I Just Want to Freeload on Your Luck

Chapter 61 (Part 1)

Zhao Yuan returned to school before the school celebration.

She sneaked in from the back door of the classroom early in the morning. Upon entering, she buried her head and walked to her seat with a cold face.

Everyone in the class was so stunned that their eyes almost fell off. They didn't realize that it was her.

Because they hadn't seen each other for more than a month, she looked completely different!

She became thinner, with mascara coating her long eyelashes. Her makeup had thickened and her style of dressing was completely different before.

If she was a lady from a rich family before, now she looked like a member of a low-class girl group.

"What's going on? Did she participate in an audition to be part of a girl group?"

"I heard from my uncle who works in an entertainment company that Zhao Yuan signed a contract with the agent who discovered her and is now preparing to debut."


The world was really omnipresent. She was doing well in her studies, yet now she was preparing for her debut.

Really respect.

Their lives were more colorful and legendary than theirs.


Zhao Yuan stayed in a hotel for the past month. At first she was used to staying at Hilton, but she only stayed for a few days before she found that the Zhao family had canceled her card.

Zhao Yuan was so disappointed. She hated the Zhao family's ruthlessness.

The cash she took out was only a few thousand yuan, so she couldn't survive for long. Should she go to live in school? However, almost all the poor students who would apply to live in the school, Zhao Yuan could not allow herself to be grouped with them at all. So she gritted her teeth and moved to a budget hotel for around 200 yuan a night.

But even so, the money could not last long enough to support her.

Fortunately, when she packed her things, she brought out all her previous designer bags and clothes.

During this period of time, she had sold off almost everything. Second-hand goods were worthless, so things that were worth hundreds of thousands could only be sold for about 100,000 yuan.

Zhao Yuan had no idea how she would live in the future.

She was almost on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

She wanted to change schools, but whenever she called the Zhao family, no one answered her calls. The family seemed to be determined to try to turn the wrongs back to the right track.

So she had to delay that plan.

Until a scout approached her and thought her appearance was very suitable for entering the entertainment industry.

He even gave her some money in advance.

She signed the contract, got the money and things dragged on for more than half a month. Only after completely avoiding the limelight of the previous incident did Zhao Yuan come to school.

There was only one semester left, so it was impossible for her not to finish it.

When Zhao Yuan came, the people in this building were a bit surprised. However, everyone was still a student, not a boring person who just stared at others and gossiped every day, so no one focused on Zhao Yuan anymore. At most they would mention a sentence after their meal.

Furthermore, because Zhao Yuan changed from being a little innocent princess to dressing up with tall boots and showing her thighs, some boys in the Normal Class looked at her differently and more people were now pursuing her.

But Zhao Yuan was very sensitive.

She just felt that everyone was looking at her with strange gazes.

Pu Shuang became completely cold and ignored her while Lu Ye did not treat her as he always did. The look in his eyes was not as bright as before.

Her friends all had new small groups and she was not allowed to squeeze in at all.

And the opportunity to be the host, which was something she fought hard for and won, was handed over to Zeng Jiaojiao from the Gold Medal Class by the teacher of the Literature Department.

The teacher of the Literature Department was kind to her on the surface, saying that because this year's school celebration was about to begin, she hadn't been to school for a while and she couldn't find anyone to rehearse, so she asked Zeng Jiaojiao to replace her.

But Zhao Yuan felt that the teacher was actually mocking her.

Everyone was mocking her.

Zhao Yuan gritted her teeth. She felt that no one could understand her feeling of falling from heaven to hell.

Her life was turned upside down.

And all this started because Zhao Mingxi was found two and a half years ago.


Zhao Yuan returned to school, but that did not bring any changes to Mingxi's life. After all, the Evergreen Class and International Class were not on the same floor. Although from time to time she heard that E Xiaoxia got involved in another issue with Zhao Yuan, Mingxi didn't want to know at all.

She began to prepare for the finals taking place at the end of the year.

At the same time, because the skin contact between her and Fu Yangxi increased (surface of the skin), the plants in her pots also increased quickly.

Mingxi predicted that her plants could reach 500 after the finals.

The final training camp was right after the school celebration. The days of the school celebration were the last days when Mingxi could relax.

Each class must prepare a program.

There were many talented people in the International Class, but this year, since the School Beauty was in their class, everyone wanted to show off and let Zhao Mingxi go on stage to see how beautiful she could be.

So Lu Wangwei chose a script for a stage play.

It was impossible for a group of high school students to perform professional stage plays. Of course, it would be better if the script was simple, corny and understandable.

Therefore, the script chosen by Lu Wangwei was an adaptation of the story of the prince and princess. The princess was imprisoned in the castle by her abnormal gloomy brother and the prince with his horse cut through the obstacles to marry her.

Finally, the prince killed the devil and embraced the beauty.

With Fu Yangxi in this class, no one dared to play Zhao Mingxi's prince.

—Do you not want to live?

But the problem was that now Fu Yangxi still had a plaster cast on his leg and the bandage was extremely hard. He would only be able to take it off after 10 days.

He was sitting in a wheelchair. Was he going to play a wheelchair prince?

Lu Wangwei gave the final word, “I think you can only play the villainous brother. Coincidentally, this brother happens to be a mentally ill person in a wheelchair in the script.”

Fu Yangxi's face was green with anger, even his hair exploded. “What do you mean, Lu Zhangwei? Are you trying to get revenge for a personal matter?!”

The homeroom teacher and Fu Yangxi had always been at odds with each other, otherwise there would be no penalty to run laps when Mingxi first transferred to their class.

"Otherwise? This prince has a lot of fights with assassins. Little Fu, you can't even stand up."

“What do you mean I can’t stand???”

“Otherwise? Can you stand?”

Fu Yangxi slapped his wheelchair furiously and shouted, "Then change the script!"

"It's too late, you can only rehearse twice before you have to go on stage." Mr Lu said to Mingxi with a headache, “Please persuade him. I don’t even know why young men nowadays are so short-tempered.”

Mingxi didn’t know if she should laugh or cry. She glanced at Fu Yangxi. When the two of them left the office, she said to Fu Yangxi, “Who told you to be so silly and break your leg when you hear a confession?”

Fu Yangxi said coldly, “If I am silly, then what are you, the wife of a silly man?”

Before Zhao Mingxi could say anything when Fu Yangxi received a free kiss, he turned around and clenched his fists, his ears flushed red.

Mingxi: “...”

Fu Yangxi cursed inwardly. He wondered whether there was something wrong with his ears since they like to go red so often that it really affected his performance. Could he have an operation to make his face thicker?

Is there such an operation in the world?

Mingxi pushed him to the classroom and said, "But I am also to blame. If I knew that there would be an accident, I would have stopped thinking about confessing early that morning. Maybe I should have changed to a time when we could meet.”

Fu Yangxi pulled a long face immediately and said, “No, it won't work even one minute or one second later. You can wait, but I can't wait, understand?”

Mingxi smiled.

Fu Yangxi was extremely dissatisfied about the fact that he still had to watch Zhao Mingxi and others stage a prince and princess drama when it was their last high school school celebration. Wasn’t this deliberately done to hurt him? But the plaster around his leg was not removed, so he really couldn't play the role of the prince in the fight. As for the villain, it's much easier. He just had to wear a black cloak and act as a vampire.

And Little Mask had never participated in such a lively school celebration before. This time, she gave the Dong family invitation coupons for them to watch in the front row, as if she was looking forward to the school celebration which was like the last memory of youth——

So after Fu Yangxi got over his frustration, he compromised, albeit begrudgingly.

But Fu Yangxi wanted to beat Jiang Xiuqiu. How could this guy be called the second-most handsome in the International Class with 49/51 votes to play the prince? The only two votes that did not vote for him were Little Mask and himself.

Jiang Xiuqiu noticed Fu Yangxi's chilly gaze, hence he has been avoiding Fu Yangxi these days.

The two have been accustomed to each other since childhood, but last time Jiang Xiuqiu used ‘flying chess’ to smear Fu Yangxi’s name and this time he and Zhao Mingxi played a ‘couple’ for the school celebration, so he must have definitely got on the list of Fu Yangxi’s top targets for assassination.

Fu Yangxi must find a chance to carry out his revenge.


On the day of the school celebration, the whole school was beautifully decorated to appear joyful and lively.

The stage was set up. There was a show in front while there was a rush backstage.

Because Fu Yangxi was involved in the performance, the instructor didn't know if he threatened the school by donating a building or what, they allocated a dressing room for the group of people from their class.

Fu Yangxi was unable to move, so he changed into his costume first. A group of people waited for their boss outside, not daring to urge him.

Mingxi opened the door of the lounge and saw that he had already changed.

In the chaotic dressing room, the tables on the ground were full of various Western fantasy props and there were crosses hanging on the walls.

The light coming from the dusk in winter was like a yellow halo.

The windows were left open and the howling wind came in, making Fu Yangxi's black hair messy.

He heard the movement and turned his head. The vampire's black robe was blown up by the wind, his eyebrows were deep and the young man's face was cut into a handsome silhouette.

There seemed to be singing on the stage outside, “The meteor flashed through your eyes last night. That is the joy of my youth.”

"I want to see you today too."

For a moment, her heart was pounding.

Mingxi stared at him blankly, her heart beating wildly.

"Is it weird?" Fu Yangxi was a little nervous. He pulled his robes uncomfortably.

Seeing that Zhao Mingxi was not talking, he was very unconfident and said angrily, “I said that this makeup artist wasn’t good. They wiped stuff all over my face and neck and now the fake blood is everywhere. Am I playing a f*cking vampire or a serial killer with a chainsaw?”

Mingxi tried to calm her pounding little heart, walked over and pulled a piece of tissue. “Don't move, I'll wipe it for you.”

The makeup artist was indeed inadequate and they may have gotten anxious due to being urged by Fu Yangxi. In addition to putting the fake blood on the corners of Fu Yangxi's mouth, they also got the blood on his eyebrows.

Mingxi wiped off the excess fake blood on his face, thought for a while, and lightly dotted the fake blood on the tear mole at the end of his right eye with her fingertips.

Red lips and white teeth, black hair and handsome eyes.

A living young vampire.

Mingxi's heart beat wildly again.

She suddenly found that the reason why Fu Yangxi stood out among the crowd before was not because of his wild red hair, but it completely relied on his face and temperament.

Otherwise, how come he was still so arrogant and dazzling despite having short black hair.

Fu Yangxi pulled the shorter piece of his outfit vigorously.

As soon as he raised his eyes, he saw Zhao Mingxi staring at him in a daze.

The corners of Fu Yangxi's lips curled up. He hugged her waist, his whole person appearing proud and happy. “Don't look anymore, or else your eyeballs will fall off.”

Mingxi squeezed his chin and continued to wipe his face. “You are allowed to look at me, yet I cannot do the same to you? Why are you so domineering, you sexy vampire?”

Fu Yangxi pressed a finger on her forehead. “Okay, you beautiful Little Mask, you’re slandering me again. When have I looked at you?”

“Hey, you have blood on your hands, don't get it on my face." Mingxi smiled. "Then let me ask you, when the man and woman were engaged in a deep French kiss in the American drama that was on the TV last night, why were you giving me a meaningful gaze?”

Fu Yangxi's house had always been empty. Now that Zhao Mingxi has moved there (although they didn't say that they want to live together, but the two just lived together in tacit understanding like this), there were a lot more things at home.

There were cute pillows on the sofa, blue Doraemon cups on the cold bar and Mingxi stickers on the walls.

Fu Yangxi let her do her thing. He even felt that the house was more lively now.

Fu Yangxi also bought an oversized LCD screen TV.

——But the disadvantage that came with it was, how did the heroes and heroines in American dramas, British dramas and Korean dramas kiss and sleep all day long?! What were they doing except these things? Didn't they go to work or study?

Seeing such dramas made Fu Yangxi's mouth go dry.

Although he was not a little pervert, at any rate he was also a young and energetic 18-year-old adult.

Because he and Little Mask were extremely shy, so far, the kisses have only been lightly placed on the corners of their lips a few times, just like a few stamps. They have never had the kind of deep kiss as they’ve seen on the TV.

Fu Yangxi swallowed hard. His ears were red, but he still refused to admit it. “Since when did I stare at you— I was tired from watching TV, so I moved my eyes around to relax them."

Mingxi stared at Fu Yangxi's lips and asked straightforwardly, “Fu Yangxi, do you want to kiss me?”

Fu Yangxi wanted to immediately refute that he did not want to do such a thing at all, but he stared at Zhao Mingxi's watery lips, long eyelashes and eyes reflecting the light above, and for a moment, he felt that his soul was depraved— He observed nervously. In the end, he couldn't help but swallow shamefully.

"Huh." Mingxi smiled.

"..." Fu Yangxi suddenly felt that the image of a tall and innocent hero (not) in the heart of Little Mask collapsed.

"Actually," Mingxi said with hot cheeks. "Actually, it's not as if you can’t do it."

Mingxi had long wanted to have a deep kiss with eight different camera angles, just like what the system said. Wouldn’t her 500 points of luck be quickly collected then?

But Fu Yangxi was not aware of the prudent thing to do in social situations such as this and he couldn't learn to be a little overbearing— She was a girl, so she couldn't force a kiss and use the tip of her tongue to open the other's lips.

Fu Yangxi's face flushed immediately after hearing this.

The atmosphere in the small fitting room was sweet and sour and the air was full of factors that made one blush in a heartbeat.

“Th-Then shall we try?”

Fu Yangxi plucked up his courage and stood up on one foot, his tall figure standing in front of Mingxi.

He jumped over and raised a hand to support the back of Mingxi's head.

Mingxi glanced at his feet in an untimely manner, “Can you balance yourself on one foot?"

"D-don't be distracted," Fu Yangxi said angrily. "I can do it, I can."

Mingxi held her breath and looked up at him.

Their breaths gently intertwined.

Both could hear each other's heartbeat and feel each other's temperature.

Fu Yangxi continued to support the back of her head, pressing his other hand against the wall, supporting his body.

He slowly, slowly lowered his head.

Just as the lips of the two were about to touch each other, the door was suddenly pushed open with a "clang". “Are you guys done? Hurry up!"

Mingxi trembled and got out from under Fu Yangxi. Fu Yangxi couldn't keep his balance so his lips pressed against the cold and merciless wall.


Mr Lu didn't see what the two of them were doing. He urged them to change and come out as if he was urging a child to come out of the womb. “There are two more shows until we have to go on stage! You have to give time to other classmates to change clothes as well! Fu Yangxi, why are you taking so long?”

Fu Yangxi punched the wall and turned his head to give Lu Wangwei a fierce look.

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