Ghosts Know What I Experienced

Chapter 61.1: (title censored due to chapter lock)

Chapter 61 Part 1

Ye Jingzhi sat back down on the sofa, no longer leaving.

Fortunately, sometimes Master Ye’s response was a beat slower. He had just stood up and didn’t have the time to immediately say, “I need to go find Cengxiu-zhenjun and won’t be back tonight.” Otherwise, he wouldn’t have the chance to be sitting down right now. He would’ve awkwardly changed his clothes, gone out to hunt ghosts, and left Xi Jia alone to watch the house.

However, after Xi Jia said those words, he was also too ashamed to show his face. He lowered his head and began to eat the apples fervently, unwilling to lift his head no matter what.

There was a very boring variety show on TV. A few hosts tried hard to make jokes, and the audience in the program also laughed out loud in correspondence. However, for the two people in the room, no one laughed. Ye Jingzhi obediently and quietly sat on the sofa with an upright posture. On the surface, he seemed to be seriously watching TV, but his thoughts were going wild. Xi Jia ate fruits continuously. After he finished the apples, he ate tangerines. After tangerines, he ate pears. Only, he didn’t talk.

By the time the show finished, it was already 11 o’clock at night.

Xi Jia usually went to bed at this time, and Ye Jingzhi would either choose to sleep or go out to hunt ghosts. But now, the two waited for a long time, yet no one spoke. Until 11:05, Xi Jia closed his eyes in resignation and said in a faint voice, “Are……are you sleepy?”

How could Ye Jingzhi be sleepy?

Master Ye was a person with exceptional physical strength and energy and could go one month without eating or sleeping. He subconsciously shook his head. In response, Xi Jia suddenly froze since he completely didn’t expect this answer. Barely a second later, Ye Jingzhi reacted and hurriedly nodded, “I-I’m sleepy.”

Xi Jia who suddenly recalled Master Ye’s stats, “……”

As if worrying about Xi Jia not believing him, Ye Jingzhi seriously said, “In order to find that Body of Extreme Yin lately, I have expended some energy.”

Even if he said so, Brother Jia wasn’t able to believe it and could only continue, “……”

Ye Jingzhi didn’t expect his clumsy lie could deceive Xi Jia at all. He saw that Xi Jia still hadn’t had the intention to go to sleep so he became somewhat worried, “Jia Jia, you’re not sleepy?”

Xi Jia didn’t even think and blurted, “I’m not!”

Ye Jingzhi slightly frowned, “You haven’t rested well in the past two days, your complexion doesn’t seem very good. I remember that Shennong Valley has a spiritual herb that can help you sleep. I should have bought some before.” Upon saying this, Ye Jingzhi rummaged through his Qiankun bag. Just when Xi Jia wanted to stop him he had already found a deep green small plant like a dog’s tail, “Jia Jia, this is a hundred year zhi mu.1 If you’re tired, you can put it by the head of the bed, and it can help you sleep. You can definitely fall asleep within ten seconds.”

Xi Jia, “……”

If I really fell asleep in ten seconds, who would get in bed with you ah!

Seeing Ye Jingzhi’s sincerely worried gaze, Xi Jia sighed heavily. This time, he really resigned to fate. He stood up and said while smiling, “I’ll go take a shower first. Jingzhi, if you’re tired, you can go to sleep first. Right, last week……cough, I changed beds last week. It’s pretty big, and it’s not that small bed from before. You can……take a look.”

Once his voice fell, Xi Jia turned around and ran into the bathroom. His heart thumped hard, and he didn’t even notice that he forgot to grab a change of clothes.

Speaking all the way to here, if Ye Jingzhi didn’t notice his hint again and immediately went to bed to sleep, then Xi Jia would give up. Saying all of these words had already exhausted this month’s worth of his courage. Brother Jia already made his decision. If he saw Ye Jingzhi lying on the bed when he went back into the room, he would consider whether or not he would do something to Master Ye. If Ye Jingzhi wasn’t here, then it was destined, oh well.

After dilly dallying in the shower, Xi Jia hesitated in the bathroom for a long time before finally making up his mind and walked out of the room.

He gulped and pushed open the door to his room. When he saw the situation inside, his eyes widened.

Ye Jingzhi stood beside the bed and was carefully……making the bed. He took out the 4-piece set that was just washed last week and carefully smoothed out every corner of the bed. Seeing that Xi Jia had come, he stood up straight and said, Jia Jia, I remembered that you haven’t changed your sheets in a month. I……I changed them for you.”

Xi Jia, “……”

Brother Jia called you to come and take a look at the bedroom, not to have you change bed sheets, but to have you wash up and lie down on the bed!

Seeing the neatly laid out blanket, Xi Jia felt warm and yet also helpless. He went up to the bed, lifted the blanket, and lay down. Ye Jingzhi stood at the head of the bed, not knowing what he should do. After waiting for a long time, he turned his body towards the door as if he planned on going out.

Just as he touched the door handle, Xi Jia coughed once and asked, “Ye Jingzhi, do you want……to try my new bed?”

Ye Jingzhi rapidly turned his head around and looked at Xi Jia.

Xi Jia awkwardly averted his gaze, “This new mattress feels pretty soft……”

Ye Jingzhi, “En!”

Finally finding an opportunity, Master Ye quickly ran to the bed, pulling the covers away to lie down.

In the middle of the night, two grown men were lying on the spacious bed, covered by a blanket……without even any chit-chat.

Xi Jia had changed the bed last week because he felt that the bed was too small. Before, he and Ye Jingzhi had slept together on a 1.5 meter bed. The two grown men were shoulder to shoulder. All along, it was a bit too crowded, so he intentionally changed to a 2 meter large bed while thinking: It would be much more convenient when they sleep together forever.

However, it had only been one week, and Brother Jia was regretting, regretting to the point his insides were green.

How large was a two meter bed?

Large enough so that when Brother Jia tried to feel out next to him, he wasn’t even able to touch Master Ye’s hand after groping around for a long time!

If this was the original 1.5 meter bed, their shoulders would be pressed against each other. With “skinship,” there would be some reasoning if something happened next. Now, it was just great. The two were lying on the bed, yet no one could bump into each other. Even if Xi Jia really wanted to do something to Master Ye, something that would ruin Master Ye’s innocence, he would have the intention but was powerless to do it. He could only stare at the ceiling helplessly.

Within the spacious room, faint breathing sounds rhythmically sounded.

No one knew how long had passed, Xi Jia looked at the ceiling and hadn’t fallen asleep. He vaguely thought that Ye Jingzhi beside him should have fallen asleep because he could hear Master Ye breathe very steadily. He also hadn’t moved and very much seemed like he was asleep.

After waiting for more than half an hour with his eyes open, Xi Jia officially confirmed that Ye Jingzhi was sleeping. He gulped and summoned his courage. Stretching his hand out covertly, he started to reach for the person sleeping beside him. Only after reaching out approximately over 30 centimeters was he able to bump into a warm heat source. Xi Jia suddenly held his breath and cautiously held that hand.

In the next moment, Ye Jingzhi’s voice was slightly trembling as he said quietly, “Jia Jia, what are you doing……”

Xi Jia, “!!!”

You’re not asleep, ah!!!

Xi Jia thickened his face, “N-nothing, accidentally touched just now.”

Once Ye Jingzhi made a sound, Xi Jia quickly removed his hand as if he got electrocuted. Ye Jingzhi was somewhat stunned and didn’t know what he did wrong.

Ever since they closed the lights and got on the bed, Ye Jingzhi was waiting, waiting impatiently to help each other.

Master Ye didn’t know how his wife wanted to help each other. Was it like how it was in G Province? He would help his wife touch, his wife would help him touch, and the two of them would both be very happy, or should they kiss first and then help each other? Anyway, he would always listen to Jia Jia. However Jia Jia wanted to do it, he would do it.

Afterwards, he waited for an hour but wasn’t able to hear Xi Jia say a single word……

Master Ye’s heart was bitter ah!

Unable to sleep and also feeling very wronged, he didn’t know what Xi Jia had called him over to sleep for until he suddenly noticed Xi Jia quietly feel for his hand. In that split second he touched, Ye Jingzhi was so happy in his heart that flowers were about to bloom. Then, Xi Jia withdrew his hand……

However, even if his heart was both bitter and upset, Ye Jingzhi was currently more concerned about, “Jia Jia, you can’t fall asleep?”

How could Xi Jia sleep? He first shook his head before nodding quickly, faltering and unable to answer.

Ye Jingzhi immediately took out the hundred year zhi mu with the flip of his hand, “In a moment, you can fall asleep.”

Xi Jia, “……” I’ve said already that what I want isn’t this thing, ah!

Since it had gotten to this point, there were only two roads in front of Brother Jia. The first road was to not care about anything, go and do Ye Jingzhi. The second road was to sincerely sleep and wait for another opportunity in the future to do Master Ye.

Ye Jingzhi very carefully placed the hundred year zhi mu by Xi Jia’s pillow. He gently tapped on the zhi mu’s leaves, and a mild medicinal scent slowly radiated out. It would only take ten seconds for Xi Jia to fall asleep. However, after only five seconds, Xi Jia grasped the zhi mu and blocked its medicinal effect.

Ye Jingzhi raised his head in shock. In the darkness, Xi Jia propped up his upper body, looking at him with a hazy gaze, “I kind of don’t want to sleep anymore……”

Ye Jingzhi, “???”

Do what if not sleep?

Could it be……Could it be helping each other?!

Ye Jingzhi suddenly flushed red in the face.

The dim moonlight shined past the window and into the room, barely illuminating some indistinct shadows. Xi Jia could only see Ye Jingzhi’s silent expression and couldn’t see his hidden shyness. He thought and struggled for a long time before suddenly turning his body over and straddling Ye Jingzhi’s waist.

Ye Jingzhi exclaimed in surprise, “Jia Jia?!”

Xi Jia said between gritted teeth, “Ye Jingzhi, even at this time, you really don’t want to do anything at all?!”

Master Ye gulped, not daring to reply.

Xi Jia, “En? You don’t want to do anything?”

Ye Jingzhi, “D-do what?”

Translator’s Addition:
Readers: Are we there yet?
Me: No.
Readers: Are we there yet?
Me: No.
Readers: Are we—
Me: NO!

We’ll be there soon XD

Translator’s Notes:
1Zhi Mu 知母: anemarrhena rhizome. Chose to use the Chinese name b/c it’s shorter.

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