In the World of Crawling Dead The Record of War of a Certain High School

Chapter 60 - Time Slip

Just a little under 10 minutes since the start of the battle, 5 people from the yakuza side had been lost.

“Boss, a reply from Yasu…”

A man, from his sunglasses and typical yakuza-styled curly hair was a yakuza, answered in a fluster.

“So, how many did we kill?”

“That is… one person.”

“Only one person?”


Whether it was because he thought he’d scolded or killed, the yakuza pulled in his head, but Kyoutarou simply nodded silently.

“He’s just that level of a hoodlum after all. …Ginji keep entertaining them.”

“...As you say.”

The man behind Kyoutarou slowly stood up.

When the curly-haired yakuza saw him, he felt like screaming.

In spite of his lack of expression, his face definitely harbored the intention to kill and gave off the feeling that he could kill with just his gaze.

It was like a frog being watched by a snake and became unable to move.

The man passed by the curly-haired yakuza.

A cold chill ran down his back.

“It really became troublesome… No, we should think of it as dinner?”

Sakura sat by a desk in the science classroom and ran her hand down her chin.

To only eat yakuza or to eat everyone, huh?

She had managed to gather this amount of food too, she should be able to survive the winter.

Taking advantage of the confusion, she might be able to subject them in one go.

However, it might be good to use them for a little longer.

Ideally, she wanted to kill a few more for daily necessities.

“Oh, Sakura! So you were here!”

Sakura’s thoughts were interrupted by Tsubaki’s voice.

As always, she flusteredly put on her mask.

“What happened?”

By doing that, Rei showed his head behind Tsubaki.

“What do you mean? Yakuza came and it is a disaster. Didn’t you hear the broadcasting?”

It was her miss for worrying too much.

She didn’t have the confidence to eat two people at once, so she’d have to stop taking action this time.

As she thought that, Sakura got an uncomfortable feeling.

(Another person is walking toward here…”

Perhaps no one noticed it, or that person erased their footsteps as they walked.

The sense pf hearing had gotten much sharper with the virus and the things she earlier couldn’t hear made a slight sound now.

The person was heading straight here.

“First off, let’s take refuge in the conference room.”

The man was only a short distance away.

Should she report it or not?

As she deliberated, the man stood behind Tsubaki.

No one noticed.

“Let’s go.”

When Rei took a step forwards…

Sakura saw fresh blood spurting out from Tsubaki’s back.

Something holding the beauty of a shining moon let blood out from Tsubaki’s back.


Rei slowly turned.

And then the perpetrator and Tsubaki’s bloody back entered his vision.


Tsubaki fell to his knees and remained still.

Only blood kept spurting out.

The man swung the sword and made blood blow off.

Blood stuck to the wall, and there was an unpleasant sound.


The man glanced at Tsubaki’s state and turned around in her direction.

Silent killing intent was released from his body.

It was like a samurai had time traveled to the current times.

“This is bad…”

Rei stepped back, and the man took another step forwards.

Rei took the stone for the stone throwing that was fastened to his waist and hurled it, but it was repelled by the handle of the sword.

The man remained expressionless.

(What happens if Rei gets killed? Since I naturally won’t die, if Rei is killed, then I would be killed by the man too. No, impossible. No matter how good-for-nothing Rei is, compared to that guy’s image, Rei seems stronger to me. This means that unless Rei and I cooperate in taking that guy down, it’ll be suspicious. …There’s no other way.)

Sakura plucked a strand of her hair and dropped it to the floor.

By doing that, the hair strand drew near the guy like a poisonous snake and twined itself around his hand.


The man swung his sword.”


Sakura pulled the hair strand tight, and the man’s hand stiffened.

Rei overlooked the man’s sudden rigidness.


Rei kicked the man flying.

Composed, the man stood up and approached Rei to slay him once again.

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