Ghosts Know What I Experienced

Chapter 61.3: (title censored due to chapter lock)

Chapter 61 Part 3

After doing it so long last night, Xi Jia woke up in the morning feeling refreshed, except his hands were a bit sore.

In the morning, Xi Jia made some simmer-fried fish for Song Song before running to the internet to search for resources. Right now, the resources were really hidden. Brother Jia also didn’t really look at these kinds of things. He searched for more than three hours before he found a movie about homosexuals and secretly copied it onto a USB. When he gathered up enough courage again, he decided he would watch this movie with Ye Jingzhi.

What happened last night used up all of Xi Jia’s courage from the last two months. He didn’t dare say anything over the top within such a short time. Therefore, the two spent an ordinary yet comfortable day. Just that at night, Ye Jingzhi really wanted to sleep with his wife again, but before he could get on the bed, he could distantly see Song Song lying domineeringly at the center of the two-meter bed and squeezing Xi Jia to the corner of the bed.

Ye Jingzhi, “……”

Xi Jia raised his head and asked in surprise, “Eh, Jingzhi, why are you here?”

Master Ye choked out a few words, “I’m going to see if Song Song is hungry……”

Xi Jia smiled as he said, “It ate some fish half an hour ago.”

Ye Jingzhi turned around and headed toward his room, feeling down.

Seeing his back, Xi Jia slightly noticed that something was off. The next day, Brother Jia gripped the USB and began to pace back and forth. He went from the living room to the kitchen, and then from the kitchen to the balcony. It was reasonable to say that in this short time, it was unlikely for Brother Jia to suggest watching an adult movie and let Master Ye gain knowledge on this kind of matter. However, after what had happened last night, he truly didn’t have the heart to let Master Ye not know or understand anything any longer.

However this time, Xi Jia didn’t have the chance to follow through with watching an adult movie together. In the evening, strange voices sounded outside the door.

“Are you sure it’s this house? Fellow Doaist Zhuzhao, we’ve already gone to the wrong one three times.”

“This poor daoist absolutely didn’t make a mistake this time, it’s this one. Half a year ago, this poor daoist even cut through this door……Eh, this door is actually restored so well. Could it be that Young Daoist Ye used a spell and restored it?”

“Then, we’ll knock?”

Resounding knocks sounded once these words fell.

Xi Jia, “……”

Ye Jingzhi, “……”

The two had already guessed who were standing outside. Once they opened the door and looked, just as expected, Zhuzhao-zhenren and Cengxiu-zhenjun standing together outside the door. Seeing them, the two masters simultaneously heaved a sigh of relief. Cengxiu-zhenjun helplessly said, “Young Daoist Ye, Young Daoist Xi, this poor daoist and Fellow Daoist Zhuzhao had just gone to three wrong homes before finding you. If this was wrong again, this poor daoist would be so ashamed and won’t be able to show this daoist’s face anymore.”

Xi Jia invited the two masters inside. After an exchange of greetings, Cengxiu-zhenjun spoke about his purpose in coming today.

“It’s like this. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has made the final judgment on the ghost infant incident that happened the day before yesterday. The pregnant woman was killed by the ghost infant, and naturally, it had nothing to do with the hospital. It could only be considered as killing themselves. This poor daoist let Nan Yi inform that family. Who would’ve expected that they actually wouldn’t acknowledge and stubbornly wanted the hospital to compensate.”

Xi Jia had already thought of it. How could the patriarchal family let go of this big fish that was the hospital? Now that their daughter-in-law was dead and their grandchild was gone, they definitely want the hospital to compensate. The hospital had a lot of money, and since it was public, it was backed up by the government. The government was most afraid of petitions and disturbances. If worse comes to worst, they could lie down in front of the government building and cry a few times. The government might give them a statement.

Xi Jia wrinkled his brows and asked, “Senior Cengxiu, may I ask how it was resolved in the end?”

Cengxiu-zhenjun sighed, “This poor daoist truly isn’t an expert on matters like this. Fortunately, there’s Fellow Daoist Buxing and this daoist’s disciple. Fellow Daoist Buxing sent those few people to their home. Then, Nan Yi used a spell and let them see their daughter-in-law and grandchild’s ‘ghosts.’ As expected, those people were frightened until their faces turned white and their bodies trembled. The incident was finished just like that.”

Xi Jia really wanted those people who valued men over women to get retribution, but he also knew that this matter’s fault didn’t just lie in the family but also that woman. The woman herself was also very weak. At the same time, she even personally killed her fourth child. The only thing the Xuanxue world could do now was to prevent this family from disturbing the hospital, just this and nothing more.

As if aware of Xi Jia’s meaning, Ye Jingzhi pulled his hand into his and said in a low voice, “They won’t ever be able to have a child in this lifetime.”

Xi Jia was stunned, “What?”

Ye Jingzhi explained, “Ling Xiao above and in the world. Each person has their own destiny and their own destined descendants. When I did a face reading of that man before, I discovered that he only had five destined children.1 Now, his five children have all died. He won’t be able to have a child in this life ever again.”

Xi Jia thought for a bit and understood Ye Jingzhi’s meaning.

Xi Jia didn’t think that being unable to have children and cutting off descendants was that severe of a punishment. However, for that family, it might be worse than taking their lives.

After clarifying the follow-up to the ghost infant incident, the topic returned to the beginning.

Xi Jia asked, “Senior Cengxiu, Senior Zhuzhao, you coming here today, is there anything else?”

Cengxiu-zhenjun and Zhuzhao-zhenren glanced at each other and mutually nodded. Cengxiu-zhenjun stepped forward and said, “Yesterday afternoon, this poor daoist dealt with this matter’s follow-up and finally had time to go investigate the ghost infant’s true identity. This poor daoist found that this ghost infant truly had a Body of Extreme Yin.”

Xi Jia was promptly stunned, “She had a Body of Extreme Yin? Isn’t she unborn? And, I thought she had very strong yin energy and resentment because she had been consecutively aborted four times, resulting in such strong strength.”

Cengxiu-zhenjun said, “Yes. Although she wasn’t born, she was a Body of Extreme Yin. As long as she was able to be born on the Ghost Festival during Zishi (11pm-1am), she would’ve been a genuine Body of Extreme Yin. The now dead ghost infant is considered half a Body of Extreme Yin. Also, Young Daoist Xi, this ghost infant was female. If she didn’t die, she certainly would’ve been born on the Ghost Festival. If she did, her Body of Extreme Yin might be even more pure than yours, yin energy even more frightening, and strength higher than yours!”

Xi Jia didn’t retort, and Ye Jingzhi also kneaded his hand without speaking.

In the entire Xuanxue world, only Ye Jingzhi alone knew that his wife’s strength that could tear ghosts wasn’t because he had a Body of Extreme Yin, but because he had experienced an unusual accident. From then on, he ineffably could use his bare hands to tear apart ghosts.

Even Xi Jia didn’t understand the real reason. Perhaps in this world, only Ling Xiao would know just what he had experienced.

Cengxiu-zhenjun continued to say, “After this poor daoist noticed that the ghost infant was also a Body of Extreme Yin, this poor daoist also noticed an abnormality. In order to confirm that the ghost infant was truly a Body of Extreme Yin, this poor daoist called for Fellow Daoist Zhuzhao to take a look. As a result, Fellow Daoist Zhuzhao conducted three divinations. Each divination showed that the ghost infant was indeed a Body of Extreme Yin.”

Xi Jia suddenly understood, “You’re saying……”

“Yes, Young Daoist Xi, Young Daoist Ye, do you feel like……there seems to be something wrong with so many Bodies of Extreme Yin appearing in S City?”

Half a year ago, Ghost King Xi’s name reverberated throughout the world, and the Xuanxue world talked about it fervently for a period of time. They didn’t talk about Xi Jia’s looks or figure, but how a Body of Extreme Yin had suddenly appeared after centuries had passed instead.

The Celestial Masters of the Xuanxue world were sometimes quite reliable, knowing the priority of things. In fact, a similar thing happened once. It was 21 years ago when the Xuanxue world urgently discussed: How could the Body of Three Fiends, seen once in a thousand years, be born without a hitch?

That discussion had produced results, and various man-made factors had been eliminated. It was certain that Ye Jingzhi’s own bazi was too resolute. He had actually caused his mother to die while still in the womb. However, at that time, he was already in the womb for ten months. After his mother had already died, he surprisingly didn’t die and was smoothly born.

However, this time when discussing Xi Jia, everyone didn’t reach a unified conclusion.

The vicious energy of the Body of Extreme Yin wasn’t as strong as the Body of Three Fiends. It had an appearance rate of once in hundreds of years. The last time a Body of Extreme Yin had appeared was more than 300 years ago. That Body of Extreme Yin had been eaten by a malicious ghost when they were around 4-5 years old, leaving no research material for the Xuanxue world.

And at this time, Xi Jia’s appearance left the Xuanxue world puzzled. Until later, the Celestial Masters stopped discussing this matter since it should be about time for a Body of Extreme Yin to appear, so just let it appear then. Perhaps, several hundred years later, there would be another Body of Extreme Yin.

Until this time, a second Body of Extreme Yin had appeared again, and it was also in S City.

How could it also still be in S City?

The Body of Extreme Yin, with a chance appearance every several hundred years, once was no big deal. Appearing twice and unexpectedly in the same place was really too much of a coincidence.

If it was another person (such as Qishan-daoren), they might simply be too disinclined to take note of such a small thing and take it as a coincidence. However, as the leader of the Xuanxue world, Cengxiu-zhenjun was reliable and conscientious. Of course, he couldn’t let such a strange thing pass by.

Cengxiu-zhenjun’s complexion was heavy, “Two Bodies of Extreme Yin appeared in the same city, not even ten li apart. Young Daoist Xi, Young Daoist Ye, do you think that’s strange? If this poor daoist may presumptuously ask, Young Daoist Xi, when your mother became pregnant with you, was she in S City? Were you born in S City? Before you were born, did your parents encounter anything strange?”

Of course Xi Jia knew the importance of this matter. Even he himself didn’t believe that two Bodies of Extreme Yin would appear in the same place. He recalled carefully, “My parents came to S City 26 years ago and settled here. When my mother became pregnant with me, it was in S City. My mother’s pregnancy was unstable so she stayed in S City and didn’t go anywhere. My father told me when I was little that my mother had an unstable pregnancy because my yin energy was too strong. As for strange things……my father had never mentioned anything to me.”

Cengxiu-zhenjun knew that Xi Jia’s parents were dead. Of course, it was impossible to get clues from them, but he also couldn’t ask that family. In that family, the pregnant woman had died long ago, the man and his parents were farmers and didn’t know any big words. Moreover, they were very rude and unreasonable. It was simply hard to talk to them.

Things were in a deadlock once again. Cengxiu-zhenjun originally thought he could find a breakthrough from Xi Jia, but he didn’t expect Xi Jia to not understand anything either.

Xi Jia contemplated with Cengxiu-zhenjun and Zhuzhao-zhenren for a very long time and didn’t get an answer.

Ye Jingzhi faintly started to speak, “Don’t think too much. If two Bodies of Extreme Yin appearing at the same time in S City wasn’t a coincidence, then certainly there’s something about S City. S CIty is here, and it can’t run away. Jia Jia and the ghost infant are 23 years apart. The oddity in S City shouldn’t have changed, and it definitely should at least be nearby right now. We only need to find out where it’s strange, then won’t we be able to know the truth?”

Translator’s Addition:
Cengxiu-zhenjun: Are you sure this is the one?
Zhuzhao-zhenren: I’m sure this is the one! Third time’s a charm!
*gets the wrong house for the 3rd time*
Cengxiu-zhenjun: Third time’s a charm, my a***! How is that you are able to make divinations but unable to divine where they live?

Translator’s Notes:
1 Face reading, like palm reading but reading facial features instead.

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