I Just Want to Freeload on Your Luck

Chapter 61 (Part 2)

It was chaotic on the day of the school celebration.

But it could be called the most lively and shining day in Mingxi's entire high school journey.

11 people from the International Class came on stage wearing theater costumes. Mingxi wore a fuchsia pink princess dress with puffy sleeves. On top of her jet-black hair, she also wore an inferior crown that the homeroom teacher Lu Wangwei got from some random Taobao shop. Although it looked simple, it was set off by Mingxi's face, making her look really like a princess on the run.

Participating students could invite their families.

Her grandmother wasn’t around anymore, so Mingxi couldn’t invite her. Instead, Mingxi invited Dong Hui and her husband.

They were sitting in the first row. As soon as Mingxi came out, she saw Dong Hui and her husband holding up an LED sign.

Dong Shen must have helped them get it.

They looked like her fanclub.

Mingxi was satisfied, yet she couldn’t help but feel sour as well.

The performance immediately began. The princess was trapped in a tall building covered with gloomy vines and looked into the distance. Jiang Xiuqiu wore a white knight uniform and appeared with his attendant (Ke Chengwen). After slaying several fire-breathing monsters and cutting through thorns, the biggest boss, the princess's mentally-ill brother appeared.

As soon as Fu Yangxi appeared, the silhouette of a vampire in the dark shadow appeared. He smiled exaggeratedly and the whole school started to get excited.

“Young Master Fu is so handsome!”


Jiang Xiuqiu almost fell. He glanced at the audience suspiciously and saw that there seemed to be some adults among the thousands of students— Two of them were relatively familiar. He might have seen them when he went to the Fu Enterprise to play. They were the employees there.

F*ck, I was careless.

He was wondering why so many people were raising Fu Yangxi’s banners in support.

They were most likely hired.

Fu Yangxi turned the wheelchair and came out gloomily from the darkness.

Accompanied by the narration, “In order to find the antidote to save his sister, the handsome Duke had always protected his sister in the cold castle. However, white horses jumped over the gap, the sun rose and fell, and 3,000 years have passed, yet there were still bold and shameless people who would dare come to kidnap the princess. Today, one of the most evil princes appeared.”

The audience: “...”

Jiang Xiuqiu who suddenly became the villain: “...”

Mingxi: “...”

Wait, this is wrong, who tampered with the script??!

Lu Wangwei who was in the audience looked angrily at the guys with the glasses reading the script in the corner. However, the guy with the glasses succumbed to Fu Yangxi's prestige and continued to read, “Just like this, a deadly battle was about to begin—”

Jiang Xiuqiu came up with a last minute plan. He stepped on the branches and props on the ground, grabbed Mingxi and turned to leave, “Follow me, all the people here have been deceived by your evil brother. I am the honest prince who has come to save you."

Now that the original script was completely abandoned. Mingxi wracked her brains frantically and felt that she could still rescue it. She tried to turn the plot back. “But if you want to take me away, you have to fetch 12 Moon Grass Flowers from the swamp so that we can escape the magical control of my brother, the Duke.”

Ke Chengwen felt dissatisfied about the fact that he was so handsome yet he only played a supporting role as a guard. Thus, he tried to steal the show. He took off his helmet and raised his sword. “Prince, let's split up and obtain them! I am willing to do anything for you.”

When Fu Yangxi saw that Mingxi was intending to leave with Jiang Xiuqiu, he said angrily, “Am I not good to you?”

Mingxi asked, “What?”

—Wait, this sentence is not in the script!

Fu Yangxi was sitting in a wheelchair as he slowly came out with a sickly face. “My dear, you’re not missing an arm or leg. For 3,000 years, you have been drinking morning dew from peaches and eating the best venison. I gave you everything and you are everything to me. Why must you leave me behind?”

Mingxi looked at his reddened eyes and bloody mole. Although she knew that it was the effect of makeup, she was still touched by his words.

The audience watched as the princess looked at the evil villain blankly. Then, the line she couldn't help reciting was, “Perhaps I won't leave anymore.”

The audience: “...”

Jiang Xiuqiu's face was dark. He could only bite the bullet and answer, “No, my princess, this person is too evil, you must not be soft-hearted—”

Before he could finish speaking, Ke Chengwen, who wanted more scenes for himself, stabbed a sword through Jiang Xiuqiu’s back.


Jiang Xiuqiu turned his head in disbelief.

F*ck. Why?

I knew Fu Yangxi would find a way to embarrass me, but I never expected it to come so soon.

He watched as his guard held his sword and said solemnly, “Sorry, prince, I betrayed you. Do you know that I am also your father's son, with royal blood flowing through my veins? But I grew up under your shadow… Blah blah blah (a few thousand words are omitted here.)”

While Jiang Xiuqiu was stunned, Fu Yangxi went to Zhao Mingxi's side, grabbed her by the wrist and pulled her to him.

The audience under the stage laughed.

Sure enough, they knew that the International Class, which was filled with a silly group of people, could not perform any serious drama.

The stage was extremely chaotic. The rhythm was deviated by Fu Yangxi from the very beginning. The monsters who were supposed to fight the prince were at a loss, so they had to bite the bullet, jump out and stab the prince to death.

Lu Wangwei was so angry with Fu Yangxi. So many leaders in the school were watching! He jumped backstage from the back, urging the narrator to rush to the end.

The narrator quickly said the last sentence that Fu Yangxi had told was the most important line: “In the end, the princess was brought back to the castle by the duke."

The red curtain was about to fall slowly.

Fu Yangxi took Zhao Mingxi back, pinched her fingertips, kissed the back of her hand lightly and gave her a twisted smile. "You can't escape anymore."

The curtain fell completely at this moment.

The music started.

The aftershock was endless.

The audience under the stage was stunned. They started screaming randomly.

What the hell is this psychopathic forbidden captivity?! As expected of the International Class, they are so daring!


Mingxi was led away in chaos throughout the whole process, only knowing that their class performed in a mess. In the end, the never seen before class won the most votes from the audience. The Evergreen Class performed a song, which appeared so much weaker as compared to the International Class.

A group of people from the International Class, except for Jiang Xiuqiu, who was stabbed in the back, all laughed backstage.

Their homeroom teacher Lu Wangwei was so angry that his lungs could explode. He grabbed Fu Yangxi and cursed at him.

Fu Yangxi didn't care. He even wanted to yawn.

Mingxi in the princess costume dazzled the audience, causing many juniors and seniors from high school year one and two to come backstage to take a peek. In the end, they were scared away by Fu Yangxi’s vicious gaze again.

Everyone smeared props and fake blood everywhere. There was even a follower who dared to wipe it on Fu Yangxi and Mingxi laughed so much that the corners of her mouth were twitching.

In the audience.

Madam Zhao, Zhao Zhanhuai and others sat in the middle with mixed feelings in their hearts.

They bought their own tickets to come in to see the performance. Zhao Mingxi did not invite them and gave the Dong family the seats reserved for relatives.

Now Zhao Mingxi was shining, surrounded by people, laughing and cheering.

They were no longer needed.

There were other performances next, but Madam Zhao lost her mood and no longer wanted to watch them.

She said in a low voice, “I thought of a way last time to make the school refuse Mingxi's accommodation, but I didn't expect it to be useless. I heard that Mingxi moved out of the school recently, but she didn't go home."

Mr Zhao frowned immediately. “Where is she living now?”

Zhao Zhanhuai said, “I heard that she’s living in Fu Yangxi's house.”

Mr Zhao immediately said angrily, "They have just turned adults yet they’re already living together? They are still in school. How can this be?!”

However, even after the anger dissipated, the other two still did not answer.

They all looked a little sad.

It was true that not once did Mr Zhao carry out the responsibility of being a father, so what qualifications did he have to discipline Zhao Mingxi now?

After watching Mingxi's performance, the Zhao family decided to leave before the show was over.

As soon as they arrived at the school gate, they saw Zhao Yuan approaching from a distance.

The expressions of the three members of the Zhao family suddenly became stiff. They naturally noticed that Zhao Yuan had changed a lot.

But now it had nothing to do with them— It was because they were too compassionate and didn't want to send Zhao Yuan back to her rightful position which led to today's consequences.

They couldn’t do it again.

Zhao Zhanhuai got in the driver's seat while Mr and Mrs Zhao also turned their heads to get in the car.

But they didn't expect that Zhao Yuan was here to tell them that the post was originally posted by Zhao Mingxi.

"She just wants me and the Zhao family to be ruined," Zhao Yuan said with red-rimmed eyes.

After hearing this, in addition to Mr Zhao and Zhao Zhanhuai, Madam Zhao was about to die of anger. Resisting the urge to slap Zhao Yuan, she said, "I really misjudged you. Why are you blaming Mingxi for everything now? It's not her, it's your so-called good friend E Xiaoxia!"

The Zhao family drove away and the gas coming out of the exhaust fell on Zhao Yuan's face.

This was the last time Zhao Yuan met the Zhao family.

Zhao Yuan watched helplessly as the whole world abandoned her, but she didn't know why she fell to where she was today step by step. She grabbed the stones on the ground and threw them in the direction of the Zhao family's car.


In the next few days, Zhao Mingxi would take a break from her busy schedule. While concentrating on preparing for the finals, she occasionally made jokes and amused Fu Yangxi.

Two major events happened in the meantime: E Xiaoxia and Zhao Yuan had a physical fight in the toilet and were almost kicked out from school. Mingxi and Fu Yangxi went for a re-examination and the cast on his leg could be removed in five days.

Time flew by. Mingxi was about to go to the finals training in the blink of an eye.

The finals lasted for 25 days. It was winter vacation after the training.

Because they were in their third year of high school, the winter vacation was very short. A total of 10 days of the Spring Festival holiday and the holiday will be over after the Spring Festival. Then, after returning from vacation, the next semester will be absolutely nerve-wracking as they would have to take the college entrance examination. Therefore, Fu Yangxi planned to take advantage of the last spare time to take Little Mask on a trip. However, he was still too embarrassed to tell Zhao Mingxi about this.

This time, they had to leave the city to get to the training camp.

Fu Yangxi checked that Mingxi's training location was two hours away from the city via the expressway.

It could be said that it was too far.

25 days was too long.

The two just started dating and they haven't been apart for so long before.

Fu Yangxi, who was leaning on a cane, jumped to the school gate on one foot to escort Mingxi to the bus.

The two embraced in the cold wind.

Fu Yangxi wrapped Mingxi in a large and warm down jacket. He hugged her tightly, as if he was trying to press her into his arms. He put his chin on Mingxi's head with a sad expression and said solemnly, "Little Mask, maybe you should take me with you."

Mingxi was glued to his waist so softly.

"You’re going to remove the plaster in five days. Don't forget, let Xiao Li help you so you won’t fall down again," Mingxi calmed down and reminded him.


After some time, Fu Yangxi had to let go of her, albeit reluctantly.

There were a lot of cases of puppy love in school as the school didn’t care about it.

It's just that the bus was still parked here, and Shen Liyao and the others were still watching from the bus. Ye Bai stared at Shen Liyao. Then, he couldn't help opening the window and coughing heavily, "Hurry up."

Mingxi carried her luggage and got into the bus.

The bus started moving. Fu Yangxi stood there, watching as she went away. It wasn’t until he could no longer see the shadow of the bus did he jump into the school in despair.

For the first time, he felt the melancholy of being separated from his lover. Mingxi was also very sad.

Almost as soon as she got into the car, Mingxi put on the airpods that Fu Yangxi bought and called Fu Yangxi.

After Mingxi entered the training camp, she quickly entered the state of preparation for the war and studied so hard to the point of dizziness.

Fu Yangxi was alone in the empty room. He was evidently sad and solemn all day long, and the followers in the class were walking on eggshells around him. Ke Chengwen didn’t even want to look at him.

Once the plaster was ready to be removed, Fu Yangxi removed the plaster in the morning and took leave from school in the afternoon. He took the car out of the garage and drove onto the highway.

Mingxi didn't know that Fu Yangxi was going to come.

Before this, she was writing questions when she was suddenly called out. It was a man in a suit. She had never met him before. He politely said to her, "Miss Zhao, right? Our old man wants to see you."

Mingxi felt her heart drop to her stomach. It’s here.

Is he going to stage a plot like in the TV series where he would dump 90 million to make me leave his grandson?

Then should I take it or not?

Maybe it was because Mingxi had already made psychological preparations, that’s why when this day really came, she was not anxious or flustered at all.

She asked the man in the suit to wait for a while. Then, she went ahead and packed up her school bag, took a leave of absence from the teacher in charge of the training and followed him.

The man in the suit took Mingxi to a private Japanese restaurant.

It looked expensive based on the exterior appearance.

A limousine was also parked there.

Seeing her hesitance to go in, the man smiled politely. “Don't worry, Miss Zhao, there will be no kidnapping incident. If you’re worried, you can take a picture here and send it to your friends."

ray's note: wonder what's he going to say to mingxi...

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