I Just Want to Freeload on Your Luck

Chapter 60 (Part 1)

The next day, Lu Wangwei paid special attention and found that Zhao Mingxi was pushing Fu Yangxi's wheelchair into the classroom again.

A group of boys in the class were extremely envious. Fu Yangxi coolly stuffed his hands in his pockets and raised his chin coolly. He hung his noise-canceling headphones around his neck, looking arrogant and proud.

Fu Yangxi couldn't wait to show off Zhao Mingxi to the world.

Lu Wangwei was furious.

After class, Lu Wangwei called Mingxi to the office with a grimace.

"Did someone in class bully you recently?"

? Mingxi was taken aback. “No.”

Lu Wangwei said earnestly, “Mingxi, you can tell me. As your teacher, I will support you.”

Mingxi scanned through the information in her mind, she really couldn’t think of anyone that was bullying her.

In fact, as soon as she transferred to the International Class, she made one of the most important decisions which was to get closer to Fu Yangxi. This may be the so-called ‘to capture the thief you must first capture the king’. So no one in the class dared to do anything to her from the beginning. Until now, she had completely mingled with them.

“There really isn’t any.”

Lu Wangwei thought that Zhao Mingxi had succumbed to Fu Yangxi's bullying, so she didn't dare to speak. Thus, he simply summoned Fu Yangxi to the office.

He immediately scolded Fu Yangxi, “Zhao Mingxi is the only one in the class to make it to the finals. Don't you know how precious her time is? I can forget about the fact that you always make trouble, but how could you still bully her when she is in the finals? About the matter of pushing your wheelchair, why can’t you ask your friends to do it? Why must you bully Zhao Mingxi?!”


Fu Yangxi never expected it to be like this in the eyes of others.

His expression darkened.

Mingxi wasn’t sure whether to laugh or cry. She quickly held down Fu Yangxi's violent temper and said to the homeroom teacher, “Teacher, you have misunderstood the situation. Recently I moved out to live and my house is close to Fu Yangxi, so I just decided to push him to school every day. It's not that he is bullying me.”

"I don't believe you," Lu Wangwei said angrily to Fu Yangxi. “Since you’ve hurt your leg, you can go and hire a caregiver or ask Ke Chengwen to help you. Why do you always have to call on Zhao Mingxi? Is Zhao Mingxi willingly helping you or is she afraid of offending you? It's impossible that the both of you are dating, right?!”

Fu Yangxi glared at Lu Wangwei, holding back his anger. “What are you trying to say?”

He didn’t want to delay the time for Little Mask either, so he woke up very early every day to match his time with Little Mask. Being able to go to school together was something that made his mood soar to the sky, but why did Lu Zhangwei say as if— as if Little Mask was afraid of offending him, that’s why she helped him? Was he that bad?!

Before Fu Yangxi finished speaking, he heard Mingxi say, “Yes, we are in a relationship. I don’t think the school has any rules against dating at our age.”

Lu Wangwei: “...”

The air was silent for two seconds.

Lu Wangwei was so stunned that he slammed the teacup on the desk and jumped up in shock.


Fu Yangxi tilted his plastered leg and huffed through his nose. The bird shook its feathers triumphantly.

But before he became proud, Lu Wangwei looked at Zhao Mingxi, as if he couldn't wait to shake Mingxi's shoulders. “Mingxi, how did things become like this? You can talk to me if you are facing any difficulties!”

Fu Yangxi: “—”


The two came out of the office. In his shock, Lu Wangwei finally reluctantly accepted the fact that the two were dating. He held his forehead with a distressed look of 'Let me breathe', as if the cabbage he was growing was eaten by a pig.

Fu-cabbage-eating-Xi felt deeply discriminated against.

In these people’s dictionaries, the top student seemed to be unable to fall in love with the school bully. Falling in love meant that he was not doing his job properly. His job was to sleep, bully his classmates and donate a few buildings. And the fact that Zhao Mingxi was willing to fall in love with him was because it was he who intimidated Zhao Mingxi.

Mingxi walked beside him and poked his handsome face. “Unhappy?”

Fu Yangxi was usually too tall for her to be able to poke him. But now that he was in a wheelchair, there was no pressure to even touch the top of his hair.

Fu Yangxi said in a dominating voice, “Woman, don't you poke me as you wish.”

Mingxi said, “The homeroom teacher is not malicious. He was just worried about my studies.”

“Yeah, I know. He treats you well. I’m not angry,” Fu Yangxi said.

He was just a little bit sad. Was it because the impression he left on others was really too troublesome and mischievous? Several teachers who knew about them seemed to be very worried for Little Mask.

So will the Dong family, who are regarded as relatives by Little Mask, accept me?

Mingxi looked at him. “Then give me a smile.”

Fu Yangxi twitched the corner of his mouth, turned his wheelchair and pushed himself into the classroom.

Before he could enter, he was slammed to the back door of the classroom by Mingxi.

Mingxi placed both her hands on the wheelchair.

Mingxi looked right at him.


Fu Yangxi instantly became dizzy due to her cuteness.

Then Mingxi said, "Either way, I only want you."


Fu Yangxi tightened his grip on the armrest and turned away, his ears red. He forced himself to regain his composure.

F*ck! Little Mask is so good at this!

I’m dead!

Falling in love was really a wonderful thing.

In the past, Fu Yangxi thought that Zhao Mingxi liked him, so he was often complacent, and because of her caring behaviors such as delivering desserts and running laps, she gave birth to secret joy in his heart.

Fu Yangxi thought that time was the happiest and most satisfying time in recent years, but he didn't expect that after being together, that happiness would increase thousands of times.

The bitterness was removed from the ups and downs, leaving only sourness and sweetness.

He no longer expected her to look back emptyly, no more uncertainties, tossing and turning, wondering back and forth. What he thought, what he said, what he talked about would be responded to. She missed him when he missed her, and when he looked at her across the crowd, she was always watching him. With one look, the two could know each other's mood.

It was a sense of steadiness of handing each other's hands to each other— knowing that no matter what the problem is, they can communicate, and no matter what happens, they will never separate.

Several people ate in the cafeteria at noon.

After Dong Shen transferred to the school, he often came to the cafeteria to find Zhao Mingxi.

He either occupied the seat beside Mingxi or the seat opposite Mingxi.

But Mingxi was kind to him and often accommodated him.

Fu Yangxi didn't like him. He sat next to Zhao Mingxi, staring coldly at him while picking food for Zhao Mingxi.

Forget about the fact that he would pick out food for her.

What he gave Zhao Mingxi were vegetables, and what he fished out was braised pork.

Zhao Mingxi was originally thin and ate less, so all the meat that she had gotten from eating snacks were lost to Dong Shen just like this.

Fu Yangxi's fists were about to harden. He put his chopsticks aside and pulled a long face. “You’re already at an age where you can get a girlfriend. So why must you come to my girlfriend every day?”

Dong Shen rolled his eyes at Fu Yangxi. “Your girlfriend? You wish. Do you see Mingxi admitting it? So many people are pursuing her, so why must she hang herself on your tree? You have such a bad temper.”

Fu Yangxi: “...”

When Ke Chengwen saw how Fu Yangxi’s face went dark, he thought that this kid Dong Shen must be some sort of nouveau riche from somewhere. He was crazy enough to step on Xi ge's bottom line accurately every time.

He hurriedly stopped. “Dong Shen, do you understand the concept of not talking when you’re eating?”

Dong Shen wanted to continue mocking, but Mingxi helplessly said to him, “Eat quickly. Why do you have so many things to say every day? Next time, you should eat with your classmates. You don't have to purposely come to our side of the building to see us.”

Mingxi wrapped an arm around Fu Yangxi’s elbow.

Fu Yangxi was finally at ease. He picked up his chopsticks again, threw the meat from his plate into Mingxi's plate and stared at Dong Shen triumphantly. “You heard her, kiddo.”

Dong Shen was extremely aggrieved and bit his chopsticks. “I'm not. It’s just that I just transferred, so I haven't made new friends yet.”

"That’s easy." Fu Yangxi deliberately confronted him and glanced at him condescendingly. “Call me ‘brother-in-law’ and I will make sure everyone in Year Two becomes your friend.”

Dong Shen: “...”

Even if Dong Shen was beaten to death, he wouldn’t call him that. Please, he also had dignity, okay?

With such a call, what right does he have to compete with Fu Yangxi for Mingxi jie in the future?

Dong Shen refused to call him that, but Zhao Yuning, who was sitting at the table behind them and immersed in his meal, said in his heart:


Zhao Mingxi and Prince Fu are together? When did this happen?

Since when did Dong Shen have such a good relationship with them?

Ever since Zhao Mingxi severed contact with her family, Zhao Yuning felt as if he had been isolated from her circle. Everything was heard from gossip.

By the time he heard the news, he didn't know how long ago it had already happened.

Zhao Yuning had only one thought about Dong Shen, and that was jealousy.

Zhao Yuning was so sad that he even felt that Dong Shen was being ungrateful. Zhao Mingxi treated him like a younger brother, made desserts for him and would also teach him. What was there for Dong Shen to be reluctant about? He didn't even want to say ‘brother-in-law’.

If it were him, he would be willing to call him ‘brother-in-law’.

Seeing that Zhao Mingxi and her friends had finished eating, Zhao Yuning quickly picked up his plate and stood up, leaving his friends aside, chasing after her.

"Brother-in-law." He directly shouted to Fu Yangxi.

Fu Yangxi who was sitting on the wheelchair: “...”

Zhao Mingxi: “...”

Ke Chengwen and Dong Shen: “...”

Zhao Yuning was afraid that Zhao Mingxi would leave, so he quickly took the opportunity to talk to her.

In fact, there were many things he wanted to talk about, including how Madam Zhao recently got sick, was hospitalized with appendicitis and had a minor operation. Madam Zhao’s temper had softened greatly and he reconciled with her.

Also, the family's business was still affected by Zhao Yuan's incident. The situation was not so good. Dad and their eldest brother were busy day and night.

And, their eldest brother found out that the person who made the post at the time was E Xiaoxia, and he wanted Zhao Mingxi to be careful around E Xiaoxia...

A lot of things were in Zhao Yuning's heart. Zhao Yuning was under a lot of pressure, so naturally he wanted to find someone to talk to him.

But he also knew that Zhao Mingxi might not be willing to hear these things now— He would be pushed farther away from Zhao Mingxi if he talked about these things.

So although the words came to his lips, Zhao Yuning set them aside and said, “I got a cat named Xiao Mei.”

He looked at Zhao Mingxi cautiously. “If you have time, do you want to see it? I can take it out, it's pretty obedient.”

Mingxi felt a little conflicted.

Zhao Yuning had changed a lot. The most obvious change was that he wasn’t as rough with her as before and the way he called her was not by yelling, but in a very careful manner.

Mingxi still didn't want to have anything to do with the Zhao family, but when she was faced with Zhao Yuning, whose eyes were red and looking very sad and stressed, she couldn't say anything ruthless.

She said, “Maybe another day.”

Mingxi and her friends left.

Behind them, Zhao Yuning's tears were about to fall.

I actually got to speak with her—

In any case, Zhao Mingxi didn’t seem to hate him as much as before.


Although Mingxi and Fu Yangxi did not tell everyone that they were together, they inevitably showed some intimacy through their actions.

So a week before the school celebration, almost the whole building was gossiping about the fact that Zhao Mingxi and Fu Yangxi were dating.

This matter also reached Shen Liyao's ears.

Although Shen Liyao had vaguely guessed that there would be such a day during the training camp that night, when the news, like chronic poison, bit by bit eroded the air around him, he still chose to cover his ears and not listen.

Until one day, he saw the two coming in from the school gate and getting off the same car from a distance. Zhao Mingxi was wearing Fu Yangxi's coat and the two of them were holding hands.

There was a buzz in Shen Liyao's mind. The string was completely broken.

He stood in the hallway, trying to make himself expressionless, but his face still became very ugly in the cold wind.

It was difficult for Shen Liyao to describe how he felt at this time.

Zhao Mingxi, who should have appeared around him, completely disappeared from his own world and stepped into Fu Yangxi's world instead. Zhao Mingxi, who was supposed to be walking the same way as himself, was now holding hands with Fu Yangxi and walking on another road that had nothing to do with him.

His road suddenly became empty.

Zhao Mingxi had many small habits. When she listened to people, she would look at them intently, her beautiful eyes appearing to be glistening with water. When she was embarrassed, her cheeks would occasionally get hot and she would tuck her hair behind her ears.

But now, it was no longer him who made her show these expressions, but another person.

Shen Liyao felt like he was holding a handful of sand in his hands.

When he hadn't realized the preciousness of holding the sand, the sand was in his hands.

He didn't care and even felt that the sand was not good enough.

But just when he finally realized that he wanted her and wanted to hold on tightly.

He couldn’t hold it no matter how much he tried.

He could only watch as the sand in the palm of his hands got lesser and lesser until it disappeared completely without a trace.

Everything had been smooth sailing for Shen Liyao since he was a child.

Only in this matter, it ended disastrously.

Ye Bai and the others all watched Shen Liyao degenerate at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Shen Liyao was originally indifferent and didn't talk much with others. Although these friends around him made it look lively, they weren't friends whom he could share his thoughts with.

Because he never let everyone know what he was thinking.

Everyone thought that he was proud, excellent, dazzling and shining. Everyone admired him, but they didn't know what he wanted.

Now he figured it out. He probably liked Zhao Mingxi, but he was too young. He didn't know the fact that he couldn’t stop looking at her meant he liked her, and he didn't know the fact that taking another glance at her in the crowd also meant that he liked her— he explained all the strange feelings as being ‘annoyed’ upon being pursued by Zhao Mingxi.

He always drove Zhao Mingxi away coldly.

So one day when Zhao Mingxi really left, his whole world felt wrong.

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