembled, and the rune breached the hospital and disappeared inside. He turned around, seeking for praise, “All done, Jia Jia, that child will now be okay.”

Xi Jia, “……”

Ye Jingzhi, “Jia Jia?”

Xi Jia could no longer hold it and laughed out loud. Ye Jingzhi looked at him in confusion. Xi Jia covered his face with one hand and laughed for a long time. His mood completely became free from worry. He earnestly praised his family’s Master Ye, “You’ve done well, Jingzhi. The Xuanxue world needs a good Celestial Master who is willing to help others like you!”

Ye Jingzhi blushed from the praise and lightly nodded his head.

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Mirror: You’re not allowed to bully my wife!
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