Ghosts Know What I Experienced

Chapter 60.3: Ye Jingzhi, tonight……want to sleep together?

Chapter 60 Part 3

Xi Jia, “It noticed that I wasn’t wearing the Mt. Tai stone. Finally, it impatiently wanted to eat me. There’s a scar on my neck.”

Ye Jingzhi immediately understood, “That white scar?!”

Xi Jia nodded, “En, it had bit me then. It had broken my artery, and blood quickly flowed out. I thought I was going to die. I felt so bad that I wasn’t able to kill it. It even wanted to tease me and didn’t eat me immediately. It just stood in front of me, laughing at me. It seemed to be very happy and thought it was very fun. A lot of blood spilled. I really bled a lot, and I felt my body become colder and colder. Why was it always smiling? When I saw its smile, I felt like I saw my father. When my father died, it was standing by my side and smiling at me like this. Maybe for it, seeing the pain of mortals was really an interesting thing.”

There were so many things Ye Jingzhi didn’t understand in his heart, but right now, he didn’t say anything and only reached out to hug Xi Jia.

“Jia Jia, don’t be afraid. In the future, there’s me. I’m here.”

“I’m not afraid.” Xi Jia slowly lifted his hands and hugged Ye Jingzhi. He seemed to be smiling, but his voice was ice-cold, “At that time, my body was covered in blood. My hands were also covered in blood. My body was very cold. I really was about to die. It squatted down and watched me. I knew that it was planning on waiting for when I’m about to die to eat me. It was leaning very close to me. I raised my hand and just touched its neck.”

Ye Jingzhi seemed to have realized something.

Xi Jia said while smiling, “I never would’ve thought with just a pinch, its neck……would just break. You didn’t see its expression when its soul scattered. Ye Jingzhi, it looked at me in disbelief. I also didn’t understand why I suddenly broke its neck. It also didn’t understand. It really wanted to ask me, but I really wanted it to die. I broke its skull with a stomp.” After pausing, Xi Jia’s tone became relaxed, “The things that happened later, you also know. Afterwards, I was never afraid of ghosts ever again. But I was seriously injured that time, so I rested in the hospital for three months, and then went to a psychologist for two months. Only after did I transfer schools and continue to go to school.”

Ye Jingzhi tightly held Xi Jia and softly whispered, “Xi Jia, don’t be sad.”

Xi Jia smiled, “I’m not sad. That malicious ghost was personally killed by me. Afterwards, I can also kill malicious ghosts if I wished. Isn’t it pretty good this way? The last gaze it had directed at me, I would never forget it. It definitely didn’t understand why I could suddenly break its neck. But I also don’t understand so I wasn’t able to answer it.”

Ye Jingzhi still said, “Jia Jia, don’t be sad.”

Xi Jia didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, “How am I sad? I can even tear ghosts apart, what’s there to feel bad about.”

“Jia Jia, I’m here. In the future, there will always be me.”

Xi Jia helplessly patted Ye Jingzhi’s back, “I said that I’m not sad. I just think that the ghost died with grievances.”

Ye Jingzhi’s voice was gentle, “Jia Jia……”

Xi Jia was silent for a bit before saying, “I’m not sad at all!”

Ye Jingzhi said in a low voice, “En. I know.”

Xi Jia, “……I really don’t feel bad at all.”

Ye Jingzhi hugged him tightly.

Xi Jia slowly closed his eyes, and the corners of his eyes were a bit moist. He buried his face in Ye Jingzhi’s shoulder. His body slightly trembled, yet he still firmly clenched his teeth, not letting the tears flow. His voice choked, yet his tone was steadfast as he said, “Ye Jingzhi, you’re the only person I’ve told about this to. I’ve never even told Chen Tao. He only knows that I would go see my father every year in April. Actually, the last day in April is my father’s birthday, and my father died in August. You’re not allowed to tell anyone else, do you understand?!”

Ye Jingzhi tenderly hugged his lover tightly, “I know, Jia Jia, I won’t tell anyone else.”

“You’re not allowed to tell those few friends of yours.”

Ye Jingzhi nodded.

“Not allowed……not allowed……” Xi Jia still wanted to speak, but he realized that Ye Jingzhi simply didn’t have anyone he could tell.

He only had Ye Jingzhi left, and Ye Jingzhi also only had him left.

In this world, no matter how hurt and sad he was, he would only show them to this person. Because he knew that this person would always hug him tightly and say to him again and again——

“Jia Jia, don’t cry, I’m here.”

Tears involuntarily spilled past the rims of his eyes, dampening Ye Jingzhi’s clothes. Xi Jia wiped his tears, looked up, and said angrily, “Who said I’m crying?”

Ye Jingzhi looked down at Xi Jia’s throughly red eyes and said, not understanding, “Jia Jia, aren’t you already crying……”

“I said I’m not crying!”

Ye Jingzhi, “But, you’re……”

“I’m not crying!”

Ye Jingzhi chose to believe in his wife unconditionally, “En, you’re not crying.”

Xi Jia deeply inhaled before pulling along Ye Jingzhi’s hand and rushing back home, “Alright, let’s go quickly. Lots of people saw just now, and they’re all staring at us.”

Ye Jingzhi glanced back. Sure enough, several people doing morning exercise by the lake were all looking at them with strange expressions, and their gazes seemed to be sizing them up and down. He didn’t really understand, “Why would they be looking at us?”

Xi Jia didn’t even think, “Because they think we’re homo.”

Ye Jingzhi, “What is a homo?”1

Xi Jia, “It’s dating, they think we’re dating.”

Ye Jingzhi didn’t understand even more, “But Jia Jia, we are actually dating, what’s wrong with that?”

Xi Jia knew there was no way to explain clearly to Master Ye so he straightforwardly pulled him along without explaining.

Ye Jingzhi was being led away by his wife, and he was confused. He never thought there was something wrong with being together with Xi Jia. He was his wife. He really liked his wife, and his wife also liked him back. They were together, what’s wrong with that? Furthermore, they were engaged! Through the wishes of parents and the words of the matchmaker, they were rightfully together, by heaven’s law and earth’s principles.

Could it be that those people thought they shouldn’t be together?

Master Ye suddenly felt a bit upset and even a bit angry. He really wanted to turn around and ask those people why, why would they use that kind of gaze to look at him and Jia Jia. However, just as he planned on turning around, a faint voice sounded in front of him, “Ye Jingzhi, how are you so good……”

Ye Jingzhi was suddenly stunned as he looked ahead. He only saw Xi Jia pulling his hand without looking back and quickly walking.

Was it Jia Jia who said those words?

Master Ye thought for a moment before asking in a quiet voice, “Jia Jia?”

Xi Jia continued to pull him and urged, “Quickly walk, quickly walk, you hear?! I’m hungry, and I want to eat red braised pork for lunch, cook it for me.”

Ye Jingzhi was instantly distracted by the change in topic, “Don’t you not like red braised pork?” It was clearly him who liked to eat red braised pork.

Xi Jia said angrily, “I like it now, okay?”

Ye Jingzhi nodded.

Okay okay, everything’s okay. Whatever wife liked, he would make it. Today’s lunch would be red braised pork.

The two soon returned home, and Ye Jingzhi quickly put on an apron and planned on going into the kitchen to cook red braised pork for his wife. He didn’t even think about whether or not he should rest after being busy for two days. He wholeheartedly wanted to quickly cook food for Xi Jia. When he entered the kitchen, Xi Jia also entered to get water. Ye Jingzhi helped him wash a cup before handing it to him.

During the split second while passing the cup, Ye Jingzhi’s head was slightly lowered, and Xi Jia suddenly looked up and kissed his lips.

Ye Jingzhi suddenly widened his eyes. Xi Jia’s soft lips were pressed against his lips. It was only a very light and brief kiss, but because it was too sudden and he was too unprepared, his cheeks slowly became red.

At the end of the kiss, Xi Jia turned his head and took the cup. He seemed to casually say, “Ye Jingzhi, you used to have bad grades, and I used to always fight. Strictly speaking, we both weren’t good students, this counts as being even. You can’t take this to look down on me.”

Ye Jingzhi returned to his senses, “Jia Jia, I’m not looking down on you……”

Xi Jia raised an eyebrow, “If you aren’t looking down on me, then when I kissed you, why didn’t you respond?”

Ye Jingzhi’s face suddenly became even more red. He was flustered for a good period of time before lowering his head and lightly kissing Xi Jia’s lips. This time, Xi Jia no longer was casual. He pulled in Ye Jingzhi by the neck and kissed hard. Between lips and teeth, ambiguous wet sounds echoed in the small kitchen.

After this kiss, Xi Jia turned to leave, and the door to the kitchen closed loudly.

Ye Jingzhi inarticulately felt his lips. His face was already red, but it felt sweet in his heart. He happily turned around and continued to cook. But he didn’t know that after Xi Jia returned to the room with the cup, he had been blushing for a long time. He closed the door hard and buried his face in his hands. His lips were red and swollen, and his heart was pounding rapidly.

For Ye Jingzhi, this was just a kiss. He had kissed his wife several times. Although, there hadn’t been 20 times, they had kissed over ten times. Even if that kiss just now was a bit……was a bit too deep, he could still accept it.

However, how could he have thought that for Xi Jia, it wasn’t just a kiss just now.

From the moment Ye Jingzhi had hugged him by the lake, he suddenly really wanted to completely be together with this person.

He wanted to thoroughly harmonize with him, he wanted to thoroughly understand Master Ye, he wanted……

He wanted to sleep with Ye Jingzhi.

When he thought up to here, with a rumble, Xi Jia’s face became redder. He drank the water in large gulps and quickly tossed the dirty thoughts like this to the back of his mind.

Must not think about these random things any more. If he continued to think, perhaps he wouldn’t be able to sleep tonight!

Although that was what he thought, Xi Jia couldn’t help but look at Ye Jingzhi’s lips while eating. Ye Jingzhi merely thought that he had suddenly talked about the things from the past and his mood was unstable. So he cared about Xi Jia even more and incessantly picked food for him, hoping he could forget about the painful past.

By nightfall, Xi Jia sat on the sofa while watching TV. His expression was indifferent, but his heart was undulating.

Tonight, should they still sleep separately……or together? Even if, even if they didn’t do that kind of thing, they could still help each other ah!

How could Ye Jingzhi guess that his wife was thinking about these things that could make people embarrassed? He very innocently came out after taking a bath and said to Xi Jia, “Jia Jia, do you need to take a bath?”

Xi Jia looked up. Suddenly his face became hot, and he turned his face away.

Ye Jingzhi wore a set of plain pajamas. It clearly wasn’t any special, but Ye Jingzhi’s figure was too good. His upright and tall build was vividly clear and prominent. He strode towards Xi Jia’s side with his long legs and gave Xi Jia a peeled apple and also a peeled tangerine. He even considerately asked what XI Jia wanted to eat tomorrow morning.

After doing everything and seeing that Xi Jia still hadn’t wanted to go to sleep, he was about to change clothes and head out to find Cengxiu-zhenjun in order to ask about how the settling of the hospital’s matter was going. But just as Ye Jingzhi got up to leave, Xi Jia’s faint voice sounded, “Master Ye, tonight……do you want to sleep together?”

Ye Jingzhi froze in his footsteps. His excellent hearing let him clearly hear Xi Jia’s words, but he didn’t dare to believe it.

Ye Jingzhi’s ears reddened, and he turned his head around, “J-Jia Jia, what did you just……just say?”

Xi Jia closed his eyes, calmed down his heart, and thickened the skin of his face, “Ye Jingzhi, let’s sleep together tonight!”

Ye Jingzhi, “!!!”

N-need to help each other again?!!!

The Author has something to say:
Mirror: Does Jia Jia want us to help each other again?
C+: I only said to sleep together, who said anything about helping each other ah!!!

Translator’s Notes:
1 Xi Jia said a slang here for gay/homosexual. Ye Jingzhi didn’t know the slang.

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