Ghosts Know What I Experienced

Chapter 63.1: Crazy woman.

Chapter 63 Part 1

The mad woman raised the kitchen knife and cut down toward Cengxiu-zhenjun. If he were any other centenarian, perhaps they truly wouldn’t have been able to dodge this blade. However, Cengxiu-zhenjun quickly stepped aside, and Ye Jingzhi took the opportunity to stick a yellow talisman onto this woman’s forehead. His movements were extremely quick, and the talisman disappeared in between the woman’s eyebrows right when it was pasted on. A golden light flashed across the woman’s eyes before she slowly fell onto the ground, paralyzed with no more strength.

Everything happened so suddenly. When the mad woman was cutting down toward Cengxiu-zhenjun, there was already someone screaming in shock. Seeing that Cengxiu-zhenjun was actually fine, everyone released a sigh of relief. After the shock passed, a few neighbors and the woman’s mother immediately went forward and tied the middle-aged woman up.

The elderly lady rushed forward with a tearful face, “Are you alright, you’re not hurt are you? My family’s girl has been crazy for nearly 30 years. Before, I have never seen her slash at anyone, only break things. I am so sorry, you did not get wounded, right?”

Ye Jingzhi shook his head. However, Cengxiu-zhenjun was ineffable.

Cengxiu-zhenjun’s temperament was not as good as Ye Jingzhi’s and couldn’t be considered a moral model. But as Xuanxue world’s current leader, Cengxiu-zhenjun had lived for 103 years, had killed a malicious ghost with 500 years of cultivation before, and fought with a foreign sorcerer before. He was responsible, reliable, and achieved his great merits through hard work. Yet, this was the first time an ordinary woman had taken a kitchen knife and chopped down toward his head.

This old lady kept on apologizing to Cengxiu-zhenjun. She cried unceasingly and nearly knelt down before Cengxiu-zhenjun.

Cengxiu-zhenjun didn’t really mind this kind of thing. He only thought that it was really strange. He suggested, “Why didn’t you send her to the hospital?”

The old lady, “We don’t have any money!”

Cengxiu-zhenjun’s throat got caught.

Each and every Celestial Master of the Xuanxue world did not lack money. Cengxiu-zhenjun truly didn’t expect that the reason this old woman didn’t send her daughter to a psychiatric hospital for treatment was due to the lack of money.

The woman was tied up by the crowd. and sent back home. The talisman that Ye Jingzhi used started to take effect, and the woman quickly passed out.

Since this suddenly happened, Ye Jingzhi and Cengxiu-zhenjun both didn’t leave. The old woman thought they wanted compensation and took out a handkerchief. After unfolding each layer, she took out a crumpled 50 yuan bill.

Of course they couldn’t accept it, but they also couldn’t leave now. Because that crazy woman had said something that steadily spread into their ears——

『You’re a ghost.』

Whether or not Cengxiu-zhenjun was a ghost, the entire Xuanxue world was clear. If he was a ghost, then how could this world still have any Celestial Masters?

Cengxiu-zhenjun asked seriously, “What happened to your daughter?”

The old woman hesitated for a while before saying in a hoarse voice, “Thirty years ago, my daughter was about to get married. One night when she came home, she suddenly went crazy. Once crazy, she has been crazy for thirty full years. You pair of grandfather and grandson, I’m very sorry for today, truly sorry. If it’s not enough, I……I still have some here.” Saying this, the old woman took out a crumpled green-colored banknote from the handkerchief.1

Ye Jingzhi’s expression was calm as he pressed the two 50 yuan banknotes back into the old woman’s hands. The old woman looked at them in shock, not understanding what they meant with this until she heard Ye Jingzhi say quietly, “May I ask, elder, about what happened 30 years ago in detail?”

Judging that these two people didn’t seem to be bad people, the old lady let go of any doubts and started to speak about the past. In fact, she had told her neighbors about these past events many times, and the neighbors were tired of hearing it but didn’t interrupt her. People always wanted to say everything that’s on their mind. If the old lady didn’t often talk about the pain in her heart, perhaps she really wouldn’t be able to live on.

Thirty years ago, the old lady’s daughter was only 20 years old, at the prime of her youth. At that time, the girl wasn’t exceptionally beautiful but still had very delicate looks and was working as a social worker in this town. She was introduced to a prospective partner at 19, and the two started dating. Everything went smoothly, and they also decided to marry at the end of the year. Until a certain night, the girl left work to go home. Her family waited the entire night, but their daughter never came home.

The people at that time were still very simple since there weren’t that many entertainment or activities at night.

“My family’s Xiao Fen is very well-behaved and never came home late. In the late hours, our entire family went out searching. It wasn’t until the next morning that we found her under the pavilion over there. When we found her……when we found her….” The old lady wiped her tears, “When we found her, Xiao Fen was already like this.”

Ye Jingzhi turned to look behind him. It seemed to be a very famous garden in S City, and many tourists came and went through the gate.

“It’s that pavilion over there. We found Xiao Fen under the lotus pond. After we found her, she never got better.” The old lady choked with painful emotions, “Our Xiao Fen is suffering ah, just a couple more months and she would have married, just a couple months! She couldn’t get married and also lost her job. This old couple kept her in the house. For the first two years, she refused to go out by herself. She stayed in her room all day, saying that there were ghosts everywhere. In the past few years, she has actually gotten better and didn’t really break things much. Just that this year……this year, she relapsed and broke many things. Our family’s old man already passed away. If in a few years, I also go, what would happen to our Xiao Fen!”

After the old lady finished speaking, the neighbors also started a lively discussion. The neighbors sighed sorrowfully one after another. Xiao Fen then was sincere and also diligent. Such a good girl, how could this have happened to her. Suddenly becoming crazy, such a good lady became what she is now.

Cengxiu-zhenjun asked, “Do you know how she became crazy?”

A neighbor said, “What else could have happened? Definitely ran into a ghost in the middle of the night.”

The Translator has something to say:
No mini theatre from me. But I’d like to say thank you all for reading this far. Though my pace has slowed down considerably this year, but worry not, I’m not dropping this since we’re so close to the end (less than 20 chapters including the extras). Love you all 💕

And Happy New Year! Hope 2021 will bring us better memories :3 Any new year’s resolutions? Mine is to marry Zhongli. Jk, he’s not real 😭

Translator’s Notes:
1 The green Chinese banknote is 50 yuan.

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