Ghosts Know What I Experienced

Chapter 63.2: Crazy woman.

Chapter 63 Part 2

Ye Jingzhi turned to look at the surrounding environment. In his eyes, the area around the garden was very clean, the yin energy fluctuations were normal, and there were no wandering or wild ghosts. He turned his head to look at Cengxiu-zhenjun. The two nodded, and Cengxiu-zhenjun said, “Does that ghost and this poor daoist……cough, does it really look like me?” Otherwise, why did the middle-aged woman attack him with a knife the moment she saw him?

No one could answer this question. Ye Jingzhi and Cengxiu-zhenjun privately had a discussion for a while. Then, Ye Jingzhi walked forward and said to the old woman, “My……My grandfather is a specialist in psychiatry and a Chinese medical doctor for the Capital Hospital. If possible, we would like to meet with your daughter in private. Maybe we can see what happened to her.”

Since the old woman thought Ye Jingzhi and Cengxiu-zhenjun were grandson and grandfather, the two also didn’t refute. Taking advantage of the situation, they entered the room and saw the sleeping woman.

Logically, the old woman shouldn’t let two strangers into their home, but after Ye Jingzhi entered the room, he finally realized why the old woman had let them in without a second thought. The house was too destitute. There were only three pieces of furniture: two chairs and a dining table. In S City’s old city district, this kind of impoverished households were rare. Ye Jingzhi raised his head and saw a few medicine cases placed on the table, guessing that this family spent all their money there.

Such a poor household, who would even scheme against them?

Cengxiu-zhenjun stroked his white beard. He walked up to the side of the crazy woman’s bed, raised his finger, and pressed the philtrum point.1 The old woman truly took him as an old doctor of Chinese medicine and didn’t notice the faint light entering the woman’s body from Cengxiu-zhenjun’s fingertips. Not long after, the woman woke up and stared intently at Cengxiu-zhenjun with a pair of exhausted eyes, but she couldn’t move at all.

The old woman didn’t think too much. Cengxiu-zhenjun pressed on the woman’s wrist, looking as if he was taking her pulse. When in fact, gentle magic power was slowly being released into the woman’s body from his fingertips. The woman’s expression became softer and softer. Her face was no longer warped by fierceness or craziness. This magic power helped her disperse some evil energy while also searching for any evil spirit that could be hiding in her body.

Three minutes later, Cengxiu-zhenjun raised his head and looked at Ye Jingzhi. He shook his head, and Ye Jingzhi immediately understood.

The two told the woman that they were helpless and left the house. Before leaving, the old woman saw them out, and still took out 20 yuan from the handkerchief and stuffed it into Ye Jingzhi’s hands. Ye Jingzhi looked at the old lady blankly, and she said, “You have to give money after seeing a doctor. We understand. Thank you, really, thank you.”

The old lady was clear about her daughter’s circumstances. If it was so easy to deal with, how could she be crazy for 30 years? The old lady’s approach in shoving money was very resolute. Ye Jingzhi was unable to refuse. But Master Ye thought a bit, then with a flick of his finger, the 20 yuan bill disappeared from his hand and reappeared under the crazy woman’s pillow.

Cengxiu-zhenjun heaved a sigh, “It’s not a possession. Young Daoist Ye, this person is really just crazy.”

Ye Jingzhi, “Senior Cengxiu, do you feel that something’s abnormal?”

“Is there something wrong?”

Ye Jingzhi shook his head, “I also don’t know. It’s just that the woman rushed up to kill someone and even said that you are a ghost. I naturally know that Senior Cengxiu can’t be a ghost, but the crazy woman shouted that you’re one……Overall, there is something not right.”

Cengxiu-zhenjun said, “I heard that the girl went crazy in this garden?”

Ye Jingzhi nodded, “Seems to be near a lotus pond in this garden.”

Cengxiu-zhenjun, “Let us take a look inside.”

After buying tickets, Ye Jingzhi and Cengxiu-zhenjun entered the garden and found the lotus pond after searching for a while.2 It was currently September and the lotus flowers were already withered. Only withered yellow lotus leaves lingered on the lake’s surface, covering it.

The chilling air of autumn was vividly reflected in the pond of dried lotuses.

Ye Jingzhi looked around and noticed that many tourists gathered inside a pavilion by the lotus pond and took pictures. Above the pavilion, an antique wooden slab hung at the top with large words, “Canglang Pavilion.”

The two circled again and didn’t notice any abnormalities. Then, they left the garden together. Right when they stepped out of the main entrance, Ye Jingzhi’s phone rang. He opened it to take a look and quickly answered, “Jia Jia?”

Xi Jia’s voice transmitted from the phone, “Jingzhi, where are you right now?”

Ye Jingzhi looked around, “A garden in the old city district.”

Xi Jia said, “It’s like this. I also don’t know if this is related to the Body of Extreme Yin or not. Just now, while Ziying and I were walking towards the subway, we went along Jingdu Lake, Ziying suddenly said to me that he felt that something’s off with the man-made island in the middle of Jingdu Lake.”

Ye Jingzhi knit his brows as he asked, “Man-made island?”

“En, that one man-made island that we had seen several times before, do you still remember? There is only one island in Jingdu Lake, it’s that one. I just looked it up, and that island is called Peach Blossom Island, an artificially made tourist attraction.”

Ye Jingzhi walked along Jingdu Lake several times. Each time he went out to buy groceries, he would pass by that place, but he didn’t see anything wrong there. Cengxiu-zhenjun turned his head to look at him and asked him if there’s anything wrong with Xi Jia. Ye Jingzhi hadn’t given an answer yet, when he heard Xi Jia’s clear voice on the phone transmit over, “Ziying told me that he felt that the aura from that island is a bit similar to……the Palace of Eternal Life.”

Ye Jingzhi’s body shook, and he raised his head and looked at Cengxiu-zhenjun.

“Young Daoist Ye?”

He hung up and said seriously, “Senior Cengxiu, we have to immediately hurry to Jingdu Lake. Something seems to be wrong there.”

At the same time, in D Province.

Three middle-aged men dressed in Yao ethic clothing walked along the road in large strides while talking and laughing. Each of them carried a wicker basket with a pig’s head, many livestock meat, and even a lot of fresh marinated bird meat. The sounds of their chatting echoed in the mountain forest for a long time.

“Two days ago, dad called me. Today’s his birthday, we need to properly celebrate it.”

“This morning, I called home but no one picked up. Dad and mom probably went to work in the fields.”

The three seemed to be brothers, and their appearances were somewhat alike. They climbed over two mountain tops in high spirits, from one village to the Heibu village. When they reached the gate, not a trace of the several children that often liked to play around at the village’s front could be found. The three of them thought it was strange but didn’t think too much and continued to walk in further.

Along the way, the village was abnormally calm. Not even a bark or chirp could be heard.

They went to a house and first called out several times, but no one answered. The man in the lead took out their key and opened the door. After opening the door, a strange smell came from inside. The three men looked at each other, panicked, and rushed into the house to find them.

Not long after, a man loudly cried out, “Dad! Mom!”

An elderly couple laid on the bed with their eyes peacefully closed as if they were sleeping, but they were no longer breathing.

The three brothers wailed loudly, shaking the skies and earth. But after a moment, their heads also fell onto the bed, no longer moving.

The same scenario happened in every house in Heibu Village. From old to young, strong men and women, everyone fell in their houses and no longer breathed. The village was silent. The entire Heibu Village was like a dead place, hidden in the mountains and old forests. No one cared.

The Author has something to say:
Why does the word count seem to be lower today……
Don’t hit me, Baby is afraid of pain QAQ begging for a gentle slap……
This is the last instance, feel like smart little angels should already guess the truth about this, right? As an author, I also feel like today’s a bit too short. Then, try to guess la~ guess the truth, we better add more today la~

Translator’s Notes:
1 Philtrum accupuncture/accupressure point – the groove between the nose and upper lip.
2 Canglang Pavilion is a historical place and an UNESCO site, a ticket is required for entry.

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