Ghosts Know What I Experienced

Chapter 62.1: It’s similar to the Palace of Eternal Life.

Chapter 62 Part 1

S City is located south of Jiangning Province and is the 6th largest city within the province.1 Jiangning Province didn’t occupy a large area in the country, and the area of S City was less than 10,000 square kilometers. Just as Ye Jingzhi had said, the entire S City was only so big. If something truly went wrong, then just go look for it. A Body of Extreme Yin can walk and run, but S City would forever say in place and not leave.

After Ye Jingzhi made this suggestion, the four of them discussed it for a while and found it to be the most appropriate method.

Recently, Xi Jia didn’t have any acting roles. Therefore, he went with Ye Jingzhi to search around the Industrial Park area.

Cengxiu-zhenjun had said previously, “Two Bodies of Extreme Yin appearing together in S City seems to be truly strange. Of course, there would also be abnormal yin energy. Young Daoist Xi, Young Daoist Ye, we just need to find where the yin and yang energies aren’t normal.”

Xi Jia had lived in S City since he was a child and was very familiar with the Industrial Park. He took Ye Jingzhi from the west side to the east side of the Industrial Park. Then, they travelled across the Industrial Park’s three large lakes before strolling all around the lakes.

Ye Jingzhi could see yin energy and didn’t need to hold a luopan to survey the five elements. Xi Jia could also see yin energy. The two carefully watched every corner of their surroundings and even found a wild ghost hiding and trembling in a corner.

Upon seeing this ghost, due to the other’s miserable and terrible appearance upon death and the fairly rich yin energy, Xi Jia nearly thought it was a malicious ghost. When he approached to take a look, before he could speak, the wild ghost knelt down with a plop, even crawled before Xi Jia, and hugged his thigh in one swipe, “Ghost King Xi, spare my life, Hell King Ye, spare my life! This little one is only passing by. Once night falls, this little one will leave without delay. Please spare my life, my lords!”

Xi Jia, “……”

Ye Jingzhi, “……”

Brother Jia had lived for so many years and never had anyone hug his thigh. He never expected that the first one who would hug his thigh to actually be a wild ghost.

Feeling very dumbfounded in his heart, Xi Jia struggled free from this ghost. Who would’ve guessed that once he had just struggled free, this wild ghost would crawl up again and loudly cry, “Spare me.”

Xi Jia thought for a bit before saying, “We aren’t going to do anything to you. Don’t be like this, get up first.”

Once hearing this, the wild ghost excitedly let go of Xi Jia’s thigh and even knocked its head on the ground three times. Seeing that he had gotten up, Xi Jia asked, “How did you recognize Master Ye and I?” Moreover, kneeling and begging for their life upon meeting was like a deja vu, similar to Charlatan Pei……

The wild ghost respectfully replied, “This little one heard a senior say.”

Xi Jia was astonished, “Senior?”

The wild ghost saw that Xi Jia wasn’t angry and released a breath of relief before carefully explaining, “Four months ago at the Poyang Ghost Market, Ghost King Xi’s name became famous with a battle. Since then, we little ones have often heard of the lord’s deed from the seniors who have gone to the Poyang Ghost Market. Just that it’s a pity, one month before the Poyang Ghost Market, this little one spent all the points saved for a modou and cellphone and wasn’t able to go into Poyang Ghost Market’s inner region and see the lord’s grandeur.” While talking, this little ghost looked at Xi Jia and smiled flatteringly.

Xi Jia, “……”

The wild ghost said with a fawning smile, “This little one venerates you the most, Ghost King Xi. You are this little one’s idol of ghost life! This little one has died for more than a hundred years and has never seen a lord as powerful as you. Each time a senior spoke of your story, they would all open the ‘Ghosts Know’ article, point at your picture on the screen, and say to us that Ghost King Xi is a hero of this present era!”

The hero of this present era, Ghost King Xi, who had been praised until goosebumps formed, “……”

Seeing that this wild ghost still wanted to boot-lick, Xi Jia quickly made him leave. The wild ghost obtained permission and scrammed, jumping into Jingdu Lake and disappearing without a trace.

Xi Jia still felt very uncomfortable, and he said ruefully to Ye Jingzhi, “I didn’t expect that these ghosts would use a smartphone and even read ‘Ghosts Know’……” Say, what kind of people were the readers of “Ghosts Know?” What even a hero of this present era, your Brother Jia was even a matchless hero!

Xi Jia’s originally meant to complain about “Ghosts Know”’s unreliableness. Ye Jingzhi thought his wife really thought that it was surprising; therefore, he explained to him, “Wandering and wild ghosts who want to buy a modou need to spend ten points. Being able to earn ten points isn’t easy. It has died for over 100 years, and these ten points should be its savings of several years.”

Ten points were definitely not too much for the Celestial Masters of the Xuanxue world. A Celestial Master on a poorer level was still able to earn this many points in a year. However, it was truly too hard for wandering souls and wild ghosts to earn points. Either they enter submissions to “Ghosts Know,” or they kill malicious ghosts. For that wild ghost to be able to have ten points was really not easy. In all likelihood, it must have killed ten malicious ghosts. Its strength was not bad, and its yin energy was also strong.

However, in recent months, the wandering souls and wild ghosts had encountered a major technological innovation, and their quality of life greatly improved. Because last month, after the Xuanxue World Celestial Masters Representative Assembly had concluded, Xi Jia had started to sell portable chargers.

Besides attending the Celestial Masters Representative Assembly, the Xuanxue world Celestial Masters absolutely didn’t need portable chargers under other circumstances. However, the wandering souls and wild ghosts were different. Before, to follow “Ghosts Know,” they needed to pay a monthly fee in addition to spending a point for a smartphone.

Tian Gong Pavilion was fairly considerate. Each time a phone was sold, the battery would be full. However, even if the batter was full, the wandering souls and ghosts had no way to recharge. No matter how cautious and frugal, if they open “Ghosts Know” every midnight and glance at the latest gossip news, it wouldn’t even last after a couple months.

Once the phone was out of battery, it was equivalent to trash. They needed to save another point to buy a phone.

Right at this time, the yin energy battery pack came into existence, giving the wandering souls and wild ghosts hope to play on phones. The battery pack was simply like the steam engine of the Great Industrial Revolution, making the wandering souls and ghosts to be so moved that they nearly knelt down to Brother Jia.

Xi Jia’s battery packs were able to charge 10 times. Each one cost a point, and hundreds of points were earned every day. He didn’t care who bought them, but he didn’t know that he was already regarded as Boss Xi by the countless wandering souls and wild ghosts, bowing down three times and kowtowing nine times in worship to thank Boss Xi’s kindness in giving them new life. Besides fear towards Boss Xi, there was truly a bit of gratitude.

However, Xi Jia thought of something, “Why would those wandering souls and wild ghosts point at my picture and talk about my past accomplishments……”

Just tell the story, was there still a need to refer to a photo? Furthermore, after hearing this story, why did the wild ghost look at him like he was a ghost and pounced on his thigh begging for its life?

Xi Jia kept on feeling that something was wrong, but he couldn’t figure out what was wrong. He didn’t know, and Ye Jingzhi definitely didn’t understand. The two continued to follow along Jingdu Lake towards home while checking for any abnormal yin energy nearby. When they reached the neighborhood, Xi Jia bought a watermelon in passing and took it home.

This time, the problem that Cengxiu-zhenjun was worried about didn’t actually have any evidence, it was just a guess. Xi Jia and Ye Jingzhi weren’t very worried. Who knew if it was Ling Xiao, being in a good mood, let two Bodies of Extreme Yin to appear in S City.

The two slowly walked and strolled until they reached the front door. Ye Jingzhi held the large watermelon while walking behind Xi Jia so Xi Jia entered the building first. Just as they entered the main entrance, Ye Jingzhi suddenly stopped and called out in a low voice, “Jia Jia!”

Xi Jia turned his head and asked in surprise, “What’s wrong?”

Ye Jingzhi’s gaze was cold as he slowly lifted his head and looked at the ceiling. His line of sight appeared to pass through the ceiling and see something upstairs. Suddenly, his eyes hardened, he grabbed Xi Jia’s hand and pulled him behind him, “There’s someone!”

Xi Jia became serious, “Where?”

Ye Jingzhi contemplated for a moment, and he looked at the ceiling with a solemn expression, “There’s someone at our door.”

Ye Jingzhi had to walk in front of Xi Jia so Xi Jia took the watermelon and walked behind him. The two didn’t take the elevator and took the stairs instead, one floor at a time until they reached the 7th floor. Once they reached the platform between the 6th and 7th floors, Xi Jia stopped and looked at Ye Jingzhi.

Their gazes met. Ye Jingzhi nodded. With a kick, he quickly ran up. Xi Jia also followed closely.

“Wu Xiang Qing Li!”

The bronze die flew out from his pocket. With a slap of his palm, Ye Jingzhi sent it flying out, rushing towards the person standing at their front door. However, when the person could be seen clearly, Xi Jia called out in surprise, “Ziying!” Ye Jingzhi’s eyes also widened. With a flick of his finger, Wu Xiang Qing Li made a curve when it was on the verge of hitting Ziying before flying back into his palm.

Wearing an attire of black-colored dragon robes, Ziying stood in front of Xi Jia and Ye Jingzhi’s front door, not knowing whether to laugh or cry, “Xi Jia, every time seeing you, we seem to fight without a word?”

Xi Jia smiled with remorse, “I also didn’t expect it to be you.”

That’s right, the person standing at their front door was actually Qin San Shi, Ying Ziying.

Since the unexpected guest was Ziying, Xi Jia opened the door and invited the guest inside. Once inside, Xi Jia asked, “Ziying, how is it that you’re able to leave the Mausoleum? How did you know that I’m here? If you are coming here, you should mention it to me beforehand. Just now, Jingzhi noticed that there’s someone upstairs with both very strong yin energy and using a treasure to hide their aura. Something happened in S City lately, we thought something came knocking on our door.”

The first time Ziying entered a modern room was when he went to the hotel to find Xi Jia. However, the hotel wasn’t home and had a lot less furniture. Upon entering, Ziying raised his head and saw the treadmill that Xi Jia had placed in the living room. His eyes lingered on it for a very long time, but he didn’t ask much. Instead, he smiled politely, “It is my fault, I did not tell you in advance. After I left the Mausoleum yesterday, I wanted to contact you directly but could not connect. Thus, I sought your aura and came here.

Xi Jia just remembered, “Ah, right, in order to find a Body of Extreme Yin, I had the mark you left me temporarily sealed.”

Three days ago, in order to find the other Body of Extreme Yin, Ye Jingzhi sealed the spiritual mark between Xi Jia and Ziying. Because Ziying’s yin energy remained in Xi Jia’s palm, it affected his perception of yin energy which wouldn’t be good in searching for the Body of Extreme Yin.

Xi Jia said, “Just last week, you told me that you were going to do an experiment and you would be in seclusion for a long time so I didn’t bother you. I didn’t expect to forget about removing the seal.”

Ziying faintly smiled but didn’t talk.

Since a friend had come, Xi Jia personally cooked and invited Ziying to eat. He even cleaved open the watermelon and gave a slice for Ziying to taste.

Watermelon was introduced to Huaxia during the Tang Dynasty. People of Ziying’s time could only eat sugar cane and had never seen a fruit like the watermelon. He tasted a few mouthfuls of watermelon and couldn’t hide his love for it. His first response was, “Xi Jia, can you burn some for me? After I return, I want to give Father Emperor to taste.”

Xi Jia nodded and sighed in his heart: Since the last time the First Emperor  left home, Ziying once again became a bragger of “my dad is number one” towards the First Emperor. Just take a look right now, once he encountered something good, the first thing he would think of was his Papa First Emperor, and Papa First Emperor below ground must also be very pleased.

After resting for a while, Ziying talked about his own matters, “Two months ago, my injury as a result of splitting my soul has been fully recovered. After Father Emperor had seen the outside world, he has developed some particular feelings for this world. He has never said it to me, but I can tell Father Emperor seems to have somewhat changed. He always stays in the Palace of Eternal Life and never pays any attention to me. I figured that Father Emperor was angry with me and didn’t want to pay attention to me. Later, I once entered the Palace of Longevity by coincidence and found Father Emperor playing on the phone.”

Xi Jia had already forgotten what happened before and asked in surprise, “Phone?”

Ziying also didn’t say too much, and he faintly smiled, “Yes, playing on the phone. Father Emperor is not too fond of studying. I gave him the 2nd grade math textbook, but Father Emperor just threw it aside and ignored me. Then seven days ago, I noticed that my yin energy was growing rapidly and thought that perhaps I could leave the Mausoleum and take a look.”

Translator’s Addition:
Papa Emperor: Those little daoists said they will send me things to get me addicted and turn me into a homebody! Humph! Never!
Some time later…
Papa Emperor: Don’t bother me! I’m busy! *taps his fingers on the mobile screen furiously*

Translator’s Notes:
1Jiangning is a actually a district in Jiangsu Province (where S City is located), but it’s the province here XD

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