Looting Equipment From NPCs

Chapter 63 Liwan Plaza (NPC)

Here’s a list of names, in case someone couldn’t remember them:

Level 10 team
Chen Changdong (leader)
Liu Yue (older sister of the twins)
Liu Xing (younger sister of the twins)
Yuan Jin (man with slightly long hair)
Ma Ming (a short guy) -dead
Dong Xu (a tall guy)

Lou Fan is still reminiscing about the change in Qin Tan's eyes and Qin Tan had already led his other members to the 5th floor. Their team had already gone to the 5th floor before and that’s where Chen Shuyang has seen a shop with a yellow amulet on it, so their first target is that shop.

Reaching the 5th floor, they can see that the whole floor is dark and filled with yin aura, but this time Chen Shuyang is not afraid at all. He pasted Yang Gathering amulets on the wall as he walked. The thick black yin aura began to slowly recede.

Wen Lang patted Chen Shuyang's shoulder with a smile, "That’s great, Shuyang. This time, you can finally hold your head high and maximize the use of your strength. It’s too bad that your talent got buried before this."

Chen Shuyang grimaced and rubbed his shoulders in pain, "Speak properly and don’t use actions. I'm a technical team member so don't use force on me."

Jiang Dong also laughed, "Yes, you are a technical team member, and your identity as the top student is going strong."

Qin Tan looked around and found nothing unusual. Hearing the conversation, he also turned around to encourage Chen Shuyang, "Shuyang, you should practice hard. Practice makes perfect and you will reap greater benefits in the future."

Chen Shuyang’s situation is like he has unlocked his skills. Before this, he thought his spirit weapon is weak but who dares to say this to him now. Chen Shuyang felt that his future is limitless. His spirit weapon can be used to deal with supernatural beings. As for physical attacks, he can exchange any weapons from Lazuli as long as they have points.

"I will definitely work hard." Chen Shuyang scratched his head and added, "I will definitely contribute more to our team in the future."

Although Chen Shuyang only knows a few spells now, but in the future, in other spiritual mission worlds, he will try to collect more information regarding spells. He will definitely find more spells and learn them for his own use.

Walking along the shop in Chen Shuyang's memory, they soon saw a yellow amulet on the side wall of a shop. This yellow amulet seems to have been pasted for a long time as the color has faded. The yellow paper has faded to white while the cinnabar on it has lost its dark red luster. Wen Lang stuck his head out and peered in from the side. He could see a person inside with his head down and motionless. After observing for a long time, Wen Lang finally found a cloth bag in the corner. Like the eminent monk said, it should be the glutinous rice.

"Hey, shopkeeper." Wen Lang called out.

Jiang Dong casually threw a small crystal he had at hand, just hitting the man's lowered head. The man slowly raised his head. On the face of the middle-aged man, his pair of eyes is almost white, leaving only a little bit of pupil inside, and his complexion is deadly pale.

"Frick, why does this look like the zombies on TV?" Wen Lang widened his eyes, watching the man stand up and walk staggeringly towards them.

Qin Tan with Tang sword in hand, warned his team members, "Finish him right away, he should have been corroded by the yin aura. Be careful."

The other members responded with acknowledgment. Chen Shuyang stood on the outermost side, ready to sneak in to get the glutinous rice when his team members are dealing with the shopkeeper. Wen Lang held the poker in his hand and took the position as the long-range attacker. Jiang Dong reached out and released the bandage, wrapping it around the shopkeeper. Probably because the man has been swallowed up by yin aura, the owner is very strong. He struggled hard to shake off the bindings, and the bandages seemed to be loosening.

Qin Tan's figure flashed, and he immediately appeared at the owner's side. Without hesitation, he swung down with the Tang sword in his hand...

Wen Lang, Jiang Dong, Chen Shuyang: …

Chen Shuyang was going to sneakily get the glutinous rice, but Brother Qin launched an attack, and the zombie shopkeeper instantly got chopped into 2 halves. All right, without saying anything, he stepped directly over the shopkeeper, then bent down and picked up the glutinous rice bag in the corner.

Wen Lang lazily put away his poker and said, "Brother Qin, the rest is left to you. There is no room for us to take action anymore!"

Qin Tan put away his Tang sword and swept his cold eyes towards Wen Lang, "I won't take any actions after this, I'll leave it to you three."

Chen Shuyang took out the spear on his back and held it in his hand, "Okay, leave it to us, Brother Qin."

Wen Lang wanted to cover Chen Shuyang’s mouth when he opened his mouth, but unfortunately, it didn't work, the words had already been said. So, Wen Lang can only glare at Chen Shuyang, ‘Why are you talking nonsense?’

Jiang Dong walked over to Wen Lang and kicked him lightly, motioning him to shut up. Then he lifted his chin towards Qin Tan. Wen Lang didn't dare to lift his head, pretended not to care. He put his hand on Chen Shuyang's shoulder, acting like they are good brothers.

"Shuyang, you're right. This kind of trivial matter should be left to us, there's no need for Brother Qin to take action."

Jiang Dong almost wanted to kneel by this man's shameless character. He turned his head and saw Qin Tan half-smiling. So, Jiang Dong lets Wen Lang do whatever he wanted to do. The temperament of the 2 fools in their team is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

It is not easy to find 8 shops with yellow amulets in such a large shopping mall, but they only spent some time looking for the shops. Fortunately, there is a lot of time, so they don't need to be in a hurry. As for the zombie-like shopkeepers, Chen Shuyang found that even if he only used a long spear, he could attack as well. So he let go of his inhibitions and attacked. With Qin Tan watching from behind, he is not afraid at all.

Lou Fan is feeling bored with his duty and looked at his bow. He can’t understand, why didn't his spirit weapon upgrade? In that kind of life-and-death situation, Qin Tan instead upgraded the spirit weapon to save him. As the main person in that situation, he almost died under the claws of a ghost but his spirit weapon didn't even give a fart.

This is unscientific!

Is it because his physique is not as good as Qin Tan's? Qin Tan did eat the one and only snake essence pill. It is possible that Qin Tan's physique has improved higher than his. Lou Fan sighed, being behind Qin Tan makes him unhappy. Even though the other party had the closest relationship with him, he still felt unhappy because he is a level lower.

Suddenly, the sound of the master chanting scriptures sounded in the room. Lou Fan turned his head to look over and saw the master kneeling on the praying mat. One of his hands is positioned in front of his chest while the other hand is turning the beads, his eyes closed and his face serene. Obscure Sanskrit scriptures are being chanted, calming Lou Fan’s heart that was still a little anxious just now. He yawned and closed his eyes slowly.

It is dark all around and Lou Fan looked around, a piece of dead silence. Vaguely, there is a light spot in the distance so Lou Fan walked toward that light spot. However, after walking for a long time, the light spot is still so small and he is not getting nearer at all. Feeling a little anxious, Lou Fan accelerated his steps. There seemed to be something binding him in the darkness. He only felt that his hands and feet are bound. Gradually, something wrapped around his body, binding him tightly. Soon, he couldn't breathe.

"Huff huff huff..."

Lou Fan is breathing heavily, like a fish thrown ashore, about to suffocate. Then, he heard someone reciting something. The whispers went into his ears, and his thoughts that were almost cut off just now gradually became clearer.

When the heart and mind are clear, there is no need to seek for enlightenment.

When the heart and mind are clear, there is no need to seek for enlightenment.

When the heart and mind are clear, there is no need to seek for enlightenment.

In a trance, a sentence got into Lou Fan’s mind, and a sudden burst of light appeared in his mind. It slowly expanded, and the light instantly dispelled the darkness. It is as if he is thrown back into the water again, and his breathing became smoother...

Lou Fan opened his eyes and found out that he is still inside the staff lounge. He turned his head and looked at the master who smiled kindly at him. Then, he felt some heat on the palm of his hand. Looking down, he realized that the bow he held in his hand is emitting an orange-red light.

When Chen Changdong and his team members returned with their tired bodies, they saw the bow in Lou Fan's hand, and the whole team felt terrible. They only went out for a moment so how could this person's spirit weapon get upgraded suddenly? There’s only Lou Fan and the master in the lounge, and the rest of the junior team are still outside looking for glutinous rice, so how did the spirit weapon gets upgraded?

No matter how one looks at it, it feels unbelievable.

Just as Chen Changdong is about to speak, Qin Tan and the others returned to the staff lounge. When they pushed the door open, Lou Fan turned to look at them with joy.

"What's wrong with you, Brother Lou? Why is your smile so wretched?" Wen Lang saw Lou Fan's smile and felt a chill. Chen Shuyang is too tired to speak, so he sat down and gasped for air as he looked at them.

Qin Tan noticed the difference immediately, and asked in surprise, "Your spirit weapon has been upgraded?"

Lou Fan nodded and waved the bow in his hand. It is exuding a warm orange glow, a nice sight to see. "Master was chanting scripture and I had a dream. After that, my bow got upgraded." He pointed to his bow.

Chen Changdong didn't know what to say anymore. Such a big thing but it sounded simple like it’s just a dream when Lou Fan said it.

So infuriating!

The other members other than Qin Tan finally reacted at this time. They don’t care about rest anymore and surrounded Lou Fan to look at the bow.

"My God, I worked so hard to kill zombies, but I don’t see mine getting a level up?"

Chen Shuyang also felt wronged as he said, "My arm hurts from attacking with my spear the whole day."

On the other side, Jiang Dong is a little speechless as well. He probably used his bandage for dozens of meters already. But did he say anything? He didn't!

Chen Changdong's team members are feeling even more aggrieved. It wasn’t easy for them to make a living under the evil spirits but they saw nobody getting an upgrade! Only Chen Changdong looked at Lou Fan while thinking in his heart, he didn't expect that in this junior team, there are someone besides Qin Tan who also improved their physique. He remembered that Lou Fan should be a level lower than Qin Tan. This junior team, what actually happened to them? What mission worlds do they go to and what kind of fateful encounters have they got?

Lou Fan had to appease his teammates and then announced that he will try out his upgraded spirit weapon tomorrow to see what difference it has from the previous bow. Hence, it would be more appropriate to let Chen Shuyang guard the master instead. Qin Tan agreed and breathed a sigh of relief in his heart. Lou Fan's spirit weapon being upgraded can be considered a lot of relief. As for the others, It really depends on their fate. A life-or-death moment or an epiphany, not everyone can get it.

These words came from Chen Changdong's mouth. Of course, Chen Changdong himself knew best that this kind of thing could not be forced. Telling his teammates to sit down and get some rest, he went over to congratulate Lou Fan, and Lou Fan also politely said a few words.

"It’s all thanks to Team leader Chen for imparting the knowledge to us. Otherwise, we may not encounter such an opportunity. Maybe the master's chanting scriptures will only make me drowsy."

This is just Lou Fan being polite and Chen Changdong repeatedly said that Lou Fan has this ability himself to start with; quantitative changes lead to qualitative changes.

Since their team has used the Yang Gathering Amulet for today, Chen Changdong planned to ask the master to give them some more. However, this time he didn't know what is going on. The master turned a deaf ear to his words, just like the first time.

Chen Shuyang is listening on the side. The master is now his master, which he thought so in his heart. He said to Chen Changdong, "Team leader Chen, maybe the master has limited energy. You must know that drawing amulets is also very labor-intensive. How about this? If you don't mind, I will give you some that I have drawn?"

Since the master didn’t respond to him, Chen Changdong was thinking about the possibility of relying on only the white crystal to the B2 floor to seal the evil spirits when Chen Shuyang gave him a solution. He has forgotten that there is a BUG[1] here called Chen Shuyang.

"It would be great if this little brother could help."

Chen Changdong’s team also saw how Lou Fan used Chen Shuyang's Yang Gathering Amulet before. Although the effect is not as good as the master's amulets, it still had half of the master's power. It’ll be fine with extra few more amulets.

With a smile, Chen Shuyang tore off several Yang Gathering Amulets he had drawn from his spirit book and handed them to Chen Changdong, "I will charge you only 1,000 points per piece. This is a friendship price. Welcome to visit me again."

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[1] Banana: It means Chen Shuyang has OP powers that is not supposed to happen in normal setting, not that Chen Changdong is scolding him or saying that he is an insect (if it is not obvious enough). I’m not sure if there is an english-equivalent for this word so do tell me if you know.

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