Looting Equipment From NPCs

Chapter 62 Liwan Plaza (NPC)

Here’s a list of names, in case someone couldn’t remember them:

Level 10 team
Chen Changdong (leader)
Liu Yue (older sister of the twins)
Liu Xing (younger sister of the twins)
Yuan Jin (man with slightly long hair)
Ma Ming (a short guy) -dead
Dong Xu (a tall guy)

Liu Xing lost an arm. Bright red blood flowed out from the decapitated part and the arm is on the ground not far away. Liu Xing covered her arm, her face is pale without a tint of blood.

Liu Yue's expression is full of anxiety. She hurriedly took out the medicinal powder from her bag and sprinkled it on the wound. Then, she took out a bandage and wrapped it around the wound. As for Liu Xing, she is in too much pain to say anything.

Liu Yue: "Team leader, Liu Xing is hurt too badly, I..." She pursed her lips and looked at Chen Changdong with an embarrassed expression.

Chen Changdong looked at Liu Xing and asked, "Liu Xing, can you hold on? If not, let's go back first." That's what he said, but they would lose this opportunity to seal the ghost, as well as the white crystal they specially collected, so it's not worth it to leave now.

Liu Xing seemed to be sensible all of a sudden. She bit her lip and took a deep breath, her voice weak but firm, "No need, team leader. I can still hold on. You guys go to seal the ghost first, don't waste time." After speaking, she looked firmly at Liu Yue.

Liu Yue understood the meaning in Liu Xing's eyes. Enduring her emotions, she said to Chen Changdong, "Team leader, Liu Xing is right. Let's seal the evil spirit first."

It is rare for Liu Xing to be sensible. No matter what, she is a member of his team. Chen Changdong also felt very relieved. He comforted her with a few words and asked her to follow the team closely. They have to be careful, it would be even more dangerous if she is left alone here to rest.

Liu Yue supported Liu Xing and followed behind the team. She asked in a low voice, "Xiao Xing, how are you feeling? Does it hurt a lot?" Her voice is choked, she looked more uncomfortable than Liu Xing who lost an arm. It is her failure to protect Xiao Xing that caused Xiao Xing to suffer.

"Sister, I'm fine." Liu Xing calmed down and smiled bitterly, "Sister, don't blame yourself. It's not your responsibility to protect me. I can't hide behind you all the time and let you protect me from danger."

Before, Liu Xing had been reluctant to face the reality and wanted to hide behind her sister, but the world is so dangerous. She could see that Lou Fan is also very powerful, but once caught by the evil spirit, even he lost a chunk of his flesh. If she also met with danger in the future and ended up dragging her sister behind, neither of them would survive in the end.

The team of 5 people moved a lot faster this time. When they found the coffin, they quickly shoved the evil spirit inside. No matter how hard it struggled, Chen Changdong swiftly slapped the sealing amulet and immediately waved everyone to evacuate.

The wound on Liu Xing's arm is too large and still bleeding. The yang aura in the white crystal has almost dissipated. Even the Yang Gathering Amulet not far away, is looking dim with only a little light left. It is about to be swallowed up by the yin aura. The team didn't dare to delay any longer and immediately ran towards the stairs. Because Liu Xing is injured, Dong Xu carried her on his back and ran to the exit without saying a word.

When they reached the wall where the Yang Gathering Amulet is stuck, the white crystal in their hands stopped glowing like a light bulb that suddenly went out. The Yang Gathering Amulet also went out immediately. The entire B2 floor fell into darkness again, and gusts of chilly wind is roaring from behind.

Back on the 1st floor, the team of 5 people breathed a sigh of relief. The eerie wind just now seemed to want to swallow them all. Their current appearance is a bit sad as they returned to the lounge while supporting Liu Xing.

In the lounge, except for Qin Tan, who is on vigil duty, everyone else is asleep. Hearing the sound, he immediately opened his eyes vigilantly and looked towards the door, only to find that the Level 10 team has returned. Hearing the sound, Wen Lang and Chen Shuyang only changed their sleeping pose and continued to sleep. Jiang Dong, on the other hand, moved his stiff neck and got up to check Lou Fan's wound. Checking that there is nothing wrong, he went back to the wall which he was leaning on earlier and continued to sleep.

Lou Fan also woke up. He looked at Liu Xing who is being helped in with a deadly pale face. Seeing that she lost an arm, Lou Fan immediately called Jiang Dong. Jiang Dong is a doctor after all. As their teams are getting along pretty well, they couldn’t just watch by the side when someone is suffering from such a terrible wound.

Jiang Dong got up again. He walked to Liu Xing and squatted down. Taking off the bandage that Liu Yue had wrapped up before, he checked the wound and frowned. Suddenly, someone handed a set of simple tools to him. He looked up and saw Liu Yue's nervous look. Jiang Dong accepted the tools and took out the surgical blade and disinfectant from it. First, he removed the rotten flesh around the wound. The area that got scratched by ghosts is already turning faintly black. Next, he sprayed the area with disinfectant. The disinfectant irritated the wound, causing Liu Xing to exhale in a low voice. But she gritted tightly on her lips, causing bloody teeth marks on her lips.

Liu Yue watched Jiang Dong's neat and meticulous movements. Her mouth moved, but she didn't say anything. After Jiang Dong finished cleaning the wound, she handed the medicine in her hand to him and explained the effect of the medicine. She saw Jiang Dong look at the medicine bottle silently for a few seconds and then looked at Lou Fan. However, he didn't say anything and sprinkled it on Liu Xing’s wound before wrapping it with a bandage.

On the side, Qin Tan heard what Liu Yue said about the effect of the medicine - stopping bleeding and promoting muscle growth. Right now, Lou Fan's leg has only stopped bleeding. They didn't bring high-level medicine this time, so it is just a basic medicine and doesn’t have extra functions like muscle growth. At this moment, Qin Tan feels a little regretful that they didn’t exchange for better medicine.

"Team leader Chen, can we discuss something?" Qin Tan asked Chen Changdong.

Chen Changdong looked up at Qin Tan and immediately said, "You can say it."

"Can you give me a bit of your medicine?" Qin Tan then added, "I will give you points for it and you can double the price."

A small bottle of this medicine needs 10,000 points to redeem at Lazuli, which is considered expensive in the eyes of ordinary people. But Qin Tan doesn't care even if the price is tripled or quadrupled.

Chen Changdong is stunned for a moment by the question. Then, he suddenly remembered that Lou Fan is currently injured and he forgot to offer the medicine to them. Though Qin Tan caught an evil ghost for Lou Fan's sake, but Qin Tan only went there at his request, which is a big help to them. Chen Changdong smiled stiffly and immediately took out the wound medicine. Handed it to Qin Tan, he said, "Don't say that, Team leader Qin. Please take it to heal Lou Fan’s injury. I was busy dealing with evil spirits earlier and forgot to take it out."

Qin Tan nodded and took it, thanked him very politely. He didn't think it is wrong for Chen Changdong to not take out the medicine. After all, medicines are scarce items. For example, this time they prepared too little and were not detailed enough. He handed the medicine to Jiang Dong and said, "Change the medicine for Lou Fan."

Jiang Dong took the medicine and immediately went to attend to Lou Fan’s wound. The effect of this medicine is indeed much better than what they brought. Jiang Dong regretted that he didn't study the medicine category well. You get what you pay for.

When the bandage on Lou Fan's calf is taken off by Jiang Dong, he can see that the blood had stopped long ago, but the wound is still a hole with a large piece of flesh missing, which looked horrible. Jiang Dong cleaned the wound again before applying the medicine. The wound started to recover slowly at a speed visible to the naked eye, and even the newly grown flesh inside could be seen clearly. Lou Fan thought in his heart that this medicine is incredible, and Lazuli’s power is sure going against the sky (overpowered). If this medicine is brought back to his world, it is conceivable how much sensation it will cause.

Qin Tan walked over and looked at Lou Fan’s wound. After that, he let Jiang Dong bandage it, and looked directly at Lou Fan, "Have a good rest and don't think about running around."

Lou Fan, who is thinking about being able to move freely tomorrow: …

Hey, don't discriminate against the wounded like that. He will be fine tomorrow morning.

Lou Fan raised his head and looked at Qin Tan, deliberately showing a pitiful look, "Team leader Qin, if I can walk with no problem tomorrow, I can run around everywhere, right? Isn’t the flesh already fully grown now?"

Qin Tan didn't look at Lou Fan’s expression, and insisted coldly, "No, you have to take another day off, there is no more discussion for this."

Tsk, acting pitiful doesn’t work. You can't ask him to perform a live show of acting coquettishly here, right?

After the 2 wounded people are treated, the Level 10 team members went to the side to rest. Everyone is tired from running around all day and exhausted that they fell asleep within 2 minutes. For a while, the staff lounge became quiet at night except for the sound of breathing and occasional snoring.

Lou Fan stepped on the ground and jumped on the spot a few times. His calf is back to normal as before, and there is no difference at all. It is impossible to know that his calf has almost turned into a skeleton state yesterday.

Early in the morning, the eminent monk assigned them tasks. They are to go to the shop with the yellow amulet stuck to its wall and pick up a bag of glutinous rice that he had placed in it in advance. This is the prop he will use to deal with the last ghost, the evil ghost king.

"Wait, why is there a ghost king?" Wen Lang said. "The evil ghosts are hard enough to deal with."

Their task is to protect the monk and prevent the 8th person from falling from the building. But because the eminent monk is going to deal with the evil ghosts, it means that they have to deal with evil ghosts as well. A battle is inevitable. Suddenly, they are told that a ghost king will appear, which is not a good thing to hear.

The eminent monk chanted the Buddha's name and said, "The last evil ghost, the ghost king is the embodiment of the yin aura of the 7 evil ghosts gathered together. If the 8th person's sacrifice is obtained, it will eventually become a serious problem. Therefore, we must prevent the 8th person from falling from the building and dying. I figured out that the evil ghost king will definitely act on the night of the lunar eclipse so everyone must be vigilant."

After the monk said this, everyone understood that if all 7 evil ghosts are sealed, the evil ghost king would appear. And if they don't manage to seal the 7 ghosts, they will face the 8th evil ghost together. The level 10 team will have to try to seal all 8 ghosts at the same time too[1]. This sounds like an impossible task. It is better to seal all 7 ghosts and then 2 teams work together to deal with the evil ghost king, then there is a chance for them to win.

The next day, Qin Tan did not allow Lou Fan to participate in the operation and asked him to guard the eminent monk, intending to take Chen Shuyang out instead.

"Isn't Shuyang going to learn spells from the master? I'm still waiting for the time when we return to Lazuli to sell them for points." Lou Fan asked.

Hearing that, Chen Shuyang looked frustrated and aggrieved, "The master said that he has already taught me everything he can teach, and asked me to practice drawing these 5 types of spells. No matter what I say, he will not teach me any more."

Qin Tan: "This should be Lazuli's rule. It won't make Shuyang's spirit weapon too powerful so there is a restriction."

Lou Fan is helpless. This simply cut off his back path and prevented him from following the team’s task today. Looking at the 4 pairs of eyes giving him a look of disapproval, Lou Fan could only compromise. He waved his hand, "Don't look at me like that. You guys go ahead and I'll be the master’s bodyguard today." After a pause, he instructed, "Be careful and take care of Shuyang. He is my treasure."

Chen-Treasure-Shuyang turned to look at Qin Tan nervously, giving him a look that says, ‘Team leader, he is talking nonsense, don't take it seriously!’

Qin Tan glared at Lou Fan and went out with the other team members. When he walked to the door, he turned back and said, "Watch the master properly, and you should rest well. It's best not to go out of this door."

Those eyes looked a little cold, and Lou Fan could probably see what it meant - If you dared to go out and run around, I’ll deal with you after I come back.

Lou Fan squinted at Qin Tan's back as he walked out. He had a feeling that Qin Tan has become a little different after he got injured yesterday. Lou Fan felt a little weak at the knee from Qin Tan’s gaze

Raw word count: 3009


[1] Banana: Re-read it a few times because the author sounded like he/she is rambling. Banana figured that the entire paragraph is written to get more money from the word count. ==

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