Looting Equipment From NPCs

Chapter 61 Liwan Plaza (NPC)

Here’s a list of names, in case someone couldn’t remember them:

Level 10 team
Chen Changdong (leader)
Liu Yue (older sister of the twins)
Liu Xing (younger sister of the twins)
Yuan Jin (man with slightly long hair)
Ma Ming (a short guy) -dead
Dong Xu (a tall guy)

What shocked the Level 10 team is that Qin Tan's spirit weapon got upgraded. Chen Changdong thought about it for a while and figured it out. No wonder when he said that one’s physique had to improve first, he felt that their expressions looked a bit wrong. So it is because of this. To have improved his physique just at Level 5, and now his spirit weapon has also been upgraded. This person's potential is too high.

The other members of the Level 10 team are also surprised at one thing. Before this when they dealt with the evil spirits, their team leader's fishing line is broken, and Ma Ming died. But Qin Tan wasn't injured at all, and he also dealt with the evil spirit. Lou Fan's injury looked serious, but to them, as long as it isn't fatal, it is considered a minor injury. Therefore, there is also a distinction between spirit weapons.

On the other side, this ‘lightly injured patient’ in their eyes now seems to have suffered a fatal injury. Surrounded by the rest of his team members, they keep asking if he is alright and medicines are sprinkled on his leg like it’s free.

This is the first time Wen Lang saw Lou Fan getting such a serious injury. His hands and feet turned stiff, and he didn't know where to start to help. Jiang Dong pushed him aside so Wen Lang only squatted down pitifully at the side, frowning.

After applying the medicine to his leg, Lou Fan felt much better. Looking at Wen Lang's acting like a ‘pitiful young daughter-in-law’, he teased him, "Wen Lang, don't cry. Otherwise, people will think that I wronged you. Then, I won't be able to explain myself."

Wen Lang stared at Lou Fan more resentfully, "Brother Lou, who am I worried for? You still tease me?"

The hand bandaging Lou Fan's wound suddenly exerted force and Lou Fan hissed. Jiang Dong expressionlessly said, "Your leg is still injured, how do you plan to wrong anyone? Already got caught by the evil spirit but still, you are not being careful. If Qin Tan hadn't come in to find you, can you make it out alive? Fortunately, I am a surgeon. In case you are not careful next time, like breaking a leg or something, I can help you too."

Lou Fan bared his teeth. Those who didn't know will think that Jiang Dong is helping Wen Lang to take revenge. Can you hear that scolding? Lou Fan sighed, "It's not my fault. No matter how light my body feels or how fast I run, my spirit arrow is not powerful enough. It can’t hurt the evil spirit, what can I do?"

Lou Fan felt wronged too! He almost thought he couldn't come out alive. Also, he didn't dare to say that the reason why he almost got caught in the trap is because he saw Qin Tan.

Jiang Dong pursed his lips and didn't speak anymore. It's really hard to say about spirit weapons. He can't simply say that it'll be fine when his spirit weapon got upgraded. Who knows when they will be upgraded?

Qin Tan, who is squatting beside Lou Fan, squeezed his hand and said, "Don't worry, there will always be a way to upgrade. We can try other methods."

This time, Qin Tan got lucky and managed to arrive in time. Next time they are forced to separate, what would they do if the other person is in danger? Hence, the first important thing is to find a way to upgrade their spirit weapon.

Wen Lang nodded and agreed. Even Lou Fan met with such a dangerous opponent, Wen Lang himself is not as powerful as Lou Fan. So he has to hurry up and find a way to upgrade. There will always be times when he is alone and can only rely on himself.

The time is late so the team wanted to downstairs first. When Chen Changdong walked up to Qin Tan, he saw Qin Tan carrying Lou Fan on his back. Then he said in a negotiating tone, "Team leader Qin, I wonder if you can go to the B2 floor with us? You don't need to do anything. We just hope that you can help out in case something happens. If nothing happens, you can consider it as accompanying us for a walk. Don’t worry, we can pay in points." Chen Changdong doesn’t sound confident when he said that.

But Qin Tan answered coldly, "We have a wounded member in our team, so I'm afraid I can't accompany Team leader Chen on this trip. You have the master's amulet and the white crystal in your hands, so you should be fine."

Their team is a Level 10 team, so it’s impossible that they don’t have any life-saving items in their hands.

Since Qin Tan refused firmly, Chen Changdong couldn't say anything else. They are already a Level 10 team. If they insisted on a Level 5 passenger[1] to help, then it would be a shame on their team.

When the group is back on the 1st floor, the evil spirit entangled in the fishing line began to struggle violently. Fortunately, the fishing line is strong enough. Without further delay, Chen Changdong took out a stick of incense from his bag and it looked very ordinary. After lighting it, he swished by in front of the evil spirits. The evil spirits who were struggling just now suddenly stopped moving. Chen Changdong handed the incense to Liu Yue and instructed her to take it. The smoke wafting from the incense formed a thin line in the air, and evil ghosts lined up. They walked a few steps in front of Liu Yue along the thin line and stopped.

Lou Fan stared at the other team’s equipment, which looked much better than the ghost whip in his hand. Other people’s items can do group attacks, while his item can only do a single attack. The difference is just that big. Lou Fan glanced at his injured leg. If he is not injured, he could help out with the Level 10 team. Maybe, he could trick 2 sticks of this incense from them, then that would be great. Unfortunately, he is now an injured person!

How irritating!

When Chen Changdong is ready, he took his team members and said goodbye to the junior team. After that, the group of 5 people went to the B2 floor.

When Lou Fan is carried into the lounge by Qin Tan, Chen Shuyang got stunned for a moment. Next, he immediately jumped up and asked, "Brother Lou, what's the matter with you?" He looked down and saw a layer of gauze wrapped around Lou Fan's feet. Quickly, he helped Lou Fan down from Qin Tan and supported him to sit down.

Seeing the anxious look on Chen Shuyang’s face, Lou Fan is about to speak when Wen Lang opened his mouth and started talking about what he knew. Of course, he could only briefly tell the others about what happened to Lou Fan, but he could also feel the danger from that.

Lou Fan accepted the glass of water from Qin Tan and listened to Wen Lang’s story as if it is someone else's story. He heard it with gusto and wished he had a plate of melon seeds so he could eat while listening.

After listening to Wen Lang's words, Chen Shuyang blamed himself, "If only I could draw more spells with other effects, then maybe Brother Lou won't be hurt. That’s the least I can do to help a little bit."

Lou Fan stopped Chen Shuyang immediately, "Don't blame yourself. How can you put everything on yourself? Your Yang Gathering Amulet has helped a lot, but you're right about continuing the lesson. Learn a little bit more, we give our full support for that. You are a man who is going to be our money tree. Go and learn a few more amulets, it is best if you could learn all of them. In this way, we will not be so worried about you when we go to other spiritual mission worlds in the future."

Chen Shuyang pondered for a while, then clenched his fists. He assured, "Don't worry, Brother Lou. I will definitely learn more, and try to learn everything that the masters know. Even if I can't learn it, I will bring some materials back to study for myself."

Lou Fan nodded quickly and agreed.

With the Yang Gathering Amulet and the white crystal given by the master, the Level 10 team felt a lot more confident. Walking down the stairs to the B2 floor, Chen Changdong put the Yang Gathering Amulet in his hand and prepared to stick it at the entrance later, so as not to get lost on the B2 floor. The white crystal is held in his hand to block the yin aura. He also had a Bagua mirror in his hand, and he gave it to Liu Yue to hold. She is carrying the incense so if the evil spirits break away, she would be the first to be injured.

Liu Yue took the Bagua mirror and held it in her hand, pursing her lips.

Chen Changdong whispered a few words of reminder before taking a deep breath. Then, he led the team into the B2 floor again. He turned around and stuck the Yang Gathering Amulet on the wall, and the white crystal in his hand gradually shone with a little white light. The overhead light slowly changed from a dim light spot to a normal lighting brightness. Then, the entire B2 floor appeared dimly in front of them.

Walking at the back, Liu Yue gently pulled Liu Xing's hand and stuck the Bagua mirror into her palm. Seeing that Liu Xing turned her head to see her and is about to speak, Liu Yue pushed her lightly and raised a finger to her lips to signal Liu Xing to keep quiet.

Liu Xing fixed a glance at her older sister and squeezed the mirror in her hand tightly. Then she paused at her steps and waited for her sister to catch up before walking again.

Though the yin aura of the B2 floor has been dissipated, the light is still not very good. Not sure if it is the standard configuration of the haunted atmosphere or something else, the lights are too dim. They flicker from time to time, fitting the horror atmosphere just right.

Liu Xing held her breath. Even her feet are soft, but she doesn’t dare to make a sound. This time, she didn't dare to reach out and grab anyone’s hands for fear that if she caught something strange again. Then she would frighten herself to death first. Though she had experienced several supernatural worlds, this kind of shock still challenges her psychological endurance.

The space on the B2 floor is very large. Chen Changdong could only choose one direction to go. Thinking that there are 8 coffins placed on this floor, they are bound to meet one no matter which direction.

The yin aura is too heavy, and the strands of yang aura stored in the white crystal are dissipating at a speed visible to the naked eye. Chen Changdong got a little anxious for a while. They must settle this as soon as possible, and he cannot lose any more team members.

Not far away, they saw a rectangular-shaped thing. Chen Changdong is overjoyed because they found a coffin. He raised his hand to signal the others then immediately accelerated his pace and walked over there. Afraid of unexpected situations happening, Chen Changdong slowed down as he approached the coffin, his actions cautious. The coffin is closed so Chen Changdong beckoned Yuan Jin and Dong Xu to come and help. The two stood on the edge of the coffin and nodded to Chen Changdong to indicate that they are ready. Chen Changdong silently counted and raised his fingers.

1, 2, 3!

The lid of the coffin fell to the ground with a bang but Chen Changdong didn't even look at it. He is staring at the inside of the coffin. It is empty and there is nothing inside. Chen Changdong breathed a sigh of relief and took the incense from Liu Yue. With the item, he directed one of the evil spirits into the coffin. Just as he is about to ask Yuan Jin and Dong Xu to close the lid, the evil ghost that has returned to the coffin suddenly opened its eyes. Its scarlet eyes seemed to be dripping with blood in the darkness.

Yuan Jin and Dong Xu’s hands trembled and almost couldn’t hold the lid properly. After they realized that the ghost is breaking away, they immediately wanted to put the lid on the coffin but the evil spirit struggled fiercely. Seeing that it is about to break free from the fishing line in the next second, Chen Changdong pounced on the coffin lid and held it down. After that, he took out the sealing amulet from his pocket and slapped it down.

The coffin is sealed tight as if it is nailed down with a nail. The evil spirit struggled inside, but couldn't shake it open at all. After a while, there is no movement inside. The 5 people nervously breathed a sigh of relief.

Dong Xu tapped the coffin lid with a smile, "It's useless to struggle, don't waste your energy."

Yuan Jin wiped away the sweat on his forehead and spat at Dong Xu, "Whose face turned white from fright just now?"

Dong Xu snorted and turned his head to look at Liu Xing, who is laughing softly. He suddenly widened his eyes and shouted, "Liu Xing, get out of the way!"

Hearing that, Liu Yue responded quickly. She grabbed Liu Xing and they squatted down. Next, she slashed out with a wave of her folding fan. Liu Xing also reacted. She happened to see the evil ghost behind her half-breaking away from the fishing line. Its claws wrapped in yin aura are about to catch Liu Yue. She bit her lip, took out the Bagua mirror, and blocked it in front of Liu Yue.

The ghostly claw slashed at her arm, and a scream burst out from her mouth.


Chen Changdong immediately threw out his fishing line. While the evil spirit is stunned by the Bagua mirror, he quickly tied the evil spirit around. This is the evil ghost he caught before. The evil ghost that Qin Tan knocked down has been sealed in the coffin earlier.

The author has something to say:
To explain something here, the information about spells in the novel is all nonsense created by the author! Thank you to the little angel who voted or irrigated the nutrient solution for me~
Thank you very much for your support, I will continue to work hard!

Raw word count: 3029


[1] This is the first time I see the author addressed the people in Lazuli. So they are ‘passengers’ lol.

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